Reported IELTS Writing Task 1 Charts for January 2016

The IELTS writing task 1 charts were reported on January 9th by two students (Kirush and Adam). This shows two pie charts and a bar chart illustrating world water distribution and usage. Follow the link for a model answer to the 2016 IELTS writing task 1 below.

Reported IELTS Writing Task 1 Jan 2016

Download the PDF file for the charts below: Recent IELTS Writing task 1 2016

IELTS Writing Task 1 Charts Jan 2016

Model Answer for above charts

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  1. i need answer of reading and listing

  2. Can someone post yesterday’s academic version writing questions done in Australia( WA) please? I am doing mine on 19th March. I will post the questions as soon as i am done with the exam.

  3. kush dadwal says

    Hello liz mam … I have a doubt in my ielts listening task .
    My friend suggested to use ‘s’ in the bracket like (s) when we are not confirm of its singular or plural form . For example cat vs cats ….. or ….. cat(s) … which one of them is correct as i am really confused at this point as how ielts checking and scoring works.

  4. Dear Liz,
    thank you very much for your web. I found it very useful. I completed different online study course before my test in January 23rd and even though I don’t have my result yet, I believe, I wasn’t very successful, in particular in reading and writing. The course didn’t explain very clearly the writing tasks. I studied your material as well, however less then the other one, that I have already purchased.
    Since I am expecting repeat my exam I decided to follow your web only and purchase the advanced tutorials.
    It explain all details much better. Just one question to restate.
    Q: is it correct that the example of the opinion essay you present it in this tutorial could be use in any of these below. It is very obvious, however just to double check since I have been already mistaken with the previous online study.

    to what extent do you agree or disagree…
    do you agree or disagree…
    what is your opinion….
    what is your view of this opinion…
    Thank you very much

  5. Thank u liz for your blog . Have a good holiday

  6. Everybody asks liz to answer some questions but she is on holiday lets consider . Thank u liz for your blog. Have good holiday

    • Thanks 🙂

      • i thank you for your interest to help us. there is one quetion for you/ 😀 i bought all your task 2 videos. bu what about problem solution essay type ? will you lounch soon? i am going to take the ielts 10 march. will i have enough time t watch your problem essay video? thanks in advance for your consideration. i tell everybody not to ask questions i ask myself 😀 so crazy

        • I’m really pleased my advanced lessons are useful. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to my filming studio at the moment. I hope to have access to do more filming at the end of the summer this year. I wish I had better news 🙁
          All the best

  7. Thank You Ma’m Liz for your great lessons.

  8. hai mam my name is bhint .. am bit confused in writing the task 1 , in exam hall i wl be tensed consumes more time in thinking of how to overview … describing the task is bit not up to the mark….i had attempted for exam ….. watng for the resulttt……..

  9. I am preparing for IELTS please guide how much time should i spend on each module or how can i prepare for all 4 modules, as i m having difficulty in managing time

  10. Hi Liz,

    First of all i would like to thanks to you.your Site is very Helpful for those who are preparing for ielts test . and I’m gonna start my ielts classes from Feb Month.

    My Question is that , I ll Study gerenal ielts instead of Academic.I want to know that any kind of difference between Gerenal Vocabulary and Academic Vocabulary ?

  11. Hi, I’m doing my IELTS academic module on 20th February 2016. So if anyone else is doing on the same date, please be kind enough to reply under this comment. lets share what we get at our exams as soon as possible and help each other. Thank you

  12. Lumindri DInalankara says

    Hi, Liz,
    I’m form Sri Lanka and I’ve done my IELTS October 2015 and I got 5.5 for reading , writing 6.5, speaking 6.5 and listening 6.0. I’m in need of getting 6.5 overall and 6.0 in each. I want to improve my reading. How to face it within the given time ..? Though I can understand the reading passage, It’s very difficult for me to write the answers on time. Please help me to improve my reading…I’m hoping to sit for the exam again at the end of February……
    Thank you

