Newspaper Questions for You

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The topic of newspapers is a common topic for IELTS speaking and IELTS writing.

I would like to check how much you know about the contents of a newspaper.

Newspaper Questions

  1. What is an obituary?
  2. What is the most popular section of the newspaper in your country?
  3. Why do some people only skim the headlines?
  4. Do you think newspapers will one day be completely replaced by online news?


Post your answers in the comments box below.

I will post sample answers with extra vocabulary tomorrow.

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  1. 1. an obituary is a speech beliver on the death of a person.
    2. politics and crime
    3. because the headlines surrounding for news.
    4.yes,more people are dependent on internet and online news

  2. Obituary is announcement of death, mostly in my country its about actors and politician.
    Most popular section of the newspaper in my country is common news about crimes and political instability. People want to know about changes in the government personals.
    people skim the headlines because all crime news are same, and some time news in news paper are not about their interest. so they don’t want to waste the time as well.
    According to my point of its not possible that newspaper will be replaced by the online news, because online news without internet is not accessible. newspaper also maintain the place in society from the years and years. Its considered a reliable source of news rather than online.

  3. 1. An obituary is the formal announcement of death of a person on the newspaper. It often comprises a short biography of that person along with information about upcoming funeral.
    2.I think, the vast majority of our people like to read crime and entertainment news. Most of the readers enjoy the gossips as well as recent eye catching activities of the celebrities.
    Some people like to follow their styles such as hair cut, dress design and life style by going through the newspaper.
    3.Many people glance the headings of newspaper because reading full text of the news is not only time consuming but also a tiring task for a working person.However, on holidays they enjoy reading the newspapers from A to Z .
    4. I don’t agree with this idea as because always there will be some readers who will prefer reading hard copies of news not the soft copies .Although now a days we are updated by several national and internal news apps time to time, but still the news paper is charming.

    • Romeo Navarro Jr. says

      Thank you for the information about this topic. I hope I could learn more to help me in teaching about IELTS writing and speaking.

  4. Vigneshwaran says

    1.Obituary is nothing but letting know someone’s death to the public through newspaper advertisement along with the photograph of the person who passed away.
    2.I think the important section depends from person to person.Most of the adults consider the headlines on the first is most important, while the businessmen consider the business and economics column contains the most critical news.But many youngsters like me always have an affliction to the sports column.
    3.Many don’t find enough time to red the entire newspaper and hence they read only the headlines which gives a synopsis of the entire passage.
    4.There will be a potential loss to the newspaper industry but I dont see online news replacing them completely.There are people continuing with the conventional way of reading news.

  5. 1- Obituary is a part in the newspaper dedicated to people who are recently have died , done by their relatives to inform their friends and acquantacies .
    2- Ithink most popular parts in newspapers in my country are that about celebrities , sports (especially football) and accidents , because these types of news are so attractive to most of people .
    3-I think because they are busy , have no time to read detailed news or may be due to that they feel bored by details . some people skim headlines but if they found attractive one , they may read the details beyond it .
    4- i think yes . Because cell phones , lab tops and tablets are so popular nowadays . anybody can explore news or anything he or she want to read so easily .

  6. Ramandeep Kaur says

    1. An obituary is speech deliver on the death of the person.
    2.politics and crimes.
    3. Because the headlines surrounding for news.
    4. Yes, more people are dependent on internet and online news.

  7. An obituary is a printed announcement of the demise of t a person on a page(s) of a newspaper. It may also contains short biography of the deceased, the cause of death, date of death, names of survivors and funeral arrangements

    In my country, a lot of people are mostly satisfied just going through the front page of a newspaper because they believe it has captions of all the most interesting events. The most widely read section may also be gender-based;men love to go through the sport section, women love the fashion page. The most favored section may also depend on one’s area of interest; the economist would preferably view the economic section while the sport analyst would look out for the sport column.

    Not everyone takes time to fully digest the contents of a newspaper, mainly because the time is not available to do that. Some may simply run through all the captions on the pages of the newspaper. In so doing they have an idea of the stories that are most notable although not in details. Another reason is the availability and affordability of newspapers. For someone who doesn’t find it convenient to buy on a daily basis, it may be economical to quickly glance through the headlines of a borrowed newspaper.

