What type of IELTS essay is this?

Look at the IELTS essay question below:

An increasing number of professionals, such as doctors and teachers, are leaving their own poorer countries to work in developed countries. What problems does this cause? What can be done to deal with this situation?

What do you think?

  1. What type of essay is it?
  2. How many paragraph will you have?
  3. What content will you put in the essay?





  1. Cause and solution essay.
    5 Paragraphs
    2. Cause of the problem- Low wage, working hours, hectic commuting
    3. effect of the problem – Unhealthy lifestyle, depression and stress, education system not appropriate for children, standard of living declining
    4. solution to the problem – govt needs to address basic needs of the society, improve sanitary/living conditions, improve roads and transport, better pension and reward schemes

  2. This is problems and solutions essay.
    Four paragraphs

  3. Abiodun Gabriel says


  4. Susan sibanda says

    It’s a cause & solution type of question

    3 paragraphs

  5. Susan sibanda says

    That is a cause & solution type of question

  6. A) Problem and solution type of essay.
    B) 4 paragraphs
    C) 1) 1st Para- Introduction with paraphrased statement and two causes for the problem
    2) 2nd para- Causes for the problem elaborated with few examples
    3) 3rd para- Solutions to these problems
    4) 4th para- Conclusion and restating the main idea

  7. First is introduction.
    First body paragraph is – discuss problems.
    Second body paragraph is – what solution to control this problem.
    Third body paragraph is – my views
    Last – conclusion

  8. It’s a problem and solutions essay.
    4 paragraphs.
    Paragraph 1 Introduction
    Paragraph 2 state the problem and explain with example
    Paragraph 3 state the solution a d explain with example.
    Paragraph 4 conclusion give Recommendation

    So four paragraphs are required

  9. Problem and solution eassy,four paragraphs. Will write problems they face in their country and the effect of their leaving and the solution to prevent them from leaving

  10. Samer Abisen says

    It is a discussion essay without opinion .
    We can write it with 3-4 paragraphs .

  11. Muzafar Ali says

    Total 4 paragraphs :
    Introduction (paraphrasing , detailed note on current scenerio ( people more and more moving/immigrate abroad for best professions)
    Body A : Reason 1 why people prefer developed countries for professional career + Example to support this argument
    Body B: Reason 2 advanced lifestyle , ease of access to job seekering ( lots of opportunities to learn and work with well disciplined environment +Example to explain this reasonable statement
    Body C: Advantages of moving abroad such as academic and professional growth secondly de-merits of poor Country and related solutions to avoid this obstruction.
    Conclusion: Personal views and Suggested solution to avoid this problem.

  12. 1.This is a problem – solving essay.
    2. It should have 4 paragraphs.
    3.It requires a solution and an opinion.
    First paragraph is for rephrasing, second is for discussion of the problem, third is for solution and forth is for opinion and summary.

  13. Chinna Philippa says

    Hello liz,
    The essay is a problem and solution writing
    2 paragraphs is ok
    Content: state the problems and possible solutions.
    Thank you

  14. Problem solution essay
    4 paragraphs
    Introduction, 1st para problem faced by developing countries n one solution.
    2nd para second problem n how to overcome it

  15. This is a problem/solution essay
    and ideally will contain 4 paragraphs
    with introduction, problems in 1st BP, solutions in 2nd BP and finally conclusion

  16. Causes and what can be done to solve the problems essay
    4 paragraphs
    1 introduction
    2 body 1 causes
    3 body 2 solutions
    4 conclusion

  17. Sunny Pathak says

    It’ll be a problems and solutions type of essay. It should contain four to five paragraphs.

  18. Chikelu Tina says

    The whole essay should not be less than 250 words.

  19. Chikelu Tina says

    I want to change my answer. This is consequences and solution essay, it will have 4 paragraphs, content will include ; paraphrased introduction with the outline, body paragraph 1 which will discuss the consequences of professionals leaving their poor countries to developed contries, body paragraph 2 which will discuss solutions to the situation., then the conclusion which which will include the topic , the consequences and the solution.