  13. Rania Saber says

    The chart below illustrates the world’s water distribution and use in three countries; namely, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Canada in agrculture, domestic use and industry as estimated in January 2016. The usage of water all water; fresh 3% and salt water 97%; fresh water includes ground water 20%, surface water 10%and ice and glaciers 79%.
    Overall, the use of water reaches its highest at 80&% in Canada whereas it is the least percentage in Egypt at aroung 9% in water industry. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are nearly close in water usage in agriculture as they records between 80-75%. Both Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Canada remians at their lowest record in domestic water uses ranging between 5%, 10% and 15% respectively.
    To sum up, salt water reaches its highest use so that there are no activities in agriculture domestic especially in Canada. The ice and glaciers reaches a high percent which lead to the same result. The highest percentage is only for industry in canada and for Egypt and Saudi Arabia for agriculture which makes ground water.

  14. hi liz
    my exam was on 14 th jan questions task 1 Line graph percentage of university students from age 18 to 25 in Singpore, Philliphine, Malaysia,srilanka
    task 2 lesiure industry is increasing. nowadays, people are not creative as they used to, with modern technologies creativity is less ? do yo agree / disagree
    listening section 1 telephone conversation between customer and bank based on credit card
    sec.2 about island newealand immigration of mouri tribe+map
    sec.3research students conversation
    sec 4.modern engineering in scotland
    1.barrels 2. pine trees in hilly areas 3. great extinction of mammals

  15. Hi 14 Jan questions task 1 – Line graph shows the % of university students from 18-25 years of Philippines,Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand .
    Task 2 . Leisure industry is increasing. Nowadays people are not
    Creative as they used to , modern technology lessened the creativity ? Do you agree or disagree?
    Reading section 1 about Barrel (easy )
    . section 2. About some pine trees which mostly grow in hilly areas and in extreme conditions .
    Section 3. Extinction of animals , large mammals,and reptiles in Australia causes, human involvement etc
    Listening. Sec 1. Telephone conversation for credit card ( name, street , town ,phone number, cost,D.O.B, Id proof ) and related
    Sec2. In an island of new Zealand Maori tribe moved into,its history food habits, about the visitors precaution ete then Map of associated areas
    Sec 3. Conversation between tutor and bird research students
    Sec.4 engineering works in Scotland its history, aim., long term goal etc

  16. Rahmatullah says

    Hello Liz,
    I want to ask you about writing task1, as in some videos it says there should be no conclusion in some videos even British council trainer told that there should be (Introduction, Body and conclusion) but you even you also expressed in video that there should be (Introduction, Overview and paragraph1 and 2)
    please give me explanation.

    Regards Liz

  17. Anup Shrestha says

    The pie chart and bar diagram shows how water is distributed gloabally and use of water by three different country(Egypt , Saudi Arabia and Canada) in three different areas(agriculture , domestic and industry).
    Overall,world’s water consists more of salt water as compares to fresh water,likewise,use of water in agricultural field is really high in Egypt and Saudi Arabia ,however percentage in use of water in Canada is opposite with respect to other two countries.
    Globally,there are two types of water(salt water and fresh water).World’s water contain 97% of salt water and only 3% of fresh water,similarly,fresh water is divided into three kinds(ground water, surface,ice and glaciers waters) where percentage of ice glaciers stands at 79% and ground water at 20%,likely least post is occupied by surface water that’s 1%.
    Regarding use of water,Egypt and Saudi Arabia spend more that 70% water in the field of agricultire but spend less than 20% in the domestic and industrial sector.
    On the other hand, canada uses 80% of water in industrial sector and approximately 10% in both the agriculture and domestic area.
    >>>>>>> I am reallly fan of your’s work …please check above writing and do give your’s opinion and marks for it ….waiting for your reply mam

  18. hello,
    iwant to introduce my self with a strong phrases and word such as no brainer ,concer …etc to be used in speaking part
    i am an optometrist for 10 y in armed hos i want to complite my post graduated studis in unsw in stralia in a filed of pediatric optometry
    thanks alot

  19. Hello.. Liz Mam I am from india and i have a question in writing task 2.
    for e.g ,if a statement is , “Smoking should be banned?” Do you agree or Disagree.
    can be write a task with partially agree?or it should be write with agree or disagree?
    IN which cases we can write a task with partially agree ?

