Relocating businesses outside cities: Essay Ideas

Here are some ideas for questions and essays about relocating businesses outside city centers to regional areas. This is a common IELTS topic in writing task 2 and also speaking part 3.

In some countries, the government is encouraging businesses and industries to move outside city centers and relocate to regional areas.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend?

Advantages of businesses being outside urban areas

  • Land prices are cheaper and more available in rural areas which is beneficial to businesses. Many overheads will be cheaper.
  • Workers in regional areas can be hired for a lower salary.
  • Industry and business can often produce pollution so locating them away from residential areas is sensible.
  • Raw materials are located in rural areas so it makes sense for many businesses to be situated nearer their required resources.
  • Local communities usually support the arrival of new businesses as they bring jobs. This local support can be beneficial for businesses.

Disadvantages of relocating businesses

  • The infrastructure is sometimes less developed in rural areas which can be a problem for businesses.
  • Internet connection may not be reliable and this can adversely affect companies.
  • Workers in rural areas may be plentiful but they might not be as skilled as those in urban centers. A lack of skilled, experienced workers can be a problem for some companies.
  • For many companies, their customers are in city centers so moving away from their customer base is not beneficial.


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  1. Fatema Fazal says


    I am trying to make an introduction of the following question,
    Nowadays, some buildings such as offices and schools have open-space design instead of separate rooms. Why is it so? Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

    I am kind of stuck around on how to make the thesis statement??

    Can you please kind me with this

    Thank you
    Fatema Fazal

    • “An open designed room creates equality, fosters relationships and is more cost effective which I believe is a positive development.”
      You need to approach IELTS writing in a simple, logical manner.

  2. parbati sharma says

    hello i am very much interested in ielts exam could you help me about ielts test.

  3. Cattleya says

    Hello Liz, they say that scores are not rounded up but rather down. For example, the sum of all 4 sub tests is 6.75, the overall band score would then be 6.5 and not 7. Is this true? Thank you!

  4. mam what is paraphrasing? is it divison of essay in parts.

    • It means writing sentences with different words but the same meaning.

      • Hello am from pakistan. I took my test on 25th june. Me and almost all of the test takers missed the last passage of reading module. A reason is because everyone was fasting as this is a Muslim country. Can we expect any marking liniency for such circumstances as this is unfair to those who were fasting that day.

        • IELTS don’t make allowances as far as I know. Of course you can check with them directly. Usually these are things you should consider before booking your test date.

  5. Large industrial factories have always been a problem for ecologists. This is the first thing that comes up when thinking about industries and large business in city centres. The damage it brings to the environment, such as pollution and noise is obviously considerable, as well as big traffic and lack of space.

    The city of Moscow for instance has been experiencing problems such as pollution and noise for many years. The circle of heavy large industries around Moscow were formed at the time when the city was small and the industries laid pretty far from the city centre, so there was no impact on traffic and normal daily life. As those industries were expanding, the decision to build a new suburbs beyond the industries was made up, as new workers were on demand. That lead to the multiple suburbs built around industries and the city centre inside. By the end of the twentieth century it became clear, that all these industries caused huge problems for living in the city and connection between CBD and suburbs.

    Today many of these factories either have been demolished or in the process of demolishing. So that’s the large spaces become available for social needs, such as parks and stadiums or playgrounds.

    The bad sides of relocating factories and businesses are also multiple and sensitive. First of all it may be lack of the qualified workers and workers in general – not every worker would like to leave his or her accustomed place of work and living. It of course depends on a business, but in general is the problem to be for owners. Another one is the structural problems such as supplies of water, electricity and other essential things, such as internet connection, for leading the business.

    Every case of decision whether to relocate a business or not is unique and all pluses and minuses should be thoroughly weighed. But in my opinion industries and large businesses must be separated from any place of living to ensure life of people are comfortable and healthy.

  6. The email will contain a link to the video lesson that you purchased. The lessons are not relating to the topic on the page above.

  7. FU fok ming says

    what’s the difference between rural area and regional area?

  8. thank u

  9. Hi Liz,thank you for the essay ideas.

  10. Hello, dear Liz. Thank you very much.

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