IELTS Cause Solution Essay Band 9 Model Answer

The model answer below is for an IELTS cause and solution essay  in writing task 2 on the topic of crime and punishment.

Many offenders commit more crimes after serving the first punishment. Why is this happening, and what measures can be taken to tackle this problem?

A large number of criminals who serve their first prison sentence, leave prison only to reoffend. This is mainly because of the lack of rehabilitation and difficulty finding regular employment once released. There are a number of solutions which should be implemented to deal with criminals who reoffend.

Firstly, the reason for most first-time offenders committing crimes again, once they have been released from prison, is due to the lack of rehabilitation whilst in prison. In other words, offenders are not given a chance to retrain and learn new skills for their future or develop a deeper understanding of correct moral behaviour and instead mix with other criminals, which only strengthens their criminal intentions. Secondly, repeat offending is also owing to the difficulty in finding employment after being released. As a result, many of them struggle financially which leads them back to crime, regardless of the consequences.

There are two effective solutions to the problem of repeat offenders. One way to tackle this is to ensure that all criminals entering prison are given the chance to retrain with useful skills which will hopefully ensure them a job after they have served their sentence. By doing this, it will help them reintegrate back into society and give them some means of supporting themselves financially. Another method of dealing with criminals who reoffend is to have more supervision and checks in place when they are back in society. This solution would hopefully prevent them from taking any chances and deter them from reoffending because they are being so closely watched.

In conclusion, having training in prison and also close observation when first time offenders are released are effective in dealing with the issue. If governments implemented these solutions, crime figures would soon drop.


This essay address the task completely. Both causes and solutions are given and developed with relevant ideas. Linking is used not only effectively but also flexibly. Paragraphing is also used effectively to help the reader. There is a range of sentence structures and also tenses used. Vocabulary is also flexible with a good range of less common words. Essay Length: 290 words

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  1. Dear Liz,

    I know you might be busy and a lot to do. But i was hoping if you could review my work for once and provide me a feedback on the above topic? I would be grateful if you could do so because my exam is next week, and any valuable inputs will be helpful. ( I took exactly 40 min to write this, and i might have made some mistakes ).

    Essay :

    It is a usual tendency for people to commit more violence and crimes after being served punishment for the first one. This essay will examine the causes of this phenomenon and remedial measures that can be implemented to reduce this.

    The significant reason for these behaviour is due to the change in mentality a person undergoes while they are in prison. In other words, the offenders come in contact with more of their kind when they are inside the prison because the plebeians living outside the prison gates wants to make their ends meet and does not indulge the offenders to commit more crime. However, the increased violence in prison affect the first time offenders and might be even encouraged to follow the same life styles of their cellmates, who becomes their role models, and influence their decisions in the future; for example, a two prisoners sharing the same cell for years tend to become close friends and continue this friendship even after they are released from prison. People tend to be influenced a lot by their friends and hence develops a new identity and commits more severe crimes overtime.

    The solution to this phenomenon can only be achieved by instilling social and moral values in first time offenders and others alike. Developing these ethical values through public services such as volunteering opportunities in public health care systems is definitely an outstanding idea; for instance, allowing the trivial crime offenders a chance to work with cancer and dementia patients will encourage them to look at the society in an entirely different way. This enables them to have a grip on their social behaviour and will help the authorities to develop a healthy nation and will be an alternative for the existing draconian laws.

    In conclusion, the increase in number of crimes committed by first time offenders is a rising concern and can only be tackled by influencing their mind sets

  2. Cynthia U says

    Hello Liz,
    Thanks for the tremendous help from your site, it has helped me a lot in my writing. Pls help me check if I paraphrased this topic properly because I think, I kind of over paraphrased it.
    Topic: Every country has poor people and every country has different ways of dealing with the poor. What are some of the reasons for world poverty? How can the poor be helped?

    Introduction: There is an existence of impoverished people all over the nations of the world and each of these nations have adopted various methods in tackling the issues relating to destitute. However, lack of education and bad governance are the key reasons for global hardship, hence, adequate education and good leadership is required to aid the poor.