    Well, e-news is becoming common place but I’d say it plays a different role from printed news.
    Firstly, we need to consider the availability of internet services. We still have remote areas lacking internet networks. In such places, enews may not be the best.
    Secondly,literacy is another factor to consider. Not everyone is computer enlightened and can access online information with little or no assistance either on a computer or phone.
    Thirdly, how affordable are internet services. You need to have a means by which you can route with the internet in order to get enews. Data bundles are not pocket friendly most times and as such can limit the number of people reaching for online news.
    Moreover, many newspapers come in local dialects as well as English. How often do we get news in our local languages online?

    In my own opinion, enews and newspapers play separate roles in our lives and I do not think that someday internet news would substitute the place of newspapers.

  8. Tethering Bhutia says

    1 in obituary the ritual of death person would be mention with details of date , day , venue and the contact of the family.
    2. In the telegraph newspaper there are would be t2 where there has mentiones of celebrities.
    3. Because they would like to know about the main headlines what’s going around the world and nations and because of busy schedule.
    4 . According to my view no because traditional newspapers people are reading since decade.

  9. An obituary is a column in the news paper that informs about the death of a person and his brief biography either represented by the family members or by the state.
    There are types of obituaries, one is meant for legal purpose where death is notified and the other a memorial obituary where death is informed for social purposes.

    Popularity of a news paper in a country depends on how bold and truthful one has been in reporting cases or publishing news items, the language , presentation, appearance , lay outs, size of paper, title of headlines, political lineage, above all the number of circulations, and city wise or district wise information, local job openings, results, classifieds , all these influence the popularity of a news paper.
    The English language paper popularity is zonal wise, while some market the paper through language excellence some market through flimsy photographs of women.
    The Hindu, The Times of India, Indian Express, are some of the national papers which are popular, others are local and are more state oriented.

    Skimming the paper is having a birds eye view of all that is happening rather than going into the details.
    reasons for skimming may be due to lack of time, or while sipping coffee, morning time, late night before sleeping, or while in office or while travelling,

    Online news, may attract a few heads to turn around. News is fast, instant and well in time published to be seen and heard by a large number of people, in various parts of the world, , online uses multimedia, photographs, videos, live interviews, streamlining of news, alerts, terror attacks, can be thwarted, information can be stored and retrieved as and when possible.
    But a news paper is a printed matter, lifeless and stationary, can be carried to places where internet is not accessible, or, in hotel receptions, or, in office places,
    in business meetings to display information,
    Paperless technology has made the environment more cleaner demanding less from forests,
    as a conclusion statement I feel that more people are now leaning towards online news, expect for some magazines,
    some love to skim the papers to know the world,
    popularity is dependent on language used, editorial, colors, layout, classified advertisements.

  10. Anuoluwapo Omowumi Oyedeji says

    1) What is Obituary?
    Obituary is a poster printed for the dead . It is a notice for a burial arrangement for the deceased.

    2) What is the most popular section of the newspaper in your country?
    Politics is one of the most popular section of the newspaper in my country. People usually like to know what is going on in their environment. What is happening in the country as a whole.

    3 ) Why do some people only skim the headlines?

    The headlineof a news tells what you what you will always like to read. People usually skim through the headlines because it captures your mind and tells you what you expect in the news. It’s common for everyone one to glance through the newspaper, sometimes you don’t have the time to read the whole news, you just take a glance on the headline and that alone can tell you what is going on.

    4) Do you think newspapers will one day be completely replaced by online news?
    For me i don’t think newspapers will be replaced by online news. You can always get detailed news from paper and much more reliable because you know the source but online news may not really be reliable at times. Newspaper will have gone through thorough check to know its authenticity before being published.

    Furthermore, there are some elderly ones who still believe in reading anything hard copy which you can move around and read at your own leisure time. Also is not everybody that has access to internet in the part of the world i came from. Sometimes there are some Job applications you might not get online immediately when it was out, but you will get them on newspaper immediately its out.

  11. Obituary is the death announcement of demise soul in one of the section of the newspaper.This is one of the source of information where large people can come to know about the death and funeral ceremony of deceased

    In my country various sections are popular among varied kind of people depending on their age and interests however if I talk about the section which is the most popular among all then it is definitely sports section especially cricket news. People have great passion about sports and like to keep themselves updated with sports news. This section is the key interest for all irrespective of their ages.

