Question about speaking part 2 topic: Water

Hi guys,

Many students ask me if their idea for topics in speaking part 2 is ok. I want to see how much you understand about choosing an idea for part 2 speaking.

Let me give you a current speaking part 2 topic: An Activity Near the Sea You have Done

Which of the following ideas can you use for this topic?

  1. Fishing
  2. Water-skiing
  3. Swimming
  4. Sunbathing
  5. Shopping
  6. Photography
  7. A lazy day near the sea
  8. A future holiday near the sea

Decide which of the above ideas is possible for the this topic.



Find out how to use these ideas: How to use Ideas for Speaking Part 2: Activity near the Sea

This page: Ideas, will show you how to use ideas, a model band score 9 answer and vocbaulary.


  1. Hi Liz,
    I’m going to talk about my first holiday to a seashore at Hurdagha with my small child and my husband. It was great but I carried a heavy resposibilities for my small child which was at his first year in life. I spent 3 days there, and I enjoyed much. First of all, I was fascinated when I saw my baby swimming in the pool. It was enjoyable feeling for him. In addition, I clicked a some magnificent photographs for us and the picturesque scenery. Moreover, we was far away from hectic days and busy schedules, therefore, we relaxed some time to charge our positive energy. Finally, It was a fantastic memorable days which we cannot forget it.

  2. Photography

  3. Can we talk about sand art in this cue card??

  4. All of them

  5. what about the topic watches

  6. Minh Thúy says

    I think all of them except for A future holiday near the sea.

  7. 1) sun bathing
    2)lazy day near the sea

  8. Abdulmajeed says

    I guess, it could be 1, 2 , 3, 4 and 6

  9. Swimming, sunbathing , a lazy day near to the sea ,

  10. Hi, 2,3,4,7 and 8

  11. Hi Liz,

    I like Photography and shopping(eating).

    In my previous exam, I was asked to speak about the responsibility of the govt and Pvt companies in approaching world for their market(something like this, I don’t remember exact question). So I started with govt, but ended up with something diff., because I was blank and examiner was encouraging me to say say something( really good guy) and I was off the topic, even then I got 7, but didn’t go well with listening.

  12. Fishing,water skiing,sunbathing,photography

  13. Kalava mahesh babu says


  14. Water-skiing

  15. Swimming

  16. Fernande Joseph Ambroise says

    Hi Liz

  17. future holiday and photography

  18. Photography

  19. Karen Joy Valle says

    Hi LIz,

    Good day!

    Sunbathing and photography.

  20. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for helping
    I like numbers

  21. I want to share the moment that I really enjoyed lots of activities near the sea.
    Actually, it occurred last weekend at the place called Salt spring.
    My family takes a trip annually and this time it was on my first daughter in law’s birthday so I had to prepare a lot of things in advances, such as food and cake.
    First, all family members including four grandchildren gathered together at the Horshbay terminal before 7 am to ride an 8;30 am the ferry.
    On the ferry, we shared breakfast and enjoyed the picturesque scenery during our journey which took approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. After we reached the island, we all changed to boots and marched to the shore to dig clams and crabbing after had gotten a fish licenses.
    Although we unable to ride a ship to fish due to a high cost, we caught almost a full bucket of clams. Unfortunately, we caught a huge size of crab but it was a female so we had to release it to the sea again because it is illegal to catch it. Everybody enjoyed the BBQ for the supper that I prepared. Next day, we drove to Victoria and took a water taxi which offers a half hour voyage surrounding places via waterway, we took off the ship underway to try to the well-known fish and chips. One drawback of this trip was long waiting for the ferry.We were left and wait with the uncertainty for almost 3 hours, but eventually, we managed to ride on the last ferry at 10;30 pm. So this is the quality family trip that I experienced near the sea.

