Using Body Language in IELTS Speaking

How does using body language affect your score in IELTS speaking? Should you use body language in your speaking test? Read below to get useful tips.

Does body language affect your score in IELTS speaking?

No, it doesn’t. Your speaking test is marked on four criteria which are related only to language:

  1. fluency and coherence
  2. grammar
  3. vocabulary
  4. pronunciation

The means the examiner will not mark your body language, your appearance or even your ideas. Your score will depend only on the level of English language you produce in the test.

Is it ok to use body language?

It is fine to use body language. It won’t affect your score at all.

Do you recommend using body language?

I recommend that you do what is natural to you. If you usually use body language when you speak, then continue to do that in your test. It is important that you relax and be yourself. In some countries, such as Spain or Italy, it is very common for people to use hand gestures while speaking and it is also fine to do this in your test.


Don’t replace verbal language with body language. This is a language test, so if you use a gesture or action instead of a word, you won’t get a high score. At all times, use language to boost your score.

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