IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics Summer 2017

Hi guys,

Below is a list of IELTS speaking part 2 topics which students have had so far this summer.ย These topics have been used this summer and will continue to be used in August 2017.

Of course, examiners have other topics as well but you should definitely prepare ideas for the topics below. It is common for speaking topics to be repeated in IELTS speaking.

Speaking Part 2 Topics Summer 2017

Students have reported the following topics this summer in their test:

  1. A TV show
  2. A special cake
  3. A time you arrive early for something
  4. A well paid job you would be good at
  5. Good news you received
  6. A future plan
  7. A useful website
  8. A book you know
  9. A time when you changed your house or school
  10. A special thing you have which you had to wait for
  11. Your favourite sport
  12. An event where there were people smiling
  13. A quiet place you often visit
  14. An invention that changed people’s lives
  15. A plan in your life that is not related to work
  16. Your favourite season/weather
  17. A time when you ate food from a foreign country
  18. An interesting conversation with someone you did not know
  19. Historical event in your country
  20. Describe a crowded place you went to
  21. Describe about a person whom you worked with and helped
  22. A polite person
  23. Describe a place where you want to go on a trip in future
  24. Talk about a time you have spend time with a young child
  25. The most polite person you have come across in your life
  26. Aย personal goal which you have not been able to achieve
  27. Aย recent inspirational talk or speech you have heard
  28. Describe a famous person
  29. Describe a happy experience from your childhood
  30. A time you had good service from a hotel or restaurant
  31. A place you can swim
  32. Describe a trip to the countryside
  33. Talk about an occasion when you received a good service from a person
  34. Describe a new shop that recently opened in your city
  35. An item of clothing
  36. A clever child
  37. A free item you received
  38. A family member who made you proud
  39. An English lesson
  40. A house that you visited before
  41. An occasion you arrived early
  42. Two people who are related
  43. A time you felt excited

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  1. Hi Liz,

    Is it necessary to make an eye-contact with examiner while speaking?

    Thank You.

  2. I had my exam today . First part was easy introduction . Second part i had to speak about a park that i have been . Third it was about the environment . In the third part the last question was strange . If there is a protected park from the government but government thinks that there might have gold , should they dig there ? it wasn’t exactly like this but this was the idea .
    I have a question because i spoke a little bit longer at the first part so she couldn’t finished 12 questions . Is it fine due to the fact that i spoke a little bit longer ? Maybe she did me 10 questions .

    • The examiner controls the time, not you. If she wanted to ask more questions, she would have interrupted you. It’s all fine.

  3. Date: 05-Jan-2018.
    IELTS General.
    Location: South Africa.
    Topic 1: Introduce about your self, Tell briefly about where you live. What do you like living there.

    Topic 2: Music, Which kind of music you like, Were there any changes in your choice of music since childhood, Do you think you will see changes in your preference going forward.

    Topic 3: Food, What sort of Unusual food you had, When you had it, Where you ate it, who was there along with you, what is so unusual about the food, Would you prefer eating at restaurant or eating home-made food – what are the reasons, Do you think you get value for money if you eat outside, What are you thoughts about home made food?

  4. Hi Liz ,
    I am pretty much confused about the lower case and upper case letters in listening test , is there anyway i could use all capital letters ?if i do so, does it affect my marks ?pls clear my dubious mind . I guess the previous test results gone down because of this confusion .

    Thank you

  5. I was asked to talk about the science subject that I studied in my school and in part 3 topic related to science ..

  6. Hi Liz, I had my speaking test today and the I got the topic as below:

    Describe an activity you would like to do near the sea or a beach.

    What the activity is?
    What can be used for the activity?
    Would you try it?

    Follow up questions:

    What are the health advantages near the sea?
    Do you think it is dangerous being near the sea?
    Who do you think children or adults enjoy more on a beach?

  7. Hello Ma’am,
    I am from India, and your lessons are very helpful. On 14th Septemeber, I had the speaking test, My topic was ” A Businessman you admire”.
    Thank you.

  8. Hey Liz… Firstly thank you so much for running this blog it helps a lot..actually m having a confusion could you please clear it??
    Liz.. Can we use short forms like wanna gonna gotta in ielts speaking test?

  9. Could you please tell me mam whats the diffrence between no more than two words or a number and more than two words or a number….is there any diffrence between the two or they are same ….

    • I do not understand your question. You have written two identical things.

    • Hey Krishma…the first one tells you to write only two words like it couldn’t be three or you can write a number instead of two words..
      And according to second instruction you can write more than two words like you can write 3 or 4 words..depending on answer…
      If you still don’t get it then I recommend you to see all the videos uploaded by Liz on YouTube it’s really helpful..In one of her videos Liz cleared this thing very well..