    Although newspaper is always a detailed source of news and information however some people really like to go through main headings only as they consider by doing this they can cover more and save their time.They can be well aquainted with all happening around the world .Moreover a single news paper is very wide therefore it becomes difficult to read whole news paper. In such case choosing only headings is a wiser option
    I totally agree that in future traditional news papers will be replaced by online news.Considering today’s modern and fast paced life people can not spare one or two hour to go though a news paper so they prefer choosing online news because they can easily read it anytime and any where.

  12. Romeo Navarro Jr. says

    An obituary is an announcement or a notice given to the public to inform about the passing away of a relative or friend.
    The entertainment section is popular in the newspaper of our country.
    The younger generation only likes the news relevant to them, on the other hand the older generation are more informative about what is happening at the moment.
    I do not think so that the newspaper would be made online since the older generation who are not always online are the ones who are more interested in reading it.

  13. Obituary is a notice of death or funeral arrangements which can be displayed on a poster, announced over the radio or published in a newspaper.
    The newspaper section which is currently very famous in my country is the political section. This is because the election period is fast approaching and there are lots of political issues in the country which arouses the interest of the populace.
    Most people prefer to skim the newspaper headlines in order to know at a glance the content of the paper. If they find their areas of interest, they purchase the paper and settle down to read it, and vice versa. Also, people glance through the newspaper headlines in order to know if it is current when compared to the situations on ground.
    I believe newspaper will still remain despite the advancement in technology and online news. Firstly, it is handy and can easily be stored for future reference unlike the internet news which is mainly on live streaming and cannot be saved. Furthermore, newspaper can be understood by everyone including the computer illiterates. Also, it is affordable and accessible to majority of the population compared to the online news which requires at least a smart phone and a data subscription for usage.

  14. _It is a news aticle in the newspaper about the death of a person. Typically includes the details of the funeral of that cetain person.
    _Well, I believed it’s the horoscope and sometimes the game part, were you can play crosswords and soduku. In my opnion I found them interesting and often times you can enhance your mind by answering the game part after you’ve read the horoscope of the day.
    _I guess, They only want to focus on what article they want to read, by doing this skimming part, they will save much of their time.
    _I certainly disagree about this statement. For the reason that reading article in the newspaper can give you more interesting experience in a way that you can only focus on what you are reading, While on the other hand, reading in a electronic device can be boring because electronics doen’t work without wifi. I addition to newspaper, you can use it in napping time to cover your face.

  15. 1. Obituary is a part of a newspaper, where a short biography of death people published.
    2. Crime
    3. As they want to know briefly, what is happening around the world.
    4. I partially agree.

  16. Emeka Igwe says

    An obituary is the term that widely used to publicly announce the death of a person, the cause of his or her death, burial arrangement, and the family of the deceased person, usually through the use of posters and news paper publications.

    The most popular section(s) of the newspaper in my country are those headlines that are strongly political. This is because politics and politicians in my country have over the years failed to bring about the desired minimum standards of living and minimum quality of life to my country men and women. In fact politics and politicians are the reasons for the under development of most of the vital sectors my countrys economy and this is largely due to the diverse contradictory values and selfishness of the multi ethnic groups of most of the people that makes up my country Nigeria. Hence, people are always reading political headlines just to keep themselves informed of political antecedents.

    People often skim through the news papers to search for the news headlines that directly or indirectly affect them. It is worthy of note that different people have different topics in the news paper that usually interest them and skimming enable them to quickly differentiate headlines and go straight to the pages they are interested on to read up what they want.

    Well I partly agree that online news reading is fast replacing the newspapers reading , owing to the fact that technology have advanced tremendously to the extent that one can now easily read all news online at the cheapest cost possible, even before they are publish on the newspapers at a minimal cost when compared with purchase of the news newspaper.
    However, it is also almost impossible for everyone to have a browseable phone that accesses the internet in my country.which makes is possible that newspapers will always be on sale.
    Also, most people go to the news stand, not only to purchase the newspapers, but to also share or discuss topics and make themselves happy.


