Choose the best answer: IELTS speaking practice

Hi guys,

Below is a speaking question from part 1:

Do you like vegetables?

Which answer do you think is the best to answer this question?

  1. Yes, I do. I consider vegetables an important part of any healthy diet due to amount of vitamins and minerals that some vegetables can supply. Without vegetables in a person’s diet, health problems might occur later in life.
  2. Yes, I do. I am particularly partial to leafy greens, such as spinach, but I do eat pretty much any kind of veg. In fact, on the whole, most of my main meals contain at least 5 different types of veg.


The answer to this lesson is now available:

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  1. sandeep saini says

    i like vegetable , it is good for our health especially green vegetable it contain high vitamin, protien as well as minerals. i like to eat vegetable in my all meals.

  2. Sunnatillo says

    To my mind 2nd one is the best answer!

  3. Dianne Gansatao says

    I think its the first one.

    Here’s mine:
    Yes, I really love vegetables. Actually, I grew up in a middle-class family who prefers to eat green leafy foods than meat, chicken, beef or any expensive or processed foods. I consider veggies to be very important not only because of its nutritious properties but also its ability to fight diseases especially cancer.

  4. I think the second answer is the best because it ireflects the speaker’s opinion and it indicates to their experiences and the importance of consuming vegetables .

  5. Sangita ghimire says

    Help me in speaking day after tomorrow to score higher

  6. Tamim Ahsan says

    I think option 2 is the best answer of this question

  7. Number 2

  8. I think the first one is the best. As the question is if you like vegetables or not and not what vegetables you like most or if you have them everyday. So I think the first one is a suitable answer.

  9. No 2

  10. I think the second option is better than the first one

  11. Rahima Binta Bashar says

    Option 1

  12. I think the first answer is appropriate.

  13. Oluwole Bobxie says

    The second one.

  14. I think second option as in question they ask do you like vegetables instead the benefits of vegetables

  15. 2nd

  16. Both answers are okay but I think d second option is better because it is a speaking test where it is allowed to sound informal. D first option is quite formal and very serious! While d second option sounds informal and playful. In this test, one’s fluency, grammar, tenses and vocabulary are tested and not one’s knowledge of the subject matter, I stand to be corrected.

  17. Samer Abisen says

    I believe the second one is better , because it gives us an idea about a private habit of speaker’s eating , not a general information like the first answer .

  18. 2nd answer

  19. Dhanya Aneesh says

    i think the second one is correct

  20. Cristina Hipolito says

    hi liz!
    i would have to say, the second one, because mainly part 1 is all about one’s self and the examiner is asking if you like vegetables not about the benefits of it. And also the way the answer was organized, it contains an answer, few examples, and explanation.

    i know you have a lot going on right now and i totally understand, but if you would take a little bit of your time to look at my answer i would really appreciate it..
    here it is:
    do you like vegetables?
    Yes, i definitely do. I’m really keen on organic crops such as potatoes, squash, green leafy veggies, and even bitter gourd despite of it’s unpleasant taste. i basically grew up eating these type of food, because my mom likes to cook vegetarian dishes.

  21. First because the answer doesn’t centre on me alone

  22. Shazia Alam says

    Second one as it covers personal preference and inclination towards eating vegetable. Answer 1 is more about overall benefits of vegetable.

  23. The 2nd answer is appropriate. It answers the question directly whereas the 1st one is already off topic.

  24. Chikelu Tina says

    I prefer option 1

  25. I think both are good responses as both reply have good English Language Expressions

  26. Jarnail Singh says

    I think according to the asked question ,first one is appropriate till , ‘yes I do’. coz it’s mentioned that the question is from part 1 .

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  27. I pretty sure that the second answer is the perfect one. The examiner asked a personal question “if you like vegetable or not” therefore the answer must be personal as well 😉

  28. Jarnail Singh says

    I think first one till ‘Yes, I do, is appropriate according to question that asked because it’s mentioned above that question is from the part one.

