IELTS Speaking Part 3: Change Topic

A recent topic in IELTS speaking is the topic of change. This topic can come in speaking part 2, speaking part 3 and also writing task 2.

Speaking Part 3: Topic of Change

Below are some sample questions for this topic in speaking part 3.

Speaking Part 3 Questions:

  1. Why do old people not accept change?
  2. Why do some people keep changing their jobs?
  3. What changes have occurred in your country in the last few decades?

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  1. Susan sibanda says

    Old people would not easily accept change because they think what they know is the best, any changes will make things go wrong.
    Old people take it they are the experienced ones so experience is the best teacher

    Some people keep changing jobs because of moving on to green pastures i.e. For better salaries.
    – for job satisfaction
    -for new experiences
    -for meeting their qualifications
    – for challenging jobs as some people would want

    Changes in my country include: Improved technology, more roads & new traffic lights, more shops & houses as well as schools.

  2. mary malondo says

    1 In my opinion old people are resistant to change because they have gone through a lot in life and are of the mind that they know what is right and view change as a threat to their status quo
    2 Maintaining a job is a problem to some people,this can be due to unrealistic expectations from the job like very high returns,for others it could be due to lack of job satisfaction as a result of wrong carrier choice which leads to boredom and restlessness
    3In the last few decades there has been several changes in my country,for one we have seen changes in the the educational system from the 7-6-6 system to the 8-4-4 system,there has been a change in the transport system with the development of multiple lane roads as opposed to single lane roads and the up grading of the old railway line to the modern railway line

  3. 1. Change is said to be one thing that is constant in life. To the young, due to increasing technological advancements and their open minded nature, it is mostly welcomed however, to the old,the reverse might be the case due to some reasons.
    Firstly, they are advanced and learning new things is usually not an easy task for them so they prefer to stick to what they already know.
    More so, they seem to prefer things done in the orthodox way as they can connect and partake more when so done. For instance, my grandma prefers to grind pepper with our traditional mortar and pestle to using an electric blender. Finally, the fear of the outcome ( being laughed at or made fun of if not properly done) could equally contribute a great deal to them not accepting change.

    2. Staying in or leaving a job is dependent on a lot of factors. While some people can’t stand changing jobs frequently, there are some others who can’t comprehend staying in a particular job for a long period of time due some reasons which includes; firstly, for better exposure and experience in one’s field of study. For instance, a nurse working in a primary healthcare facility might seek to change to a tertiary Centre due to its broad coverage and equally to gain more experience in clinical practice. Secondly, when the renumeration is not encouraging or equivalent to the services rendered, people tend to change their jobs. More so, people change jobs due to unfavorable working conditions and environment. For example, the rules and regulations of an organization may be seen as strict by some employee likewise the attitude of co-workers towards each other and this in turn cause them to change jobs.

    3. Time and change compliment each other a great deal. In the past few years, quite a number of changes have taken place both to the negative and also the positive in my country Nigeria. The educational system has changed drastically from what it use to be in the past in terms of more conducive learning environment, qualified personnel’s and fewer conflicts in the system. Furthermore, Nigeria being the giant of Africa produces oil and this has in turn attracted foreign investors to its localities thereby leading to a massive infrastructural development and a better standard of living for its citizens.

  4. 1. Old people have been through numerous experiences through their life that reaching upon a certain age they believe they know about everything and whatever they have done is the ultimate finality, therfore they get resilient to any change that might appear whether their own lifestyle or around them.

    2. There could be several reasons for job change. Some people do this for the sake of good oppertunities ahead while there are certain people who change because of lack of job satisfaction in terms of renumeration or the behaviour of employer and also may be due to the lack of coordination between peers.

    3. There have been several changes that took place in the last few decades. Some are detrimental and there have have many positive changes as well. In terms of positive changes, the Education sector had been remarkable as the literacy level has raised along with the quality of education in different institutes.
    Moreover, the infrastructure of many cities has developed with astounding improvements in the transport system esp in the Capital territory which has led to the smooth flow of traffic as well as enhanced the beauty of the city.

