IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics May to Aug 2018

Below are IELTS speaking part 2 topics from May to August 2018. These topics have been reported by students in their IELTS test. Remember that there is only one speaking test for everyone. This means GT and Academic students will do the same IELTS speaking test with the same marking criteria. All the topics are for both candidates.

Q) Will I get these topics in my speaking test?

A) There is no guarantee. The examiner has a long list of topics (longer than the list below) to choose from and you can’t predict what you will get. The most you can do to prepare is much as you can. Prepare both the recent topics below and also common topics which you can find on this page:Β Common Part 2 Topics for IELTS Speaking.

Q) Why from May to August?

A) This is because in May the examiners get a new list of topics which will be used for about 4 months. It is a long list and only some of the topics are listed below.

I will add more topics to the list below once students have informed me. These topics are not predictions, they are topics reported by IELTS students in their test.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics May-Aug 2018

  1. A comic actor in your country
  2. A childhood friend
  3. A sport you have seen on TV and would like to try
  4. A city or country where you would like to live or work in the future
  5. Your favourite TV programme
  6. A recent event that made you happy
  7. A job you would like to do
  8. A season you enjoy
  9. A way you use to concentrate in your work or studies
  10. A website you regularly use
  11. An event in your life that you recently celebrated
  12. A quiet place you know
  13. A sportsperson you admire
  14. Something you lost
  15. A situation when you had to be polite
  16. A skill you learned outside school or college
  17. A river or lake in your country
  18. A subject you studied at school
  19. Something you would like to do that your friend has done
  20. A method you used to save money
  21. A toy you liked when you were a child
  22. An unusual meal
  23. Learning maths in primary school
  24. An item you own that needs to be replaced
  25. Clothes you wear on a special occasion
  26. A time you worked in a team
  27. A plan you made but changed later
  28. An occasion when visitors came to your home
  29. A favourite place in your town or city
  30. A competition you would like to participate in
  31. A time you used public transport
  32. A time you taught someone something
  33. Your favourite historical period
  34. An activity you do with older people
  35. An interesting animal in your country
  36. A good service you received from a company
  37. A popular person you know
  38. A song you like
  39. A magazine you like
  40. A party you recently went to
  41. A building you like
  42. A technology you like using (not computers)
  43. A time you changed your mind
  44. Your first mobile phone
  45. Your ideal holiday
  46. A nice photo of you
  47. A story you know
  48. An outing that didn’t cost much money
  49. Someone you met recently and would like to meet again
  50. An animal you like
  51. Someone who likes to talk alot
  52. A street market

Click here to see a Full IELTS Speaking Test for May 2018

IELTS Speaking Tips

If you would like to get some IELTS speaking tips, free videos and model answers, click here: IELTS Speaking Tips.

All the best


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  1. Chinwe Ukeje says

    Dear Ma’am,
    I just finished the speaking test and I do not feel happy about it. I was asked about water sports I will like to play, the one that came to my mind was hiking. I didn’t or rather I don’t know much about it, so I only gave a very short answer and explained that I was not really familiar with the sports. Could I have asked for another question??

    • You cannot request the examiner to change the topic. You must stick with the topic you have and do your best. Hiking is not a water sport, it is a land sport. However, you still stayed with the main topic which was sports and that is good.

  2. What happens if you have absolutely no idea what to say on a certain topic? For example, if I got a topic to talk about a politician in my country and I know nothing about politics and anything related to it. Another example, if the examiner asks me to describe a concert that I’ve never been to. That would be quite a disaster and would get me a very bad score for sure.

    • When you would talk about an influential person in your country. Or someone who has made a big change in your country. You would adapt and speak close to the topic.
      “I don’t follow politics, so I don’t know anything about politicians in my country. But there is one person who I think made a big difference to our country is X because …”
      IELTS speaking is not a test of knowledge. It is purely a chance to speak English. It is fine to do as I suggested and it won’t impact your score. If you haven’t been to a concert, say it “I haven’t been to a concert, but if I had to go, I would choose X”
      IELTS is not a trick test. Just speak English and chat informally and naturally.

  3. Hi,

    I found this website very helpful and wanted to make my own contribution.
    I did my speaking test today and while I can’t remember the full questions, these are the topics:
    Speaking part 1:
    Breakfast (do you have it every morning? Is it important?)
    Morning routine (Do you have a routine?, how does it differ from when you were a child?, Would you like to change your routine?)
    Speaking part 2:
    Describe a place in your country
    Speaking part 3:
    Travel (do you travel often in your country?)
    Town planning

  4. Hi Liz.
    You are doing very well , my speaking test is on 24th of Dec, i want to know that is it possible to greet Examiner in Local Language rather then English. Secondly when Examiner ask about city do we answer him just City name or describe completely with direction.

    • Why would you greeting an English language examiner in your own local language for an English language test? At least, 2 hours before the test start thinking and using only English. Just answer questions directly. Only add more to your answers after the recording device is turned on and the test has started.

  5. Hi liz..your tips are very useful keep sharing with us. Can you please post the cue card list for december as i have an exam in december. It will be very helpful for me.

  6. Hello Maam,

    I am really enjoying your advance lessons for writing. my test is next month.
    please if i get a cue card on “a song i like” while talking about it, is it okay sing it? and any other technique i can use in answering the question

    Thank you

    • Glad you are enjoying my Advanced lessons. I’m not fully clear what you mean. Do you mean is it okay to sing part of a song in your speaking test? You need to remember that it is a test. You are not marked on information about the song, you are not marked on your knowledge of the song, you are marked the words someone else wrote in the song (quoting other people will not help). So, the answer is don’t do it. This is a test. Part 2 is a chance for you to think what grammar tenses you want to demonstrate to the examiner, what vocab to give and how to extend your talk – be strategic and don’t waste an opportunity.

  7. Thank you so much for help me. Please list november 2018 speaking topics..

  8. Khushboo mehta says

    Can you please upload list of cue card for September month because my speaking exam will on 25th September

  9. Muhammad Ahsan says

    Hi Liz! I want to know, what I have to do if my exam is one week later from today. What type of activities, should I adopt?

    • Go the to British council website and do the full free practice test that they have. Do it under exam conditions at home. Then make a list of all the things you need to review based on your performance and answers. Also review topics for speaking and writing.

