Sample IELTS Speaking Test May 2018

Below is a full IELTS speaking test this month, May 2018. The questions were reported by a student.

IELTS Speaking Test May 2018

You can find both Questions & Recordings below for the IELTS speaking test May 2018.

Use the audio recording to listen to the questions and practise at home. Just pause the recording after each question and answer them out loud. Always record your answers so you can listen back and improve them.

Speaking Part 1


  • What is your job?
  • How long have you been doing your job?
  • What do you do at your work?
  • How was your first day at your work?


  • What entertainment activities are available for children in your country?
  • Do children get bored with same activities?
  • Is it difficult for parents to find new activities?
  • What do children gain from doing activities?


  • Do you like having plants in your house?
  • Did you look after any plants when you were younger?
  • Do you think plants are a good gift for you or not?

Note: If you do not work, the examiner will choose a different topic – usually study. If you do not work or study, the examiner will ask you about home or hometown. Always be direct and honest in your answers.

Speaking Part 2


Cue Card: A comic actor who is popular in your country

  • Who he is
  • What type of person he is
  • How you came to know about him
  • Why he is popular

Rounding Off Q) Are your family members and friends like this actor?

IELTS Speaking Part 3


  1. Why are some film personalities so famous?
  2. Why do you think some youngsters try to copy film stars?
  3. Is it a good or bad thing for them to copy stars?
  4. Are famous personalities rich in your country?
  5. How they spend their money?
  6. Do you think they spend their money wisely?
  7. What is the difference between films stars in the past and films stars nowadays?
  8. Do you think film stars have the right to privacy?

Note: In part 3, the examiner will decide how many questions to ask you. The examiner controls this aspect of the test, not you. The examiner has many questions and can adapt the questions depending on your previous answer.

Note: There are many topics for IELTS speaking May to Aug 2018. However, these questions can be repeated – always prepare recent and common topics.

IELTS Speaking Information & Tips

IELTS Speaking Information

  • The test is 11 to 14 mins in length (not more and not less)
  • The examiner controls the time and the length of the answers
  • You are marked based on 4 criteria, each worth 25%
    • fluency & coherence
    • vocabulary
    • grammar
    • pronunciation
  • It is an informal speaking test
  • Not all examiners a smiley – be prepared for that

IELTS Speaking Tips

  1. Be natural in the test – be chatty, friendly and open
  2. There are no right or wrong answers – just opportunities to talk
  3. Always add more to your answers – show the examiner you are willing to speak in English
  4. Prepare ideas and your own personal memories for recent and common topics
  5. Don’t worry if the examiner interrupts your answer – it’s normal
  6. In part 1, the examiner will tell you the topic “Lets talk about films”
  7. In part 2, you should add more information than appears on the card
  8. In part 2, the examiner will:
    1. give you pen and paper to prepare your ideas
    2. tell you when to start speaking
    3. tell you when to stop speaking
    4. the examiner controls the time, not you – just keep talking
  9. In part 3, explain what you mean with examples and detail – be ready for the examiner to challenge your answer – it is a discussion
  10. You can ask the examiner to repeat the question if you want – it’s fine
  11. See May to Aug 2018 Speaking Part 2 Topics

I hope this is useful for you all. See the main pages below for more tips, answers and free lessons.

All the best


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  1. December 15, canada.
    Cue card: Describe the situation when your friend has advised you.

  2. Hi Liz,

    Your website is very useful, am preparing for GT Ielts and planning to appear on 27th Oct. I need to know is there any link for the Speaking Part3 topics.


  3. Tomorrow is my speaking date. Can you provide me with some hints and topics. Test filled in british council.

  4. Dear Liz,
    I have a question. I am aware that we can ask doubt about the questions in part 1 and 3.But my question is can we ask clarification to the examiner about part 2 question.If yes when?before or after we get to write our points?

  5. Muhammad Atif Iqbal says

    Hi Liz, Thank you for your helpful tips for. All modules of IELTS, I had my IELTS speaking test on 23rd June, 2018 in Islamabad, Pakistan.
    I just remembered following question:

    Part 1
    Do you work or study?
    What type of work are you doing?
    How often job holder people sleep in a week?
    Some people take a sleep during their working hour for 15 minutes, what do you say about that?
    Which thing makes your sleep better?
    Do you read newspapers?
    During your childhood was there any of your family member who was fond of reading newspaper?