  5. Rizwan Khurshid says

    With the advent of new technologies, changes in the world are happening rapidly. Wile young generation adopts to new technology quickly, old people prefer to stick to their usual ways of life.
    Firstly, with age, old people lack the energy and memory to learn new things. Due to this, they do not use modern appliances or equipment out of fear of operating it incorrectly. For example, use of ATM is now widespread in younger people, but old ones like to draw money from banks using the cheques. The most common reason is that they are afraid that may miss some step which may cause their account to be credited while they receive no money from the machine.
    Secondly, old people have more trust on their proven methods of handling things in their daily lives which they acquired through their lifelong experiences. It is, therefore, often impossible to convince them to switch to new ways in the later stage of their lives. This resistance to change often cause a clash in families when young children try to modernise their parents.
    To conclude, resisting change is in human nature. Especially with growing age, it is more challenging to adopt new methods in life. It should be left on the capacity of an individual how quickly or up to what age he can alter his lifestyle and accommodate modern ways in his life. One must not force old people to change as this can be highly stressful and detrimental to their health.

  6. Jatinkumar says

    My speaking topic is describe a traditional product in your country.
    1st Oct Ludhiana

    I speak about sarri. It’s Indian traditional wering dress.

  7. Hi Liz,
    which city should I call my hometown?
    The city in which I am living from last 7 years after my marriage or the city in which I have grown up.
    Confused 🙁

    • It is usually the one you have grown up in. But as the questions in part 1 are not about collecting information, it doesn’t really matter.

  8. adili blessing chikwado says

    They elderly people resist change primarily because they are still in their mindset, even though there may be obvious reason that a Senior needs help ,accepting this constitute a significant change in relationship with the is very difficult for them to get accustomed to relying on others or be dependent on them and the fear that their life will not be the same again,
    The reasons why people basically left their old jobs is when they felt that their existing ones offer little career advancement they will go for one that did,you know.secondly they may be unsatisfied with the leadership off the senior management at their work place which will result in change of work,you know” when their contributions are not recognized and they are not receiving any compensation they may be force to live the company, lastly they left their old work when the work environment /cultureis not conducive for them.
    The changes I have witnessed so far in my country Nigeria is in the educational sector,their are more facilities now in primary secondary and tertiary instutions,than before,new buildings are been built by the state government and their is free education for all citizens,also there has been a lot of job opportunity now than before in my country, the federal roads which was abandon by our past president has been recontracted and many other major roads has been built which has help to Reduced road accident there has also been improvement in the medical system like new community hospitals has been built in all the local government in my country. And there is also free medical care for a very one in my country which has help to reduced death rate ,lastly there was these new international market which was built recently by the government that attracted many foreigners to my country ,this major market has help to elevated hunger in my country.thanks,
    Pls ma I need your help here am I correct or saying out of point

  9. 1. Old people do not accept the change. Because people do not change his daily routine. For example my uncle is 65 year old and he pay the house rent and other bills to go to the rental shop. Because in recent years payment through the phone. But the old people do not believe the new technology and they could not learn anything new.

    2.yes, some people changes his jobs. Not more but some people are fad up from the job. In my experience people learn something new and increase the knowledge. So they change his, I work in kiwi fruit packhouse from last 2 years. I am still working there. But my colleagues are new.

    3.I am from India. In last years decades many development in India. In education field, India developed and provide more school in one district and provide good teachers. In other fields, many development occur like transportation, agriculture, technology etc.