    Emeka Igwe.

  17. 1. An obituary is a notice of death especialy in a newspaper including a brief biography of the deceased person
    2. Politics
    3. Some People skim the headlines to save their time as they are updated by daily current affairs and news in far less time by going through the headlines
    4. According to the pace at which the world and information technology is advancing i believe that soon newspaprs will be replaced by online news or atleast they wouldnt be given much focus and importance considering the fact that every other person has cell phone and knows internet browsing secondly it will be more feasible for people to look through the online news .

  18. Augustus Ugwu says

    -Newspaper is a printed publication,usually issued daily or weakly,consisting of folded unstapled sheaths.

    -Contents of a newspaper includes;
    .General news page -this is the front page.This section contains the tittles of most important news articles,banner headline.
    .Dateline section-this section has the words at the beginning of news article,which say when and where the story was written.
    . Table of contents section-this is where you locations of all the sections.
    .Editorial page-this is where you find the news articles of editors,their views and opinions on certain issues and events.
    .Local and Foreign sections-this section contains segment for news articles from town,cities and segment for foreign news articles.
    .Sports page- this has news on sports,and well known persons in sports.
    .Entertainment section- this section is for news articles in entertainment industry,and that of well known persons in the industry.
    .Weather section- this is the section news on weathers of particular areas.
    .Home and Culture section- here is where one finds information about cultures home events.
    .Classified ads section- this is where advertisement of commodities are seen.
    .Announcement and Obituary-this section is for notice of deceased persons,and information about religious issues.
    .Travel and Tourism.
    .Society page- this page is for news articles of well known persons in the society.
    .Business and Financial section- this section contains news article about businesses and finance, including the exchange rate, import duty and price of prime commodities.

    Obituary: This is a notice of a death,expecially in a newspaper,with a brief biodata of the deceased persons.

    Obituary gives news about the family of the deceased,how many the deceased are in the family and how many children he/she has.
    It also gives information about the skills and passion of the deceased.
    Obituary also provides the information on the accomplishments of the deceased. It is most often found in the last page of a newspaper.

    The most popular part of a newspaper in my country is the general news page.

    The reason majority of people skim newspaper is that,it enables them have a general idea about the news article contents of a newspaper. If they find anyone interesting,they will tend to dwell and get detailed information on the very article. Also,good number of people may not be patient enough to go through all the sections in detailed manner.

    I think the newspaper may completely be replaced by electronic media,due to the rapid spread of internet scope and availability.

  19. Hi Liz,obituary is the information of a persons death and its funeral , including the date of funeral , venue and thanks to participate in the ceremony… 2/The popular readable section of my country’s news is sports and related contents including match results.Reading cricket related newses was my childhood hobby. 33/I think proof reading consumes most of the time ,so people prefer to skim the headlines . Therefore they will get overall view of the information. In 4/In my view online newses will be more convinient in the future time..Now every one have internet access and mobile phones that’s why no need to buy the newspaper for getting newses.

  20. Rawia Obida says

    1. It is a part of the newspaper concern about death, and biography of the dead one.
    2. Celebrities.
    3. Because they have not enough time to read the whole page.
    4. Yes, I do, as many people nowadays depend on online news, and years after years may probably replace the newspaper completely.

  21. Rawia Obida says

    1. It is a part of the newspaper concern about death, and biography of the dead one.
    2. The headlines.
    3. Because they have not enough time to read the whole page.
    4. Yes, I do, as many people nowadays depend on online news, and years after years may probably replace the newspaper completely.

  22. Thaddeus says

    1. An obituary is a public announcement of a person’s death, a brief history of his or her life and information on the funeral rites.

    2. In my country Nigeria, the most widely read segment of a newspaper is the politics. This is because of ethnicity and religious diversity of Nigeria.

    3. In my opinion, some people only skim the topics to find an interested sections to read and to locate the exact page. Also to save time from reading an uninteresting topics.

    4. In my view, online news will not absolutely take the position of newspaper because not everybody that has assess to computer or the internet. Also not everyone is computer literate.

