Nov 2016 IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic: Chocolate

Below is an IELTS speaking part 1 topic currently being used in the IELTS test this month. It is a new topic and has been taken from the main topic of Food.

I’ve listed the questions and provided some model answers and vocabulary. You can find more current speaking part 1 topics listed below.

Chocolate: IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic

Questions with model answers:

  1. Do you like chocolate?
    1. Yes, I do. I like both blocks of plain chocolate as well as chocolate bars, such as Mars bars.
  2. Do you often eat chocolate?
    1. Unfortunately, yes I do. I eat it everyday even though I know I shouldn’t.
  3. Is chocolate popular in your country?
    1. Yes, it’s extremely popular, almost everyone eats chocolate. It’s probably the most common snack for children and adults, and certainly much more popular than fruit.
  4. Did you eat chocolate when you were a child?
    1. Yes, I did but I didn’t eat it as often as I do now as an adult. My parents were careful to ration the chocolate to twice a week only.
  5. Are there any occasions when people give chocolate as a present?
    1. Yes, there are a number of times in the year when that might happen. Some people give chocolates to each other on Valentine’s Day, while other’s give it at birthdays. Easter is also a common date to give a chocolate egg as a gift.
  6. Do you think it is healthy to eat chocolate?
    1. Not really. I’ve heard that if the chocolate is plain, without added milk or sugar, it is fine to eat a small amount each day but it’s certainly unhealthy to eat the quantities and types of chocolate that most people eat today.

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  1. Upinder singh says

    What types of graphs come in ielts ?

  2. Hello dear Liz.
    How can i improve my speaking skill?

  3. Marisol Guzman says

    Hi Liz!

    I did the test on November 19th.
    My speaking card was about an expensive hobby I have!

    Warm greetings & thanks so much for your invaluable support!!!


  4. My cue card topic for today’s exam was about
    Oppointment I missed like appointment with Dentist or something. how I missed that and when. How you and other person felt about it.

  5. Hi all, I just wanted to share the speaking questions I was asked on Nov 17th 2016.

    Task 1
    What work do you do?
    what is your favorite pass time?
    What do you do during weekends?
    Do you like reading newspaper or magazine? why?

    Task 2
    Describe about an app that you use?

    What is it?
    How did u know about it?
    Why do you use it and its advantages?

    Task 3

    Which type of apps are famous in your country?
    Is the apps that younger people use and older ones are different?
    How did the technological advancement effected your daily life?

  6. Dear mam my exam on 19 november academic plz suggest me some latest writing and speaking material.

  7. Nikesh Rathod says

    Hi Liz,
    I am preparing for my IELTS and i always get low score in writing (6-6.5). I would like to increase my band to 7. Can you please let me know if it is possible for you to evaluate my essays and give me feedback on my improvement areas.

    Please feel free to email me
    Thank you very much in advance.

  8. My topic was ‘ describe any computer program or app you like’ and its was easy for me and i spoke about amazon app which is shopping app and very famous nowadays

  9. I got to talk about advertisements
    Part 2 was related to advertisements
    Part 3 there were so many related to advertisement influence of children on advertisements
    food and beverages

    Thanks Liz
    i was able to manage

  10. How can i give my introduction in this sort of topics?

  11. Hello Dear Liz!!!
    I have still some diffuculties to orginise my writing structures.
    Please,Could you tell me If it is asked that “describe this situation in your country and give some possible solutions”
    Should i write this kind of topic about only my country in my essay including in introduction and oter paragraphs.

    • These instructions are mostly given in the GT test. You just follow them clearly. If it asks about your country, then you only write about your country.

  12. Shafaq Zehra says

    Hello Liz,

    I am Shafaq Zehra from Karachi,Paksitan. First of all Thanks alot for your useful tips, they all helped alot. I had my IELTS October 28 and 29 as speaking and written respectively at AEO Karachi,Pakistan and I took General Training test.

    I have a question also that I will be posting at the end of my comment.