    • Yes, you over paraphrased. Keep the meaning clear at all times. Your aim is to produce perfect sentences: Different countries have different methods of tackling poverty. Poverty is caused by……

  3. Hi Liz,
    In problems and solutions essays, is it fine to write a problem and its solution in first paragraph and then another problem and its solution in second paragraph?

  4. Hi Liz,

    I attempted on writing an essay on this topic. Can you evaluate it in band score? Please let me know how can I improve in my writing as well. Below is the essay:

    It is seen that most of the first time offenders who completed their first punishment resort back to crime and end up in penitentiary again. In my opinion, due to the background of the criminal, it becomes difficult for the society to trust and accept them again which makes them commit crime for money. The best path to tackle this issue is by facilitating correctional sessions inside the jails before they enter the society.

    Firstly, post releasing from jail, most first time offenders start searching for jobs to earn a livelihood. With their criminal history, it becomes difficult to find a loyal job and the deficit of money puts them in a bad position. This makes them resort to easy money by engaging in mugging, robbing banks and other criminal activities which lands them up in jail again.

    Secondly, the surrounding and environment in the jail influences the behavior of the criminal as well. Negative traits exhibited by long time offenders and thugs influence the minds of the first timers in turn manipulating them into living the life of a crime for easy shortcuts.

    By conducting training and behavior correctional sessions inside the penitentiary, the criminals can learn social skills acceptable by the society and further up-scaling their career opportunities. It can help them land jobs more easily by showcasing skills and showing potential to the employers. These sessions can up their morale on living an honest life as well.

    To conclude, it is essential to provide these facilities to the first timers so that they can correct their behavior and be acceptable in the society. Furthermore, assessing their behavior by increasing the probation period can also be done to ensure criminal behavior is not encouraged again.

    Thanks in advance!

  5. liz,
    can i illustrate the causes in two paragraph and write the solution and conclusion on final final paragraph which is basically a conclusion paragraph

    • The causes are 50% of your essay task and the solutions are 50% of your essay task. If you wish to ignore the instructions and decide the causes are more important, that is your choice. But you will be failing on proper task fulfilment. This is basic common sense. IELTS is all about logical approach.

  6. Bakhtiyor umarov says

    Hello, Liz does this essay deserve for 9 ?
    And can i write like you in my real exam i mean structures and linking words?

    • Yes. But be careful in copying 100%. Each essay question is a bit different and you need to be flexible in choose the right linking words and structure for the issues and instructions given to you.

  7. Thanks

  8. miss Liz, is there any possibility that I can access IELTS essays that were given during this time of the year on your site?

  9. Hi liz,
    If the question is causes and effects, do I need to put solutions for that? Or simply its causes in one para and effects in other paragraph?


  10. Hello everyone

    I would like to say something about the structure of task 2 writing, I have read earlier in comments that lots of students asking same and same question to Liz which is about should we write …..this essay will talk about, this essay will discuss, this essay explores etc etc……….
    Please please have a good look on Liz’s website, she has clearly explained that what to NOT write in our essays, which is I think is really helpful.

  11. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for your lessons that very helpful.
    I have a question about cause and solution essay,
    Sometimes, the question asked why this is the case? Sometimes asked why this is happening or what are causes of this problem?
    As I understanding, When the question asks why this the case, should I focus on why this is the issue in the society and when the question asks the causes, just answer why this has happened and reasons for this problems. I really confused.

    • I do not understand your question at all. “why is this the case?” “why is this happening” “what are the reasons” – are all the same instructions. They are all asking for causes.

  12. Hi Liz. Can I start this essay it is frequently believed by many people that … ? By the way, I greatly appreciate your aid. Thank you very much and good luck ))

  13. Lindizzle says

    Good day Liz…what if you present the second paragraph of the introduction this way ‘”however,this essay will discuss the several factors leading to this and measures that can be taken to tackle the problem”

    • The examiners knows what the essay will do – the examiner can read the instructions. Don’t waste time with meaningless information.

  14. Hi Liz! I want to thank you so much for your tremendous help! I really admire you and wish you all the best!
    My question is regarding the Writing task 2 and whether we should leave one line between the paragraphs in our essay?