  22. a future holiday near a sea

  23. Sunbathing and photography

  24. Photography & sunbathing

  25. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

  26. Abhijith eapen Kurian says


  27. Sunbathing


  29. Fishing and shopping

  30. Photography, sunbathing

  31. Photographing and swimming

  32. fishing and photography

  33. Swimming and photography

  34. Sunbathing

  35. Rupinder kaur says

    Hi Liz I ll choose photography option

  36. Govind Dixit says

    1. Photography 2. Sunbathing

  37. Sun bathing,photography and a holiday

  38. a future holiday near the sea…

  39. Swimming

  40. Sunbathing and Photography

  41. Photography and swimming

  42. Shopping

  43. Hi , I would like to talk about a trip that we had last month. We visited a place called Bintang Island, which is very famous for natural beaches and water sports . We had been planning to go to that place for a long time.The place has a lot of activities to do. We managed to go to the beach early in the morning and the scenery was so beautiful and it was breath taking. The place is well known for photography and sunbathing. Lot of people visit that place everyday. My friends had planned all the activities like swimming , Fishing and water skiing before we went there.But we could not do all the activities because we stayed for a day only and we managed to do only fishing and swimming. I wish we had stayed a little longer. Had we stayed for another day then we could have covered all the activities . Even though it was a wonderful trip and i thoroughly enjoyed the trip. I wish i would get a chance to visit it again.

  44. Describe any well paid job

    • There are many well paid jobs in the world such as a job of a teacher, doctor, politician, scientist. Here, I would like to talk about the job of a teacher.everyone passes through the hands of a teacher in school and college years. teachers are known as nation builders. all other profession’s such as doctors and nurses pass through the hands of a teacher. I believe that teachers have the power to make the world a better place. A teacher is like a candle that burns itself and shows light to others. Since age-old times teaching has been considered a noble profession. A teacher requires a good communication skills and depth of knowledge of his subject. A good teacher should treat all students equally. Nowadays, teachers are being paid handsomely by the government.

  45. Photography

  46. play beach Wallyball if the appropriate answer. Because on this topic lots of content can be collected

  47. Sunbathing and photography

  48. Hi Liz,
    If I am given a chance to speak on any of it, I would choose option 7 A lazy day near the sea bacause I can speak lot for this topic from the starting of the day to evening which can include other segments such as lunch or other activities I did or observed. Please guide me further,

  49. Dear Liz
    I like the thought of sunbathing at the seaside. But I prefer to have a walk barefoot. I love the feel of nature, touching the creation with my feet without anything on them.
    Walking barefoot, I believe, is one way of communicating with our creator, discovering the real purpose of our existence and living in harmony with His creation.
    In addition, walking barefoot, has health benefits. One, it improves blood circulation and two, it enhances strength.
    It is my desire to do walking in the seaside whenever it’s possible.

  50. Hi Liz,
    If I am given a chance to speak on any of it, I would choose option 7 A lazy day near the sea because I can speak lot for this topic form the starting of the day to evening which can include other segments such as lunch or other activities I did or observed. Please guide me further.

  51. I think all the ideas are appropriate for given topic

  52. Ketsalinh Lamphaiphanh says

    The choices you provided sound possible for speaking part 2. However, I’d choose number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8. As I’ve just started to be preparing for IELTS, I’m not quite sure whether what I have chosen might be appropriate.

  53. Photography

  54. Etienne NDUWAYO says

    1,4,5,6 and 7

  55. 1,2,3,4,6

  56. Sunbathing

  57. I will choose sunbathing and photography because activities, like swimming,water skiing and fishing are done in the sea,while shopping near the sea appears inappropriate and a lazy day near the sea shows no activity

  58. GovindaRaj Nepal says


  59. Ahmed_Diab says

    A lazy day near the sea

  60. mohammad nasser says

    Hi Liz,
    I think that all subjects are possible except for the shopping but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible as the examiner is not interested in our answers he/she are testing our grammar-vocab-fluency and cohesion.

  61. 4,5,6,7,8 because the question is asking of activities appropriate near the sea not on the sea or in the sea. Thank you

  62. Hi , 1,5&6

  63. Sunbathing & Photography

  64. I think all topics are appropriate.
    Even the eighth one. If you have never been near the sea before, you can talk about your future holidays there.

