How I Scored 9 in IELTS Speaking

Nouman got Band Score 9 in IELTS Speaking this year, 2017. Below he shares his experience and tips of how he got 9 in IELTS speaking. You can find useful links for IELTS at the end of this article.

All students taking GT or Academic IELTS will take the same speaking test. There is only one speaking test for all students.

Band Score 9 in IELTS Speaking

How I scored Band 9 in IELTS Speaking

I believe I managed to score a 9 with continuous practice and being myself in the test. The best thing is not to feel shy when you speak about any particular topic. Do not think that your thoughts might be too little or simple to express.  Some of us may believe that if we are not full of knowledge, we may not be able to impress the examiner.  In speaking module however, knowledge of the topic is not a big deal. The thoughts presented may just be of a lay man and do not need to reflect an in-depth understanding of the subject.

I never crammed any specific topics however; I did gather my thoughts for topics which I would have found difficult to talk about. For example, I have not been visiting many historical places in the past. The one or two that I have visited, I made sure that I gather sufficient thoughts about those places to talk about. Important thing is that those thoughts were purely my own and not learnt from a book or Wikipedia. Gathering own thoughts in your own words is important.

Well done to you, Nouman, and thanks so much for sharing your tips!!! Liz

Liz’s Comments and Summary:

Nouman’s band score 9 advice is excellent. Here are his points in a list with some extra tips for IELTS Speaking:

  • don’t be shy
  • enjoy the chat with the examiner
  • your ideas are not important – your knowledge is not being tested
  • say your ideas with confidence and showcase your language skills
  • simple ideas explained using excellent English can get you band score 9
  • review topics
  • think of your experiences relating to the topics
  • if the topic is a museum, think of museums you have been to or would like to go to
  • remember your past experiences
  • speak from the heart – your English is better when you do that
  • learn to express yourself using your own language
  • imagine talking about your experienced and your views

Scoring 9 in Reading

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  1. Hello, Liz!
    Thank You so much for sharing all your tips, materials.
    Today I started prepare WT2. Despite of the fact that I will take an IELTS in 3 weeks I was so frightened of it. So, thanks to You and all people who share opinions, they help me to start working!!! But I still have one important problem, I do not have somebody to check whether I write my WT2 in the right way. Are here some forums or smth like or can we share the whole texts here in order to check them?
    Thank for replying in advance)
    Best wishes
    Aidana from Kazakhstan

  2. Hi LIZ,
    I would like to thanks for your wonderful efforts toward IELTS Preparation for Candidates, Would you like to give me some advice to increase my confidence level becoz i had been shortlisted two times for embassy job and passed English Placement test two times. but I could’t prove myself in Interview due to lack of confidence. What will you advice me.

    looking forwarded for positive response from your side.
    Mohd Shehbaz

    • What steps have you taken to overcome your confidence? Do you practise none stop answering questions at home on your own? The only way to improve speaking on your own is to speak outloud again and again until it is perfect and you know the answers fluently. Of course it’s not easy in an interview but with practise, your answers should come naturally. Have you tried this? Do you also record your answers at home and listen back to them – this is the only way to develop. See my video on this page: It is for IELTS but the same principle applies for interviews.

  3. Hina Meena says:

    Hi liz
    Do we need to express our thoughts all the time in simple, complex and compound sentences in speaking? I scored band 7 but I really don’t understand how to enhance my speaking skills to raise my level to band 8. Please guide. Thanks

    • Instead of thinking about sentence structures, start thinking about tenses. Did you offer second conditional answers? Did you show a range of future forms in your answers? Think about the range of tenses you are showing the examiner.

  4. Thanks to all for congratulating!!.
    The main idea behind sharing the score and tips is that we can all achieve this with perseverance and hard work. Good luck to all test takers..

  5. Shoaib Baig says:

    Thanks Liz and Nauman for sharing.

    very useful tips undoubtedly.
    Its encouraging and motivating. I am planning to appear in IELTS by 29th April test.

  6. i have given my test on 18 th march
    my result will come on 31st

    lets see what will be the result

  7. Good tips and it’s very useful for use. I hope we can pass on our exam too. If he can do that, we can do too

  8. Muhammad Iqram says:

    Utterly awesome!!
    I think that you are a visual learner.

  9. I appreciate you Liz, your advice is very useful for us, God bless you..

  10. claudette says:

    congratulations and thank you for the tips you shared.

  11. Wow great nouman well done
    Congratulations on ur great score

  12. Mohammad Obeidat says:

    Do some one have any online site to practice speaking English for ielts

  13. Mohammad Obeidat says:

    Do some one have any online site to practice speaking English for ielts

  14. A HUGE thanks to you lovely Liz. I really appreciate your kind and wonderful advices and tips. Since I’m self studying for IELTS, I always check your website and learn a lot.

  15. I am so impressive of your Writing skill too

  16. Thanks to Nouman for sharing great ideas.And congratulations for the awesome 9..

  17. I am liz devotee. I admire the way she conducts lessons..her videos are superb.Thanks to Nouman for sharing great ideas.And congratulations for the awesome 9..

  18. Minakshi Ghimire says:

    I am felling nervousness and scared to speak english .How i can i improve cofidence level for speaking?

  19. Liz for sure I believe if you share with this experience to get tested I will pass my exam,I felt so good to find you at this site,I hope you will encourage me with your instructions to learn the tactics for me to face the challenges in the exam,thank you.

  20. Aishamgul says:

    Thanks for your sharing. …

  21. Congrats!
    Would be great if you could share the topic[s].

  22. Thoshanka says:

    Thanks Nouman for sharing your invaluable tips. It would be much helpful for Test Takers like us ☺

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