IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic

Hi guys,

A speaking part 1 topic this summer is the topic of Dreams. Below you will see some questions for this topic.


In speaking part 1, you will be asked about 12 questions in 4 to 5 mins. This means you will probably be able to give about one or two long sentences for each answer. Always answer directly and always add a bit more information so that the examiner can hear your English.


  1. Do you often have dreams?
  2. Do you usually remember your dreams?
  3. Do you think we can learn something from dreams?


I have posted model answers on this page: Model Answers to Dream Questions


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  1. Hi liz

    1. Yes , I have often dreams . Some are funny and some are horrible in my night dreams . It is natural process of human being.
    2. Yes , I usually remember my dreams . Sometimes it was about my daily routine life what i am still doing and aslo what happened in last day. Sometime it was too scary i really afraid from dreams .
    3 . As my perception , we can learn many things from dreams which are connected with our goal due to we do struggle in everyday .

    Thank you mam for giving a chance

  2. Thanks for sharing Liz.

  3. 1. I rarely have dreams. But if I do, it’s something about magical things and big boxes. It’s weird and sometimes scary.

    2. Yes. But I can’t fully remember my dreams. It’s mostly vague which is really hard for me to understand.

    3. Yes. I think so. Dreams sometimes predict the future. It existed to warn the people what will happen to them through the clues that was in the dream.

  4. 1. Yes, I often dreams when i takes deep sleep . These dreams are related with my ongoing work .but it does not clear.
    2. Yes , i uselly remember my dreams. Also i do not forgets .
    3. Yes , we learn some things from our dreams also it makes us strong and Abel to understanding the situation.

  5. 1. Yes, I dream very often, especially when I am thinking about something or someone seriously and when i get stress from work i carried it to my dreams.
    2. I don’t actually remember most of the dreams but i do remember some of the dreams. And some of the dreams even we remembered but forget it soon.
    3.Honestly, i don’t think we can learn from dreams. It’s just replaying what’s in your mind and we even don’t remember what we dreamed sometimes. Our dreams can be our happy or sad thoughts or something which makes you stress from work. It can be anything.

  6. Chameera says

    1.Not an often.its may be 1 or 3 dreems seen by a tow week.
    2.of course! Some draftic story I had remember. Some stories lost my mind with waken up morning.
    3.yes I am really getting the A much more experience new.some dreams heard what going to about to next. It is displaying what happened to my activities, which one needs to distinguish and not one, and often say what’s I going to do and didn’t! I know it dreams is my final truly warning message.

  7. I seldom often have dreams but when I do I find it difficult to even remember all.

    Forgetting your dreams is not a good thing as dreams are perceived to be a means of spiritual communication. Dreams can sometimes help you see what is presently happening to you or someone else or what is yet to happen-futuristic.

    One can surely learn from his or her dreams as dreams speak directly or indirectly to something or someone. From Dreams, someone can easily conclude on some very difficult decisions which may come in handy at the most difficult times.

  8. kawalpreet Kaur says

    Yes,I seldom have dreams not on everyday.
    Yes, I remembered my dreams but not clearly. Some of people which i saw in my dreams, I dont know actually who they are?
    No, I dont think we can learn anything from our dreams because dream is a part of subconscious mind. Dream is all about what happened in past because how will we know that what will happen in future as we can’t predict our future?

  9. Shrijana Dangal says

    1.Yes, I often have dreams and all these dreams are associated with my daily activities or life.
    2.In my case,i usually remember my dreams for several days and after that i forget what i dream
    3.In my view, we can learn many things from dream.As dreams are linked with our daily activities it can provide us ideas to move forward and sometime even freshen up our mind.


    Hi Liz,

    My answers for the above questions;

    1. Yes its true, sometimes when I think too much about anything it came in my dreams.

    2. Yes, if I have seen something just before my wake up time and if i try to recall it, it remains in my mind for long time. However, mostly, I forgot my dreams even after pressurize my mind to recall.

    3. Yes. sometimes dreams gives us guide to pursue the things or tell us the positive results or sometimes warn us before the mishappening.