  65. Sun bathing

  66. Sirisha Vanapalli says


  67. Fishing sunbathing photography

  68. Hi Liz,
    Being talking about activities i have done near the sea are photography, shopping and most importantly a lazy day near the sea. I got a chance once during my college days to visit seashore and enjoy the company of my friends along. It was an awesome trip. We clicked lots of photographs and selfies. I am always fond of shopping and there were lots of stalls along seashore where one could enjoy shopping and bargain to the price of one’s choice. Lastly it was a lazy day as well because one could spend whole day there without doing anything just looking at the tides and waves click the photographs of sunset view and being with the friends.

  69. 1 .6

  70. Eman Elshekh says

    I think all the choices are appropriate. It depends on me, and, what I like to talk about.

  71. Photography

  72. Hi Liz, I like swimming, being at the sea walking beside the shore. Everybody’s enjoying with their love ones and families, very peaceful place and far from stress. I grew up in the city far from the body of water, but i mange to learn how to swim in college. Its compulsory for us to learn swimming at that time and I’m thankful to the school to teach us. Being in the city has a big difference than leaving in the province which is very near in the sea. But still I can enjoy here because theres a lot of public swimming pools near in our place, you can get there by ten minutes if you drive by car, or you can also take a public utility vehicles and it takes around fifteen to twenty minutes. I think learning how to swim is very important nowadays, because theres a lot of activities involving water, that you can enjoy.

  73. In between 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 I will choose because we have to describe a activity near sea not in sea.

  74. In between 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 I will choose because we gave to describe a activity near sea not in sea.

  75. Photography

  76. Hina Rajan says


  77. Sunbathing

  78. Sukhbir kaur says

    I m a nature lover nd feel relaxation in the lap of it.That’s the reason I often go to the such places like beaches ,lakes nd seas as these provide me peace in daily hectic nd busy schedule . In the same way last week ,I went to a sea with my friends .we reached there at 11.30 am . There were a no. of people who were already there nd were enjoying a lot. The scenery was too beautiful and attractive.First of all we took sunbath and gossiped with each other becoz we met after 3 months .However main motive was swimming . Actually my two friends were expert in swimming but I was new in this field. I went there to learn how to swim nd one of my friend started to guide me about that. Really I was too nervous at first becoz I was not familiar .But when I started once under the guidelines of my friend , I understood the the tacts of swimming nd after 2 hours learnt a lot about that.Now I feel confident nd think I can also be expert even after doing some practice .I think it is a memorable day for me becoz I learnt I new thing nd can not forget in my whole life. When I came back home nd told my parents about this ,they were also happy for me

  79. 1236

  80. Swimming and Sunbathing. xxx

  81. fishing

  82. Angela Maiapu says

    I would choose fishing and sun bathing.

  83. Sunnatillo says

    I’ll choose 2,3,4,6

  84. water skiing

  85. 2 , 3, 4, 6, 7

  86. 1,3,6

  87. vikas shrotriya says

    Dear Liz,

    As I have never been to any sea shore but wish to go there by year end with my family. So can I start my response by saying ” I have never been to any sea shore but yes I have plans to go there with my family this year end.” and than I share my plans what I wish to do there.

    Many thanks for your time in advance.


  88. I find the following ideas more suitable (4.Sunbathing, 6.photopgraphy and 7.a lazy day near the sea) while i can add more ideas along like with whom i did etc.
    However Fishing,water-skiing and swimming can be done being in the sea,thats these are inappropriate like shopping and future plan as well…

  89. Simi fredy says

    Well , that’s an exciting question.I really enjoyed going to the sea shore a couple of months ago with my new camera.Right from my childhood I have enjoyed taking pictures of natural scenes.That particular day,I was able to capture beautiful sceneries.The most heart touching snap was that of the sunset.In addition,I also got pictures of wonderful seashells.Moreover,the shots with my family and friends remain as a great memory.In my opinion, photography is a perfect mind refreshing activity ,one could have at the sea shore.