  10. Dear Liz this is URGENT. No one is here to ask except you

    Yesterday I faced for my speaking test. All the topics were extremely familiar for me (plants, money, website you visit regularly, Internet and education… etc.) and I feel I did it well. But today they called me and said my voice has not been recorded properly. The speaking test now has been rescheduled back. Now again there is a risk for coming some unusual topic necessitating more preparation as usual. Will my marks be reduced based on new speaking test???

    I have had to think of it again despite other three tests are in progress. I am in a huge stress. This is not my error. Its a technical error of them. Please give me some advices in this regard.

    I have been confirmed to start my PG studies. I need to have at least 6.5 before the end of this month.

    Please help!

    • Yes, you are right it is a technical error. Errors can occur. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is. If the speaking test didn’t record properly, it becomes invalid and it has to be performed again. It is bad luck for you, but there is nothing you can do. Your new speaking test will decide your score and your old speaking test will become invalid. I suggest you forget your old test and start thinking positively about your new test. Start preparing ideas for topics again. The more preparation you do, the better it will be. Also you MUST develop a positive mental attitude towards this new test – it is essential you go into the test with a positive mind ready to enjoy the topics given to you. Good luck!

  11. Thanks Liz for all the great content you have shared online. I went through Speaking test on 31-Aug-2018, here are topics for Task 2.

    Try to think about your first Mobile phone you bought and respond to the following questions-
    1) Who bought the mobile phone for you.
    2) Why did you buy the mobile phone?
    3) What did you do with you mobile phone.

  12. I took my IELTS on 18-08-2018 from AEO Pakistan. My speaking was on 19-08-2018.
    1st part..
    Where are you from?
    How far is your home town from this place?
    Is your home town an interesting place?
    Why is it important to do physical activity like sports, exercise, running etc?
    Do you think you will adopt some physical activity in future?
    Do you think youngsters are not well awared about the importance of physical activity?
    What do you do to concentrate on sleep before going to bed?
    Do you think taking a nap in the afternoon is beneficial? Do you take it?
    2nd part…
    Thankfully yet surprisingly same question from the list you have provided us.. Technology you like using (other than computer) (same cue card was asked by the examiner from my class fellow who took IELTS from British Council Lahore last month)
    3rd part…
    In what ways the people can learn to use technology?
    Companies are using more and more technologies. Is it affecting people? How? (I talked about the impact of technology usage by companies on employees) she again asked the same question in different way… I provided her more examples relating to impact on employees) she said I am asking about impact on people.. In what ways.. Then I realized may be she was asking about customers.. When I started again to speak she said time is over now… I just wanted to ask shall I be penalized for this? As she didn’t directly asked about customers?
    Finally.. Before taking exam I was really worried about what to prepare for speaking as topics are countless but my friend suggested to visit your website.. I prepared above stated list n was confident enough to speak fluently without being nervous as I was familiar with the given topic n I literally smiled at first glance over the topic. Thank you soo much Liz. I really don’t have words to express my gratitude. May God bless you with success n respect. 😊

  13. Thank you so much, Liz

  14. Himaly K Shinglot says

    Dear Liz,
    I had my general IELTS exam yesterday on Aug 18th at the Pittsburgh center (British Council), USA. Below is a list of questions I was asked during the speaking test.
    But before that, I would like to thank you a zillion time for providing guidance through this website and youtube videos. They were a great help. I also have a question for you, if you could answer it. My speaking parts 2 and 3 were based on story and story telling. I reading and telling stories is one of my hobbies. After my test, the examiner said that she enjoyed speaking with me and I replied saying that because I love reading stories, I got kind of my favorite topic to talk on. I also said that I could keep going on and on on this topic.

    Do you think, Liz, that saying this could affect my speaking score, because examiner might think that I could answer well because I got my favorite topic? Other than this, my overall speaking part went well. I was fluent and the examiner was laughing on some of my funny answers too.

    Questions list:
    Part 1-
    1. Do you work or study?
    2. Have you made friends with you colleagues?
    3. What kind of advertisements run on TV in your country?
    4. Do you get influenced by adverts and buy products?
    5. Do you remember any advertisement from your childhood?

    Part 2- (one of the topics mentioned in the list above)
    Describe a story you remember from your childhood

    Part 3-
    1. Do you think technological changes have affected story telling?
    2. Do you think anyone can be a good story teller?
    There were 1 or 2 more questions, but I am unable to recall.

    Liz, Thanks very much, again for your guidance.

    Folks, who are taking IELTS (general or academic), make sure you follow Liz’s advice on attempting each modules. Also, watch her videos on youtube. They are of great help. I got introduced to Liz’s videos by a friend. But now I know why she insisted on following Liz.
    All the best you all out there, who have their exam coming up and who are waiting for their results.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ I’m sure it’s fine that it was your favourite topic – don’t worry. Sounds like you enjoyed your test and that’s a good sign πŸ™‚ I’m glad my site was useful πŸ™‚

      • Himaly Shinglot says

        Yes I thoroughly enjoyed the speaking part. My overall exam went well. I will post my scores once I receive them. Thank you very much for replying to my question. I highly appreciate your work.😊

  15. Hey.. Your website helped me a lot.
    Thanks…keep up a good work πŸ™‚

    I had a topic:
    Which technology product (except Computer) you use a lot and why?

    Hope it helps other candidates as well.

  16. Nmeso Favour says

    I had my speaking test today in Nigeria.
    Part 1: Where are you from?
    Do you work time study?
    What was your first day there like?
    Why did you choose to study there?
    Did you eat any foreign food as a child?
    Have you eaten foods apart from your local dishes?
    How popular are foreign foods in your country?

    Part 2: Talk about a sport you’ve seen and would like to practice.
    You should say: The name of the sport, where you saw it, why would you like to try it?

    Part 3: which sport is popular in your country?
    Which sport do young people in your country enjoy?
    What’s changed sport do old people in your country enjoy?
    Why should amateurs participate in local sport activities?
    What are the benefits of being loyal to a football team?

  17. Hi All,

    I had my Speaking Test (G) on 12th Aug in Mumbai, India. Below are the questions that were asked. Hope this helps.

    Part 1
    1. Where do you live? How far is it from here?
    2. Where are you from?
    3. Is it an interesting to place to live?
    4. How important is giving gifts or presents in your culture?
    5. Describe a gift you recently received?
    6. How would you go about choosing a gift?