  20. hello…ma’m im gng to appear for exam on 23rd of jan 2016 in idp…i would like to recieve the latest exam questions in which the candidates appeared on this mnth

  21. Hello…Ma’m im gng to appear IELTS on 23rd of this mnth….my preparation is nt too gud….regarding writing essay and reading passage as im gng to attend for idp

  22. impatiently waiting for the model answer, hpoe it will come before 23rd January

  23. Friends,
    I have attended two exams recently, first was on December 12th and second one was on January 9th in INDIA. If it is of any help to any of you, following are the sections I could remember so far

    1. General introduction question, from? work? challenges in job?
    2. Longer answer questions: Do you like swimming ? What sports I like to play ?
    3. Longest eloqution: 2 mins – Why climate control law is needed ? Effect on society of this law? How difficult it will be to enforce? Challenges ?
    4. Back to shorter discussion type questions ( answer in max 2 to 3 sentences ) Why rules are needed for children in schools? How rules are enforced on children at home ? Why they are important.

    She smiled.. and result is still pending.

    Next day was LISTENING:
    First part was on a discussion with a travel assistance on tour and about visitor preferences etc. desert safari, museum etc. It was fill in the blanks category.

    Second part was a discussion between a boy and a girl talking on course presentation. We need to choose one option out of four.
    Third was Then, two teachers talking about various children science projects and their response to them ( like / dislike / difficult/ enjoy / time consuming / quick results … the projects range from building a boiler, making glue from milk, colors and dye etc.). Followed by the difficult section, on a furnance diagram with many arrows pointing to the various parts ( more than 6 parts /pointers) and speaker really went through very quickly on it. We have to recognise the arrow and name it in front of part’s name.

    Fourth one was easier, with one word to fill. Speaker was talking about evolution of pencil from stone age to till date, manufacturing and branding.

    Fourth part was a passage on savants, ( mentally numbed but great mathematician and linguist). T/F/NG, than fill in the blanks [ It was difficult as multiple redundant information provided, hard to judge between T/NG ]

    Third passage was to find a title on eight paragraphs, those were about museum and course related to museum, graduates and their job prospects. [ was easier one because first line usually speak of the tile]

    Second passage was to fill in the blanks ( usually an easier one those words are already present in passages )

    First was to do the T,F, NG.

    WRITING in the last:
    Test 1 was to write local sports authorities about the local sports facilities and what new facilities are needed.

    Test 2: Why TV programms and Films on crime and criminals are famous and their effects on the society ?

    Result will be disclosed 23rd January.


  24. Hello everybody;) Who is going to take IELTS on 23d of January?

  25. hello maam… i really appreciate your efforts to give lessens to us
    i have exam on 30 jan. but still m confused in listening and reading . plz help me maam…… thank a lot

  26. Hi Liz,
    I have been a student of your advanced lessons. I appeared in IELTS on 12th December. My Scores are as follows:-
    Listening:- 8.5
    Reading:- 8.5
    Writing :- 8
    Speaking:- 8.5
    Overall:- 8.5
    I take this opportunity to really thank you for your help. Your course is the best I have come across online.

  27. Hi Liz!
    Nowadays i am preparing for ielts and gonna take it soon. However i have some problems with writing task 1. I think i am not writing it good enough. Can you help me?

  28. Hi Liz!
    Nowadays i am preparing for ielts and gonna take it soon. However i have some problems with writing task 1. I think i am not writing it good enough. Can you help me?

  29. rogia abdalla ali says

    HI LIZ
    I had my IELTS exams on the 9th January, that is last Saturday and Iam not sure about result could you kindly help me for next exam unfortunately i could not review your lesson before my exam.
    thank you

  30. Hello liz I would like to thank you
    But I ll tell what was happening with me in the exam. I totally get confused and nervous and cant concentrate at all especially in reading tasks .could you advise me what can I do to avoid such a situation in the test

  31. rogia abdalla ali says

    HI LIZ
    I had my IELTS exams on the 9th January, that is last Saturday and am not sure of result , unfortunately i could not review your lesson before exam ,i would ask if you could help me for next exam . most likely in February.