    Kindly correct my mistakes.

  11. 1) Not actually,but yes sometimes I do have some dreams which are unusual or related to funny situation.
    2) yes, I do remember wiered or scary one.Good ones are rare to come in my dreams.
    3) Not really, because dreams are dreams they do come in our mind & fade away easily.But yes, if we have some good dreams they can motivate us to think on good terms to lead a better life.

  12. Yes definitely, dreams are quite often and it can happen anytime. I dream a lot especially when I sleep… I mostly see good dreams than bad. Well, some dreams are refreshing and rejuvenating myself.. so iam interested to remember those dreams… sometimes dreams are so scary and butter, I do not remember such dteams yes, there are many things to learn from a dream. Some dreams may give positive energy and inspiration and obviously happiness to our mind

  13. 1. Yes, I do. And having a definite dream is necessary because it can remind me where I would be to go as a personal future navigation.
    2. Yes, I do. and the dream bears permanently in my mind. However, it does not usually flash in my mind all the time but it boosts my determination and
    3. Definitely, people, in general, can learn something from dream particularly a past dream that already becomes a reality. If so, a successful dream should become lesson-learnt.

  14. sibasis das says

    yes i often get dreams, mostly in night when I am in deep sleep.
    Sometimes i remember them, especialy when , I see them in the early morning.But I dont remember them all, mainly those were related to my day to day work.
    I dont think so, but those are indications that i am bit anxious about something & i should make myself calm.

  15. Mars Mathews says

    Yes, I do often have dreams. Most of the dreams I forget very soon, but rarely some dreams still remain in my mind. For example, long years back, when I was still young, I had a dream of a waterfalls. It was a beautiful dream. Later when I saw the picture of the same waterfalls in a magazine I was so surprised, it was Niagra waterfalls.
    Yes, I think we can learn something from our dreams. In one of my dream I was driving a car. Before that dream I never thought of learning driving. After that I decided to learn driving. I think that dream brought me an enthusiasm to learn driving. Now I can drive and has an international driving licence.

  16. 1. Yes. I really often have dreams. It doesn’t matter if I am anxious or not. Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to remind them all of them.
    2. Not. As I told you, it’s difficult for me to do it. However, those which are remarkable for any reason can be remembered.
    3. Yes. I think we can learn a lot of things. It’s a good way to take advantage of them.

  17. 1.I think this is a bit odd but I have dreams every night. And not just one dream but there could be two or three dreams a night.
    2. I can recall the last dream of the night but some parts, elements and very rarely the whole dream. Some details could be unusual or impressive and that’s why they are kept in my mind after my awakening.
    3. I’m not sure if the science of dreams real or it’s just as a nice fairytale as horoscopes. People prefer believing that everything matters and provide them into better life but my opinion is only a human can change his life.

  18. 1- In fact i rarely dream while sleeping , however , when I keep thinking about a certain issue , I have dreams related to it .For example, if I,m worried about an exam , I dream I have troubles while doing it , and so on
    2- I think I remember my dream just the few minutes following my wake up , but I don,t remember exactly what was in it , Just remember faces or quick actions
    3- Probably dreams can be a guide to people . In my religion if You are hesitated about an important decision , you should pray and ask The God to guide you , so may be you can dream by some guidance to take the right decision.

  19. Yes, I do , Sometimes I dream, Wake up and forget while on the other days I remember every detail most of the time i dream when i sleep for 45 minutes in my car.I think there is a lot to learn from dreams, It can be positive and sometimes negatives, But it’s all depend on what you believe, for instance, Whenever i dream about family issues, it usually comes to reality but in a different way so i always prayed each time i had a terrible dream.

  20. 1. I don’t often get dreams but sometimes do. It depends what i did the previous day, some been quite scary too, while others just routine concerning my day to day work related .
    2. I do remember them quite frequently but not to an extent that I can narrate them to some one as it doesn’t make sense to others. thatswhy i don’t discuss them.
    3. I don’t think that dreams are some one to learn about, they have nothing to do with our real life. its an imaginary world with no relation with real world.