    Part 2
    Talk about a subject you liked in school. You should talk about the following:
    a. What was the subject?
    b. How long was it taught for?
    c. How was it taught?
    d. Why did you like it?

    Part 3
    1. Was that subject a popular choice in school?
    2. What other subjects did kids in your school like?
    3. What do you think should be added as part of school curriculum which might be helpful in real life?
    4. Which subject do you feel might be included in future school curriculum?
    5. How has technology changed the way students are taught in school?
    6. How important is sports and related infrastructure as part of a school curriculum?
    7. When should kids get to decide which subject to choose in school?

  18. Soumyarup India says

    Hye Liz, Thanks for this excellent forum to share the topics from the exam. The topic I got for part 2 was in the above-mentioned list along with a few other topics which my friends were asked. Thanks a lot. It was very helpful to me.

  19. Shubham kumar says

    Hello,respected mam(liz), i am shubham kumar from acadamic speaking(IDP) test conducted on 11 august … here i share my experience as well as cue card…
    Part 1
    1.where are you from?
    2.does you work or study?
    3.why do you choose that university? you use map? you prefer paper map or e-map?
    6.why do you use e-map? you often ask for directions?
    Part 2(cue card)
    1.what is it?
    2.when you listen that song
    3.why do you like it?
    Part 3 (follow ups)
    1.does children learn music in your country?
    2.what are the benifits to learn musical instrument?
    3.does old people like new generation song?
    4.what kind of song nowdays youth want to listen?
    5.does talent matter to sing a song?
    6.what kind of abilities required to learn music?
    Some useful tips…
    1.dont parrot the natural
    2.dont be oversmart..examiner put some question from your make a point of that
    3.dont hyper during test..
    4.Remember one thing always cover all question related to que card..
    5.if you want time to think simple say “give me a moment”.
    #my test was not good enough but i cover all the question..i was panic on that time little bit..and try to remember exact word…but it was great experience..but ill try my level best..✌

  20. Hi Liz,

    This month I have my exams. I’m preparing from your website. my confidence level has been increased after seeing your site. you are awesome !!!!!.



    Hi, Thank you indeed for your website. Today I’ve my speaking test and the topic was an occation when visitors came to your home.

  22. Hello everybody. Today i’ve a speaking exam
    And i was asked about a website that I usually use?
    The examiner also asked about my best holiday and how to plan it?

  23. Dear Liz,
    Your lessons have been a great help for me. As everyone says confidence is a key point for scoring high in Ielts speaking but I’ve got anxiety and it gets triggered when I have to speak or encounter with stranger or lets say new face. I even get very anxious while speaking to my teachers even though they are very friendly. To sum up it will be very hard for me to speak confidently with the interviewer since I’m sure that I’m gonna get anxiety attack there and because of this I’m so worried. Is there any hope of getting good marks in speaking for students like me? Is there any other way of building confidence apart from speaking to myself while looking at the mirror? I’m sorry if it’s not relevant but I thought you could help me since I believe you’ve encountered many students of different nature.
    Thank you

    • I want you to remember that it is only 14 minutes of your life. It is an informal test. The content of your answers are not marked. Your ideas are not marked, just your English. Be chatty, friendly and try to have fun. If you get nervous, think of yourself as an actor. You will act and behave with confidence, smiling and being friendly for just 14 minutes of your life – it isn’t long!! You can do it !!! Yes, I have met many students will this problem. It’s a natural part of testing. But, you can overcome your worries with the right attitude. Also prepare lots of ideas for topics – this doesn’t mean information – it means think of thinks that happened to you in the past either as an adult or a child. Be ready to talk about your dreams or your opinion. Prepare these kinds of ideas. Remember – it’s informal and it’s only 14 minutes of your life !! I hope it helps. Also remember that I am thinking of you πŸ™‚

  24. Hello Liz,
    Thank you very much for this website. It helped me a lot whilst I was preparing for the exam.
    DATE: 28/07/2018
    LOCATION: Romania, Bucharest
    Part 1 : general questions about myself, about sleeping, news
    Part 2: my favourite TV programme
    Part 3: questions related to TV, I don’t remember exactly, because I was really nervous
    Writing task 1: two maps
    Writing task 2: children’s education
    Overall, I had difficulties in the Reading Test. I didn’t have much time. I’m waiting for my results.
    I hope this helps!

  25. D.M.U.I. Dassanayake says

    Hi Liz. I just had my speaking test in Colombo Sri Lanka. Thank you so much for your tips. Your lessons were really helpful.

    1st part consist of general questions like u have mentioned. The cue card was about a trip I went using public transportation. Where I went? What’s the mode of transportation? Why chosed that mode? The 3rd part of test was connected with public transportation. It’s advantages and disadvantages. Why people use their own vehicle? Will having own vehicle influence once status?

  26. Hi liz,
    first of all, thank you for your content which is usefull. i appreciate your work. anyways, i had my speaking on 31st of july at patiala, punjab, India. here are some questions that were asked
    part 1
    where you live? in house or appartment?
    Do you have any special room in that?

    why we wear watch? how much is it important in work culture?


    sport that you watch recently?


    questions related to sports and celebrities’ endorsement of products?
    relation between business and sports ?
    impacts of money in sport??

    i did well overall i guess, but thought could have done better in cue card. i find my answer some sort of organised. anyhow fingers crossed.

  27. Hi
    My speaking test completed today July 29 2018
    In Hyderabad
    1) Dictionaries
    2) Advertisements
    Second part topic
    * A place you prefer to go out with friends.

  28. Hi,thank you for you topics.when will you publish the topics for Sep-Desember 2018?

  29. My Topic: A nice photo of you. Who clicked it? Where clicked it? Why is it important to you? Also, for the last part, during the conversation: Do you think that digital photography will replace the hard copy photographs? Do you think that professional skills necessary for good photography? What are those skills?

  30. Thanks a lot for wonderful list that you have shared
    I got unusual meal as my ccue card topic
    Follow up questions were related to food, meal, traditional dishes
    Part 1 included queries about sleep, dictionaries n so on

  31. topic which i receieved today; A public place which you have visited need some improvements.

    i found it bit hard as i did not practiced such topics.