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  29. No 2

  30. Both are good but I’ll go with the first one.

  31. Shwetakumari. says

    Second is the best answer.

  32. Gaurav Gupta says

    Option 1 is the perfect answer.

  33. Hello mam

    I go with first one

  34. 2 is quite well said🙂

  35. 1

  36. 2nd is best answer

  37. Mary Ailenotor says

    I will go for number 2

  38. In my point of view,I think the second answer is the best answer for speaking test .Although the first answer is good and it seems to me as the best answer for writing yest exam.

  39. I think second one is the way to express that i like vegetables.

  40. sarang nijsure says

    Yes very much and I think it’s very important to human body. in fact some vegetables are providing almost same percentage of proteins and vitamins to our body in comparison with fish and other non veg food. I guess vegetables are quite easy to digest than meat so it is preferred to old age peoples to have vegetables in their daily diet.

  41. i will choose the second answer , the first one is answering why i like veg.

  42. 2 answer is better!

  43. HINA AFROZ says

    In my opinion answer #2 is the most appropriate according to the question asked.

  44. In my opinion the 2nd one is more suitable for the question. Because 1st is told in general about vegetables, 2nd one is answered his/her own thought!

  45. Diana Georgieva says

    The second answer is best because it shows a good English and answers the question of the examiner.

  46. Ehsan hashimzadeh says

    According to the type of question i think the 1st answer is more related. Answer starts with a good introduction and the advantages and disadvantages of veg are mentioned .

  47. i think 2nd answer is more powerful then 1st one.

  48. Both are good but the first question is more suitable in IELTS writing while the 2nd is suitable for speaking.

  49. 2 is the best.

  50. Both are good as both show expression of English

  51. Answer 2

  52. 2 one question quite better than 1

  53. Second one because question is to ‘you’

  54. Priscillia Poko says


  55. Answer 1 is the best for the question. it supported the question do you like.

  56. Hyunmin Lee says

    Both are ok but I think number 1 is better. It’s not asking if I eat veg or not. It seems to be required more extended idea why I do or I don’t.

  57. Answers 1 and 2. 😅

  58. Answer number 2, Because it’s more convincing from 1

  59. 2

  60. in my opinion the first is good than second because the meaning of question is why do you like the vegetables , and I think the first response had explained why he or she like the vegetables.

  61. Rahul gajra says

    Both are good but the 2nd one is much better than 1st

  62. 2

  63. 2

  64. Yes, i do. I used to eat green leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce. I enjoy to eat salad made of vegetables. It’s pretty delicious and healthy as well.

  65. I think second is the best answer to the question because the person is answering according to the question. While, in first, the person is telling the benefits of vegetables.

  66. Sunny Pathak says

    I like the second one..

  67. I prefer the 2nd one to the first one.

  68. No. 2

  69. Aarzoo Sadiora says

    2- one is the little bit good ans , i think.

  70. Rushabh damkondwar says

    I think second..

  71. 1 is correct

  72. I reckon number 2 answer is the best suited for question.

  73. Yes. Indeed I do……
    If I were there for test I might would give this answer without details cz didn’t raise
    Reply me regardingly…….. As per option is concern I go with number 1
    Best regards

  74. Hello Liz,
    I would say option 2.
    Another possibility:
    To be honest with you, I eat veggies only because I know they are essential to have a balanced diet. However, I can say that eating carrots do not bother me at all.

  75. 2nd answer

  76. Anju cyriac says

    Ans 1

  77. Good morning Liz, I think Q1 is better as it gives reasons for why veg is good for you and the health benefits it can brings. My thoughts are that it is important to have a healthy balanced diet, this includes vegetables. This is also shown in the Food Guide Pyramid. Thanks

  78. Euphemia Oboh says

    Yes I like vegetables a lot,To extent that I made it part of all my meal, vegetables has so many health benefits e.g it provides minerals and other micronutrients,it aids digestion and also prevent constipation.
    Apart from health benefits it makes meal look attractive for those with poor appetite.