    Part 2

    Cue Card topic

    Describe a public place you visited recently
    What type of place that was?
    Where was it situated?
    Who went with you there?
    Did you like or dislike it?

    Part 3

    What do you say is there any difference between public place visit that teenagers prefer and for old people.

    What are the benefit to live in cities?
    What are the benefits to live in countryside?

    Good Luck to all and please pray for my good result.

  6. Oradumade says

    Hi Liz,
    Had my speaking test today 20th May 2018.
    Here are some of the questions I can recall:

    Do you live in a house or apartment
    Do you see yourself moving to a house later.
    Where is your favourite room / place where you live.

    How do you concentrate at work / study?
    Reasons why people can’t concentrate at work.

    How did you save money when you were a child?
    Do children of today understand the value of money?

  7. Emmanuel says

    Thank you Liz
    You have a heart of gold and contacting you have been of immense help. I pray God to heal you perfectly as your contributions to ielts takers ,which I am one is inevitable.
    Please, What is the best approach to answering the following speaking questions:
    Do you work or study?
    Whats your job role?
    Do you exercise?

    • You answer them openly and honestly. The speaking test has no trick questions. Talk as you would to a friend.

  8. Saresta katal says

    Hello mam

    Can you give me topics which they can ask for writing,so I can work on them .collect more ideas in topics.
    With regards
    Saresta katal

  9. Wondering says

    So, it is totally fine to record the speaking part or are you breaking any rules if doing so? I didn’t know you could!

    • You can’t take anything into the speaking exam room except your ID card. The test will be recorded by IELTS for remarking purposes if you choose to remark. You do not have the option to record the test yourself.

  10. Have a nice day Liz !
    Can you give some new reading practice tests on your website

  11. Hey liz
    Give us some linking words for Ielts speaking

  12. A friend of mine reported this, also on the same day, May 9 in Lagos, Nigeria;

    1. is it a good idea to let children express themselves?
    2. what’s the difference between formal and informal conversations?
    3. Under what conditions should one speak formally?
    4. how do you express yourself formally?

  13. May 9 in Lagos, Nigeria
    cue card: talk about a plan you made, but later had to change. why did you change the plan? when did you make the change? where did you make the change?

    discussion: do you change your mind often?is it difficult for the older generation to change? is gradual change better than sudden change?will societies that refuse to change become extinct?

  14. Thanks mam for your tips … I want to ask how many questions are asked in part 1 as well as in part 3 in speaking ???

    • About 12 questions in part 1, which is 4 to 5 mins. For part 3, which is also 4 to 5 minutes, the examiner will decide how many questions to ask. Some people get 5 questions in part 3, some get 8 or so. It is the examiner’s choice.

  15. Charity says

    Hi Liz
    This lesson and practice is very useful.
    Thank You

  16. Faiza mehmood says

    Hi i am from karachi pakistan . I would like to share my topic for speaking.
    Test date 8 may 2018
    Type. Gt
    Part 1 .about job and weekend related questions
    Part 2.role of maths in elementary years
    What method i learned
    How much time i took
    Did i found it difficult
    Part 3
    Role of parents and teacher for learning maths
    What government should do
    Role of maths in our daily life

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • Sherine says

        I would love to share the questions I got for the speaking test today the 9th of May.The question as follow:

        Do you work, what work are you doing.
        Do you have friends at the work place? Do you think its important to have friends at work?

        Do you do any physical activity ? which one is you favorite one ? do you think it is important to do physical activity? do people nowadays do physical activity as before? why do you think its important to do physical activity?.

        Tell me about a wild animal you love, why you love it?

        Cue Card; An occasion you recently celebrated, what was it? who did you celebrate it with , how did you celebrate it, why is it important for you?

        Going back to events question , what national event do you celebrate in your country, why do you celebrate it, do you think its important to celebrate it and why?

        some argue that celebrating national event is waste of public money, do you agree or disagree and why?

        talking about international event where the world look out to, such as the FIFA or olympics; what does the hosting country benefits from it? how?

  17. Hi everybody,
    I’d like to share my speaking of today 7/5/2018 Algiers, Algeria

    First part:
    Do you work or study? I answered neither I’m a housewife, but I did work in the past, so the questions were :
    What was your job.
    Were your colleagues friends?
    How they became your friends?
    Do you like writing?
    Do you prefer taping or rating by hand?Why?
    did you like writing when you were a child

    Cue card: Describe a lake or a river in your country

    Part 3: related to oceans and water pollution .