  32. Dear Liz ,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful lessons . You have also given a wide variety of possible topics and it was very helpful for me . I got the cue card topic ” a quiet place ” which is listed above . I hope to achieve good marks .
    I have a small confusion with one of my answers for the listening test . As you know there are some words in english language with 2 similar spellings . Is organisation and Organization correct ?

    • One is US and one is UK – both are accepted by IELTS.

      • Thank you mam.

      • Thank you so much LIZ. Especially for the speaking topics listed out in your website . I got the topic ” a quiet place” which has been included in the list . hence I was prepared to talk about the place and also I could use my 1 minute time to list out what to say . Otherwise that time would have been wasted thinking about the place which I should select to speak . Thanks for the writing tips and reading & listening practices . My scores R:9 , L : 9, W: 7 & S : 7.5 . I am really thankful to you for your efforts.

        • I’m glad you were ready with an idea. This is the problem with speaking part 2. People waste 1 mins thinking of just the main idea rather than all the information and language they can add. Well done with your results πŸ™‚

  33. I had my speaking test academic today 29-6-2018, test centre Visakapatnam, India.

    Part 1: about my hometown, opinion on gifts n presents, taste of music.

    Part 2 : tell about a recent event you have celebrated

    Part 3: about having lots of people in a function, diff in culture in your country and other countries, what is the benefit of events like international summits or beauty pageant to the host country and a few more follow up questions regarding this I don’t exactly remember.

  34. Shaikh Maihvar says

    Shaikh Maihvar
    New Delhi, India
    28 June,2018

    At first, Thank You.. Thank You.. Thank You!!
    I am very thankful to you. I had my speaking module today.

    I’ d to share some of the questions I had gone through.
    1) Where do you live, an apartment or flat?
    2)At what distance is your area from here? (Test Centre )
    3)What would you prefer writing with hand or type writing? Why?
    4) Do you like writing?
    5) What do you usually write?
    6)Do you like writing being a child?

    PART – 2

    1) An event you have attended recently
    you should say:
    a) when it was?
    b)with whom you attended that?
    c)how do you enjoy that?

    PART – 3
    1)How long do you think is good to sleep for you?
    2)Do you take something to sleep?
    3)Do you think the older should get more or less time than the younger ones for sleeping?
    4) How national awards are being given in your country?

    There were two or three more questions related to part 3 that I am unable to recall right.
    Hope this will help any of you guys.


  35. Alshehri Amal says

    Today was my speaking exam from Saudi Arabie and it is as the following :
    Part 1 :
    Are you living in a house or apartment?
    Are planning to move on to another house in the future?
    Feeling bored, When ? and what makes you feel bored ?, What you are doing when you feel bored?

    Part 2
    Someone talk a lot ? who is this person? How you are meet ? what talk about? your feelings about it?
    Are you like to talk a lot as well?

    Part3 :
    How can children learn from their parents about the economic saving money if I ever have a daily money from my parents )) something similar
    How are the people communicate with others? why it is important
    What is important when you are doing a speech in front of an audience (( something similar
    and she asks about the reason that people being afraid of public speech
    last, about the use of Informal English and why itis important and which i prefer form the both -formal or informal – and why?


  36. Hi Liz, I’m writing to thank you for preparing these questions.
    Today five of my friends and I took speaking test. All of our questions were on the list above.
    All of us had good performances. I cannot believe yet.
    Thank you.

  37. Hi dear Liz,
    At first, I appreciate a lot for everything you have done

    My test was today morning, on June 27, 2018, in Tehran, Iran
    I would like to share some given questions as far as I remember

    Part 1:
    General questions, including my job, music and advertisements (I did not expect this question in this part)

    Part 2:
    A good service I received from a company or a shop

    Part 3:
    The difference between interacting online and face to face, cooperation between companies and related questions

    I found them a little difficult, bud I did my best. I am confident with my speaking test

  38. Amna Shahid says

    Hello !
    You are doing great work ..

    I had test today .. 26.06.2018 .. Lahore , Pakistan BC

    Section 1
    1 . whats your name ?
    2 . Do you work or study ?
    3. Where are you from ?
    4. why did you choose this institution ?
    5 . Do you remember you favorite teacher from primary school ?
    6. Did you ever play teaching in childhood ? (something like that i cant remember exact words)
    7. Have you ever used maps ?
    8. Do people in your country prefer e-map or paper map ?
    9. Do you ask passer by for the way ?
    Section 2
    what technique you use to concentrate on studies ? (same as topic # 9 already given here)
    when you use it ?
    Do you always use this technique ?
    Has it helped you to concentrate on studies ?
    Section 3
    1 . Do you think technology has affected the concentration of children ?
    2. why it is necessary for sportsmen to concentrate ?
    3. Is it important for people to concentrate on their work now a days ?
    4. Some people think that machines do better job than humans and thus machines should replace humans . what do you think ?

    There were one or two more questions that i dont remember now .
    Hope It helps .
    Thank you and Good luck πŸ™‚

  39. Hi All,
    First of all thanks a lot for maintaining his website.

    I had exams on 25th June 2018 – Colombo Sri Lanka – BC

    Part 1
    where do you live? house / Apartment
    What is you favourite room of the house?
    Do you like plants? Why?
    Do you grow plants?
    Have you ever grown plants ?
    Do you know how to grow plants?
    What is the best holiday you remember ?
    Do you like to go on holidays ? Do you plan?
    Is it essential to plan before going on holidays?
    What do you plan before going on holidays ?

    Part 2
    Talk about a friend that you know from your childhood
    how you know
    when did you first meet
    why that person is special

    Part 3
    Why do people don’t have friends from their childhood ?
    advantages and disadvantages of modern communication channels for teenagers ?
    has the nature of friendship changes because of the modern communication channels ?

  40. Hi liz. Thank you for your amazing website. I just finished my speaking test today. I want to share to you the questions and cue cards

    Part 1:
    About your job
    Do you prefer paper maps or electronic maps

    Part 2:
    About street market
    Where is it
    What did you do
    Whats your experience

    Part 3:
    About luxuries and happiness
    About online shopping

  41. Hello , how do i speak on “an unusual meal” it should be a meal that was good or bad or any new meal i tried

  42. Hello Liz,
    I have a question about the topics where you have speak about a river or lake om your country and a story you know. What exactly am I supposed to talk about if I get these topics?

