Speaking Part 1: the best answer

Learn which is the best answer for IELTS speaking part 1 “Do you like vegetables?”. Below you will find the right answer, tips and also more possible answers. Furthermore, you can find useful vocabulary for vegetables on this page: Test your Veg Vocab

I asked you which answer is best for this question: “Do you like vegetables?”

There were two options:

  1. Yes, I do. I consider vegetables an important part of any healthy diet due to amount of vitamins and minerals that some vegetables can supply. Without vegetables in a person’s diet, health problems might occur later in life.
  2. Yes, I do. I am particularly partial to leafy greens, such as spinach, although I do eat pretty much any kind of veg. In fact, on the whole, most of my main meals contain at least 5 different types of veg.


Number 2 is appropriate and number 1 is not.

IELTS speaking part 1 is mostly about you and your life. If the question asks about YOU, you must answer about YOU – not about people in general.

The questions are often very simple and basic in part 1, such as “Do you like …”.  This means you should be straight forward and give a natural answer. You should NOT change the question into an academic discussion about the importance of vitamins and minerals. In part 1, imagine you are talking to a friend. Answer naturally and be chatty.

Answer number 2 provides:

  • a) fluency – it is an extended answer with a good length for a simple questions in part 1
  • b) grammar – a complex structure and variation.
  • c) vocabulary: I’m partial to .. / leafy greens / spinach / pretty much / veg

Other Possible Answers

The answers below were posted by students:

  1. Yes, i definitely do. I’m really keen on organic crops such as potatoes, squash, green leafy veggies, and even bitter gourd despite of it’s unpleasant taste. i basically grew up eating these type of food, because my mom likes to cook vegetarian dishes.
    1. A great answer. It demonstrates excellent vocabulary in a very natural way which is perfect for part 1. The examiner might interrupt the examiner to move on to another question before the end, but don’t worry about that. The examiner will decide when to move on. Your task is to keep talking until that happens.
  2. Yes, i do. I eat green leafy vegetables such as spinach and lettuce. I enjoy to eat salad made of vegetables. It’s pretty delicious and healthy as well.
    1. The technique is fine and the vocabulary great. However, the sentence structures are basic  and simple.
  3. Yes I like vegetables. I am very keen about having veggies in many of my meals as this provides the balance I want to get from every diet in the meal I take, though i have better preference for uncooked vegetables.
    1. The tone is great -it’s personal. The fluency is fine and the sentences complex. However, the grammar is not strong as it contains a number of errors.

I hope this lesson was useful 🙂



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  1. Remant Bohara says

    Well,i definately love eating green leafy vegetables like spinach and cabbage,because it not only increase our eye vision but also makes us healthey and strong. In addition,when i was child my mother always used to cook green veggie for our family because all my family members were vegeterian but now other members eat are omnivores but iam only herbivores…so i really like eating vegetables available in nature.

  2. Hello Liz Mam
    1st of June is speaking test date and i have few query’s as follow.

    1. While speaking if i move my hands to express my ideas will it be negative? or its normal.

    Thanks in advance


  4. I love eating vegetables because it prevents me from constipation. I believe that the nutrients that are present on green, leafy vegetables such as lettuce and broccoli, are essential in having a balanced diet. And also, its worth mentioning the benefit that the veggies can provide in boosting our immune system.

  5. Frank Reuben says

    Hello Liz,
    I just finished my speaking test right now. I answered all questions accurately but in my Task 2, I was expected to speak for 2minutes. But i spoke for 1min 40secs and then kept quiet. Then the examiner asked me a question related to that, then i answered.

    She then move on to Part 3, the last question i was asked, I didn’t catch that. So i asked her to repeat it and she ended up saying….. WE HAVE COME TO THE END OF THIS TEST.

    Please what is my fate? Do u think I’ll score well?

    • Your test sounds perfectly normal. What is the problem? I don’t see any problem at all. You can talk for 1min 40sec in part 2 if you want and the examiner will stop the test when the time is finished. I see no problems at all.