  10. 1. Old people are already used of what they are doing, hence, it is hard for them to alter the things that is already a routine for them, and they believed that this is the only way to express themselves in confidence. Writing a letter, for instance, they preferred the old school type rather than sending a message through electronic mail, mainly, because most of old people are not familiar of the new technology such as using computers.
    2. Changing jobs is one of the reasons of some people, because they are attracted with the salary and benefits offered by other companies. Another reason, is that some people are not delighted with their working environment like their colleagues or even their superiors. Working hour and distance of work are also the reasons for others that add stress to their daily activities.
    3. Nowadays, in my country due to political and personal interest of some officials situated within their positions, the free hospitalizations to major hospitals, low electricity and water bill, and very low cost of consumer items with no tax at all turned into a turmoil for citizens. All government properties, were been sold to private companies and the tax bill was approved and it is even higher than expected. These changes happened dramatically and now we are considered as part of the third world countries.

  11. Bhoomika Tanwar says

    1. Well I believe old people find it quite difficult to adapt new surroundings as they are accustomed to their old habits. Moreover they couldn’t memorise new things and this creates a fear in them for change.
    2. There could be many possible reason behind switching job frequently like one might be looking for career growth or not satisfied with the current job. But I personally believe it is mostly because people are looking for higher job packages.
    3. Well various significant changes has come over decades in my country. like gender biasness is quite disappeared from the society as well as now people give more importance to women empowerment. More educational and health care facilities are available.

  12. 1 to be honest,old people are not against the changes oveally,but not accepting the changes by them depends on their believes and opinions.some of theme see the changes an inferiority,some doesn’t believe in changes at all and the majority of these persons are not compatable to changes.

    2 I reckon,repeatd changes to jobs and careers has many reasons,some changes are because of promotions some for salary and income and many others for intrest and inspiration.
    In my case, I have been working in a small company as an accuntant for one year with a low salary , then I decided to leave that company when I have found an new job with a high income in a big and famous firm.

    3 obsolotely,as we can see there is a lot of changes in every aspects of life in my country of origine be honest todays Afghanistan is not comparable to the past ten years and we are witnessing a sky rocketing progress in every feild and every aspects of the life of the people in my country.
    All these changes from uses of mobile phones to internet banking and distance learning and online education are the huge and enormuse changes I can cite.

  13. sharanpreet says

    ans.1 old people do not like to change because they have their own traditional rules and laws. they like it. they do not want to change their rules. one cause also that it is very difficult for them adopt a new system. that’s why they do not like change.
    ans.2 first cause is for this that they are not satisfy with their income. second is due to their transfers.third is that they do not like their boss or the nature of workplace.
    ans.3 my country is India. it is largest on 7th number in the world. before few decades women have no own rights in some parts but now area of education has become bigger and people are knowing the importance of education. now people know about how to do work on machines. they are educated than old people.

  14. 1. Well, i will say that the reason old people don’t accept change is because they have done most things repeatedly over a long period of time and it has become a norm to them. So, they see any change to that norm as a deviation normal way to accomplish that task.
    2. I believe people change their work for reasons ranging from;
    a. They want new challenge.
    b. They want better reward for work done.

    3. As to changes that have occurred in my country Nigeria over the past few decades, my country was ranted first in African in terms of economy, her population has doubled in the last two decades., she has better improved infrastructure but she tends to losing intellectuals as a result of steady inflation of her currency.

  15. osunsanmi opeyemi o says

    1. well, reasons why the old people refuse to accept change is that it affects their daily routines and make them feel not secured,for example,i have an uncle who refuse to use the banks because most transactions are now computerised,while some elderly people are just not willing to learn something new.
    2 hmmmm,recently many people due to economic instability now need to change jobs often,firstly,they do so when offered better incentives and salary by new firms,secondly some just prefer changing their jobs in order to acquire experience from different places. however,due to misconduct and indiscipline many have to change work because of recurrent termination of appointments.
    3 well, twenty years ago since Nigeria adopted democracy as a political way to govern its people,there has been a tremendous change in the countries economy and its international relationship.this has helped attract many foreign investors to the country which also has caused urgent need for the government to provide basic infrastructres for its people and the investors.