  10. Hi Liz !
    Thanks for your awesome website. Would you mind if i want to ask u a question?
    I want to know whether or not these topics will still be used in November 2017.
    Best regards,

  11. Thank you Liz.I got a lot of assistance from your blog.I wrote all the modules on 19th of August 2017.There were three passages ,all long.
    Speaking test :part 1 introduction
    Asked about my job, .Is my job stressful?.What i do after work?,do i wear wristwatch?did i wear wristwatch when i was a child ? Why do people wear expensive wrist watch.?
    Part 2 Asked to talk about my favourite weather .part 3 what the weather is like in my country.Festivals that are attached to the seasons.

    Module: academics,
    place saudi arabia
    once again,thank you Liz,may God bless you

  12. I just had my speaking exam
    In first part
    I asked about where i live
    And public transport
    In second part asked about most polite person you know
    Thanks alot liz you really helped me by providing the above topics

  13. Bhagyashri says

    Hi Liz,
    I have my speaking test on 18th that is a day after tomorrow. I have been taking a coaching for the exam. My tutor evaluates me with 5.5-6 bands almost every single time. I am too much worried about my speaking score. Can you please suggest me, how can I reinforce my speaking skill?

  14. Hi, can I asked one question pls today was my speaking but I didn’t do best. Behind of this reason is that I didn’t understand questions properly and I think that I always deliver wrong answer of questions pls may you tell me how band take the examiner to me pls

    • There are no wrong answers in speaking. If you go off topic, it won’t affect your score. If you don’t understand something, it won’t affect your score. You are marked on the language you produced and that’s all.

  15. Cue card 2 was: English class which was very interesting.

    How does a band score get affected if u don’t speak for a long time on the Cue card.. I was speaking to fast and hence… ๐Ÿ™

  16. Hi Liz,
    Today I had my speaking test in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I’m so glad that I’ve gone through almost all of your speaking topics, questions and model answers. Below are the questions I faced.

    Part 1:
    Greeting, Full name, How to call me –> your Greeting video really helped me to succeed this section ๐Ÿ™‚
    Describe about dreams, Do I dream, When I like to listen to other’s dreams –> No words to express how your question and model answers on this topic helped me ๐Ÿ™‚

    Part 2:
    A swimming pool where I often visit
    Whether it is limited to any specific age group

    Part 3:
    Leisure and cultural activities
    Whether internet affects people involving in more cultural activities

    Liz, I want to thank you for the great help you are doing through your web site for the students.

  17. Dhanushka Sampath says

    Dear Liz,
    your site is truly helpful for the IELTS exam.
    today (07 Aug 2017) i had my speaking test in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
    questions were,
    section 1
    were you live in a house or apartment, why do you like it
    In future what king of house do you like to live
    do you like travel by bus
    what kind of things to do to for a better bus service
    how do you welcome a person in your country

    section 2
    Describe about a person whom you worked with and helped

    section 3
    questions about hospitality, and helping others

  18. Manvir kaur says

    My cue card was …Describe a TV drama series

  19. Mam How Can i start my cue card

  20. Describe a place you went to that was crowded

  21. Hello mam what will be the result if we write more than 200 words in writing task 1?did we loose our score or not??

  22. I wrote the LRW portion of the GT module on August 3rd, and had the speaking section today, August 6th, in Pune, India.

    Listening was about a conversation between a real estate agent and a potential customer, moa bird, and the evolution of bicycles. Forgot the second section.

    Topic 1 in writing was about a letter to a friend explaining photographs you lost of a recent holiday with him/her, and why one photo was important.

    Topic 2 asked to give reasons for your opinion on why littering in cities and villages is an increasingly common problem, its consequences and solutions to curb the problem.

    Part 1- place of residence | an important historical figure | history in general | any historical places I’ve visited | if i like history (absolutely not) | describe a good neighbor you have/had.

    Part 2- favorite TV show | why you like it, actors, etc.
    Follow up question- would you recommend the show to anyone.
    Unfortunately, I got carried away talking about a show that I really like and I think I forgot to talk about the actors in the show. I hit the 2 minute mark before I could touch on that one point. Just hoping I don’t get too heavily penalized for it.

    Part 3- what kind of TV shows do people watch in your country |are there differences in preferences of children vs adults | what role do stories play in our lives; why are they important | differences between stories for adults and kids; what do they mean for people | difference between “written” stories and those played out on the screen

    The last question was a bit funky because when I asked for an elaboration on the question to make sure I understood it correctly, I was just read the question back again.

    • Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve added your part 2 topic to my list above ๐Ÿ™‚ In part 2, you do not need to cover all the prompts at all.

  23. sumcheung says

    That’s helpful for my IELTS preparation .Thank Liz very much!

  24. Hey Liz, will this page be updated as you get to know more topics
    and by the way nice of you to post these.Thanks

  25. hi Liz,
    I wanna know the difference between idp and BC. Do we get similar type of questions?