  23. Obituary is the part of the newspaper describing the demise of an individual and may notify the public about the funeral arrangement.
    A lot of people are found of reading the part that talk more about the politics.
    People skim the headlines for many reasons to read the part that they find interesting. Some of the reasons inlude lack of time and relevance of the news headlines to what’s happening around them.
    Yes;with advancement in technology, I belief that the newspaper will soon be replace with an online news .When people have access to internet ,its safes time and the cost of purchasing newspaper.

  24. Shiyam Kumar says

    1. An obituary is announcement of an individual’s death. It also briefly mentions deceased status before death (like the post he was working at) and time and place of funeral services. Most of times, obituaries are sponsored publications by the family or well-wishers and the page area covered by an obituary reflects the amount paid to the newspaper.
    2. Politics is heated subject all over the country I come from. People always discuss politics and that’s the reason political talk shows are so popular and all news channels telecast those talk shows during prime time. This is the reason, all the headlines in almost each newspaper cover political arena of the country.
    3. There could be various reasons fro a person to glance all the headlines in a newspaper rather than reading each an everyone in detail. Time being the most common reason followed by the interest. In current day and age, it is quite hard for any individual to read all the news at length hence skimming is the best strategy to go through all the news for selecting interested news. With this one will be able to stay tuned with the current knowledge across the world and will be able to focus more on area of interest.
    4. Internet has become the lifeline for most of us nowadays and there should not be any doubt, that in future most of the newspapers will be available online only. This trend has already started as most of the famous and major newspapers have online sections too besides publishing the hard copies which provide them more readership especially in new generation who likes to stay on line most of times.

  25. Obituary is a news article that report the recent death of the person.
    In people read the headlines portion.
    People skim the news just to get the main idea.
    Yes i think that newspaper will be repaced by the online news because it is an era of the technology and people are more involved in using technology as it saves there time.

  26. 1. An obituary is an announce about decedents’ short biography on newspapers.
    2. Sport pages are the most prefered sections to read on newspapers in my country.
    3. I think some people only look at the headlines on newspaper because they don’t like reading
    4. Although online news improve thanks to technological advancement, newspaper still maintain its importance. This situation will be same in future. Because, people like to read through touching the newspapers.

  27. 1. News about deceased person
    Person particularly comes from politics,sport,movies and many more.

    2.The majority of people in my country like to read sports section.however,in my case, i read eye catching news

    3.There are plenty of reasons.Mainly,i think that looking news for their interest. may be possible one day while thera are certain people who do not prefer mobiles and other gadgets in order to read newapaper and i am one of them too.

  28. Chika Ogili says

    Obituary is a newspaper article that reports the demise of a person. It is usually about a renowned person in the society or significant people. Obituary announcements are basically seen towards the back pages of the newspapers, specifically at the around the business section.
    There are varieties of trending news that come up everyday in my country. These cut across politics, health, sports, social problems and so on. However, the major focus of newspapers are politics,sports, social problems and health related issues.
    Various number of people have special interests in a particular sections of newspapers. The implication is that each person knows the area that captives him/her most. Simple put,it is individualized. This therefore, brings about the attitude of skimming through newspapers. Moreso, time is another factor.
    In my opinion, I think newspapers remain irreplaceable. Although, there is a significant change with the help of technology, newspaper still maintains it’s position.

  29. 1.Obituary is a report about the death of some people especially celebrities. In addition, this kind of articles review somebody’s life.
    2.In my country, I think the most popular section is entertainment news because most readers like gossips.
    3.Nowadays, people live in an age of information explosion, we don’t have so many time to read every news. As a result, we skim the headlines instead.
    4.Yes, Since the the popularity of internet technology and free online news, I believe one day newspapers will disappear.

  30. Poonam Srivastava says

    Obituary is a formal way of announcing or informing about someone’s death and paying condolences. It generally informs the day a person passed away and could also have information about the prayers meeting to be held with the day, data and timings.

    In India, my county people generally like to read all the latest news about Politics. Indian politics is always very happening and with the number of political parties and issues politics is something people want to be updated about.

    Skimming through headlines could be a quick way to get a glimpse of what is going on around the world. It could also be that in today’s busy times people don’t have time to go through all of the newspaper and read all the news in details.
    It could be that, having a quick glance at newspaper to check for a any big news before leaving the house and then go through the details on the internet through the day. It’s always good to be aware of current affairs.