  21. Hey Liz, thanks for the good works
    1. Yes I often have a dream sometimes when i sleep and this can happen at any time of the day but most commonly occurs at night.
    2. Yes I often remember what my dream is all about depending on what happened in such dream especially when its either scary or unpleasant.
    3. Yes I think dreams can be a source of concern especially when the dream is about something unpleasant, it can be a source of warning about events that are yet to unfold when we are able to interpret it correctly.

  22. 1- Sure, I always have dreams, each and every day I have a new one. Because dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.
    2-I can not forget my aspiation. Every morning you have two choices continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.
    3-I do believe that dreams are my future. the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of dreams. in addition, all our dreams can come true , if we have the courage to pursue them.

  23. Sorry,it’s not ‘infant’,it is ‘infact’.

  24. 1)Of coarse. I’m have dreams a lot. Whatever I think or do during the whole day,it usually seen in dreams by me.
    2)Not much.I’m usually forget dreams but a few remains in my memory.Infant,some horrible or best dreams are still in memory.
    3)May be.Sometimes it gives me a hint to solve a problem.And sometimes it awares me from problems.

  25. hi Liz,

    1. yes, I do get dreams but not everyday. I get dreams often whenever I overthink on any issue just before sleep and if I watch any scary movie.
    2.Hmm, Most of the time I forget my dreams as soon as I get up from sleep and I try recollect but i cant. but there were some instances I do remember as per my observation when ever I am happy and excited for something happening in future I get lot of dreams and remember most of them. For example, before my wedding.
    3.I don’t know exactly like people have certain goals to achieve in life and they dream it for long period of time. My personal opinion since I get scary dreams if I watch some horror movies I learnt that not to watch any scary or horror movie before sleeping time.

  26. 1.I rarely have dreams. Sometimes the pleasant one and sometimes the awful one.
    2.I am afraid not.I never remember my dreams except those which scares me.
    3.Personally, I believe that dreams are just an expression of subconscious mind.We dream of those things which we think before going to bed.And also to me dreams are mere fragments of ones imagination .But sometimes it is a driving force towards our goal.

  27. Muhammad Yahya says

    No, I don’t have them often nowadays , but when I was child, I got much more dreams than now.

    Although I don’t usually get dreams , if I got one ,I can remember many details of it. And I try to connect these details with my real circumstances and upcoming events.

    Generally, I don’t believe in that. But we can say that it differs from one person to another, I know some people which have approximately factual events in their dreams or they can get a lot of indicators from a dream.!

  28. 1. Surely, most of the time I get dreams , especially when I am anxious or getting frightened about a new situation. Also, I have them when I enthusiastic with plans.

    2. I hardly remember details, I usually get a strange idea I dream, I can recall images, blurred faces or things, but I can’t put all the pieces together, it never has sense.

    3. Of course, as I said, my dreams are generally a symptom of nervousness or fear to unknown situations, when I get this dreams I just think to calm, it has to be OK. I can do it.

  29. 1. I always have dreams, even when I take a brief nap. When I was a kid, I used to have recurrent dreams very often.
    2. Yes, I do, specially in the mornings. However, if I don’t tell anyone about my dreams, I tend to forget them during the day.
    3. I think so, because sometimes dreams may give you a different perspective on things that happen to you during the day. I believe subconscious has a lot to tell us.

  30. Brinda Patni says

    Answer 1) yes most of the time I see dreams, when I asleep in deep sleep in the middle of night.
    2) no never, once I get up I completely forgets what I saw in dream.
    3) Honestly, I don’t think so because dreams are always weired. Whatever I see in dreams,are never related to real life. In fact I immediately forgets everything. I even never saw myself as well in dreams.

  31. I do often dream which gives me wonderful experience. Dreams are beneficial for health.
    Rarely, I remember my dreams.sometimes interesting one stuck in my mind for some days.
    Yes, one can learn from his own dream which may give an innovative and creative ideas.

  32. I do often dream which gives me wonderful experience. Dreams are beneficial for health.

  33. Salma Nawaz says

    1. No doubt, I have dreams, but not often.
    2. I am afraid, It ‘s bit hard for me to remember dreams.
    3. Sure, some times dreams are driving force towards future goals while other time it could not be.