  15. Excellent, perfectly written essay

  16. Hi,
    I would like to ask if I use the word (Firstly) is it fine to put (However,Furthermore…) instead of (Secondly)??
    I mean is it fine for only Firstly and without Secondly for the next point?

    • Sure. If you are using the linking words to start your body paragraphs, it’s fine to be more flexible – in fact, it is a good idea to be more flexible 🙂

  17. Hello Liz! I´ve seen all your videos and you are really helping me with my IELTS preparation. But I have a doubt, I thought that essays in IELTS exams were about being agree or disagre with something, not giving advantages/disadvantages or this kind of essays (cause solution). I’m taking IELTS Academic Exam, could this appear in writing task 2? Thank you!

  18. Hi Liz! If the question is only asking only about the solutions, Should i also write the cause in the body paragraphs? If not, what should i write then?

    Hope to have some clarifications. Thanks!

    • You must follow the instructions. If the instructions ask for the solutions only and you write about causes, then half your essay is irrelevant and you will get a lower score.

  19. Hi Liz,

    what if an essay is cause prevention or solution prevention or cause benefits. should we present our opinion for these ones ?

    • They don’t usually require an opinion. You are not needed to select a side or express views. You are asked to present information. But always read the question and check if it needs your opinion.

      • Thank you so much Liz..i will be giving my exam on 10 feb and have been preparing from your wonderful website. Thanks again.

      • Hi Liz, many thanks for the lessons. What if I added my oponion at the end of the 2nd paragraph of causes and solutions essay? I only wrote “I think above mentioned measures could prevent further negative developments”. Will I lose marks? The topic was “why amount of garbage is increasing in many countries and what are possible solutions”.

        • Adding your opinion as a final comment is fine. But do not write a sentence that has been memorised. Each sentence in your essay must be unique to yourself and connected to the issues in the question – you should not use generic sentences.

  20. Thanks for the sample Ms. Liz. I have one small question, would my essay on this issue sounds more unbiased(and hopefully get a higher score) if I use words like “might” ” could” or “may”?
    For example, are these sentences the same?: ” Reasons that offenders committing crimes again is due to…” vs ” Reasons that offenders committing crimes again might due to…”

    • “might be due to”. Make sure you use the right grammar. It is fine to use language of probability in writing task 2 to make your position clearly.

  21. Hi. i WONDER if you wold mind answering this question:
    what does this in band descriptor: although the conclusion may be unclear or repetitive

    • I do not understand your question. Try to write it again without errors in English so I can understand your meaning.

    • Pardon my French. In the public version of band descriptor, a specification of band 6 in Task Response is this Clause: although the conclusions may be unclear or repetitive.
      The question raised is what exactly repetitive conclusions are? could you please give an example? Tnx in advance

      • It means you are unable to express it in another way (it becomes a repetition rather than a summary) or that your summary might be unclear.

  22. Hi Ms. Liz,
    Please help me find errors so that I could fix my mistakes by myself.
    Thank you very much.

    Task 2: In many parts of the world, children are under great academic pressure from parents. What are the causes and the role of parents in educating children?

    In many countries around the world, parents have a propensity to put heavy academic pressure on their children. This once emphasizes the important role of parents in bringing up them and the underlying reasons behind this problem are worth of consideration.

    To begin with, there are some reasons explaining why children are having that great strain. First and foremost, most parents want their offspring to fulfill their expectations such as good qualifications or to be on top of many academic papers and standardized examinations and tests. As a result, children are forced to study so many subjects at school. Specifically, after they finish their study time in class, due to the fact that they would tend to spend the rest of time playing outdoor or indoor activities or even video games, which contributes to them ignoring their homework, parents send them to crammers or extra classes with the expectations of helping them to concentrate on their studies. Additionally, owing to studying almost a day, children are hoped to top of their classes so that they could have some excellent certificates after graduation, which helps them have good occupations following to parents’ beliefs.

    Therefore, we cannot deny the greatly significant role of parents in educating children. They ought to orient children to choose an appropriate path for their life. To be more particular, parents need to show them severe consequences of crimes and anti-social behaviors so that their offspring could be clearly conscious and avoid doing bad works. Furthermore, parents also should set good examples for children via good manners in life such as in communication with people or active lifestyle. Thanks to this, children could mimic them to become a helpful individual. Finally, children have rights to do whatever they enjoy and parents have to assist them to pursue their passions or interests if the things they do are beneficial and not influential in the sense of community.