    Newspapers are still preferred as far as the older generation is concerned. Talking about the new generation and the internet usage, it does look like
    the demand for newspaper will go down with time. It might take some time for the newspaper ti go extinct but in future I am afraid it might lose its existence to internet and its vast usage.

    • Poonam, you have written really some good answers. You can simply define orbituary as “A death notice is a paid announcement in a newspaper that gives the names of a person who died, details of funeral or memorial service”.

  31. Alvarez Andrea says

    An obituary is a short, written notification of death inte ding to inform of the passing of a person.
    In my country, the most popular section is perhaps the sports section since vast majority of people is soccer fan.
    Reading the headlines pay the benefit of having a brief idea of the content of each news and allow the reader to identify those of their interest to follow thoroughly. Additionally, it provides a general sense of awareness of the relevant happenings and thus keeping up to date with news and events.
    To a great extent I believe that news papers will eventually be replaced by digital forms. The accessibility to digital devices and widely spread internet connection become a ground for my statement. Additionally, having the news digitally rathen than printed brings an environmetal benefit that most countries are committed to. Finally, the benefit of having news in a digital form through smartphones, for instance, implies that there is not further need to look for the news store or paying for it, since the information can be obtained at any time free of charge.

  32. Obituary is a newspaper publication,announcing the death of an individual.It usually carries information about the date of birth and the date of demise.It also informs the public about the burial arrangement.

    The sport section is of interest to many youths in my country as my country is a football loving country.

    I think people skim through the newspaper headlines just to get an overview of what the whole news is about,without having to read the whole paper.
    I don’t think that physical newspapers would go into extinction because there are still people that don’t have access to the internet and also the old people that are stuck on their old ways of doing things.Everyone has their preference hence they choose the one that suit them best

  33. Anene Anthonia says

    1. obituary is notice of death or demise
    2. I think that the most popular part of newspaper in my country is Politics.
    3. many people skim to get the story that interest them before settling down to read . Others may also do so because they lack the time to read the entire news as newspaper is usually voluminous and they may have to read more than one a day.
    4.I do not agree.Online will always require battery but newspaper will not.

  34. ZIPPORAH says

    1. Obituary is detailed information and sometimes the picture of a person who is dead and this information has been published on a particular page in the newspaper.
    2. In the newspaper the most popular page is the front page with the headlines.
    3. Some people skim it because they believe in the headline one can be able to capture and understand what the current news is all about is and that information is what is important to them.
    4. Well, I do not think that there will be a time when the newspaper will be fully replaced by the online news because with the changing in technology not all people will be convalescent with how the gargets operates and that there will still be people who would prefer using the newspaper as the source of getting news. For example during the time of our grandparents we did not have the smart phone and the ipads as now and even if you teach this aging individual on how to operate it they will not be able to operate it as we do.
    Another reason is that the online news will be only available if you have the connection to the network and a source of energy that does not get off which is challenging and one can not be 100% sure that you will have the network and the power throughout.
    In conclusion I believe that there is no way the newspaper will be completely replaced by the online news due to the problems and challenges one can encounter while using and depending on the online news.

  35. abderrahane says

    obituary is a brief notice of person’s dead as published in newspaper

    the most popular section of Algerian newspaper is sport checked most of the readers are young
    people nowadays only skim the headlines because of sociable media take the most of time and lack of time for reading and new paper came so long comparing with past without taking into account the reader
    sure it will heavily be replaced by e journal on big average

  36. 1. Obituary is an article in the newspaper about someone who has just died.
    2. I don´t know (it) exactly, but in Slovakia might it be sports section for man who have no access to the Internet and for the women who love without the Internet it could by the recepy section or advice columns.
    3. I think, everybody seeks their own topic of the interest, there is nobody, who reads the newpapaer from beginning to the end.
    4. My guess is, that it is going to happen soon, because most of the informatin, you can read in the newpaper you can find on the Internet in a much quicker way with a lot of other connected sources.

  37. 1. Obituary is a notice of death of a person. These days, many people give obituary in newspaper to inform all friends or relatives to tell about a person’s death instead of contacting everyone as it is difficult to inform everyone.