  90. A lazy day near the sea

    I am as an Engineer didn’t get time for leisure. Somehow last December I manage some time . This slot I made only for my family.
    I went to coxbazar , which is famous for it’s longest sea-beach of the world.

    The attraction of the beach has to observe the sunrise and sunset simultaneously.

    I spend a whole day in the beach along with my family. It’s sandy. It’s seems to me that I got free from all sort of tension and anxiety . My family member’s are also enjoy the silent beach. It make the family bonding harder .

    I have got a nice memory with this visit.

  91. gagandeep singh says

    Today, I will tell about shopping.
    Well I am fond of shopping when I give chance of shopping than I go to market such as, open markets as well as shopping malls . Apart from this , in prevailing scenario shopping is crucial part of everyone. When I go to shopping to different place as a result, I fell quite fresh.

  92. Amit malik says

    Water skiing

  93. Hetshri Shah says

    As I have studied in the town which is at the costal side. since then i love to spend time at the sea side. there are many activities which can be carried out near sea. For example photography, fishing, water sports , shopping etc…. it is always an individual choice how to spend time at the sea side. I love spending time to at the sea side. one of my most favourite activity to carry out near see is to spend lazy day and just observe people at the sea side. its always refreshing and energetic to witness sunrise and sunset at the sea side. it gives me immense pleasure to spend time with nature. and even very good photography can be carried out at sea side. you can capture different colours of the nature in one day and at one time.

  94. Shikha Arora says

    It can be shopping

  95. All ideas are appropriate
    … it depends on you that how you managed to talk about it..

  96. Among all other places for holiday or doing any leisure activities, spending time near sea is my most favourite place.
    Last weekend I had spent it near dumas beach, which is very much famous for holiday and adventures activities like fishing , swimming and sunbathing. I had also done all these activities with my family and enjoyed alot.
    I had also clicked some beautiful pictures of sun set near sea with my husband and family and uploaded in Facebook and other social network.
    Among all activities fishing was very interesting for me all the time.
    I had catch many fishes with very much hard work fell proud of myself for catching more than others.
    The weather was very cool and charming as rainy season has just started.
    I have also regret that I couldn’t done water skiing amd shopping near sea. For that I have to go to Goa in future holidays for covering all the adventures activities.

  97. Okafor Obinna says


  98. Photography

  99. Dear Liz
    I would prefer the sunbathing because I personally had a wonderful passion taking sunlight

  100. Aseem goel says


  101. Photography

  102. Rico Felices says

    Hi Liz! well, for me i think fishing is better. you can discuss and elaborate more about fishing, where, who’s with you and many more. Plus, if you love the topic, you can say more about it specially interesting ideas that well hook the examiner.

  103. Photography

  104. Jisha priju says

    I have a sweet memory in beach two months back…..and i have a good talk regarding that….my kids have seen sea only in cartoons,in their favourite pepa pig….we took them to a beach in Mumbai at Jhoohu. Their they had great enjoyment and i can narrate that story very well…..i believe this topic could work

  105. Points
    1. Fishing
    3. Swimming
    6. Photography
    7. A lazy day near the sea

  106. Points 1,3,6 and 7

  107. 1. Fishing
    2. Sunbathing

  108. Fishing, Sunbathing and photography

  109. Fishing and photography

  110. Christian Albert Lewier says

    Fishing, A lazy day near the sea, sunbathing

  111. A future holiday near the sea.

  112. Swimming,shopping, photography,fishing

  113. Deepak Joshi says

    Hi Liz,

    “Near the Sea activities would be”
    4. Sunbathing &
    5. Photography

  114. Swimming

  115. Gurpreet singh says


  116. Swimming

  117. 3 & 6 is possible in speaking park 2

  118. Sunbathing, Photography and Shopping.

  119. Harsimran Jit Singh says

    Photography and sunbathing

  120. Photography

  121. 1.Fishing

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