    The questions and topics goes as:

    – What’s your name?Do you work or study? Why did you choose this job?
    – then topic came “Flowers”; do you like them? when did you last buy them? for what?
    – CUE CARD : interesting Tradition in your country and then all questions kept coming from this topic till the end of the test.

    My Concern::
    Liz, I tried to speak as much possible for all the question that were asked, but the examiner kept pointing out to speak more and more, though I was fluent and used good vocab also, I am worried if my band will have get affected coz of my answers length??

    – Listening, can’t exactly recall all the parts, but it had research discussion in sec 3 (tough one) and sec 4 was lecture

    – Reading, was much harder than expected, in all 4 sections was the matching questions and in one part of sec 4 was the sentence completion

    -Writing, letter to nominate a colleague for best employee award that takes place annually in your organization
    Essay, children these days play more games on electronic devices than other toys and games, give your personal experience with examples.


    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 The examiner will always encourage you to speak more. When you speak more, you can offer a better range of grammar and vocabulary as well as prove your fluency.

  13. Dear Liz
    Hope you’re great.

    Just wanted to share with you that I had my speaking test today. Your videos and model answers helped me so much to generate ideas to elaboratey answers.

    Though I was fluent with correct grammar and spoke on the topics without going off track. I just want to ask you one question if you could help me to answer as iam bit worried about my result.

    In part 3 of the speaking test, i asked the examiner to repeat the question and took 2-3second pause while answering it. Do u think this will impact my scores??

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • If this is the only pause in your test, it won’t make any difference. Your fluency score is marked overall so just one answer won’t affect your final score. I hope you get a good result 🙂

      • Dear Liz

        Yes, it was just one pause as examiner was really quick in asking . There were almost 6-7 questions in part 3 and I took a small oause to think during my second last question.

        I will surely keep you posted about my result.


        • Dear Liz

          I bow my head as you were my teacher throughout my preparation. My result is out today and I have scored 7.5 in speaking and 7 in writing. My overall tesr score is 7.

          Thank you for all the support even though it was online.


  14. Yonas Yimer says

    Thanks Liz. Your materials helped me get ready for my IELTS Exam in last July at the British Council in Ethiopia. Scored 7 overall. Not bad, I guess. What really surprised me though is the difference in my writing and reading results. I had more confidence in my writing skills but I only scored 6.5 while scoring 8 in reading.

    • Well done! It’s common to get a difference in scores between reading and writing. Writing is a productive skill, while reading is passive. Also writing is marked based on criteria other than just English language. Anyway, it’s a strong score 🙂

  15. Loveneet Nagi says

    Hello mam ,
    The part-1 speaking topic(chocolate) which you given in link,
    Was asked me in my Ielts exam on 27 october by my examiner.
    Unfortunately, i was not ready for this.

  16. Hello Liz,
    Thank for the update, am writing my exam next year but i need Advanced ielts lessons for essay writing, this is the area am having Challenges.

  17. I had exam yesterday & task 2 was about minimum age of drinking should be made 18 ? To what extent you agree ?
    i gave my opinion by portraying i believe it must be take in consideration with points and vocab like should be made mandatory, imposition of penalties etc ? I never took classes or something just ieltsliz..Thank you Elizabeth.

    • Jesus. It was driving** phone pridictions😆

    • It’s essential to give relevant main points but you also need to state clearly if you agree the age should be 18 or not. This opinion should be in the introduction and explained in the body paragraphs.

  18. Akash Patel says

    Today, i had my speaking test. I think i did well in it. My topic was : “Describe the important points of keeping fit and healthy”. I have learned a lot from this site. You are a philanthropist, who always helps us to do well in IELTS exam. Your writing task 1 and 2 tips are awesome. I used it yesterday in my writing task and overall, all sections went good.

    Thank You.

  19. Thank you very much for sharing these valuable information on public for free
    I have done the IELTS SPEAKING TEST One week ago …
    My topic was about news
    What was the happiest news you ever heard?
    Why was it important?
    Do you usually read newspapers?
    When do you think itvis necessary to announce the news tonpublic?

  20. I love chocolate. That’s why love this topic. Thank you for sharing such questions& answers.
    Love.. Shefali.

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