    • Anything you want. The examiner isn’t marking your choice. Why don’t you write down some examples and I will tell you if they are fine.

      • Okay, so for example, if I get the lake or river topic, can I talk about a lake I’ve been to with my family and describe what it looks like and where it’s located? As for the story topic, can I talk about a bedtime story my mom used to tell me as a kid? I can’t think of anything else for this one.

        • Yes – all are fine. The examiner NEVER marks your choice. Your ideas and information are NOT marked in IELTS speaking.

  43. Muhammad Ali says

    Hi Liz!
    I would like to thank you first for providing helpful content.
    Speaking Academic, held on 21 June-2018, Islamabad, Pakistan
    Part 1:
    What is your full name?
    What do you do? Study or Job?
    Where do you study?
    Why this institute?
    How was experience there?
    With who you spend your free time? Family or friends?
    What is importance of time punctuality in your country?
    How do you feel when someone keeps you awaiting?
    Part 2:
    Cue card
    Have you ever helped someone?
    if so, Who? How you helped? Why you helped and what you felt after doing help?

    Part 3:
    What are ways we can help our friends?
    What are ways, grandparents can help grandchildren?
    How children can help their parents?
    Lets discuss a little about international cooperation.
    What are the issues countries can cooperate to solve those?
    Why is so some countries do not cooperate in an international agreement?

    Thats all!

  44. Safoora Kavoosi says

    Hi liz
    Today I’ve got speaking exam, Iran
    Part 1: Are you a student or are u working? What do you do? Have you ever recieved money from your parents for doing house works? Did you ever give money to a child as a gift?
    Part 2: a quiet place you like, where is it, how did you know about it, is it far from your home, why do you like it
    Part 3: is it easy to find quiet places in cities, where are these places, do you think elderlies prefer quiet places and young people prefer crowded and noisy places, why, what is your favorite foreign food, when did you try that for the first time, have you recently tried a special meal, how did you like that, do u think in future foreign foods are become more popular?

    Also after explaining part 2, the examiner asked me if i underestand, does it mean that i was confused and irrevelant in former questions?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ What did you talk about in part 2?

    • What was the content of your part 2 talk? If the examiner asked about you understanding the cue card at the end of your talk, my question is “what did you talk about”?

      • actually I talked about a library, but then he asked about city and countryside
        he asked me just after giving me the cue card, not at the end of my part 2 speaking

        • I am completely confused. First you said the examiner asked if you understood the cue card. But now you say he asked you about cities and countryside. I am not clear exactly what happened. You need to explain step by step. He gave you a cue card and said I would like you to talk about a quiet place – he gave you the card, paper and pencil. You had 1 min to prepare in silence. The examiner asked you to start speaking and you talked about a library for about 2 mins. When did the examiner ask what question?

  45. Thanks liz πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Today is my speaking test in punjab
    My cue card what do you do job

  46. navinder singh says

    hi liz
    17/6/2018 ( sunday )
    today is my speaking test ( moga ,punjab)
    .part 1…
    2.where live (house or appartment) you keep plants in your house.?
    4.what type of plants you have. grow any plant
    6.would you like to receive plants as a gift you keep the plants
    two or three questions are more but i forget
    part 2..
    cue card…..
    .talk about a song , which you like most
    .what it is
    .why you like
    .when you heard, first time
    i speak nearly 2 minute 20 second
    after cue card ,the examiner suddenly ask that music is change now as compared to past
    then also another questions
    1.all ages of people like same music
    2.traditional music still popular
    3.why people listen is good ,children learn to music
    5.what is the best way to learn music
    ( 1 or 3 questions also ask by the examiner )

  47. Hi Liz,

    Here are the questions that I can remember:
    Part 1: Where do you live? What do you like about the place? Do you like rain? Do you prefer wet or dry places?
    Part 2: Same as question number 6 (a recent event that made you happy)
    Part 3: What’s the difference between happiness now and in the past?

    I have a question. I just got my results and I scored 7.5 for speaking. I was quite confident with my performance overall as I spoke fluently with little hesitation, used uncommon vocabularies and all that. I thought I could get band 8 for this. The only thing I suspect is that I spoke for 1.5 minutes for part 2 and some people said that you need to speak full 2 minutes to score 8 or higher? Is that true?

    • There is no such rule for scoring band 8. But you did lose a chance to show a better degree of fluency. It also shows that your aim was to cover the prompts on the card, rather than talk and talk and talk – so this means you had the wrong focus for your test. Failing to understand your role in the test and failing to understand what the examiner is looking for will negatively impact your results.

  48. Test Centre: British Council, Singapore
    Test Date: June 2018

    I was asked a plethora of questions and I’d no idea which question belongs to which part, nevertheless below’s my contribution!

    Part 1: Where do I live. How long have I lived there. Why did I chose to live there. What wild animals do you like? Do you have a pet? Have you visited the zoo before? Do you think it is important for children to visit the zoo (?)
    Part 2: A situation where I have to be very polite. Have you met ever met someone who is too polite? Is it important to teach children to speak what they think. Do you think it is possible to be honest all the time?
    Part 3: Do you think it’s important for people to learn another people’s culture before visiting their country? Which culture do you know is very polite? What do you think if a stranger greeted you on the streets?

    That’s about 90% of the questions/cues I can remember. Should I be worried that the examiner cut me off for almost every single question I answered? Is it bad that I was too chatty?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It’s completely normal for the examiner to interrupt your answers in order to move on to the next question.

  49. Hi Liz,
    Thank you very much for the useful website.

    Today I had my Speaking Test (GT) and I got the question 17 from the recent questions above.

    Tomorrow I have my LRW test.

  50. Thank you, Liz. I got topic number 28 (visitors to your home). One of my friends had to describe a wild animal she likes and the other one had to describe an occasion she lost an item.

  51. Hello Liz!
    Thank you very much for your materials! They really helped to prepare!
    Today I had Speaking Test at 13:30 in Moscow, Russia.
    Part 1: What wild animals do you like and why? Do you have a pet? Why it is important to know about animals?
    Part 2: A time when you saved money. (Topic)
    Part 3: Discussion about spending money.