  34. Yes I have seen dreams but not often,because as I am doing night shift I will not get long hours to sleep .Some times my dreams, I have enjoyed as well frightened.mostly my experience in dreams some endless and scary. But some are very much enjoyable I wish it should not be finish.

  35. gratefulforLiz says

    1. Yes, and nearly every night, if not every other night.
    2. I usually do, but when I don’t I just leave it and remember it during daily chores, going out, reading a newspaper and sometimes a single act from anyone would be enough to remind me of what I’ve dreamt.
    3. Yes, definitely we can learn many things from dreams. They are a person’s mirror, which means they usually reflect the dreamer behaviour and mentality. It’s been studied for psychological and physical purposes by psychologists and researchers, as they in many times whistle for a certain health condition.

  36. Hi Liz
    My answers below.
    1. Yes i do get dreams. Some days i am scared and pray that i should get any dreams
    2. Most of the dreams i remember and few occasionally pops on my mind.
    3. I convince myself that 80 percent of the dreams are associated with our day to day thoughts which are lingering in my mind always. The learning is to relax before i go to sleep.

  37. 1.Do you have often have dream?
    Every human being to dream its nature, yes i have dream when ever had deep sleep.its some time awful but some time it is very i like it .
    2.Do you usually remember your dream?
    Yes, i remember my dream it is make to boost my energy and achieve my goal.but some time it is very rare to remember .
    3.Do you think we can learn something from dream?
    All dreams can teach .it doesn’t mater if the dream short or long ,it is positive energy to my real life .

  38. Adisorn Panasawatwong says

    1. Recently, I don’t. Maybe it’s because I went to bed late during these days, I did’t have much time for a dream.
    2.Yes, I do. But only when I wake up naturally. I can easily forget my dream if I am woken up by someone.
    3.Sure, we can. I even tried to solve a physics problem in my dream.

  39. 1. Yes I do. Dreaming at night is natural has everyone get.
    2. Not exactly, whenever the situation comes I get a vibe that I have undergone the same scenario before.
    3. Yes of course,dreams help you to avoid untoward incidents if something bad is going to happen.

  40. Beatriz S says

    1.Yes I do. I often have dreams, some of which make sense some don’t.
    2. The most of the times I do remember my dreams. At least for the few immediate minutes after I wake up. Sometimes I have vivid memories of my dreams and can remember during the day and probably way long after that.
    3. Yes I do. I believe I get answers from some of my dreams. others simply does not leave a memory, but a feeling or a headache.

  41. Dear Liz, hello!

    1) yeah, I do actually. It happens to me four times a week for sure, sometimes it comes to 5 or 6 when I am on vacation.
    2) For some reason, I remember each of my dreams. Whats more, I even keep feeling what I experienced in the dream for an hour or so once I wake up.
    3) Yes, We absolutely can learn from dreams”. In my case, one of the lesson is being punctual. As half of my dreams are about timing and punctuality. And ao, I wake up with a feeling of how important or necessary punctuality is.

  42. 1. Yes, I’m often living along with my dreams. In fact, I’m continually reconsidering my dreams so they best fit my ideals and meet my new choices in life.

    2. I think, yes. I often remember the dreams I haven’t achieved yet and of course the dreams I might regret not accomplishing. But hopefully I always have new dreams that trying to achieve them keeps no place to think about older ones. So, there are not much worries.

    3. Yes, of course. my dreams are very inspiring to me. I just can see how smoother I elevate the quality of my work or switch to other feasible options just by having explored various ways in my dreams. So, I think it goes to show that I’m learning something that otherwise would be ignored.

    • Actually I became hesitant about the verbs i used in my second answer. So, I hope I have used a better language in this reply.

      2. I usually remember the dreams I’m looking forward to achieve and of course the dreams I might regret having not accomplished. But hopefully I always have new dreams that I’m trying to achieve them which leaves me no place to think about older ones.

