Model Answers for Speaking Part 3: Topic of Toys

The topic of Toys is currently being used in IELTS speaking part 2 (a childhood toys) and part 3 this month. Below you will find some model answers for this topic for speaking part 3 questions. These model answers will provide you with ideas and vocabulary to use in your answers. You should never memorise my model answers. All your answers must be created by yourself in the IELTS test.

On this page you can find:

  • A) Questions with Model Answers
  • B) Useful Vocabulary with Pronunciation Audio
  • C) Tips for Speaking Part 3

Questions & Model Answers: Toys

What should be considered when buying toys for children?

I reckon one important thing to think about is the age of the child. If a child is only a couple of years old, you shouldn’t give them toys which contain small parts that could be swallowed and cause the child to choke. Another thing to consider is whether the toy will continue to entertain the child for a certain period of time. What I mean is, if the toy will only interest a child for 5 minutes, it isn’t really worth buying. It’s better to choose something that they will enjoy for months or years.

How have toys changed compared to the past?

I guess the main change is in electronic toys or battery operated toys. In the past, people used to only give simple toys to their children that were often handmade. Nowadays, people prefer mass produced toys that are the recent trend. Those types of toys are often exciting electronic toys, such as computer games. Another difference is that toys decades ago were often so simple that children had to use their imagination and creativity to find enjoyment in using them. I think today’s toys stimulate less creativity in children on the whole.

Why do parents buy a lot of toys for their children?

I guess some parents are materialistic. They think that if they buy many toys for their kids, they are being a good parent. Another reason is that children have short attention spans which means that some parents buy toys to keep their child quiet and out of their way. But I think the main reason is probably the power of advertising and peer pressure which drive children to want more toys and pushes parents to buy them.

Is it good for children to play with toys?

Yes, I think so. Some toys that can be bought are educational and are very important for early learning. Educational toys provide a great way for children to develop skills, such as spatial awareness, motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, toys can give children a safe way to explore the world and learn about colours, shapes and textures. However, I must admit that some toys for older children, such as computer games, can become addictive and, at that point, those types of toys are not beneficial.


Useful Vocabulary & Pronunciation

Learn useful words for the topic of toys and listen to the audio to learn the correct pronunciation.

  • creativity
  • imagination
  • motor skills
  • social skills
  • spatial awareness
  • choke on small parts
  • battery operated toys
  • recharging batteries
  • computer games
  • wooden toys
  • dolls
  • rules of the game
  • hand-made toys / mass produced toys
  • materialism
  • consumerism
  • to keep someone quiet
  • to keep someone entertained
  • to keep someone out of the way
  • board games, chess
  • educational toys
  • become addictive

Learn more about the topic of toys. See this website about educational toys for children:

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Tips

Length of answer

Keep talking until the examiner interrupts you. The examiner will decide if it is time to change the focus of the answer or to ask a new question completely. Speaking part 3 answers are longer than in part 1.


Explain your ideas and view point. Give examples. You are not marked on your examples or ideas, but you need to show the ability to tackle complex ideas using English.

Avoid talking about yourself

Part 1 and part 2 are about you. However, part 3 questions are mostly about world issues. You need to show the examiner you can talk about more than yourself. You need to show the ability to talk about people and the world in general.

Challenging ideas

The examiner might challenge your ideas. This is a way for the examiner to test your English and check that you are able to defend your view point.



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