  52. Haresh Kumar says

    Hi Liz,
    Firstly I must acknowledge that you’re really doing a brilliant job & your stuff is really excellent. I had my IELTS GT speaking test today & below are the test areas I am able recreate:
    Part 1: What is your hometown; where do you live; do you like the where you live; how often do you use dictionaries; do you use electronic or physical one; how will you feel if someone gifts you a dictionary; do you think writing dictionary is an interesting job.
    Part 2: Which city or country would you like to live, study or work in?
    Part 3: Why do you think people like any job; is money an important factor while choosing a job; some people live a tough life due to their job, do you think it is good; some people like to do a stable kind of job, why do you think it is.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Hope your test went well πŸ™‚

      • Haresh Kumar says

        Well, I cant really comment on that but I am pretty sure that the examiner stopped me in part 2 while my 2 minutes were not yet over, & she then started round off questions.
        To be honest I didn’t like my examiner too much, she literally had a flat face with no expressions at all, making me even more nervous.
        She didn’t even stated when my part 3 of the test started & suddenly I heard from her that this brings us to the end of your speaking test, thank you.

        • It’s a shame when you get an examiner who isn’t engaging and isn’t encouraging. A bit of bad luck πŸ™

  53. Arvind Patil says

    Thanks Liz, I had my speaking section today in New Bombay, India.

    Your website and YouTube videos are great resource for IELTS.Keep up the great work you are doing.

  54. Hello everyone,
    I did my speaking test on March 23 in BrasΓ­lia (Brazil).
    My topic for Part 2 was:
    -An important song for you
    -Why is it important?

  55. Bhupinder Singh bains says

    Hi Liz
    GT test may 23 2018
    Location India
    An activity that you learned outside school or college ?
    -what it is ?
    -when and where did you learn it?
    -how you learned it?

  56. My today’ s cue card is
    A trip by public transport

  57. 23.05.18 – Academic, Poland
    1. Where do I live, do I find the place interesting, my favourite wild animal, do I like seeing animals in the zoo, is it important for children to learn about animals
    2. An ocasion when visitors came to my house
    3. Is hospitality important in your country, what can be done do make visitors to feel welcome?, should visitors addapt to the host country? what would offend people in my country?

    Liz, I have aquestion. I saw on my examiner’s notes that he wrote such numbers : 5.0, 8.0, 8.15 (I’m not sure about the last one). What could this mean? Are these my scores for each part of speaking?

    • The examiner makes notes of timing. The examiner does not decide band score until the test has finished.

  58. Spoken test
    Delhi india
    10.50 am

    Tell me something what you do

    Cue card-
    What you own and want to replace ( a thing)

    How old is it
    Reasons to change

    Third round

    Consumerism and waste in society
    How is today’s shopping different from past
    Do you think shopping online will take over shops completely

    Thanks liz

    Tip for all others

    Try and pull back your chair when sitting for spoken interview

    Sitting too close makes you more nervous

    Thanks Liz for her tips

  59. I wrote exam today @ Kochi

    My Questions were

    Part 1:-

    Where are you from?
    Are you living in a house or an apartment?
    Which room do you like the most?
    Talk about a holiday you enjoy most? Why?
    Where are you planning to go on next holiday? Why?

    Part 2:-

    Describe a comedian in your country?
    – Who is he/she
    – How do you know him?
    – Why do you like him?

    Part 3:-

    Do you think actors are getting a lot of money?
    Is it necessary to give huge money for actors?
    Entertainments available for children in your country
    Is there any entertainment which helps in the education of children in your country?

  60. Hi dear Liz and everyone.
    I used tips from this website for preparation which helped me during the IELTS.
    Thanks to Liz I could answer questions more correctly during the Test.

    I had a test on 19th May and the topic for the Speaking test Part 2 was “Place you meet with your friends”. For part1 and 3 I had different questions starting from my work and about children who must be more oriented on study than playing with friends. Advertisment and other connecting questions.

    For writing 1 “Describe two bar charts about production of truffles” First graph was about hectares of land used for trees and second chart about number of trees.
    Writing 2 “It is thought in some cultures that old age is hight valued and in another youth is more valuable” .

    Good luck all of us!

  61. Hi Liz
    I did the test today. I’m sharing the topics
    Part 1 was about music and if the music is suitable for children
    Part 2 was about where I mostly go out with friends
    Part 3 was about going out and also a wild animal I like

  62. Hi liz
    I want to ask you something about the writing task 2. When we are giving an example in body paragraph, can we write use words like β€˜I, me, my brother and so on’. like while giving an example can I say β€˜ my brother does not read newspaper which has no pictures in it, however, he always looks for newspaper which more pictorial explanations.’? I am pretty confused in this.

  63. Richa Pruthi says

    Hi! Liz
    First of all , I would like to thank you for all the help I got from your you tube links to prepare for IELTS general exam.I hope I score well as your links were the only help and guide I had to prepare for the exam.
    Just one suggestion, please add more content for writing, I felt there should be more material inorder to understand how to frame answers in task 2, your introduction link was really helpful.
    I had my speaking test on 15th May, though I don’t remember all questions ,the cue card question was( in my words – is all I remember)
    Describe a topic that you had learnt in math primary lessons
    – what topic it was
    – how it was taught
    – Was it easy or difficult
    I spoke for 2 min but I could not answer the last question will that affect my score.Secondly, I answered second part of questions as dialogues form for instance my teacher asked me, is ball a circle ? n I said ,yes see I draw ball like this. Then she said, see I can hold it in my hand. I was amazed that it’s not circle but sphere.This is how she introduced 3D shapes.
    Will that affect my score as I never read dialogue form answers n I realised later that in flow of conversing with examiner I may have missed IELTS rules of speaking test.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ There are no questions on your cue card at all. None. The cue card contains prompts which you can use or not use as you wish. You can answer in any way you wish – it doesn’t affect your score. You used great vocab – circle, sphere, 3D shapes – well done πŸ™‚ I don’t know what you mean about more writing task 2 lessons. There are over 80 pages of free tips and lessons on the main writing task 2 page accessed through the red bar at the top of my website:

      • Richa Pruthi says

        Dear Liz
        You are doing a great job
        You made my day😊
        Probably I am expecting too much, already there is enough.
        Thanks a ton πŸ™

    • Rupinder Kaur says

      can you share the idea for this cue card?