  16. My possibly answers:
    1. The old people are influenced of multi-culturals with the various believes. They tend to trust about all ancient belief and try to refuse the experts or educational people. Moreover, they are un-educated people in average, that is why they are very difficult to accept the change.
    2. The companies provide many vacancies and they compete each others to recrut employees with different salaries. This conditions make many people attracted to choose the best one as they need. The change of life style also give impacts for the people to work hard to get what they need.
    3. Nowadays, the economical sectors being the hot issues in my country Indonesia. The number of jobless people is increasing with less vacancies. The others change are corruptions in almost the all sectors.

  17. Hala Shalaby says

    I think that old people are closely adherent to their beliefs and it is very hard to alter it. They have a fixed concepts and unchangeable thoughts that cannot be replaced .
    2.Most of people that change their job frequently because of many reasons; for instance, they do not accept their salaries and seek for more to meet their life requirements. In addition, the way of communication between them and their managers are not sufficient or reasonable. Finally, the duty hours and resposibileties are too much to be tolerated by them.
    3. There are variable changes which happened in my country in the last century either in industry sectors with new factories opened , or in tourism sector through an increment of the number of tourists to Egypt , or in reconstruction of as new roads and cities.

  18. Tshering Yangzom says

    1.why do old people not accept change??
    In my view most of the elderly people believe in superstitious, they want to preserve and follow, what their ancestors has following for decades, and they thinks if they agree for the changes, it would break respect of their fore fathers.
    2. Some people keep changing for job:-
    If they get better opportunity then existing job with good salary and promotion
    :- to gain new experience, to get exposure, get chance to meet new people and can share the experience.
    :- some people would get bore to stay in same place with same position.
    3.Recently lot of changes has happened, especially people’s thinking, in past days girls were not allowed to go schools, this days it has changed, both men n women gets equal treat, people living standard has changed.

  19. 1. Nobody should be expected to change in major ways on a day to day basis . Old people don’t like to change. They feel very difficult to adopt in new technology and lifestyles.
    2. Some people keep changing their job because of their bosses . Or because of their work is either challenging or not challenging enough. Or even because they aren’t paid enough. The number one reason people change jobs because of career advancement.
    3.There has been drastic change in the field of education in India. In urbanization ,India has around 300 millions people living in metro cities. There are many changes in rural development in India.

  20. 1-Old people donot acept change because they were adapted to their old ways of living. They think new change will bring lots of distructions to the societies where they will face problems.example- In case of Agriculture, they donot except new varieties of seeds as they think new seeds will not perform well.
    2- The people keep on changing jobs because of dissatisfaction of payment, looking for better opportunities and better environment.
    3- The changes that had occured in Bhutan in few decades were road system in which farm road was connected to evry corners of country, net system where the people enjoys fast networks to exchange their information.

  21. It is a question of habits. An old person has his own bearings that he do stick to them otherwise he looses ownconfidence. For a long time, a person builds his own perception of life in which he beleives deeply and to make her changing to an other conception is a big strugling. So, for these reasons, we may find a conflit of generations. That why most of old people are becoming unhappy and unbearables.

    Some people keep changing their job for differents reasons mainly because of:
    1. They want to improove their financial incomes
    2. The working environment is not suitable for them (conflit with colleagues)
    3. The spouse job nature (military, etcc which need moving from a place to another)

    My country knew a good financial incomes from the oil and gaz business. Many socialble projects have been realised as well as a long high way which connects the East to West. The traveling time has been redued by half. Unfortunately, the miss management and not having built a ostructured industrial project lead the country nude after the falling of barrel price.