    2. There are many sections in newspapers but out of all sports and entertainment section are quite popular. Moreover, choice of section also greatly depends on the age and gender of an individual. Youngsters mostly like to go through sports and entertainment news whereas elder people love to read news related o country or their region and usually women read fashion and lifestyle section.

    3. There are a plethora of reasons that why some people only skim the headlines, firstly some people do not have much time to read the whole news so they just go through the headlines to keep themselves up-to-date. Secondly, there are some people who find reading newspaper boring so just to know about their surroundings they skim the headlines and read only that news which is really interesting for them.

    4. Though with the advancements in technology and due to enewspapers or online news, significance of paper newspapers has fallen down but I think these cannot replace printed newspapers entirely as there are many people who find reading printed newspaper easy and comfortable. Moreover they become habitual of reading newspaper while sipping a cup of coffee or tea in the morning. In addition, there is a strata of society which is not tech-savvy and some even cannot have access to online .

  38. Sherif Abdelhaleem says

    1- obituary is an new article contains announcements of the death of a person.
    2- the sport section is the most famous section in my country.
    3- the reason makes some people to do fast reading for the headlines, because the doesn’t have enough time to read the details.
    4- I think that the internet would be the only source to follow up the updated news which is more easer and faster than the newspaper.

  39. Shwetabh Varma says

    1. Obituary: Section in news paper where someone’s death is announced
    2. Most popular section of news paper in my country is sports. Being 2nd most populated country in world we have a variety of sports being played in the country. Most popular though is Cricket. It all started with famous 2 formats but now we have different formats of cricket being played in the country. And the competition is not only at international level but also state, district and school. Off late badminton is picking up quiet a lot in my country and taking a good portion of sports section news.
    3. Some people skim thru the headlines as there is variety of news that to be covered in short span of time and due to busy schedule these people are not able to spend lot of time in going thru each and every article in detail. Another reason is its a good way to keep oneself updated on various facets of society. But this is always superficial knowledge.
    4. News paper will not be replaced by online news in future. There are lot of people who prefer reading news in hard copy and not online. Internet penetration rate across globe still stands at 27% and this is must to read online news paper. It is going to be a long journey before hard copy news paper is replaced by online one.

  40. 1. Obituary is a formal way of informing people about death of a person in news paper.

    2. Editorial is the most important section.

    3. They want to get gist of headlines without reading through details because of time constraint.

    4. No newpapers will not be completely replaced by online news, however a significant number of it’s readers will switch to online version.

  41. Notification of death.
    Political news.
    Those who skim generally interested in news of their choice..
    No newspapers will never be replaced,as they are handy and are not dependent on battery.

  42. FIAZ ALAM says

    In essence the word obituary is the sad notification of the death of renowned people through newspaper.It usually reflects some key characteristics of that person.
    Though most of the newspapers in my country have common sections like Main front page,back page,sports sections,business,metropolitan,local news,international sections,opinion and editorial sections etc.The inclination of people towards a particular section or multiple sections varies according to the taste and environment in which people works.For example the contractors look towards the tender portion.But the common trend of people in my country is towards that section which have the juicy stories.
    The skimming process in reading newspaper is common because people glance for their interested section so instead of reading the whole headlines in detail they first make just a quick through and then returns to priority areas. Also time is another attributing factor towards the skimming.
    Though people are watching online news but I strongly disagree that it will completely overcome the watching of newspaper because the newspapers are not showing news but as mention earlier there are a lot of sections for people of all walk of life.Therefore,online news could not become an alternative of newspapers.

  43. Obituary is a notice of death given in a newspaper, typically including a brief biography of the deceased person . It is one of the way of informing the people to attend the last rituals done for the deceased or to take the blessings.
    The most popular section of the newspaper is the children section,however it involves more the taste and interest of the people and even the profession they are in.Some like to read the headlines of all the sections but read the detailed news only of the section they like the most. Mostly all age group people like to read the children section. We also have child ratio more in our country so they also prefer to read the child section first.They like to read short stories, solve puzzles etc. Youngsters are interested in sports news. People on the age group 30 – 50 years like to skim the headlines only. They might have plethora of wok to do. Old-age people have ample of time so they tried to read all the sections but not able to do so. By recapitulating, i think that people prefer to read the sections according to their age group, interest and profession.

