IELTS Speaking Topic: Films

The topic of films is common for IELTS speaking part 1, part 2 and part 3.

IELTS Questions for Films

Part 1

  • Do you often watch films?
  • What kind of films do you like?
  • Are foreign films popular in your country?
  • Do men and women usually like the same kinds of films?

Part 2

Talk about a film you enjoy

  • what type of film it is
  • when you first saw it
  • what it is about
  • why you like it

Part 3

  1. Do you think subtitles are better than dubbing for foreign films?
  2. Why do some people prefer watching a film in the cinema rather than at home?
  3. What makes a film successful?
  4. Do you think film stars are more important than special effects?
  5. What kinds of films are not suitable for children?

Film Vocabulary

It is important that you learn different genre of film.

How many genre do you know?

Click here: FILM TYPES  to get a listening practice lesson and learn the different film types.

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  1. Hi Liz,

    I would like to ask you one question. For example, if I have to talk about a film I enjoyed recently, in speaking part 2.

    Can I talk about 2 or 3 films I have enjoyed? Like I enjoyed ‘film1’ 3 years ago.. It was a comedy film… bla bla bla and then I talk about another ‘film2’.

    Is it fine to answer the question like this Or will it have negative impact on my score?
    Or Will examiner stop me as I will be talking about 2-3 films instead of 1 film as asked in the question.

    Look forward to your reply. Thanks.

    • It is 100% fine. It is in fact a great strategy. The cue card: A recent film, basically requires you to talk about a film or films (plural) – you could even talk about a book that was turned into a film etc. For this topic, the examiner is looking for vocab about scenes, sets, actors, characters, special affects, animation, sound track, script etc.

      • Thanks Liz for your reply. If it is 100% fine then we can use this strategy to talk about difficult topics in part 2, where 2 minutes to speak becomes hard. If we are not getting much idea about something/somebody(asked in the cue card), we can cover 2 minutes talking about plurals, as IELTS speaking score is all about vocabulary, grammar, fluency/coherence and pronunciation of the english language. Hope examiner will not have any issue about that!!

        • It’s a good strategy to expand your talk. However, be careful that you don’t end up repeating vocabulary. It’s usually better to expand your talk by branching into a new aspect of the topic: films for young people, films for old people, how films are changing, educational films etc – that provides different language and a bigger range. So, don’t decide on one strategy only. Keep in mind all your options and make good decisions on your test day.

  2. Thank u liz for all your classes. My score is listening 9,reading 6.5,writing 7,speaking 7.
    Overall 7.5
    You are the best teacher

  3. Elizabeth owusu says

    Thank you I learned a lot about the different genre of films

  4. Thanks you home number of tips

  5. Thank you so much ma, for all these you have rendering to us. May God water your soul.

  6. Thank you Liz. You have been helpful. I have my ielts in less than a month. Aiming a band 8.5 but right now practice on my reading is still a challenge. I ve not been able to get above 6.5.

  7. Hi Liz,

    I would like to ask you if it is possible to speak about film series, such as The Walking Dead or Grey Anatomy or Longmire or others.



    • It’s fine to do that for speaking part 2. In part 2 you can adapt the topic (not change it, but adapt it). You could say “I don’t really watch films, so I’m going to talk about a TV series that I love…”. You will follow the same prompts on the cue card.

  8. HI Liz,

    I had my Speaking test on June 2nd in Bangaluru, India

    I was asked
    1. Where do you stay in this city
    2. How far is this place from your place

    3. Do you like music
    4. How do you feel when you study or do work while listening to music

    5.Which was your recent most memorable day
    Why was it memorable
    Who made it memorable
    How you felt about that day

    IN my general training writing

    1. Write a letter to the person thanking him for returning your driving license
    Ask him how he got that license
    How important was that license to you
    Way you want to thank that person for sending that

    2. How does parents moving to abroad affect children.

    One surprise thing I encountered was that I got the same reading paper which I had got last time

    LiZ I prepared seeing your blog and it helped me a lot. Thanks a lot

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 That was really lucky to get the same reading test!!! I hope you get good results 🙂

  9. Anunkor Chisom says

    Tnx Liz for your constand ndudeful updates

  10. Thank you Liz for this topic and questions about films.

    I know following Genre.

    I am very weak in my speaking part and listening. Need to improve 1 band in both module. you thoughts on this?

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