  22. 1 Old people have degenerative cognitive ability and as compensation the hold onto old and previously conceived ideas they had while they where younger so it is difficult for them to accept change
    2 some persons keep changing their jobs
    I my opinion , it could be due to dis-satisfaction and this could be due to lack of motivational factors like recognition, responsibility or rewards

  23. Shahid akram says

    I have posted my recordings of topic change. Since reply me as mentioned my problem

  24. Most old people are not receptive to change because they believe that their conventional way of doing things or the way they did their things are better than the way things are done presently. Some are too feeble physically and mentally to undergo new processing that come with change which really isn’t necessary since it doesn’t threaten their existence. Learning and picking up of new habits and letting go of the hold isn’t really that easy for the young talk more of the old.
    2. A lot of reasons has been responsible for many leaving their jobs either for another or to stay home. There is no generally accepted reason for one to leave his/her job. For some, it could be for lack of satisfaction on their current jobs while some could have gotten a better job offer elsewhere. Some could leave if their current jobs threatens their marriage, home, lives, faith etc. In the end, people always leave their jobs for themselves.
    3. In Nigeria here, some changes has taken place over the past few decades. We the Nigerians have witnessed how a small religious sect metamorphosed into a full blown globally recognized terrorist group. Indeed, our once peaceful country changed into a war zone where the lives and properties of her citizens aren’t secured. We also witnessed a great change in the political arena where for the first time ever, an incumbent president contested and lost the presidential elections to the opposition party. Thank you.

  25. 1 I think old people associates ageing with death, so they dont want to accept change mainly bacause they will be saying they are close to death so it ilwill be of no use have a change.Moreover,some are used to their old practices so they guard them jealously with fear of being brainwashed.
    2. I think because of economic hardships prevailing nowadays,one would choose to move on to a better paying job, even if the salary different margin is slim, they will grabe it because every cent counts.Some are the ones who are just not satisfied with what they get they will opt to be salary nomards.
    3.Many changes have occured in my country,amongst these, the biggest is infrastructure.There were many old buildings in centre of towns, which were brought down and new modern ones were put up.Roads were full of potholes but these were repaired and reduced accidents rate has been noticed.Adding on, many youth were loittering around without employment, but many industries were opened and jobs were created.

  26. Old people doesn’t accept change because of the way they were brought up ,also because they are not in line with the modern technology.I say so because I have heard a lot of them commenting negatively that the modern technology has come to destroy our cchildre’s future,so this gives a negative impact in them,thus resulting in resistance to change.

  27. Hello Liz. Just a digression. I did a listening practice yesterday which asked for the profession of a man.The man said he was an engineer, so I wrote engineering. Was this answer wrong? I saw engineer in the key,but I thought the profession was engineering not engineer.

    • You can’t say in English “I am engineering”. But you can say “I am an engineer”. This means that “engineer” is the professional and “engineering” is the activity. It is the same as saying a teacher teaches and an engineer does engineering.

  28. The elderly having lived a comparatively longer span of life than the youngsters and probably already having a set of fixed ideas and beliefs might find it difficult to accept change. Also, the frail and fragile mindset that comes with age prevent many of the older people from taking risks and challenges that come along with change.

  29. 1. The old people think that they have come in the last stage in their life, so if any change occurs, they will not be able to reshape that change.
    2. It may have different reasons, first they probably want more salary than present, second they want to get more experience, third may be the person don’t feel happy with his colleagues, may be his boss is not amicable to him, and so on.
    3. Yeah, it has changed more in negative sense, but little in positive, a lot of corruption, crime, bribe in every public and private sector have soared than few decades ago. This world now is very competitive, our country has gone up a little than neighbour country in economics. In education, there are some new universities that has been built in recent decade. In energy sector, because of some new power plants installing a little demand has been mitigated, but still there is a huge lack of energy. It is changing now, will continue in future, but I’m not sure in which direction it will go.

  30. Ilori Hamzat Babatunde says

    Old people appears resilient to change not because the change in itself is bad, but probably because they cherish the arrays of experience that had culminated in their personal convictions and beliefs, or perhaps they nurse the fear of adaptation to the dynamism.

    The idea of changing jobs consistently is subjective. People do so for several reasons. While some people attribute their job changing to major reasons like dissatisfaction they experience from their job, others claim poor remuneration, pursuit for greener pasture, how befitting the job is, proximity to their place of living and health issues.