    In conclusion, there are some principal causes contributing to children’s pressure and the vital role of parents need to be extremely taken into consideration to ease that problem.

  23. Hi Liz , I bought all your three lessons and found them really helpful. Now I’m trying to plan the idea for the following essay :
    As well as making money, businesses also have social responsibilities. Do you agree or disagree?
    I’m following your BALANCED VIEW- Opinion lesson explaining. But I’m a bit confused about the instruction of the question because of the phrase ” as well as ” . It’s easier to choose one sided opinion, but I found out that I need to agree with both views with one outweights the other and that seems to turn out into the Balanced view structure of Disadvantage. I’m really consfused that Can I use this Outweight structure of your disadvantages balanced view but with I will use the words like ” benefits instead of words ” advantages or ” Disadvantages” . I will appriciate so much and many thanks if I soon have a reply from you because I’m going to take the test in 3 more weeks and have to find out the writing way.
    Sincerely yours,

    • Don’t confuse essays. This is not an adv disadv essay. This is a straight forward opinion essay. Do you think business have a responsibility to make money and for obligations to society?
      Always list your choices of answer:
      1) I think business must make money but have no social responsibilities (this is a disagree)
      2) I agree completely
      3) I think all business should aim to make money but businesses should have social responsibilities only if they have enough money (this is a balanced view – partial agreement)

      Once you have brainstormed ideas, then look at the options for opinions, then decide which one you will take.
      I hope this helps


    can false examples be cited like a study revealed that 10% of population suffering from poverty.

  25. BakuRanger says

    This would get a 6.5 in Azerbaijan 🙁

  26. Hi Liz,

    I have been following all the IELTS content available on your website. And I must say I have made fair improvements in my writing section, compared to when I had started. Thank you for all the detailed explanation you provide in your videos. However, I come across few queries,every now and then, and not sure how valid would they be if I include them in my writing task-2.
    Such as
    1. Is it fine to complete the introduction paragraph by saying ‘This essay will elucidate…..’.
    2. When essay says ‘ Include your personal experiences, if any.’ Is it necessary to include them or it’s ok to refrain from including them.


    • Question 1 = not you shouldn’t use those sentences.
      Question 2 = your personal experience should be relating to the world in general, for example “the majority of people …”

  27. ZAFFAR MUNIR says


    • No examples are necessary. The examiner is looking for your ideas being developed – using examples is not a requirement. But usually no more than one example per body paragraph.

      • Hi Liz
        But the questions say give examples from your own experience. Do we still avoid them?

        • Examples from your experience does not necessarily mean examples from your private life. It is your experience of the world around you. The examples you give are your choice, but I am recommending that you keep a formal style and tone for your essay.

  28. Hi liz, good afternoon from the UAE
    is it okay to incorporate ideas relating to the moral grounds. If a question asks about the death penalty, is it acceptable in IELTS to include arguments about the teachings of the church?

    • It is one of the arguments against the death penalty – it is wrong for one person to take the life of another. The moral argument is a strong one. If you want to relate this to religion it is your choice – The Church was not the first to have this view. But remember that your aim is not to express deep feelings about your religion, it is to present a clear, relevant position with accuracy language to get a good band score. Keep your mind focused on your band score.

  29. kawalpreet Kaur says

    Hi Ma’am,
    Thank you for your online lesson.
    I have one query related to cause and solution task. If question is like what measures should be taken on specific topic, should I write only the solution of the topic or both cause and solution.
    Thanks in advance.

    • If the question only asks for solutions, then you only give solutions. Always follow the instructions clearly and never change the instructions.