  20. It is a problem and solution question, but I think it’s a tricky question because the examiner here need to know how the poor countries affected by the professionals’ migration to rich countries, not the problems which pushed them to leave their country.

  21. 1. Discussion essay.

  22. Jitendra Desale says

    1. Problem and Solution Essay
    2. 4 paragraphs
    3. Introduction , Body para 1-Problems of this trend and example , body paragraph 2- solutions of those problems and example , conclusion

  23. Israel Iyamu says

    1. Problems and solutions essay
    2. Four paragraphs i.e.
    Paragraph1- introduction
    Paragraph 2- Problems
    Paragraph 3- Solutions
    Paragraph 4- Conclusion
    3. Content
    Introduction – The migration of professionals like doctors and teachers to rich and stable economies from developing nations is growing steadily. This essay will attempt to x-ray the problems and solutions to cub the trend.

    Paragraph 2-

    Effect of brain drain to the poorer countries.

    Lack of cultural identity.
    Dearth of public health and educational infrastructure.
    Paragraph 3- Improved welfare and recognition

    professionals. Political leaders focus to improve the economy of their respective countries.

  24. It is double question essay
    It should be discussed in 4 paragraphs
    intro, 1 MBP of problems 2Mbp of solutions and conclusion

  25. Direct question, I guess.
    Q1 – What are the problems emerged from working abroad.
    Q2 – How this can be tackled.
    May Heavens bless you, Liz.

  26. Type of essay : Problems Solution essay
    Explain how the problems caused by the loss of these skilled professionals affect home/poor countries.

    How many paragraphs: 4 or 5 paragraphs.
    Par1- Problems and their impact

    Par 2-recommended solutions


    What content will I put in the essay?

    Introduction: Background statement
    Thesis statement: list the two main problems and their impact(economic strain an poor educational performance). Then mention that there are some solutions.

    Par1: Firstly, ….suffer poor economic performance…..In other words …..countries are not able to advance. Secondly,…poor countries… do not have the ability to improve the quality of their health services……As a result of this, people suffer more…..Finally, ….. not able to train enough skilled professionals…..This is owing to the problem that not enough skilled educators remain….

    Par2: The following solutions may be used to ameliorate the problems caused by the loss of skilled professionals. Most importantly…….. For this reason these countries could in time……Another possible solution……….This program……..

    Conclusion: In conclusion, mention that there are significant problems to losing skilled professionals. Then list the two solutions and that these will help improve the poor countries problems.

  27. 1. The essay is that of a problem and solution type of essay
    2. It will be four paragraph:
    paragraph 1: Problem and possible solution
    paragraph 2: Problem and possible solution
    3. Possible causes of the event like high rate of unemployment, high cost of living,
    corruption, poor income rate, non or late payment of salaries, poor amenities etc. And i
    would propose a healthy way of solving these problems, like what should be put in
    place and done to reduce the rate of professionals leaving the county to its least

  28. Ohmaygahd is this one of the questions asked in the official IELTS exam? I wish I’d get exactly this type of question next year I take my ukvi ielts test, I’m sure I’m gonna be pouring my heart out for this essay because I can definitely relate

  29. 1.give introduction
    2.body paragraph 1 (here,we have to accept above statement and give own experience along with examples )
    3.body paragraph 2 (give example why they are moving to developed country )
    4.what are the steps government should take for keep professionals to provide service in their mother country.

  30. Could you please give an example for second conditional statement for speaking test.

  31. 1. causes and solution
    2. Introduction/Body1/Body2/Conclustion

    -Cause1: developed countries pay more for professional workers than poor countries.
    -Cause2: developed countries provide better education for professional studies – deeper and more professional

    -Solution1: …
    ….. no idea..


    I don’t have logical ideas.