  79. Shubham Agarwal says

    I think answer 2

  80. In my opinion the second response is better as the candidate gives additional information about the kind of vegetables and also specifies how much of these he generally eats in a day. On the contrary the first candidate digresses from the main question and talks about benefits of eating vegetabes.

  81. Yes, I do. I prefer vegetables in my daily diet as it is an important sources of vitamins and minerals. In fact for a balance diet without vegetables its impossible. So I consider different types of vegetables in each meal.

  82. Definitely both as they incorporated some pretty good vocab such as greens, partial to,due to and on the whole. I would rate this as a band-7 score.

  83. I will choose the second answer because it is more direct and specific about my preference for vegetables.

    I will not choose the first answer because it generalize to everyone.

  84. Best answer is 2nd one. As it contains less common vocabularies,Cohesion and Coherence,Better Linking words etc

  85. Answer no 2 seems more appropriate.

  86. Obviously, number 2, which actually answers the questions.

  87. B
    A.. Have grammatical error.. Health problems be occur later in life..

  88. Yes, I like most vegetables. On the one hand, we can add many different flavors to our meals with having various vegetables prepared differently. On the other hand, we need them for a balanced diet that would make us healthier. We can kill two birds with one stone thanks to them.

  89. Answer 2

  90. The first answer, is better. Has one idea and fully developed
    While the second, jump from one idea to another.

  91. First answer

  92. Segun Olaniyan says

    Yes I like vegetables. I am very keen about having vegetables in any of my meal as this provides the balance I want to get from every diet in the meal I take, though i have better preference for uncooked vegetables.


    Sorry for the error in last word its regular not regarding

  94. Answer 2

  95. I prefer the second one than the initial response.

  96. Joseph Ogbekhiulu says

    Hi Liz,
    Many thanks for all you’ve been doing for us on this platform. I have purchased your writing task 2 materials and have found them very useful. I hope to register for the ielts test in January 2018 by God’s grace.
    No.1 answer is the one I would prefer because it is elaborate and precise an answer.
    Thank you.

  97. I choose answer 2 because the question is about my liking of vegetables and not about advantages of the same.


    Difinitely, I used to get vegebale salad as an essential part of my dinner. In additon to its valuble contents of benificial elements, my bowel movments became more regarding.

  99. 2nd one!

  100. Shah Shubham says

    In my opinion, the second answer is more appropriate than the first one because the first one states the importance of vegetables which is not as per the question.

  101. Lateef abiodun says

    I love the number two. To me,it’s the best.

  102. Frank Reuben says

    Option (2) is the right answer. Reasons because it can be extended for a long time.

  103. Gagandeep Kaur says


  104. Jayashree Pathak says

    The second one

  105. I think ist one is best answer of this question

  106. 2.
    1 is giving an opinion about the theme but not answering the question. Also, number 2 seems more informal, which seems to be ok for part 1 of the speaking test.

    My test is on Saturday! Hopefully I’m not wrong then!

    • Your test is tomorrow? You are right. Part 1 is personal, part 3 is a discussion about broader issues and the whole speaking test is informal.

  107. Zeynep Yıldırım says

    I think second one is the best answer.

  108. Kunal Upadhyay says

    I think the question asked here is his preference and not as general benefits of Vegetables. Hence Option 2 justifies it better.

  109. Rajanmeet Singh says

    1st one.

  110. #2

  111. B

  112. 2nd

  113. Second answer.

  114. Hello, I think first one is much better.

  115. Himanshu Saini says

    Answer 1. Simple and straight yet expressive.

  116. answer 2

  117. Harjinder Singh says

    I think second option is better than first one because according to me first answer is like you have read that one from somewhere it’s not your original thought. withaway it’s just a my point of view.😊😊

    • Megha Sharma says

      I think the second option because the question is do you like vegetables and not that why should we eat vegetables..second one is more appropriate

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