  30. Hi Liz,
    can I write solutions in conclusion?

  31. hi liz,
    Thanks for all the resources you provide on your site, its been very helpful.
    I an preparing for the general training. i am curious about writing part 2. i observed that the questions mostly asked are “do you agree or disagree” questions. does it mean that i can narrow my scope of my practice to this? and does part 2 academic have essays specific for them and general with essays unique to them? thanks alol

  32. Hello,
    I would like to ask you what the structure is for a “causes and effects” essay.I’ve looked for a model on your site,but I couldn’t find it.Could you possibly tell me what the structure should be like? I’m sure that your answer will be useful for other students,too!

    Thank you so much for your help!

    • The structure is the same as cause and solution. If you have two aspects to present, then you use two body paragraphs. Always approach your paragraphs and ideas logically.

      • Thank you for your lessons.In essay of causes n solutions…can we describe one cause n its solution..then second cause n its solution in second body paragraph..??

  33. Hi Liz,
    Your videos and writings are wonderful and are indeed easy to follow. I would like to know how numbers and units will be counted in our essays. Say for example, if i write 100 dollars or $100. Is there any difference?

    • Yes, there is a difference. 100 dollars is two words – it is a number and a word. However, $100 is just one word. Symbols are not accounted – only words and numbers in writing.

  34. Hi Liz, is it ok if I don´t introduce the main causes in the introduction? I’ve seen that you have already mentioned them in the first paragraph…

    (I´ve just put this in my intro:
    Nowadays, one controversial issue that directly affects to society is the amount of delinquents who commit a new crime after having already been in prison. This essay will look at the causes of this problematic situation as well as suggest some possible solutions that could be taken.)


    • Avoid learning sentences. “This essay will look at the causes of this problematic situation as well as suggest some possible solutions that could be taken.” is a learned phrase which applies to all cause / solution essays. It will lower your score to use this. Also avoid using ” one controversial issue” – it isn’t really a controversial issue. It sounds like you are trying to get a high score by learning sentences or phrases – it won’t help you.

  35. Liz thank you for you help, It meant a lot to me. Although, I have a few questions regarding the essay you wrote. In your paper, you separated Cause/reasons and solution into two paragraphs but I was taught to write it in the same paragraph. I am a little bit confused by this.
    Thank you

    • You can choose your organisation. The examiner is marking you on logical organisation and both options are logical. There is no right or wrong way. However, be careful because the solutions are not always solutions to the causes, they are solutions to the problem in the essay question.

  36. Hi Liz,
    I have confusion regarding wat is the difference betweeen giving a balanced view and discussion both the view essay.
    And my next doubt is in wat extend do u agree or disagree,if we give a balanced view than wat should the paragraphs be about.?do I need to explain about each y I agree and disagree them?
    Em much confused,plz help

    • A balanced view relates to opinion essays and it doesn’t mean agree with both sides. It means partially agreeing with one side and explaining your specific view point. A discussion essay requires you to impartially give information about sides.

  37. Hi Lizz,
    Just one question.

    If the question sound like this: what do you think are the causes for ……and what can be done…… should i give my opinion?
    Thank You

  38. Can we start the given essay as “It is said that, a large number…..” to include passive voice for higher band?

  39. Hi, Liz. I was taught to use “Firstly, Secondly..Finally”. I read the essay and realised there wasn’t any “Finally”. Is it ok to omit “Finally” in the exam?

    • Using “firstly, secondly, thirdly” to start paragraphs is fine for band score 6. It is mechanical and not flexible. If you are aiming for a higher band score you need to be more flexible.

  40. Dear Liz ,
    first of all thanks for online lessons .

    can you upload writting task 2 related to racism and xenophobia . please …

    Thanking you in advance.

    • Thanks for the idea. I’ll put it on my list. I really hope next year I can start making videos again and more lessons for vocab and topics.

  41. dear Liz, is it possible to send you text about one of IELTS topics and you score it?

  42. Dear Liz

    First I would like to thank for all the online lessons and videos that you have uploaded for all the students across the globe. Its really a great help for us who are preparing for IELTS exam.
    I would like to ask you that every time you have mentioned for writing exam that marks would be cut or even there would be 0 if they are memorised. Is this in the context that we should not write the same model essays that you have written on your website in case we get the same writing exam ?

    Will wait for your reply.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Of course you can’t write the same essay. This is a language test so you can’t memorise my language and present it as your own. That is a form of cheating. You can use vocabulary and ideas but you must use your own language to write sentences and present the ideas.