      I’m always wondering whether I will eventually make to accurately go through the stages of speaking test on the exam. Actually it is one of my Dreams, now; the other one is on the WRITING.

  43. 1. yes, I see dream very often and it is usually about cars.
    2. yes, I do most of the time .last time , I had a dream of buying a new house.
    3. well, I dont think, I learn anything from dreams. It is only part of my night sleep.

  44. Rohit Sharma says

    1. I often have dreams from open eyes. For the improve my feature life.

    2. My dreams is my goal of life. I cannot forget them.

    3. It’s almost depends on what kind of dreams you have. To achieve them you will always try to inhance your ability.

  45. Pierre-Yves Lanquetin says

    1. We’ll, I think I dream every night like every one does!
    2. To be honest, I don’t remember all of my dreams, probably a very few of them, notably the extreme ones: the most frightening and the most pleasant ones.
    3. Dreams certainly show us what is important in our lifes. Every important things we live is recorded and I think the best things resurface at night to remind us it may be important for us.

  46. a. Yes! Dreams are not only part of my night but they play important role in my life as they took into the world which I often imagines.
    b. For me dreams are the source of inspiration, so I remember my dreams but not all.
    c. Yes , dreams have lots to learn. They make me strong to sharpen my aim as I usually get inspired for that world of imagination .

  47. Hello Liz, was asked those questions on my 29April exam and I got a 7 in speaking

    1. Yes I have dreams almost with each sleep be it day or night and some are interesting and a few of them are scary. Usually I get frightening dreams when I go to bed late after watching a scary film and it continues in the dream.

    2. Well, I remember almost all of my dreams mostly because they appear so real and I have a diary where I note down some of the dreams when I wake up from sleep.

    3. In my opinion I think we can learn a lot from them because most of my dreams they come to pass for example one night I had a dream whereby my one of my relatives from USA came to visit home. I had last talked to her a few months back and she had not visited the country for 10 years. When I woke up I remembered but brushed off the thought. A week and some days after the dream, she surprised everyone when she came home unannounced, and so yes, from dreams there are things that Can be learned.

  48. 1 – Yes. I always have dreams. Normally they are part of my night.
    2 – Absolutely, sometimes my dreams look be real, so I am able to recognize them completely.
    3 – I would like to say that learning something from my dreams isn’t the correct sentence. Although, I usually understood the message that they bring me. In my opinion, they are related to special situations that I am not comfortable with the resolution.

    • 1. Yes, I often dream at night ,I would say my dreams are usually good dreams.
      2.I would say I remember more than half of my dreams becausei believe dreams enemate from daily activities.
      3. I sincerely believe we can learn from dreams,although not all dreams can be interpreted,some reflect on our emotions and reactions.

  49. Hello Liz, was asked those questions on my 29April exam and I got a 7 in speaking

  50. Yes often have dreams, some are interesting and some are scary.
    I seldom remember the dreams, however some interesting dreams i do for 1 to 2 hours.
    Yes we can learn some lesson from dream.but not from all. for example, it reflects our mental status sometime.

  51. Amanpreet says

    Hi Mam
    Thankyou for your videos.It was speaking test yesterday and i got cue card on:
    Talk about an interesting conversation with a stranger
    When was it?
    Who was that?
    Why u feel it interesting?

  52. Smriti pokhrel says

    1.Obviously,I have dreams in my night time.
    As dream is a natural process, it may be seen by anyone which is only a imagination.
    2.Yes,I remember my dreams but sometime it is very short which may be hard to remember.
    3.Dream is only a thought but also some dream what we see may be important as it gives many ideas in our daily life.

  53. Smriti pokhrel says

    1.Obviously,I have dreams in my night time.
    As dream is a natural process, it may be seen by anyone which is only a imagination.
    2.Yes,I remember my dreams but sometime it is very short which may be hard to remember.
    3.Dream is only a thought but also some dream what we see may be important as it gives many ideas.