    Thanks Liz for all your tips and support, I’m intermediate student and I’m passing the exam for immigration purpose, I don’t need a higher score , but at least.
    However, your website is definitely my favorite for improving my English 🙂
    I’m taking the rest of the exam on Saturday!

  18. Today on 2. 40 patiala city my speaking exam
    Part 1 name work or study. where u live. Where u study ? Why u chose this college ? First day of college ? And what after that . And part 2 talk about situation something happened and u feLtd happy ? When …where whom with u and where I exactly don’t no because I m little bit nervous and part 3 about money job work.. why money is important than job satisfaction?
    Why people more happy to get high sellory ? Like that type of questions and my L/R/w will be on 12th may

  19. anup thakur says

    I gave my Speaking test on May 7th 2018 in India. I will share questions with you whatever i remember.
    part one-
    1)where do you live and how far is your home from this location?
    2)what kind of place is it?
    3) is there anything special about the place
    4) asked about work/job
    5) do you think in future the jobs will change ?
    6) how far do you think that work is changed ?
    7)Music you enjoy listening to music?
    8)how often do you like to listen music?
    9)did listening to music had any effect in you ?
    10)what would you prefer between buying CD or downloading it?

    Part 2-
    Describe a situation where you have to be polite ?
    -where and when ?
    -what did you to be polite ?
    – with whom you became polite?

    part 3-
    asked me question that being polite every time is important?
    how do you behave with family and stranger?
    how do you make children to be polite person?
    given a scenario how will you teach the children to behave ?
    is there any other way you can teach children the moral?

  20. Liz!
    I am really in debt . Your instructions and guide lines proved to be of immense help for me in performing good in my IELTS.

  21. Hi Liz !
    You are doing a marvellous job, indeed !
    It is one of the best guidance available online.
    May Almighty bless you with all the best.

    I will like to share my Speaking Test.
    Type: Academic
    Location: Lahore, Pakistan.

    Part 1: Info,home,your teachers in the past.
    Part 2: Job you would like to do.
    Part 3: Questions related to job interests these days, popular jobs these days, …..

    I fumbled in one question in Part 1 !?!?

  22. Hello Liz!!

    I just want to thank you for providing all the tips and information and that too free. I prepared my IELTS from your website and scored overall 8.0 bands (speaking 7.0)
    Keep up your wonderful work and yes, I’ve read that you were not well. Hope you’re doing good now!
    Thanks again Liz.

  23. Harjeet singh says

    Thanks liz 😊

  24. Thank you so much

  25. Thank you so much

  26. Hi Liz. Hope you’re doing great!! I’ve learnt many tips and other important information through your website which I think is damn important for anyone who plan for ielts ahead. And I’m so grateful for the support and the information we get through you.
    God bless!!

    I’d like to share my questions of the Ielts Speaking test on May 3, 2018.
    Type: Academic :
    Place: Hyderabad, India.

    And I was asked the few questions ( the questions related to my job ) which you’ve mentioned in your Sample questions.

    Part 1:
    – What’s your Full Name?
    – Do you work or study?
    – What’s your job role at your company?
    – Do you exercise?
    – How often do you exercise and what’s your favorite exercise?
    – Are you planning to do exercise in future?
    – Do you think young children do exercise?

    Part 2: Speak about your Favorite Sport.

    – Who is your favorite sportsperson ?
    – what are Achievements of that sportsperson?
    – How famous the sportsperson is?
    – Effect of sportsperson on children

    Part 3:
    – Tell me whether this sport is should recognized internationally.
    – Should children need the sports training since childhood? why?
    – Would this sport help the children grow their body or personality ?

    Once again, thanks Liz for sharing the useful resources for the preparation and it helped to better understand at the right time.

    Can anyone share the SRW questions for May month, 2018

  27. Huy Dũng says

    Thank you for the sharing!

    I am a bit confused with the Speaking topic “A popular comic actor in your country”. Does the question expect us to talk about a comic character (for example Iron Man) in movies or about the actual actor (for example Robert Downey Jr) in real life? What is the meaning of the word “comic” here?

    I’d be really glad if you can help me on this one!

    • As you see, it is about an actor. But it doesn’t actually matter which you choose to talk about – your choices and ideas are not marked in IELTS speaking.

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