Spelling Practice

This is a chance for you to practice your spelling. In IELTS writing, spelling mistakes will lower your score so make sure you improve your spelling as much as you can before your test.

Look at the words below and decide:

  1. if the words are spelled correctly
  2. if there is a mistake – if so, how should the word be spelled?

Spelling Practice

Are the following words spelled correctly or not?

  1. polution
  2. detrimental
  3. juviniles
  4. differentiate
  5. confidance
  6. enviromental
  7. infastructure
  8. wheras
  9. categories
  10. circumstence
  11. sufficently
  12. proffesional
  13. intigrate

Answers – click below

  1. wrong = pollution
  2. correct
  3. wrong = juvenile
  4. correct
  5. wrong = confidence
  6. wrong = environmental
  7. wrong = infrastructure
  8. wrong = whereas
  9. correct
  10. wrong = circumstance
  11. wrong = sufficiently
  12. wrong = professional
  13. wrong = integrate


To learn vocabulary for IELTS, follow this link: IELTS Vocabulary

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  1. Thanx so much liz

  2. khandaker Menhaz Morshed says

    Dear Liz,
    I am from Bangladesh.I think you did a great job for IELTS learner hope it will continue .Best of luck.


    Dear Lizzy,
    With your vast wealth of knowledge and selflessness, You are specially sent to this generation to enrich and promote the values in the right values in the world. Thank you very much. Can i request for your skype I.D?

  4. Hello, I am Saleh,
    Excellent site for IELTS preparation.
    Thanks for your endless effort..
    I will keep you in my prayer

  5. Thanks alot for your outstanding aid

    Kindly, tell me .. is it OK in listening if the speaker says the date likes this ( 1/ March/ 1988)
    and I write it in the answer sheet like this ( 1/03/1988) is this right ?? or I should write the name of the month

  6. thanks a lot Liz for your contribution to IELTS students.
    I will take the IELTS exam next September.
    your web peg is my number one reference and I got a lot of skills
    hopefully I will get a better score

  7. Dear Liz,

    Greetings from Sri Lanka!
    Thank you very much for your web page. Your smile is very attractive. Thanks again.


  8. Thank you so much Liz!
    hope you are always happy^^

  9. samara simha reddy says

    thank you for acknowledging us about the spelling practice . i would like to get into it to
    get a good score .

  10. I like much your lesson madam

  11. Greetings from Brazil.

    Liz, do you have spelling practice for listening?

    Thank you for all.

  12. I got all of them


  13. Plzz mam help me i want 7+ in academics. I will book 2 exam dates nd tell ho to do practice

  14. These words are too difficult for me to spell :((

    • These words are typical for students aiming for band score 6 and above. But don’t worry. Keep trying and keep practicing 🙂

  15. thanks

  16. I got all the spellings

  17. Shmeem Ferdous says

    Nice nd very helpful initiative indeed. Please make an exhaustive list of words commonly misspelled by the IELTS exam takers.

  18. Arushi Madan says

    Finally after lot of waiting,, I got my IELTS for UKVI result on 24th July (for the test I took on 25th June). So it took 4 weeks.
    I got my result by sms and was told that I should personally collect my Test Report Form(TRF) from British Council office. The result as per sms was

    Reading 8.5
    Listening 8.5
    Speaking 8
    Writing 6
    Overall 8
    But when I collected my original TRF from BC office, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my Writing was higher than what was told to me by sms. So my actual result as per the TRF is
    Reading 8.5
    Listening 8.5
    Speaking 8
    Writing 6.5
    Overall 8

    Has anyone else faced such a situation?

  19. Atanga Victor Asaah says

    AT times we take things for granted but when you come with exercises like these they serve as an eye-opener and a reminder. More grease to your elbows.

  20. Suman Das says

    Ok madam

  21. Atanga Victor Asaah says

    It’s great the job you are doing. thanks for being inspirational. You are my source of kick-offs.

  22. Hello Liz,
    thanks a million for your web page – its soo useful for myself and my students.
    I have come across some mistakes in transcripts – I’d like to put my grain of sand and send them to you (if this is useful to you)
    Thanks again

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