  54. Ans1: Yes, I do often have a dreams. Actually some of my dreams are frightening but mostly my dreams are good.
    Ans2: Yes, I usually remember my dreams. The dreams which I see during the sleep, I remember all.
    Ans3: Yes, I think we can learn a lot from the dreams. Dreams are what we thought in the whole day, if they are related to our aims of life, then the dreams teach and inspire us , that how to achieve our goals of life and how to utilize it. Sometimes, if you utilize your dreams well, then it comes true and create hope.

  55. Kristel Fernandez says

    Yes! I dream almost every night. Usually the story of my dreams are my recent activities that hangs to my mind while im in bed. Then when i sleep, it will continue in my dreams.
    Sometimes I remember my dreams, but most of it, I don’t recognize the story.
    Yes, though it was only a dream, I believe there’s some meaning in every part of it. Let’s just say that dreams visualising the past and the present.

  56. 1.If I often have dreams?That is an interesting question.I always have dreams, there are times where I remember them vividly while others I don’t.
    2.I often remember my dreams ,especillly the one that are intense,making me for example feel anxiety or great happiness.
    3.I personally think that we always learn from ourd dreams, as they reveal our deepest desires,our hidden and darkest fears and emotions.I don;t believe that they prophetic but they show us what we really feel and a specific time of our lives.

  57. Vivek Gupta says

    Yes, I get dream as it’s a part of the sleeping stage which happens every day and night.

    It’s difficult to remember all dreams for me because conscience persistently travels.

    As I mentioned earlier dreaming is a stage of my sleep not a lesson that I could learn something from them. Moreover, sometimes, it’s a visualisation of thought which one thinks before sleeping.

  58. Dr.Surbhi Bhadauria Tomar says

    1.Definitely Daily i meet up with my dreams in sleep.My Body will sleep but not my mind.
    My Dreams related to Daily activity and if any thing stuck to my mind that will reveal out in my dreams.
    2.Always i Remember my Dreams but in break break.Not rember or recognize the place.
    My dreams are always of fly in air,in between the clouds.Riding and all.
    3.My Dreams will never teach me any thing but it will come as it is as i thought in my mind.Like a Mirror.

  59. Chandara Khoun says

    1. Of course, I do. It sometimes can be in many forms either related to my works, family, or even joyful moments that I always wish it could happen.
    2. Nightmares are usually the ones that I remember most of the time because I am afraid of what happened in the dreams might come true.
    3. At this point, I believe that dreams can help me learn something. As far as I have experienced so far, I could even find the solutions to my works in my dream which I could not even think of during the day.

    Looking forward to hear back your comments.

  60. hi madam.i tried to write something.

    1.well,i do get dreams but not everynight.

    2.yes,some of my dreams I remember even after waking up from sleep.

    3.No,i don’t think they are informative or educative.infact,they are the memories of good time that u spent with ur friends or family before going to bed.

  61. 1. Yes I do have dreams almost every week at night time
    2. Yes I do; but not all the time, let’s say 80 to 90%
    3. Yes, from my believe dreams are like warning signs of things about to happen in the future either good or bad.

  62. 1. Yes I do often have a dreams, some are bad but mostly my dreams are good.
    2. Yes, but I usually ignore it. For me it is just normal cases.
    3. Yes. dreams is like a mirror of our self which remind us to be careful in our daily life.

  63. 1. Yes, I often have dreams. Dreams are basically subconscious state of mind.
    2.I remember dreams sometimes. Dream, which I take generally in morning time, I remember.
    3.Yes, I think we learn a lot from dreams. Dreams are what we thought in whole day. If they are related to our aims of life, then they teach and inspire us, how to achieve our goals of life.

    hi Liz,
    pls check my ans. And give ur feedback

  64. I have learned alot, from Mrs Liz just this short while I came in contact with her.
    Thank you

  65. Adereti bukola tunji says

    1.Well, I do dream but not often
    2.hmm,it’s rare for me to remember my Dream,if eventually I remember,such dream will come to pass.
    3.of course we can learn alot from dream, such as warnings etc.

