IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics: December

Below are some IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics for December 2017. These topics have been reported by students this month. You can also find a link to IELTS speaking tips below.

The Sun Topic

  • Do you like the sun?
  • How do you feel when it’s sunny?
  • What kinds of activities do you enjoy when it’s sunny?
  • Would you like to live in a place with more sun or less sun?
  • Why do some people prefer to live in sunny places?
  • What are the benefits of sunshine?
  • Does your country use energy from the sun?

Rain Topic

  • Does it often rain where you live?
  • Do you enjoy the rain?
  • Have you ever been caught in the rain without a coat or umbrella?
  • Does rain affect people’s behaviour?
  • What types of activities can people do when it rains?
  • Does the rain ever cause transportation problems in your country?

Other Speaking Part 1 Topics in December

Notice:  Only the examiner has the full list of speaking part 1 topics. The list below are topics that students have reported this month. It is very possible you will get one or more of these topics in part 1. However, there is no guarantee. You should prepare these topics and also common part 1 topics. Click here for common part 1 speaking topics. Click here to follow recent questions: Recent Exam Questions

  1. work / study
  2. home / hometown
  3. family
  4. jewellry
  5. buses
  6. laughing / happiness
  7. fruit
  8. emails
  9. boats
  10. names
  11. transport
  12. teenagers
  13. birthday
  14. art/music
  15. internet / computers
  16. keeping healthy
  17. advertising
  18. history

What about January? It is possible some of the topics might change. But, even so, you can still prepare ideas for both the topics above and also the common speaking topics: Common part 1 Topics.

IELTS Speaking Tips & Model Answers

You can find lots of tips to improve your IELTS speaking and also some model answers on my main speaking page.

Click here: IELTS Speaking Tips & Model Answers

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  1. I had my test today. I was asked about sleep in part 1. How many hours do you think would be enough for sleep?
    Should older people sleep more than children?
    Is nap time beneficial and why?
    Are you friendly with your coleagues?
    What outdoor event do you like to attend?
    Where do you like to relax outdoor ?
    Part 2
    Talk about a skill you learnt outside school or college.
    Say what skill it is
    How you learnt it
    Say if its easy or diffiucult to learn.
    Part 3
    Do children learn more from their parents or peer?
    Is play an important part of learning for children?
    Is the ability to learn more important in life?
    Generally, i think i did well. Hoping for a good result

  2. Hi liz,
    How to answer the question “ARE U WORKING OR STUDYING” if you are doing neither of these two.
    I am a home-maker at present but worked previously and planning to work soon.


    • It is not a trick question – just be natural and answer normally. “I do not have a job at present. I’m a housewife”. Do not use the word “home-maker” because it is old fashioned and no longer used.

  3. thank u so much liz.i got the same topic which you have sent me: hometown in speaking part 1
    and yesterday was my LRW

  4. Swetha Reddy says

    heloo !!!
    may i know the speaking topics of ielts in jan18.
    thanks for ur amazing tips which are helpul..

  5. Hi liz,
    I would like to ask you a question about speaking test.will an examiner give negative marking if i say “as i said before” in speaking part 3?

  6. Divya Patel says

    Hello Mam
    Thank you for the information about speaking task 1.Can you please mail me about speaking task 2 topics?

  7. Hi

    I was asked about my profession and weather I like or not. Would you like to continue it.

    Part 2 was about good news and what kind of celebration, I had. How did you celebrate your birthday when you were a child? How do people convey news? Should it be shared on social media?

    I was talking about Part 2 and when I was about to finish, my examiner wanted me to speak some more. I was confused if was going right. What do you think could be the reason examiner did not me to stop?


    • You have 2 mins available to you in part 2. The examiner should always encourage students to talk more. It is a chance to showcase your language skills and get a higher score.

  8. I appeared on dec 13 in punjab…
    I was asked questions related to job…. what i like about my job… advertisements…. pop ups… buildings……
    Cue card- something I got free
    Then follow up…
    What should govt. Offer free to the public?
    Then questions related to high education

  9. If examiner asked you about your name or meaning of your name.But you don’t know meaning of your name.
    How can we answer ??

    • IELTS speaking is not a trick test. The questions are designed to see how you can explain yourself in English. You need to explain that your name has no special meaning – that’s all. Each question will check your ability to communicate clearly in English. The questions are not testing your knowledge – only your English language.

  10. I had same questions on Sun, Speaking part 1.
    Part 2, person solved problem in clever way
    Part 3, Human and Technology
    Date 15/12/2017, India

  11. if we try giving lengthy answer they are interrupting and moving to the next question…

  12. what to respond when you have been asked if you like your job and you do not have any.

  13. The sun
    Yes, I do . As sunlight is good for our health (specially morning 7am-9am). Mostly I feel good but at the midday because of excessive heat ,I can’t go tolerate. I prefer to go shopping, watching movies and visiting different place with friends.According to my point of view neither too sunny nor less sun is good , so I choose moderate sun place like my birthplace where we don’t have extreme temperature. Most of people like sunny place as it is good for various purposes like for farming, health (as a source of vitamin D), energy ( solar energy for lighting as well as warming water )and so on.


    Yes , oftenly but mostly high in rainy season. Mostly in off day I like because I would like to dance in heavy rain in my own tarrece even it’s not good for health. In my memory lastime when I was with my friend in Mysore tour we forgot to carry our umbrella and we danced in rain as it is so awesome place. I don’t think so but in some extent it’s true , like some people don’t like to go out because of rain and don’t like to work as well. Most of the people prefer indoor activities like house chores, computer works and others. Some what extent it effects in transportation like accidents because of accumulation of water in potholes, less vechial and others.

  14. Hi Liz,
    Yes true that the same questions were asked to me when I had my speaking test on 16th December 2017 and similar questions related to music

  15. Frank Reuben says

    Rain topic was what came out on my speaking test part 1.
    I wish this came out long before, I would have prepared a good speech, nevertheless i believe i did well on them.
    Thank you so much Liz

  16. Thank you for the excellent tips

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