  44. jophy varghese says

    The first question presenting regarding death,the death is always unpredictable.It will come any time any where.
    the second question give you,a small kind off remembrance of news paper,in my point i will read index of news paper its in top of the first page.
    The third question showing no time for reading, all are very busy
    If internet came but reading will give you another way off experience.

  45. Dr. Sanjay Handa says

    1. An obituary is that section of the news paper which is dedicated to the remembrance of the deceased.

    2. The most popular section of the newspaper is the Sports section, since the ongoing of the IPL in India people are more keen to know about the details and comments of experts and the predictions made by them in this regard. People are also take a keen interest in international football, and the spot light is mainly on thew star players, whom they want to hear about.

    3.People have varied interests, in a fast paced life in a metro people don’t find time for family least would they find time reading the newspaper, so reading the headlines is like getting the gist of the news so as to keep them abreast with the happenings.

    4.I have a strong opinion it would, in this era where technology is booming and every thing is done and acquired digitally, why would a person take the pain of carrying a ten paged news paper and trying to find the page of his choice, rather a tablet or cell phone would suffix where by the press of a button can give the required page, where news and other information can be accessed on the go.

  46. 1. Obituary means ,the word used in newspaper regarding an article which is about a diceased person.although some of the country focusing the newses of Varian style ,we have breaking newses are in the front,in recent no one having time for covering all the news while they have only Time to look the headlines and it s because of the person inderstimating the values of newses .News always following new things to aquire where it’s takes place and it’s after effect effet.the modern world rushed with time meanwhile,the person another option to choose to giving information through online portal which is easily available in his hand where is he that’s not irevelent wherever he can get the news on his thumb that’s why he never use paper media as basement tool of operation

  47. 1. Obituary means informing of one’s death.

    2. Metropolitan is the most popular section of a newspaper in my country as people like to read news regarding their city. What ever happening in town is described in the metropolitan.

    3. Some people just skim the headlines because they need to keep an update of latest happenings around the world in a limited time.

    4. May not be, as print media also has weightage in comparison with the electronic media. People who have habit of reading newspaper can not start their day without skipping it. Hence, it is quite difficult replacing the newspapers by online news.

  48. 1. To be honest, i have no idea what obituary is.
    2. The most popular section of the news paper in my country is job vacancies. There are usually so many columns that contain any information about job opportunity that has already classified into several field.
    3. People only skim the headline since they only want to read what excited them most.
    4. In my opinion, there are big probability to replace newspaper to online news because today people also has already tried to do paperless. It is more efficient though, we do not need to bring the paper or spend an extra money to buy it, just by searching the topic of the current issue that we want to know in search engine or just download the news application that can update us regularly about the current issue.

  49. Manjeet Verma says

    Obituary is a news section of a nespaper that details information about a recent death in a family or rememberance to someone who died the last year.

    Most popular section according me is front page entailing information of yesterday’s happenning. And, editorial section along with the section that list down info. in the local community.

    Due to shortage of time these days, people normally scam the heaadlines and take a overview of the whole news with that headline.

    Yes, online news provides easiest and quickest info. on a single click. Due to variety and visual effects online news will outweigh the newspapers.

  50. I think the front page is in main content all of the newspapers. but in my country people;e like sports a lot so it is mention on the second last page of every newspaper. These days people are a very busy schedule of work they don’t that much time read the new paper so they put the eye on heading and rush toward the work I think that is the main reason.
    obviously soon people are seen each and every newspaper on there mobile or computer because of advancement in the technology.

  51. Christiana says

    An obituary is an announcement or notice of one’s death on a newspaper along with a brief biography of the deceased as well as information about the funeral.

    Well, in my country, the cover page of a newspaper is most common because most of the time it showcases the main headies. So people can easily look at the front page without flipping through the pages.

    As we are different so is our interests. I think individuals quickly go through the newspaper headlines to know which one is catchy and from the headings one can tell what news it contains.

    Well, I don’t think so because newspaper still maintain its position over the years as many people still read it. Although technology has made it a lot easier to read news on the go online. They are like parallel lines.

  52. Christopher says

    1. Obituary is a notice of a death
    2. Politics
    3. Searching for relevant topics
    4. Totally disagree

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