    • Chikelu Tina says

      Cause and solution essay , it will have 4 paragraphs, contents : introduction, body paragraph 1 , body paragraph 2, conclusion.

  32. Dear Liz.
    I would like to thank you by providing us the exercising Essay so can build our own habit of writing the best ones at the IELTS exams. I also would appreciate if after reading my essay if you can assess it with the score.

    Capitalization of critical professions like Medicals and Teaching has forced the professionals to leave their country and go to foreign countries for the better financial benefits.
    In poorer or under-developed countries, due to high population, lack of better future opportunities, better facilities, etc are some of the main reasons why we are finding shortage of good doctors and teachers especially in rural areas.

    To explain this situation, I would like to put forward an example. The fund requirements to be a medical practitioner has increased to such a height that if one becomes the same then he has to transform him/herself from social service provider to the businessman. In rural and semi urban areas do not have so much of an opportunity to recover their so called Investment to be a Doctor. On the other hand, some of the foreign developed countries are offering so much of lucrative financial packages which they just can not ignore. The same goes along with teaching and other professions too.
    The above scenario is very much common now a days and this has resulted in the real shortages of good doctors and other professionals. Its not wrong to mention that even before completing their degree course, youth is having very concrete plan to go abroad for either further study or for permanent settlement. Even parents expect the same as they now want to recover their Investment from their children.

    In my opinion, reduction in fees structure and creation of awareness to serve the country should be the priority for the Educational Institutes and the Local Government to convince doctors, teachers and other professional to stay up in their native country and serve the people.

  33. Problem /solution essay
    An essay with two body paragraphs.. One for problems and the another for the solutions
    I encountered essays with high bands that they might expand their body paragraphs. For example, they write two body paragraphs for two different kinds of problems and then a one for the solution(s). Is that safe?

  34. Type:argumentative essay
    Need:five paragraphs
    About: p(a) intrudaction p(b),(c)and(d)about subject p(e) conclusion

  35. Causes and solutions essay.
    We need 4 paragraphs.
    1. introduction
    2. Body paragraph 1
    3. Body paragraph 2
    4. conclusion

  36. Problem/solution
    Brain-drain leaving poore country dwellers at low levels of amenities as all the skilled persons travel. Leading to further unhealthy, not well-educated generations

    Undue burden on cities infrastructure (communication network, transport system,housing)

    BP2 solutions
    Adopt new employments strategies and enforce equatible laws to provide the employers suitable wages commonsurate with theis skills and academic background.thus they woulg fulfill themselves and achieve their career prospects in their hometown rather than travelling and searching for it in elsewhere.
    2 improve amenities and facilities in the poor countries to boost the job opportunities and create a healthy work environment for all graduates,encouraging them to start their carrer path and apply their knowledge in their countries.
    Such as: schools shoul be well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipments.
    Hospitals, factories.

    Hoping to impress you my lovely teacher..
    Thanks liz
    My speaking exam will be on this Thursday
    And other sections on saturday ksa
    I will post the questions here .
    Finger crossed and panic panic panic☹️☹️

    • For speaking, be chatty and open. Continue talking until the examiner moves on. Remember it is an informal speaking test and each question is a chance to showcase your English (in a natural way). Add more to your part 2 talk, add past memories, future hopes, descriptions, comparisons and also a second conditional statement – this will boost your score for grammar and vocab (as well as fluency of course). For other tips, see this page: https://ieltsliz.com/ielts-exam-tips-on-the-day/. Good luck !! 🙂

  37. Lateef abiodun says

    It is an opinion essay.
    Two paragraphs of causes and effects
    Perhaps ,third paragraph for solutions ,and last paragraph; conclusion.
    Therefore,four paragraphs all together.
    Contents-causes ,effects and solutions.

