IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic: Shoes

“Shoes” is a current topic in IELTS Speaking Part 1. Below are some typical questions for this topic and two model answers.

Here is a link to learn useful vocabulary for types of shoes: SHOES VOCAB LIST

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Questions for the Topic of SHOES

  • What kind of shoes do you usually wear?
  • Do you have a favourite pair of shoes?
  • How often do you buy shoes?
  • Where do you usually buy your shoes?
  • What do you look for in a pair of shoes?
  • Would you ever spend a lot of money on a pair of shoes?
  • Do you think the type of shoes someone wears reflects their character?
  • Do you think men and women have the same attitude towards shoes?
  • Are there any shoes in your country that shouldn’t be worn at work?
  • Do people usually wear different types of shoes in different seasons in your country?

Model Answers

  • Q) What kind of shoes do you usually wear?
  • A) I mostly wear flat shoes rather than high heeled shoes because I find them more comfortable. I also go for shoes that aren’t lace-ups so that I can slip them on and off whenever I need to.
  • Q) Do you think the type of shoes someone wears reflects their character?
  • A) Yes, I do. People say that first impressions are important and I think that goes for shoes too. If you see a person wearing a worn out pair of shoes, it gives you the impression that they that are sloppy. On the other hand, if you see someone wearing brand name shoes that cost a fortune, you know that the person has plenty of money to splash around and doesn’t care about costs. So, shoes can tell you a lot about someone’s character.

Useful Vocabulary

  • lace-ups = shoes with laces
  • to slip something on and off = to put them on and take them off easily
  • worn out = tatty, shabby, the worse for wear, tired
  • sloppy = not tidy, lazy, slovenly
  • cost a fortune = cost an arm and a leg, expensive
  • have money to splash around = have money to waste, to throw around


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  1. hlw liz
    M vaishali frm india
    Plzgive me some tips for reading

  2. Hi Liz,

    I can’t thank you enough for this blog. The Internet is cramped with IELTS websites but none of them is as helpful as yours. The information you give and the way in which you explain it are certainly priceless. Thank you!!

    I’ve just read this model answer about ‘shoes’ and I was wondering whether the repetition of the word ‘shoes’ wouldn’t lower my score. Wouldn’t it be better to say ‘trainers’, ‘sandals’ or ‘high heels’ instead?

    And what about ‘I think’? Would I get a higher score if I used ‘I reckon’ or ‘I consider’?

    Thanks once again, you are the best! 🙂

    • If you are explaining about shoes in general, then you will repeat the word “shoes”. If you are explaining about specific types of shoes then you need to demonstrate the range of vocabulary relating to shoes. I’ll post a page of vocabulary for this topic later this week!! Yes, it is good to use “I reckon” or “I guess” or “I suppose” in IELTS speaking but don’t use these expressions in IELTS writing.

  3. Dear Mrs. Elizabeth

    I would like to say thank a million that I have received the material of IELTS.
    I really hope that I will get better score because I want to continue studying in UK.

    Sincerely Yours

    Edi Purnama

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    Dear Liz! Thank you for your beeing.

  5. Hi Liz,
    Hi Liz,
    I was wondering if you could help me out with this question about the reading section in IELTS.
    In T/F/NG exercises, will there always be an option of these three? That is to say, I’ll definitely find one sentence that is true, false or not given.

    I’d appreciate it if you could send me a soon reply

    • Yes, your answer will be one of those three options. There are always three options for these questions. It does not necessarily mean you will find a sentence for the NG option – if the information isn’t found in the passage, the answer is NG.

  6. Albina Hajdari says:

    Hello, Liz. Firstly, I’d like to show how grateful I am to your effort and to this amazing website. It was really helpful for me. I took the IELTS Exam on 7th of January and I remember the main topics and instruction for the sections. I hope it will be helpful to the others.
    Speaking: Part 1;
    1.What is your name?
    2.Do you live in a house or apartment?
    3.How does your house look like?
    4.What do you see through your windows?
    5.What is your favorite color?
    6.Do you like the same colors now and when you were a child?
    7.What colors do you like you and your friends?
    8.What are some colors you wouldn’t decorate your room with?

    Part 2;
    CUE CARD: Explain or describe a website you use often. Why do you use it? How often do you use it? How you found it?

    Part 3;
    1.How much do you use the internet?
    2.When is the best age to start using internet?
    3.Some people think it is too early? Why?
    4.Do you think internet is used for same purposes by different age groups?
    5.Why some people do not prefer online shopping?
    6. How does the online shopping affect local shops?
    7.Which celebrity do you like in your country?
    8.Why do you like her/him?
    9.Do you think that everyone should have a celebrity book?
    10.Would you like to be a celebrity?
    11.Have you ever seen a celebrity?

    Writing: Task 1: Two pie charts and a table showing the data about online shopping in two countries (Australia and New Zealand), in 2012.
    Task 2: In some countries, school teach children a foreign language in primary school. Show your opinion and tell the advantages and disadvantages about this.

    P.s. Dear Liz, I’d like to ask you some questions about scoring, if you read this please can you tell me where to write the questions?

  7. Dear LIZ
    A question. Why we would use “THEY” in this impression:
    If yo see a person wearing a worn out pair of shoes, it gives you the impression that TEHY are sloppy person. Is it a right usage of THEY here for A PERSON?what about if we replace a person with someone for example?
    what would be right pronoun for anyone?
    Best regards

  8. thank you very much

  9. Amrit Gurung says:

    Thank you so much.

  10. Moraima Cano Valdez says:

    Thank you so much for your help. Is very beneficial to me. Next Saturday I will take my academic IELTS test.

  11. Hi Teacher Liz!

    Thank you for your very helpful website!

    My exams will be next week…please if you have time, kindly post some of the sample answers within this week….
    I will post some of the questions that I’ll remember later..

    Thank You and God bless!

  12. Phyllis Rovner says:

    You have excellent material in your email. I could use it when I teach my students. However, I CANNOT copy and paste!!!! How am I supposed to use the excellent material in your emails without this ability.
    Phyllis Rovner

    • I usually type out handouts for my students. I will try and make some handouts for IELTS teachers later this year.

  13. Thanks mam for new vocabulary words .

  14. nahnud alam says:

    ok thanks a lot , hoping that i will be get that trofic

  15. Thanks for your great posts.

  16. Abdulazeez Afolabi says:

    Very grateful Liz for this post. I could remember in my first IELTS exam, one of the question the examiner asked about shoes was ” How often do buy shoes?”

  17. Hello Liz. Please answer me. Do you give ielts sessions online? How much does it cost ?
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