  32. Neeraj Mahajan says

    Hi Liz,

    I got confused to understand the type of essay given below. I am not sure whether it is the general discussion essay or ’cause and effect’ essay. Could you please just help to understand what type of this essay is:

    ‘Children do not respect their parents as much as they did in the past. This behaviour is now having negative impact on society’. Discuss


  33. Dear Liz,
    I’ve an exam on 30th of January.
    I’ve bought your advanced videos and I’m still studying about it. Paraphrasing the question is the easiest part, but developing ideas and finding reason points are a bit harder. Sometimes, I’m just thinking about the reasons why I agree with, what’s my supporting ideas. And then I lost in my reasons part before writing and it takes my time.
    Is there any way to help me?

    Thank you

    • You can develop a collection of ideas about various topics from model essays that are posted online. Preparing ideas is essential for IELTS writing and also IELTS speaking. When you have ideas, you can apply them to the topic given and plan your essay more easily.
      All the best

    • Hi ,
      I’m also attending IELTS on 30 Jan 2016,
      Evn I’m struggling to prepare for exam as there is nobody to help me except youtube and Google. I honestly tell I have no clue how exactly IELTS appears nd what comes first for exam and what comes 2nd. I’m really in a big trouble. I request you to please share few examples ..Will be really thank full.


  34. rex orville entierro says

    hi liz. last november 2015 there was an update from the british council with regards to writing. will we be expecting these updates to be relayed here?


    • Sorry I have not received any information regarding a change in the writing test format. I also can’t see anything on IELTS official websites. Can you explain what changes you are referring to?

  35. Tuan Nguyen Khac says

    Thank you deeply

  36. Seema Paul says

    Hi Liz,Your lessons are really great..


  37. Hi Liz,
    This message is about a your Model question topic of writing task 2(Food & diet). What is the meaning of ‘GM Foods’?? Can you tell me please….

  38. Waqar Saeed says

    Hello Liz.I m taking my IELTS on the 23rd January.I always see your lecture that is really useful.I have a bad grammar.I wrote some essay which i would like to share you.So is this possible that i send you my Essay writing.I will be thankful to you..I m taking Exam in Lahore city of Pakistan.

  39. I appeared for ielts in Pakistan for general module . The topic was to write about the criminal drama and film and their impact on society.
    The letter was to write for sports facilities to the local authorities as the current sports facilities are very less.
    The speaking was to speak about an event

  40. hi, i have ielts exam ,really i don’t know how study English ;-(i know my grammar is not good but my speaking is better than grammar.plz help me and say to me how i can improve my English knowledge?
    i have big problem in reading last exam i get 4.5 🙁
    plz help me

  41. Task 2 was about the following topic.some people believe sports events like Olympics ,FOotball worldcup are just wasted money while others think against this. Give the opnion of both side and share your own view.

  42. HI Liz!
    I need to know about the pie-charts. I gave an exam and i got 3 pie charts. They were so simple that I was thinking how to even write about them in 150 words. Plz give such an example. thanks

  43. Quang Chau says

    Can I send my answer and you fix for my error, I’m verry appreciate for that?

  44. Khoeurn Sokkheng says

    Dear Liz,

    Please help to share and show the writing task 1 on table data report.

    Very best regards,


  45. Mazhar Ishfaq says

    yes, exactly. I also attempted this one.

  46. Hi Liz,
    I had my IELTS exams on the 9th January, that is last Saturday and I must say your lessons are the best I have seen so far for any one wanting to get a high score and is preparing for the IELTS . I paid for lessons from a website 4 months ago as I was preparing for my exams and looking back I can say it was a waste of money in comparison to the skills I learnt for free from your website. My exams was great and I am confident of getting my desired score of atleast a 7 in each of the sections. I have already recommended your site to a friend and will definitely recommend your site. Thanks for your help, your site is indeed helpful.

  47. Baljinder Singh says

    Hello..Liz Mam I m from India and I need ur help to how to improve our all modules..and my exam date 18 Feb 2016 …nd i m very weak…Help me mam plz plz

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