  38. Tushar Thakre says

    Causes and solutions ( 4 Paragraph)
    1. Introduction (a Rewrite statement. b Reason. c Solution.)
    2. Paragraph 1 ( Reason and your supporting answer for reason and last sum up the reason)
    3. Paragraph 2 ( Your solution and supporting answer for solution and last sum up the reason)
    4. Conclusion

  39. Well I think it is a problem and solution essay, I will write 4 paragraphs, my plan for the essay would be like this;
    Topic sentence : professionals leaving their own poorer countries to work in developed countries. Variety of reasons, steps can be taken to tackle
    MBP1 ;
    Causes of professionals leaving own countries to work in developed countries;
    1.Less salaries, no appreciation or bonus, 2.no social or personal security, corruption, racism, 3.political influences, 4.bad life style, 5.bad education
    MBP2 ;
    My suggested Solutions ;
    1.more salaries and other benefits 2. Secure environment, no corruption/racism multicultural 3.libral and democratic people 4.better life style 5.better education
    Conclusion ;
    Summarise the problems and steps

  40. Cause / Solution Type, paragraphs needed here is four i believe 1st Introduction + 2nd para causes 3rd para for possible solutions + 4th para as conclusion

  41. 1. Problem Cause & Solution Essay
    2. 4 paragraphs (Intro, BP1- Causes, BP2 – Solutions, Conclusion)
    3. BP1 – Reasons for migration (political instability, cheap labour,
    BP2 – Increase demand for jobs by attractive benefit schemes, government support for stability of professionals, create better favourable environment for professionals etc.

  42. M.haroon khan says

    cause and solution type essay

  43. MD Mahabub Alam says

    1. Caus and solution
    2. At least four pa
    ragarphs will have
    3. For what facility they are moving to developed country and solution are Government take some steps about good facility for these people as well as better future than developed country also security life

  44. Rahmathbaree p says

    Cause and solution essay
    2 body paragraphs_ one for causes and other for solution
    Causes _ 1)difficulty to get a good position job
    2) low salary
    Solution_1)allocate good position in career
    2) increase salary

  45. Essay on answering questions

  46. Cause and Solution essay
    4 paragraphs
    2-first cause and its solution
    3-Second cause and its solution
    4- Conclusion

  47. 1.cause and solution essay
    2.4 paragraph

  48. It is a problem and solutions essay.

  49. Problem and solution essay and four paragraphs should be writen for this

  50. Problem & Solution Essay.

  51. Passang Tshering says

    1)Persuasive essay
    2)introduction,two paragraph and conclusion
    3)1st para-problem caused
    4)2nd para-opinion about solution to the problem

  52. Its a cause and solution essay.
    Four paragraphs.
    Contents will be dysfunctional system,
    No employment
    No regards for professionals
    Poor salaries
    Solution -transparent govt.favourable policies, creation of jobs, regard for professionalism as well as protection of their lives to avoid them being abducted on daily basis

  53. 1. What type of essay is it? – Problem solution essay
    2. How many paragraphs? – 2 body paragraphs; 1st problems and 2nd solutions
    3. What content will you put? –
    Problems; 1. poorer/developing/under-developed nations find fewer people who can lead which consequently leads to such nations stay deprived of developments 2. Evidently, there are better job/business opportunities in some countries and fine minds find it hard to stay in a country where there are fewer to no proper opportunities as per their talent, increased competition, even when they are talented they need/have to strive hard for everything they put their hand to. 3. Financial instability/insecurity 4. Example of overpopulation; less supply more demand hence dramatic increase in number of people leaving….

    Solutions: 1. Labor market expansion to create opportunities 2. professional working environment 3. introduction of better social facilities, establishing education and medical facilities 4. Investment by government in industrial/medical sector to create jobs.

  54. What type of essay is it? Problems and solutions
    How many paragraph will you have? 4
    Pargraph 1 causes
    P2 soultions
    What content will you put in the essay?
    The causes of increasing number of doctors and teachers who are leaving
    How should govenments take some effective measures to solve thid problems.