  43. hi liz ,
    can I have a list of linking words?:)

    • You will find a link to a page of linking words on this page:

      • Hi Liz,

        Good day, I have noticed that there is no opinion in this model essay Crime and punishment ( cause and solution) writing task 2. Do I need to write a thesis statment or not? Can you please give me some ideas on how to make a best introduction and conclusion for this type of essay. Sorry, I am just nervous, I’ll be taking the exam this coming last week of October, and I really need to have high band score, and I want to learn all these things, just in case I will encounter this question on my exam.


  44. Sammani perera says

    In problem and solution questions what structure is most suited? Is it in one paragraph we mention about 2 problems then in the next body prg8raph we mention two solutions to the above mentioned problems?
    Or, the structure where in one body paragraph I disuss the problem and in the same one I give the relevant solution and in the next body paragraph the other problem and solution.
    Which way is better??
    Also I want to know if we are writing problems in one paragraph and the solutions in another, then do we have to provide with the solutions specifically to the problems that we mentioned before or can they be any general solution ?

  45. Purna Bahadur Kumal says

    Is it a good idea to include examples in advantage and disadvantage or problem and solution essay???please help me

  46. Vo Minh Son says

    Dear Teacher Liz
    I got your the three lessons of IELTS writing task 2. They are great! When will you post a rest of two model assays about problem and solution, agree and disagree?
    Thank you

  47. Hi Liz good morning/afternoon/ evening
    I have two questions to ask:
    1. If I have one problem and one solution, fully developed, Can I have high score?
    2. If the solution is not directly related to the cause, will it affect to have high score in task response?
    I am looking forward to hearing you at your earliest convenience !

    • The answer to your first question is “yes”. For your second question, you need to read the instructions carefully, you will either be asked for solutions to the problems or solutions to the causes – just follow the instructions.
      All the best

  48. Hi Liz

    You didn’t summarise the first paragraph (Cause part) in your conclusion. Is it all right?

    Please kindly explain, if you have time, at your earliest convenience.

    I’m eagerly looking forward to hearing you…
    Thank you

  49. Hi Liz,
    I have taken IELTS exam number of times, and my only weakness is in writing. I have noticed that writing is a subjective test, and you need to have excellent grammar and maturity of ideas. Just like your essay above, you have displayed the good maturity of ideas.

    Can we say that maturity of ideas in English expressions are tested in IELTS examination?

    If this is true then how students should mature themselves in all kinds of essay topics and their in-depth questions without having any research? I am also asking as I face problems while writing within the time limit good maturity of ideas on that particular topic of the essay.

    Thank You

  50. Hi Liz,

    I was practising general IELTS writing task 2. I wrote an essay for below topic.

    In some countries, people’s weight has significantly increased while their levels of health have decreased. What do you think may be the causes of this problem and what solutions can you suggest for solving them? Give reasons and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

    My key ideas were sedentary lifestyle and food habits.

    For examples, I chose, computer engineers for sedentary lifestyle. And fast food like pizza, burger for unhealthy foods.

    Now, my question is, do I need to mention some personal examples like, my cousin eats McD burger a lot and he has gained lot of weight and all OR is it alright to write examples in a general way like… computer engineers these days sit in front of monitors for long hours without doing any physical activities which causes increase in weight.

    I am eagerly waiting for your reply. I have my exam in few days. Please help.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • This is a formal essay, you don’t write about people you know. You write about people in general. Also take a look at your examples – which one offers the best range of grammar and vocabulary? Use your common sense.
      All the best

      • Hi Liz,

        I agree with your comments. Even I was of the same opinion. But I am taking online course from and Instructor suggested to quote personal examples as in the question they have asked us to give examples from our personal experiences. So I was confused about my views.

        Thanks for the clarification.


  51. Georgi Kapov says

    Hi Liz,

    Thank you very much for you effort and great job, your blog is very useful and helpful, I really appreciate it.
    I want to ask you about outline sentences, such as ‘This essay will discuss both points of view before coming to a reasoned conclusion’ or ‘This essay will firstly discuss…and secondly…’.
    Is it ok to use them or it is not a good idea and it won’t help me to get a good band score?
    My teacher suggest us all the time that is better to do so, because that helps reader to understand our writing and also will bring us more points for coherence and cohesion.