  64. Hi Liz,
    I had my speaking test today 16 May 2018 in Pune,India.
    The following questions were asked to me.
    1. Full name and what you do? Student or working?
    2. Are you friends with the people you work with?
    3. What is the best time to work? Morning or evening? Why?
    4. How much hours you sleep for?
    5. Do you think children and old people need more sleep?
    6. Is afternoon nap required?
    7. Have you travelled long distance? Why?
    8. Have you travelled by airplane? Why?
    9 Would you plan to travel a lot in future?
    10. Would you like to go to space?

    Part 2
    Describe an unusual meal you had.
    When you had it? Where and with whom you had it? What was it? How did you feel after having it.

    Part 3
    Eating habits. Do eating habits have changed over a period of time in your country? What is the traditional food of your country? Which type of traditional food is available easily in your country. What is the traditional food of your state ( I belong to Maharashtra). Is fast food very popular in your country? How science and technology has changed the food industry? What are the benefits and drawbacks of availability of foreign food in your country?

  65. Hello, Liz,
    Had my test on the 12th here in Sao Paulo, Brasil. The topic given to me on part 2 was:

    Describe a situation where you had to be very polite
    Where was it
    Why you had to be polite
    How did you do it

  66. Hi Liz,
    I took the IELTS test two days ago, 12/05/18 in the US.
    The topic I had for part two was: describe a sport you’ve only seen on tv and you would like to try.
    Then the asked me me general questions about sports.
    I have a question for you.. I am not a very sportive person and when I saw what I was supposed to talk about my mind went black.
    Even though I started okay I was not able to speak at length in part 2. Do you think it will affect a lot my score?
    Anyway, thank you for all you videos and tips. πŸ™‚

    • You could easily lengthen your talk by explain why you are not keen on sports. You can explain which sports you like least and why. You could talk about whether you would like your children to one day take up sports and which sports etc etc. You could have continued easily. Your fluency is marked over your whole performance. Obviously part 2 is the best chance for you to show it, but you could still show it in part 1 and part 3. So, whether it will or won’t affect your score, you will need to wait and see.

  67. Hi Liz,
    Your suggestions and probable questions are really helped me today.
    I had my IELTS speaking test today May 14, 2018 in Bengaluru, India.
    Questions are as follows,
    Part 1:
    1. What is your full name?
    2. Do you work or study?
    3. What time of the day you work best and why?
    4. Do you like wild animals and what is your favorite wild animal?
    5. Do you have pets at home?
    for answer no,
    6. Do you like to have one in future?
    7. Why physical exercise is necessary?
    8. Did you ever exercise when you were at school?
    …. 2 or 3 more questions on exercise.
    Part 2:
    An occasion when visitors came to you home?
    – Who has visited?
    – What was the occasion?
    – How did you felt?

    Part 3:
    1. How do you invite visitors?
    2. Is hospitality very important in your country?
    3. How do you feel when unknown visitor visited your home?
    another 4 to 5 questions on visitors.

    I have a feeling like the interaction went well. But my concern is, when I was explaining part 2, the examiner was not listening to me and he was feeling sleepy that too in the morning hours. Was he not interested with my explanation or he had not slept properly at night??

    Please let me know whether this action of examiner affect my score??
    Thank you so much.

  68. Syeda Sumayya says

    My speaking test was on 11th May in riyadh
    General ielts
    My questions included
    Do you work or study
    What time of the day you work best and why?
    What would you prefer a paper dictionary or an e dictionary and why?
    Would you like if somebody gifted you a paper dictionary?
    When going outside what do u prefer indoor or outdoor places and why?
    An outdoor place you remember having enjoyed when you were a child and why?
    which was your favourite subject at school
    How long was it taught to you?
    In what ways was it taught to you?
    What made that subject you favorite?
    Do u think schools these days should improve sport facilities and equipments?
    How has computer changed eduction in todays era?
    Do you prefer e learning why or why not?
    How important is the role of parents in childs eductaion?

  69. 12/5/2018

    Hi, Liz πŸ™‚
    I always appreciate your help 😌✨

    Do you work ?
    What do you study ?
    Which time is the best for study ?

    β€’Sports activities
    What is your favorite sports activities.
    Did you do some sports activities in the past ?
    Do you think you will do sports activities ?more in the future ?

    Technology you like using (except computers)

    Technology – business

  70. GT speaking test 11th May 2018 – Riyadh

    A quiet place you know
    – why you like that place
    – where is that place
    – how do you spend time in that place and how much time

    Follow up questions were also on noise

    Another friend’s topic was on polite and impolite

    • Shagufta says

      Thank you for letting us know about your topic My Test is tomorrow at Riyadh good luck with your results 😊

  71. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for the wonderful guidance you gave me for IELTS General. I had my Speaking Test today and I got the following questions:

    Part 1:
    Describe your hometown.
    Is the part of your hometown where you live, interesting ?
    Are you a person who exercises a lot or not so much ?
    In the future, would you like to get involved into some kind of exercise ?
    What sport did you do as a kid ?

    Part 2 :
    Describe a person you know who is popular.
    Who is that person ?
    State why he/she is popular.
    Say what you feel makes them popular.

    Part 3 :
    Would you like to be popular some day ?
    Why do you feel people in general are popular ?
    Why are some kids more popular than others ?

    I’m sorry I don’t remember a couple questions here and there.

    Thanks once again for being our superhero without the cape !

  72. Lawal Aderonke Shakiray says

    Lawal Aderonke says:
    I had my ielts speaking test today 10/ 5/18 in lagos Nigeria and so of my questions goes thus:
    Part 2:
    Describe a popular person you know?
    describe who the person was?
    What was he famous for?
    Say how you met.
    parts 3:
    why do you think some children are more popular than others?
    people say popular people are the happiest. Do you agree with that saying.
    Do you think children love popular teachers?

  73. Sukhpreet says

    Date: May 10 2018
    Location: India
    Part1: questions related to: introduction newspaper & writing methods
    Q) Do you work or study?
    Q) Which time of the day you prefer studying?
    Q) Do prefer typing or writing?
    Q) Do other members of your family read newspaper?
    Q) Do you read newspaper daily?
    Q) Which section of newspaper you like to read?
    There were more questions…I’m not able to recall
    Part2: Interesting subject of your school
    What is it
    Why it is interesting
    Which method you use to learn it
    Part3: Discussion on education system
    Q) Difference between your country’s and other country’s education system
    Q) Future subject which should be included in school subject
    There were 3-4 more question…but i don’t remember them
    Liz I wanted to ask…in part 2 after completing all the prompts…i stopped….then examiner gave the sign to add some more…then i added few points and my time was finished… Will it affect my score?