  55. Dipali Patel says

    1. Effect and solution
    2. 4 para (1-Intro; 2-Effects/Problems; 3-Solution; 4-conclusion)
    3. Content:
    Introduction-Globalization-Driven force-People migrate to developed nations; Many detrimental effects on under-developed countries; However certain productive steps could resolve it to a large extent
    Impacts-I) Negative influence on education; no workforce/experts available to guide youth in schools and universities as more teachers migrate to another nation;
    II) Threatening effect on health of people; chances of increasing number of diseases in poor country as less number of doctors are available
    III) Economy of territory might further reduce; Highly educated professionals leave their land which results in more poverty
    Solutions-1) Government should take initiative by creating more job opportunities for this professionals; 2) Civilized citizens should understand their responsibility towards their native; 3) Programs should be held to appreciate this talent in community so that they can find out their importance in society

  56. Morsalina Khatun says

    It is problem and solution essay. This essay will satisfy four paragraphs and the paragraphs will be Introduction, problems of departure, what will be the way out and conclusion.

  57. Good morning Liz, I hope you are well. This is a problem/ solution essay. I will have an intro, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. I will talk about the movement of people. How poorer countries are not able to offer a good quality of life for their citizens/economy will suffer and that richer countries offer a variety of opportunities to those professionals for a higher quality of life. Also rich countries can help poor countries to improve their economy.
    Is this a good answer? Please let me know.Thanks.☺

  58. Cause and solution essay

  59. 1. Problem solution essay
    2. I will have 4 paragraphs
    3. Content will be
    – Introduction (about increasing number of professionals’ migration trend to work in developed countries from poorer countries)
    – MBP1: about main problems of this cause (differences of financial benefits, life quality)
    – MBP2: problem solution ideas (government policy including salary, retirement system, qualified health services etc)
    – Conclusion (trends migrating to developed countries will continue)

  60. M Aktaruzzaman Hasan says

    Cause and effects based question

  61. This is a reasons and solutions kind of essay. I will have at least 4 paragraphs in this essay. First will be intro to this trend on moving to other countries and then the possible reasons why professionals are choosing to settle down in the first world, leaving their developing countries for things such as higher quality of life, better pay, healthy environment, all round medical facilities and so on. Third para will be the solutions for this on how government can create better job opportunities and can provide better remuneration and the other ways to attract those talents and retain them and be utilized to let the country grow. Last para will be the overview and conclusion to this.

  62. 1- I think causes and soultions.
    2- 4 paragraph minimum.
    3- cause and soultion.

  63. Frank Reuben says

    Well to the best of my knowledge the answers to the above questions are as follows-

    1-)It’s a Problems and solutions Essay
    2-) The introduction, The body paragraphs, The conclusion i.e 3 Paragraphs for the essay
    3-)Low Salary pay
    – is a problem that causes professional to immigrate to richer countries.
    4-)- Provision of advanced welfare for professionals/teachers – can be a solution to this problem.

  64. Livin vincent says


  65. Filza kamran says

    problems-solutions type essay
    4 paragraphs
    Intro, problems, their solutions, conclusion
    content related to the movement of professionals and problems arising due to this migration. Finally, its solutions

  66. I think this eassy is about giving personal opinion on the given statement.
    I will have four pragraphs(introduction,causes or reasons behind it,effective solutions and conclusion).
    I will put contents such as:less salary,high expenditure,high cost of goods,attractions towards sophisticated life,instability of government policy,extra facilities are not provided,etc.
    Others for solutions are:Government should provide pension ,awarness programs,facility should be given as per their requirement,Government policy shoulb le unchangeable,etc.