    Thanks in advance, Liz

    • It is not a good idea to do this. This system repeats the instructions given to you by IELTs. This method of introducing your plans for the essay is used in academic writing to help the reader know what you plan to do. In IELTS, the examiner knows what you plan to do, in fact the examiner knows what you MUST do. This is not just an academic essay, it is an IELTS academic essay with particular requirements and expectations. See my advanced lessons to learn how this should be done: Another issue for IELTS is that this is a language test, which means you are being marked on your ability to use your own English through paraphrasing and presenting your ideas. Learning a phrase to use (as you have stated above) will lower your mark because it is a learned phrase. The examiner will just put a line through it and discount it. So, don’t waste your words on useless language.
      All the best

  52. Dear Liz,

    I have recently got the results of my IELTS test and I’m very happy about it. In the past, my problem was with writing task 1 & 2. Your suggestions and model essays & reports helped a lot. Indeed, my writing score increased from 6.5 to 8. I’m now ready to obtain a permanent Australian VISA and to live my dream. Thanks for your time and all the free and high-quality material that you have prepared and shared with us. I’m very grateful for your effort and work.
    All the best,


    • Band score 8 in writing is excellent. Well done! You should be very proud of such a considerable increase in band score. I’m glad my lessons helped you.
      All the best

      • Wow! I am so inspired. I am about to take my exam next month here in Australia. I am also following Liz’s tutorials. I am hoping for a similar result 🙂

  53. Hi Liz,
    I want to ask if we have been asked about our opinion in an ielts essay then where should we write our opinion in the body paragraph? Whether it should be written at the end before conclusion?

    • If you are asked to give your opinion, it will be introduced in the introduction, explained in the body paragraphs and concluded in the conclusion.

  54. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for your wonderful website.

    I’m always confused if we should write only one main idea for each paragraph or more. If yes, how? I’m asking this question because there are two causes in the second paragraph and two solutions in the third one. In fact, the second paragraph contains two main ideas which are the two causes and also, the second paragraph contains two main ideas which are two solutions.
    Would you please clarify if it’s okay to include more than one main point in paragraph by using linking words, such as firstly and secondly?

    I really appreciate your respond.

  55. Hello,
    first of all i must say that i leave many comments on your page but didnt get any response.
    i have major issue in writing, i always have many ideas about topic and i always mix them in passage writing.. in july i got 6 bands over all now m again going to sit in exam on 19 sep.
    kindly suggest me to improve my eng language skills.


    • Unfortunately, this is not an English language blog. You need to look in the IELTS Extra section and see the Useful Website page which recommended sites for learning English.
      All the best

  56. Hi Liz,

    I am going to write the exam on the 29th of august,I always loose my writing…but fortunately, I could go through your site and pick some tips…your sample essays,video lessons (discussion and opinion essays) particularly very helpful.I am bit nervous still….
    I will let you know the result….
    You are a wonderful teacher…God bless you!
    Many Thanks

    • Good luck. Also try to work on your English language because if your English is not at the right level for your score, it will be very difficult to get the band score you want.
      All the best

  57. Hi Liz,
    I can’t seem to see the difference between the solution essay and the direct question essay !! they both ask the same questions and i keep making the mistake of expressing my opinion in the thesis in the solution essay .. can you please explain to me how can tell the difference between the two types of essays ?
    thank you.

    • The direct question is similar but only asks direct questions such as “what is happiness?” or “Is money a good way to measure success?”.

      • can you please tell me when do i need to state my opinion in these kinds of questions and when i shouldn’t ?

        • You give your opinion when the instructions ask for it. Please see the writing task 2 main page – there is a lesson about when to give your opinion.

  58. RICHARD SHINY says

    Hii madam
    I am going to take my ielts exam on oct-8 ,I am good in listening ,speaking and writing but in reading i am not satisified with my score ,so I am requesting you to give me reading tips

    kindly regards,

    Richard shiny.