  66. Yes I do,most especially when I am really tired and fall deep asleep.
    Yes,i do remember my dreams! especially when an incident happen,it will make me to recall my memory of what I dream last time.
    Yes,i think we can learn something from dreams most especially,when one and same dreams keeps coming often.for example,may be you dream!you fell in a deep hole which is a sign of bad luck.That is according to my experience with dreams.

  67. Lydia Kelvin says

    I do have dreams always, especially when I have peace within me.

    I always remember my dreams. In the morning when I wake up I reflect on them and pray.

    In my opinion, we could be well informed about a lot of things through our dreams.
    Dreams unravels a lot of mysteries.

  68. Prince Mpofu says

    1 I rarely dream, when I am asleep.
    2 Most of the time when I dream, I do not remember the dream.
    3Personnaly I think there is nothing much we learn from our dreams because dreaming is an expression of the subconscious mind.

  69. samson satheesh says

    yes i get dreams very often and i cherish it.
    yeah mostly if its a good dream i will remembering it and would think that the dream should come true …..
    i think yes .why because there a lot quotes saying if you believe you will be what you are or you will get what you dreamed, of for me i usually will be excited for my dream should happen.

  70. 1-yes I have
    2- yes some times
    3-yes we can learn from our dreams because it’s has some times a message to to be caution or learn us what will happen in the future .

    • Avoid giving answers with only three words. If you can only produce three words in English, the examiner will give you a low score. Expand all answers – always.

  71. yes , most of time i have dreams whenever i go sleeping i gwt bad and good dreams
    but i can not remwmber them and some of th not clear some times i remember them after one day or after hours
    i don’t think that we can learn anything from our dreams because it is reflection about what happend when we wakeup.

  72. 1. Yes , I do have dreams, but not often
    2. Most of the time, I remembers while in few cases I forget
    3. Yes, we can learn a lot, according to my mythological believe, dreams are like message from the supreme being, its either a pointer to what will occur in future(revelation) or explain mystery behind some events not clear in life.

  73. 1) Yes, I do.
    2) Yeah! I often do, though quite a few of them.
    3) Certainly yes! A lot of information can be gotten from dreams. I feel most of the dreams we usually have are for lessons to be learned or to pass certain information.

    Dear Liz,

    The above are my answers for the questions you posted.

  74. Aseem goel says

    1. I usually hv dreams at night. Many a times they comprise of the events experienced throughtout the day.

    2.sometimes when i wake up immediately, i tend of remember whole of it but when the dream appears mid night and i get up late in the morning, i partially remember it.

    3. Dreams can teach us many things, for instance, sometimes we experience certain things and our attitude towards those things changes ever afterwards

  75. 1. Do you often have dreams?
    Occasionally, I do have dreams. The occurrence of my dreams are determined based on my day’s activities and the state of my sub-conscious mindset.

    2. Do you usually remember your dreams?

    Often, I have had many of my dreams recollected when I’m awake. Most of the dreams that I recollect are those that appeared scary to me. I wake up from deep sleep often when I get frightened as a result of those not too pleasant dreams. I sometimes remember some more pleasant dreams as well. In conclusion, only few of my dreams are often recollected by me when I wake up.

    3. Do you think we can learn something from your dreams?

    Personally, I do not associate much significance to dreams, either pleasant or unpleasant ones. I believe dreams come as a result of the state of mind why one fall asleep. Though, some people associate some spiritual meanings to dreams, I believe dreams are just what the mind is tuned into either with events that have happened in the past or what one had thought of attaining while fully awake. I have never had any of what I have dreamt of in the past come to pass. Who would want a frightened dream come to pass in his or her real life?
    Dreams to me, are mere fragments of one’s imagination.

  76. Mohammad Abdus Salam says

    1.Yes. Most often I have dreams while I sleep at night.But usually I don’t have any dreams if I have a nap during the day.
    2.Not clearly. I forget most of my sleep.
    3.Yes, of course. Sometimes our dreams give us some hints to solve our problems that we are facing.So, I think we can learn a lot from our dreams.

