Sept 2016 Speaking Part 2 Topics

Below are speaking part 2 topics reported in the exam this month (Sept 2016).

IELTS Speaking topics and questions are recycled which means it is possible to get the same topics and questions again in the test. So, prepare all the topics below as well as common speaking part 2 topics: Common Speaking Part 2 Topics.

You can also find useful links and a free video at the bottom of this page to help you with speaking part 2.

Current Speaking Part 2 Topics: Autumn 2016

Describe your favourite film or movie.

Describe something you shared.

Describe something interesting you have done recently.

Describe a country you would like to work in for a short period of time.

Describe a place affected by pollution.

Describe a difficult choice you made that was the right one.

Describe a lesson you’ve learned from your mistake.

Describe a time when you were busy.

IELTS Speaking Tips:

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Video: How to start your talk

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  1. Gurpreet Singh says


  2. Hello Liz,
    Can you please tell me words that can be used instead of reason,because,as a result, due to, important, increase,cause,problem…
    Please because am taking my exam on next week so in order to get a band 7 this is important…

  3. Hi liz. .I want your essay correction service

  4. kiranpreet kaur says

    hello mam ..I have my ielts xam on 8th October n don’t know about speaking test yet.. just wanted to ask that what can be the possible topics in the days ahead and after 8th October.

  5. You are absolutely amazing teacher.Thank u so much all your hard work

  6. Dear Liz – thank you for your very useful lessons. I tutor candidates in preparation for their IELTS tests and find your site very useful. What I would dearly love is to be able to print your lessons. Some of my students come from deprived backgrounds and do not always have access to the Internet – so this would help them a lot. Please consider my request. thank you again.

    • I will certainly consider putting some of my pages as downloadable pdf files. If there are any specific pages you prefer, let me know.

      • Dear Liz – thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I was surprised to receive such a speedy reply. I live in South Africa and have almost become used to ‘African time’ which could mean any time but it doesn’t ever mean ‘soon’! Of course, I would like to be greedy and ask for all lessons! What I would really appreciate is anything on Writing Task 2 – in particular your lesson on linking words. I am really grateful that you have considered my request. My students will be so pleased. Thank you again.

        • I’ve put two lessons in pdf: and also Sorry but it will take me longer to do more.

          I would like to ask your opinion on an idea. Next year, I’m thinking of making worksheets which teachers can download for their students to use in the classroom. All worksheets together would cost the teacher about 5usd which is to cover my admin fees. Do you think this is a good idea and something I should aim for? I value your ideas.


          • Archana Hemmady says

            Liz, Like the trainer above, I too use your site extensively to help students. I am in India.
            I use the whole website, especially the speaking part 1 and 2 questions. I also suggest them to see your videos on You Tube since we cannot download or print your lessons.
            It would be wonderful to receive the PDFs as you mentioned above. And Its worth every dollar, if we can use them. Please keep me informed since I would definitely buy whenever you decide to put them up.
            A suggestion, most websites focus on academic task one and I often run out on practice questions on types for General Training Task One (Letter). If you could also add to the GT tasks (type of questions) which you think would help, It would be wonderful.
            Thanks a million times over for the wonderful site

  7. Academic module on 20/08/16 Sri Lanka
    Sorry for delay
    Liz, your blog was really helpful for me to successfully reach overall 6.5 in my first attempt. I only followed your guidance. I was really lucky as I accidentally found your blog and practiced almost all your videos and lessons within less than 3weeks. I followed previously asked questions and prepared my own answers and I found that similar questions can be obtained.
    Hundred thanks for your proper guidance.

    Here are the questions that I could remember.
    Writing task 1
    – A table with percentage of people over 60 in six different regions in 2000 and 2050.
    Writing task 2
    -More & more people drink sugar based drinks. why? Measurements that can be taken to reduce this.
    Speaking test on 23/08/16
    -What can I call you?
    -Are you working or studying?
    -Why did you choose that stream?
    -What are the subjects you are studying?
    -What subject you mostly prefer?
    -At what time do you think better for studying?
    -Do you like to listen to music?
    -What type of music do you like? why?
    -Do you use computer?
    -What do you dislike about computers?
    cue card:– Describe a situation that someone apologize you?
    – How often do Sri Lankans apologize?
    – Do you think they really meant to apologize?
    – Do they show that in action?

  8. Dear Liz.

    I would like to thank you for the support I found at your web.

    The study system you created is very helpful.

    I found a good company in your videos and excellent practice material in all your links.

    I have presented my exams and passed!

    Please keep your work as wonderful as is.

    I am sure lots of people feel the same like me.

    I wish you all the best in your professional and personal live.

    Kind Regards


  9. Awesome post thanks a lot Liz, you are amazing.

  10. Hi
    I took the test on September 15th.
    Section 1:
    I was asked about my work and also questions related to handwriting and typing…
    Section 2:
    Tell me about once you were very busy
    when was it?
    why was it?
    what did you do?
    explain how you felt about it…
    Section 3:
    questions were about new lifestyle, working conditions, technology and their impacts on human life…

  11. Hello dear Liz,
    Describe a book which u read recently.In this question can I talk about an English grammar book?

  12. Thank you so much for the lists! I’m taking my ielts speaking test tomorrow so these are so helpful :’)

  13. Hi

    My name harpreet from ielts trainer.i have learnt many things from you.keep it up..


  14. where can i get some videos about recent speaking topics ?

  15. christian Giuseppe says

    Hi Liz

    How are you? Am preparing myself to take IELTS Test. I believe I have to take it so seriously and practice a lot. It requires me to improve my vocabulary. Am doing my best whenever I have free time with the help of your helping videos and tips, however, it’s a bit difficult for me to schedule a fixed time for it with my current job.

  16. Mam will be it take in India?

  17. I’m from test right now.
    Part one
    1.what can i call u
    2where do u stay
    3tell me where are u from?
    Part2,cue card
    1.tell me about wedding u attended recently
    2whre it took place
    2.what was most interesting on that wedding
    Attitudesof family about wedding’s and changes which are
    likely to happen in future

  18. Hi Liz,
    I took my speaking test a week ago and got the following topic: ‘ describe a situation where you had to use your imagination’
    – what di you have to do
    – why did you have to do it
    – was it difficult or easy
    In the discussion part I got a question linked to that topic . It was something like ‘ in what jobs do you think imagination is required’
    The discussion part was very nicely organized. The examinar did an exelent job to make me feel comfortable.

  19. My exam will be on 13th of October Pls help my. My level is very low in speaking.. I want to rise it at around 6.5

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