      • Frank Reuben says

        Wao! Is that so? I was thinking its will be a red flag to my speaking test in part 2 and at the end of Part 3.
        Thank you very much Liz, i’ll keep you posted once i receive my result.
        Meanwhile, let me go and start preparing for the rest of the test that comes up Dec 9th.

        • Fluency is marked throughout the whole test. As long as you didn’t speak with lost of hesitation, you can still do well with 1min40sec. The speaking scores are not based on finishing questions – not at all. Your score is based on: fluency, grammar, vocab and pronunciation. So, relax and start concentrating on your coming test – good luck!

    • I am sorry, but I want to know the topic examined in this part because i have an exam after 3 days

  6. Hello Liz
    Do you think that this series of this book is good for IELTS?
    Collins writing/reading/ speaking /listning / for Ielts

  7. Ankur Patel says

    Thank you for all your free help on your website.
    I wrote my IELTS test yesterday, Your tips and advice really helpful during test.
    Right On Liz.!

  8. M.Haroon khan says

    Hi Liz heared from some one that personality and dressing also affect band score of enrolled student.Is there some reality in this statement?

  9. Zukhriddin says

    Hello Liz
    I do appreciate your tips and advice you post . I took IELTS last year and got overall 6. I was in a funk about it. I’m retaking it on 24th February. I’m really worried about my Reading section. I usually watch your lessons and follow everything you say. But I can’t get 7, or above it in practice. I do need to get 8. What can you suggest?

    Thank you in advance

    • Review your vocabulary, review your ability to paraphrase, review your ability to analyse questions (it is analysing the questions and spending more time with the question that is the key), review your techniques for each type of question, review how to write answers (with or without articles a/the) – it’s just a matter of finding where you are not preforming strongest.

  10. thank you very much Angel..(Liz)

  11. Arun Chandra Roy says

    Yes, Vegetables is my favourite cuisine. There are many reasons for taking vegetables for instances huge minerals, fibre and vitamins which is ensure healthy life.

  12. Hi, Liz!
    I’d like to know how “veg” is pronounced. Simple as it may be, I’m afraid it could sound like “veggie”. By the way, only recently it has come to my knowledge the bizarre pronunciation of “iron”…
    Thank you.

    • There are two words, “veg” and “veggie”. They each have different pronunciation. They are pronounced as they are written.

  13. Near dear Liz,
    Good day.Thank you for helping us.In a nutshell,I’d like to take IELTS & would like to achieve brand score 8 in IELTS.Could you please help me so that I can get 8 in IELTS exam.God bless you!!!

    • To get band 8, you will need an excellent level of English which only you can achieve through constant study. As well as strong exam techniques which you can learn through the 300 pages of this website.

  14. hi madam first of all thank you for all the information
    but my doubt is simple sentence not allowed in ielts speaking

    • Of course simple sentences are allowed and for students with medium or low level English, they will produce simple sentences. But my website is for students with higher level of English who can easily produce complex sentences.

  15. Mam
    Does the examiner give us score or recording what they have will be evaluated later?

    • Your score is decided by the examiner at the end of the test. The recording is for remarking purposes if you contest your score.

  16. Hello mam
    Does content matter for a good score?
    In some of your post i have seen that it’s only language based test so we dont have to worry much about content.

    • As IELTS have shown in their band score decsriptors, speaking is scored on fluency, grammar, vocab and pronunciation – nothing else it scored. No ideas are marked. This is not the same with writing.

  17. Yeah!
    I did it cz was thinking appropriate answer that goes to the answer 2 but, better to go for option 1
    Thanks and carry on with productive informations
    Best regards ( Naim)

  18. Hi Liz,
    Is it necessary to keep eye contact with the examiner? I feel comfortable to talk and easier to remember things if I am not looking to the examiner.

    • It isn’t vital. There is no rule that states you must have eye contact. However, it is not natural to avoid eye contact when you are talking to someone. Also the examiner might worry that you are trying to remember memorised answers rather than responding naturally. So, try to keep eye contact some of the time and behave normally.

  19. Thank you for your explanation Liz 😊

  20. Great information Liz.

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