  77. Kamran Khan says

    yes obviously as a human being i see the dreams.Most of the time see horrible dreams and some time i see normal dreams like life is going to happy.But on the other hand some dreams would be true after some time, when I deeply think it would be happen before and i got it is only in dreams ultimately i shocked how could be possible.Recently I went to the Australia and I saw some places and peoples in dreams who meet in my real life.Some times I scared to see the negative things in dreams who do not comes in my real life.God safe me all doubts and horrible dreams.Its a good sign you see the bright things in dreams your fate will be change most of the time when I tired and sleeping more than an average I saw the beautiful dreams and also come true not exactly few hints in your dreams.As a normal human being dreams would be comes as well as true or false think always possitively.

  78. Hey Liz,

    Those questions came on the official ielts test of the 17th of June,2017, which is last month!

    I actually has the same questions, and I believe I did very well on them since I got a score of 7.00 on speaking.

    Please add to those questions that the examiner asked me about my opinion whether word of mouth is effective. My answer was that Yes I believe word of a mouth is an effective tool that shows how the company is strong, for example, apple co. doesnt do much of an advertisements,but we can see that their products are ubiquitous around the globe. The reason why they are so is because the product are so cut-edge technology and thats why people talk often and spread the word about them.

    I really said the above and that is why I got 7.00

    The examiner was impressed about me knowing the word (ubiquitous), and i believe that is one reason why I had a slight improvement than the test before.

    Thank you so much Liz, ielts is much easier with you. I am finally done with ielts since i got what i needed.
    Listening 7
    Reading 6
    Writing 6.5
    Speaking 7

  79. 1-sure do, dreaming is a reality of live that everyone may experience and comeacross with some time in theire life, so I reckon that I have had some dreams in the past.

    2-sure do, I remember some of them but, not wih details.that being said,it is not possible to remember all our past dreams except some intresting and important one.

    3-to be honest it depends on the dream and the dreamer ,if the dream is too close to the realities and practical, furtheremore,something could be learned from these kind of dream.

  80. Gurpinder Kaur Rekhi says

    1.Yes I have dreams every night.In fact, I have dream even if I take a nap of few minutes in a day
    2.When I wake up, sometimes I remember my dreams for a few seconds but I tend to forget them completely after that.
    3.Scientists believe that our dreams teach us something but I don’t think so as I’ve never learnt anything from them.

  81. 1)yes I have. my dreams are mostly connected with my daily activities.
    2)no I dont. I remember some dreams that comes early morning.
    3)yes. the thing that we cant do in real life we do it in dream very easily. so everything is possible.

  82. Alaeddin says

    I have been asked same this question in my last exam 🙁

  83. Mavis ighota says

    1. Yes I do often have dreams
    2. I remember my dreams most times
    3. I quite believe we can learn soething from dreams

  84. Fawzia ahmed says

    1- yes, I often have dreams. But not all of them are clear.
    2- No,most of the time I can’t remember my dreams.
    3- yes, they sometimes warn and guide me. Also, they may give me a hint of something

  85. 1. No, l seldom get dreams, mostly during the early hours.
    2. No, i rarely remember my dreams
    3. Yes, there’s alot DAT can be learnt from our dreams. It all depends on the individuals perspective.

  86. My test is on 13 july, so are you trying to say that i’ll get topic about dreams for sure.

    • The examiner has many topics to choose from, not just one or two.

      • Wo
        Hi Liz
        answer for the questions
        1. Yes, I do have dreams most of the time.
        2.Yes,i do remember my dreams. Even though not all but most of them i do.
        3.Yes,sure I can learn somehow.That means,If I see a dream and it become direct meaning with what is going to happened,i know the next will be direct situation.In contrary if my dream is opposite, i know that the coming event will be opposite.

        • hi
          1) frankly speaking I rarely have dreams while I am wiped out.and someone gossip about me
          2)yes I remember my dreams but forget easily.
          3)I think dreams help us to be carefull about future becouse I believe some of them can predict us something .

      • Jing from Philippines says

        I just had my exam few hours ago, and yes, dream was asked in part 1,followed by psychology. Shame that I just saw your post.. but I think I still managed to answer it well.. 🙂 thank you Liz.. I still have listening, reading and writing on Saturday..

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