    It appears as if “brexit” has sent signals to all countries of the world encouraging marginalised communities to seek independence. In recent times, there has been an unusually high intensity for the call for division of the country called Nigeria. Communities and ethnic groups that have enjoyed and benefited greatly from living harmoniously in the past are now showing bitterness and enmity towards one another in the name of fight for independence.

  31. One of the major reasons certain people keep changing jobs is basically for career advancement. They left jobs for one that offered them a chance to grow. Also, there are people who switched jobs for a more lucrative one that offered a higher pay package.

  32. Hii..Today is my speaking test..i m really worried about it..plz anyone give me the suggestion for speaking

  33. mahmadtaufiq says

    some people are thinking mostly above 50 years or above age humans dont want upgrade their life. while on other hand there are some people who believe they can transform their life style.

    The reason is human brain tendency.We all human beings have one quality which is habit.
    if we are spending so long time in such a way of life style or in such environment we are getting used to it and then it become habit …

    and our brain is not quickly ready for changes.. plus age factor play huge role in acceptance because acceptance or rejection is totally depend on brain, broad thinking abilities etc. and according to science after some age brain ability decreases as age increases.. like alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss disease conditions are more likely in old age people then young age generation.

    second reason is

  34. I think there are few reasons that why old people do not accept change
    The very and the most old people do not want to come out of shell . They find there life comfortable and interesting.secondy , changes in life require large amount of time so may be that’s the reason why they do not accept change
    2nd answers. Folks keep changing there jobs to get satisfaction .for example Indian cricket team captain M.S Dhoni got a job in Indian railways but he prefers to become a cricketer now results are front of us .
    Second major reason is that changing jobs helps to bringing the hidden talent of a person . thirdly, changing jobs nourish our communication skills as one will meet new people every day and at last it helps to broaden our horizen
    3rd answer , due to pacy advancement in technology, I have seen enormous changes in India from last couple of decades. From transport to medical and in the field of education India has shown tremendous progress . New technologies made our life more easier . Now India is also a industrial country . Despite of heavily populated country the economy of India is improved from last couple of decades . what’s more India is far clean country as compare to past and currently the fourth beautiful country in the world

  35. shubhpreet says

    1. They don’t accept alterations because they are not familiar with the modern lifestyles and believe in their traditional ways of living they are not comfortable with the modern world and it also becomes difficult for them to adopt new changes
    2.some change their jobs because of theis dissatisfaction from that job or the wages problem some change because of their migration to new city or home and some change jobs beacause of the problem of transportation
    3.India is a vast country and it has adopted a number of changes from decades and has developed also for instance,the thinking pattern of people is changed and technological developments has also made the lives of people comfortable

  36. 1. Old people don’t admit changes because they tend to link with their traditions and want to live in that particular environment where they used to live when they were young . Indeed , changes deprive them from their past happenings and moments , so they don’t accept changes.
    2.There are numerous factors behind this and these reasons change from person to person . Some employees alter their jobs to get more amount of salary . Some seek for better environment and polite employers . In addition , many individuals change their professions in order to their taste and interest.
    3.I belong to India which is the developing nation in the world . As I said before that its developing so it is going through ample of changes . An epitome is the change in education system and in the condition of women who have got good status as compared to past .

  37. Did my speaking test yesterday, the part 2 was completely a different topic from what I have being seeing and reading. It was on a business person I admire, why I admire the person, career prospect of the person, etc.

  38. The elderly having lived a comparatively longer span of life than the youngsters and probably would have already set certain fixed ideas and beliefs which might be difficult to alter. Also, the frail and fragile mindset that comes with age prevent many of the older people from taking risks and challenges that come along with change.

  39. It is because changing an old habit is a hard job,and they find it difficult adapting to the new lifestyle.2.well most people changing the job because of job satisfaction for instance when I was working in a restaurant,I had no time for my kids but immediately I changed to teaching everything became stable as I want it.3.the most recent change in my country now is bad governance leading too much poverty for the masses and high rise in crimes

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