  26. Hello mam We can use the linking word in Ielts Speaking

  27. Hi mam I’m having my ielts speaking on 8 of august.I need speaking part 2 topics with sample answers.can u plz provide me that??

  28. Harman sandhu says

    Hii liz. In the speaking part 2. Examiner will ask cue card into this list it’s sure or not

  29. Manjinder Kaur says

    hey liz…i got a student accommodation plan diagrams in year 2010 and today in task 1. and I wrote following lines in introduction part.Please tell me if i was right or wrong?
    the lines were:
    The given diagram shows alterations that has been made in a student hostel at present after year 2010.

  30. Hi Liz, thanks for the wonderful postings and your contributions towards our success in the IELTS exams.
    Please, I would like to know what cue card is all about.
    Also, kindly post speak task 2 topics for each month so that everyone can benefit.
    Can you please post topics for academic writing task 2.
    Remain blessed

  31. Shifat Sharmin says

    Hi Liz, in the speaking part 2, what should I answer if the question is unknown to me, such as the question in number 13: A time when you ate food from a foreign country. I’ve never visited to a foreign country in my life. So, what should I say?

    • You don’t need to be in a foreign country to eat foreign food. Pizza is a foreign food for anyone outside Italy. But if you have never eaten any foreign food at all, you can say to the examiner “I’m going to talk about my favourite food. It isn’t a foreign food because I only eat food from my country ….”. It will not affect your score to do that.

  32. Dinesh Chinthaka says

    Wow !!!!!!!! Thanks a lot it’s a great help for everyone please do this for September also………..

  33. Is eye contact essential? And do they listen to the recording or not?

    • You don’t need to use eye contact but I recommend that you do because it shows confidence and make you more comfortable talking. The recording is used if you ask for a remark. The examiner will decide your score at the end of the test and write it down when you leave the room.

  34. Sunnatillo says

    Hi Liz! I’m grateful from you for your beneficial postings. My IELTS result is lower for my Msc. I believe that your postings will help me for getting my best in IELTS.

  35. Hi
    I took general test today
    Essay topic was:
    In many countries, lot of rubbish is disposed on the streets and even in countyside.
    What the problems associated with it?
    How can theses problems be controlled?

  36. In answering the speaking test part 2, does it need to be formal? And if the examiner, asked you. Do you need to paraphrase n question?

  37. Christine says

    Hi Liz! Thank you, this is really helpful!
    By the way, I took my IELTS speaking exam last July 28 here in the Philippines and I got the speaking part 2 topic #13 in your list.
    Right now I’m waiting for the results.
    Thanks again, I’m a huge fan, I purchased all your advanced lessons on writing task 2. Hoping for favorable results! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  38. Hi Liz. Thanks for your lovely lessons, they really paid off today that I had my test. My speaking part 2 test was question number 13. The writing task 1 question was to compare 2 diagrams showing students accomodation in 2010 and the present and the part 2 was the possible causes of the declining numbers of animal and plant species in most nations with the possible solution.
    I must say that I feel good about the exam and I know and going to get atleast a band score of 7. My exam was in Abuja, Nigeria.

    • Thanks for your message. I hope you did well in your test and good luck hitting band 7 – finger crossed ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Hi Liz…
    . Thank you very much for all your postings

  40. hi! today i appeared for academic test in Vadodara.

    writing – task 1 -students accommodation from 2010 till date. comparing two diagrams.
    task 2- The number of plants and animals are declining. Describe causes and solution.

  41. Hi, i had just my exam and number 15 by speaking part 2!!

  42. Thank you Liz i will use the topics on my final touches torwards my academic academic exam on the 26 of August.Im sure this will contribute much.

  43. Hi Liz..

    Thank u very much for all ur postings.. it indeed helped me a lot to practice.. waiting for my results though.. point number 5 from the above list was my speaking 2 topic.. my test was on july 29th.. In Riyadh..

  44. Abdulrahman Nidal says

    Hey Liz, In the speaking exam part 2, do I have to answer all the questions on the cue card?

    • There are no questions on the cue card. There are guidelines which you can use or not use. It doesn’t affect your score. Just stick around the main topic and use whatever content you want.

      • Hey liz ..your postings are really helpful for me and i have a question .. Is task 2 different or same for academic and GT exam??

        • There is only one speaking test in IELTS. GT students do not have a different speaking test. There is one test and all students take that speaking test. Gt students have a different reading and writing test. But they take the same listening and speaking test.

          • Dear Elizabeth,
            My name is Jamolkhon,but you may call me Ali. I have an IELTS exam in 11th Nov.
            Could you send me some writing and speaking topics that may be seen on November,please ?
            Thanks inadvance

            • No one can predict IELTS topics for exams. You can follow recent topics that have appeared and prepare common topics.

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