    • All my reading tips are in the reading section:
      All the best

      • Hi teacher Liz, in regards to the conclusion in this question, I noticed that it is more about the third paragraph about solutions. And it really gives a clear picture on how to react to the issue as being a problem that fits exactly for the conclusion. I would like to ask, is paraphrasing the thesis statement for our conclusion is not always applicable? How can we know when it is applicable to paraphrase the thesis statement for the conclusion? Because it seems to me I am so inclined to the idea that for the conclusion all I need to do is to paraphrase my thesis staement.Thanks in advance, stay blessed.

        • The conclusion summarises the main points. Sometimes the main points are in the thesis statement – so you paraphrase that. At other times, they are not all given in the thesis statement, so you just summarise the key points from your essay. There is no fixed rule – relax! Just summarise the ideas you feel are most important for your conclusion.

  59. Dzung Tran says

    Hi Liz,
    In the conclusion of the cause-solution essay, if I just restate the problem, not the solutions, and instead use a phrase like ” However this can be resolved by the above suggestions” , will I get lower score ? I’m torn 🙁

    • Summarise the solutions in the conclusion “In conclusion, while pollution has a number of causes, it is best solved by individual awareness and recycling.” Here I mention there are causes but I don’t state them, I only state the solutions.

      • Dzung Tran says

        Thank you so much. I’ve learnt so much since I’ve been visiting your website every day, which is invaluable for my upcoming test. 🙂

  60. Hi Liz,
    I like your methods of teaching writing patterns as well as your advices. I will be taking the exam by next week and I’m hoping that you can give an advice to my writing. My aim is to have a score of 7. Here is my sample writing with a topic about fashion.

    Q: Fashion in our society is becoming more and more important in people’s choice of clothes. Why is it like this? Give your opinion.
    In the recent years, fashion is becoming a trend and the essential factor for choosing a cloth. This is due to a fact that it contributes to the social standards and aspects of living in the society.

    Fashion changes over the years. Before, people are used in wearing long clothing to cover every portion of their body, specially with women. The weather also affects the style of clothing. For example, a person who decided to go out during snow should wear a thick garment in order to protect himself from freezing in the field.

    The most essential reason for fashion becoming the choice of clothing is because it depicts the standard of living of a person in the society. The more sense of fashion a person has, the more he is likely to be given high regard. In workplace, for instance, the boss should always wear a business attire, including a suit and a tie. While employees need to wear the standard uniform set by the company.

    Another reason is that the society tend to mimic famous people. Popular people such as singers, actors and actresses are the people who started the fashion statement. Models also need to follow the recent fashion style in order to be seen by other people, by means of magazines and billboards.

    To conclude, I believe that fashion is the best factor for the people in choosing their brand of clothing. The recent fashion will always be the most popular kind of fashion style. However, this kind of fashion taste should not be used to define a person’s lifestyle or his social level in the society.

  61. himanshu says

    hi madam
    i m worry about reading . During this season , i always feel confident about answer bt mostly my answer is wrong.

    ca u help me to enhance reading skills

    • I can only suggest you do more practice and also get the book “Improve your IELTS Reading skills” which has useful techniques. Also think about starting a list of paraphrases which you found for each question when you practice.
      All the best

  62. Atia Sultana says

    Hello Madam,
    If I write 50 to 60 words for Introduction and Conclusion (Academic Task-2), will it create any problem in main exam ?

    • No, it won’t create a problem. But it is a waste of valuable time because it won’t help your band score.

  63. Hi Liz,

    I have to obtain 7 bands in each module . Unfortunately, I have not been in touch with English writing and reading from last 7 years as my job was Customer service so never required any written experiences.

    I would love to receive any advise and assistance from you which can help me to concentrate and find suitable words while writing.I tried my best to find physical teacher but in vain.

    Thanking you.

    • All my lessons and advice are given on the pages of this blog. There is a useful website page in the IELTS Extra section where you can find useful sites for developing your English and IELTS skills. Take a look.

  64. Hello Liz,
    The thing that I didn’t really catch here is wheter to write one’s own opinion or not. I mean, should I use the words such as “I” or “my” in solution essay to answer the questions?
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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