  74. Arsalan Qureshi says

    dear liz , hope you are fine , i am to confused person in my life have always trying to so some thing in life but not completed very well but reached to complete my Master degree MBA , now i looking to preparation with a high ranks , last 2 years i could not start yet , please kept my hand to start my preparation , i switch on my life with practice practice practice.

    thanks you very much

    DATE: MAY 06 2018

    Part 1
    Do you work or study
    What is the best time you like to work
    Do you socialise with your colleagues
    Do you think you will travel abroad in future

    Part 2
    Describe an occasion when visitors came to your home

    Part 3
    What kind of training’s should be given for the staffs in hotels
    What kind of facilities should be provided by the hotel for the customers
    How do you provide hospitality in you culture

  76. Buddika says

    I got below topic in today’s speaking exam.

    17. A lake or river in your country

  77. Sanat Singha says

    Thanks. Should I go on talking until the examiner stops me or I would finish within the given time?
    Is it a problem if I speak for 1 and a half minute?

    • The examiner will tell you when to stop. If you want to show fluency, aim for 2 minutes. Expand your talk in any way you want.

  78. Ranjana Ahuja says

    Hlo mam
    My speaking test is on 11th may
    Plz give some tips to raise my confidence
    Nd how i get 6.5 in it

  79. Hello!
    I just had my speaking test today and I am very disappointed with myself. I think I did well with part 1 but for parts 2 and 3, I know I could do better but I failed to expound the topics that was given to me. Anyway, just to add to the topics above, here are the topics I got earlier:
    For part 1, it’s all about where I live and other usual questions regarding that.
    For part 2 (cue card), questions were all about teamwork.
    For part 3, it’s all about how important global cooperation is.
    I hope this helps. Thank you so much!

  80. Jasdeep says

    Hlo mam my exam will be on 24 may . So please give me some tips for preparing this and also suggest me that how much hour should i require for its preparation?

  81. Ankush Jain says

    Thank You so much Liz Mam, you really are very helpful as always, God bless you

  82. Sharanpreet says

    Thanks liz
    It is very helpful for my coming exam

  83. Hello Mam
    My test will be on 24 May.But my previous one was on 21 April and I got 6 bands overall.
    I want to get 8777 in my test. I have only 15 days for preparing. How much time I have to prepare in each day
    Then I score my desirable bands.
    Mam plzz suggest me
    It is my 3rd test

    • You will score band score 8 when your English is band 8 level and when you understand all techniques fully. You can’t score band 8, if your English is only band 6. Think carefully about the level of your English and your understanding of IELTS.

  84. Hello Liz,
    Regarding about the topic a season you enjoy, is it about the weather? How about Christmas season?

    • There is no right or wrong answer. You can interpret the cue card as you want. The examiner will not score your ideas or your choices in IELTS speaking.

  85. Balijepalli Kishore says

    Hi Liz.

    Thanks for the info . None of the post are displayed . Can you accept my req. So that i can few questions .

  86. Hi liz,
    During my speaking test, I asked for some water in the beginning as I was nervous and thirsty, will it affect my score?

    • It will mean you lose some time – nothing more. The examiner can’t extend the time of the speaking test. It is fixed at 11 to 14 mins.

  87. Something you lost : Can I speak things like peace, enjoyment, entertainment etc.

    • It usually refers to an item. However, you are not marked on your ideas or your choices in IELTS speaking, so the choice is yours. As long as you explain your choice and present a talk that is NOT memorised. If the examiner thinks you prepared the whole talk before, it will not count. Your aim is to prepare ideas only.

  88. I would like to add few more topics those were asked to my friends and me just last week.

    1. Describe something you want to do that your friend has done.

    What was that
    When she did
    How she enjoyed
    Why you want to do that

    2. Describe the method for you saved money

    3. Describe a toy that you liked when you were child

    4. Describe unusual meal that you had

    When you had
    Where you had
    With whom
    What was that unusual meal and how did you like

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ I’ll add these to the list πŸ™‚

      • I got the 1st cue card mentioned by shilpa today.For that cue card i spoke about my friend’s recent car purchase.and my willingness to purchase that particular model car.Will it be considered as off topic ?Will it affect my score.?

        • You are not marked on your choice or your ideas in IELTS speaking. It doesn’t affect your score how you choose to interpret the cue card.

  89. Thanks a lot Liz…

  90. Hikmat Hamza says

    Are you 100% sure that these topic will come on June 24 Ielts exam I mean speaking part two
    You are so good Liz specially for humanity we love you and you character

    • As I said, these are SOME of the topics – not all of them. You cannot predict which topic you will get. You might get a topic on this page or you might get a different topic. All you can do is to prepare as many topics as possible.

      • If i prepare all these mentioned topics so iis it sure that i will get topic from these only. Mam please reply me

        • I have explained that in the page above. Please read the page above again. You can’t predict the topic you will get – you can only prepare as much as you can.

  91. HI Liz,
    Thank you for the topics. Isnt it will be May-Aug 2017 Speaking part 2 topics?
    Correct me if am wrong.

    Thank you for your good work.

    • This year is 2018. The topics are for this year.

      • I’m sorry if I missed something but I think Haridas is as confused as me… wouldn’t it be until May only? How can you say these topics go up to August of this year, if they have not even happened yet?

        • Because in May the examiners get a new long list of topics which they use for about 4 months.

          • Oh, I understand now, I didn’t know that. Thanks a lot for clarifying & for the amazing website/teaching you perform!

          • Shagufta says

            hey Liz so does it mean they must have received their topic lists for May- August already?? my ielts for written and speaking is on the 12th May so I will make sure I am prepared thanks a ton 😚

            • May is a new list of topics. It is never possible to know all the topics. You should prepare ideas for both current topics and common topics. Never memorise the whole talk, just prepare ideas.

  92. Nancy Kwamboka Maoga says

    Hallow,i have gone through your IELTS practices and gained a lot of experience,my speaking test will be tomorrow hence the reading, writing and listening will be on 12th.Thank you so much

  93. Bhavik Thakkar says

    Thank you so much.

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