  67. Khyati Bhatt says

    Ans 1:Problem and solutions type question

    Ans:2 and 3
    Para 1: paraphrase question
    Para2: problems: what kind of problems happed in country if brainy people will leave for better prospects
    Country can not grow without knowledge
    Para3: solutions: how government can rectify the situation
    Government should provide better opportunities for them
    Para 4:Conclusion: summary

    • Abhinav Mehta says

      I second with what you said, this essay is about problem to the country in case of brain drain
      and then solutions for the same

  68. Problems (causes) and solve

  69. 1-Cause & Solution type of essay
    2-2 body paragraphs (first paragraph describing the cause & the second paragraph the solution)
    3- Introduction (paraphrase)+This occurs as a result of lack of employment in their country and can be solved by provision of jobs with increase in remuneration.

  70. Hisham Abdelaziz says

    1- I think it is of Problem and Solution essay .
    2- 4 paragraphs .
    3- Introduction + 1st paragraph for the problem + 2nd paragraph for the solution + conclusion .
    It will be really great to give us more idea for this type of essays because this type is not present in your advance course 🙂

  71. Hello mam
    This easy related to Brian drain .
    5 or 4 paragraph used.
    We talking about the give more opportunities to professional . Government should take some steps to rectife this problem

  72. shaikh suhail says

    Double question type
    2.main body paragraph 1
    3.main body paragraph 2

  73. This is problem solution essay.
    There will be
    * Intro

  74. Dummene Nyodee says

    It is a narrative essay
    It should have about 4 to 5 paragraphs.

  75. Soumya Joseph says

    Problem solution Essay
    It will have 4 paragraphs
    Introduction, Problems,Solutions,conclusion

  76. 1.0 Causes and Solution type of Essay
    2.0 Four
    3.0 Introduction paragraph, causes paragraph: to discuss the consequent effect of this migration to their home country, solution paragraph: provide potential solution to it, conclusion paragraph

  77. Hi Liz,

    In my opinion, this is a cause – solution essay.
    This could be an essay of 4 paragraphs ( 1 introduction, 2 body paragraphs, 1 conclusion )
    Each of the body paragraphs could speak of one particular cause with examples and provide a solution to the same, also some explanation.
    There could possibly be 3 body paragraphs as well, if it doesn’t exceed the word count on a larger scale.

  78. This is a problem\solutions essay. 4 paragraphs,probably.
    I believe,there should be suggested causes of the case first, and then some solutions to it.

  79. Vimal Kamothi says

    Hi Liz,

    This essay is about the problem/issue, causes of the problem and what can be done to resolve this problem. We can have two or three paragraphs depending on if we highlight the benefits and drawbacks. First one for the explanation of the problem and why this problem occurs (benefits and drawback). This paragraph can be divided in to two as well if we are covering merits and demerits. Second for the resolution of the problem or what can be done in order to resolve this problem.

    Vimal Kamothi

  80. Questions answer essay!

  81. Rupesh Sagar Betha says

    Problem – solution
    4 paragraphs

  82. Problems and solutions essay

  83. Gustavo Erivan says

    Problem and solutions.

  84. Kabugo Hashim says

    It’s a problem and solution essay. It will require some one to generate problems and solutions to it then finally conclude but what I don’t understand whether the problems are caused with in the destination country or the country of origin.

  85. Jayashree Pathak says

    It’s a problematic essay.
    This should have at least 4 paragraphs.
    The first paragraph must be the introduction followed by the problems, then the solutions. The final paragraph must be the conclusion.

  86. Hope this is a Cause/Problem and Solution type essay where,

    – we have to discuss the causes of the professionals moving to other countries in brief first. –
    – Then, discuss the problems created due to these migrations
    – Positive probable solutions that’ll decrease/stop the immigration of professionals.

    Please correct me if I am wrong

  87. Lawal Fatai Oyeropo says

    A discussion essay.
    Five paragraphs inclusive of the introduction and conclusion
    Reasons for leaving. Merits and demerits. What government should put in place to check this etc

  88. Devarshi dave says

    Causes and solution type essays
    4 paragraphs total
    Body paragraph 1: causes
    Body paragraph 2 : solutions

  89. Problem ..solution essay

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