IELTS Cue Card: An Invention

Hi guys,

Yesterday, a student reported this IELTS cue card: Describe an Invention for speaking part 2. IELTS speaking topics can often be repeated so you should definitely prepare for this topic as well as other recent topics and common topics. I’ve provided links below.

An Invention: IELTS Cue Card 

Date: 26th July, 2017

Describe an invention that changed people’s lives.
You should say:
· What it is
· Who invent it
· When it was invented
And explain how it changed people’s life.

Ideas for An Invention Topic:

Tips: Don’t choose something impressive. The examiner will not give you a higher score because your ideas are impressive. Instead, choose something which is easy to talk about. Something which can have plenty of ideas for. If you don’t know who invented it or when – it doesn’t matter. It won’t affect your score at all.

  1. Smart Phones
    1. This is a great topic to choose because there are somany features of a mobile phone that you can talk forever about this. You can also talk about which features you use and why they are useful to you: camera, video, texting, calendar, weather, music player, GPS, web browser (shopping online, online banking etc)
    2. The cue card mentions who invented it – you don’t need to know this information. You can say “I do not know who invented it but some of the top selling brands are “Apple” etc. If you don’t know when it was invented, you can say “I’m not exactly sure when it was invented but most people have been using them for the last decade at least.”
  2. Internet
    1. Another great topic which allows you to take your talk in any direction you want: international business, social media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter), globalisation, online education etc
  3. TV
    1. You can talk about: news, weather reports, films, soap operas, documentaries and education programs, escapism, relaxation, reality TV, chat shows etc
  4. Modern Transportation
    1. Cars, aeroplanes, trains. You can talk about each type as well as globalisation and tourism

Don’t forget that IELTS speaking part 2 is mostly about you, so add your own details. Tell a story about yourself or someone you know.

If you have any other ideas, please post them in the comments box below.

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  1. kuldeep singh says

    hlo mam you r really helpful.therefore i achieved 7 bands in speaking.u r doing well job to help student to get good bands in ielts.thanx alot

  2. Aseem goel says

    Thank you so much for your blog.
    I had read almost all the questions under the link recently asked questions, so i didn’t get confused or nervous. I had an idea about all the questions n how to answer them.
    You are doing a great service.

  3. Aseem goel says

    Hi Liz
    I had my speaking test yesterday. I was asked the following questions:-
    1 what is your full name
    2 do you work or study
    3 why hv you opted this profession
    4 how have your routine changed, when you. were young and now
    5 do you read magazines,why
    6 magazines are famous among the young or the older

    Cue card
    Talk about a thing that you got free
    What it was
    From where you got it
    What you did with that

    Follow up questions:
    1 do people value things which come to them as free
    2 should goernment provide some free service
    4 should transport be free in ur country
    5 should higher education be free
    6 is there anything in the world which is valuable but free

  4. Karamjeet kaur says

    Hello Liz,
    On the topic of invention can I speak on facebook.

  5. Hi, Liz thanks for keep share information for me.. it was very useful. My test at 29/7/2017 the question is below

    Part 1
    Would you like you house?
    What type of house you like in the future?
    Did you like sunshine?
    What weather you like for?
    Do you have any famous singer you like?
    Did you like live music?

    Part 2
    Is was same topic for your above.🤗

    Part 3
    Let request why you thing the invention thing at home?
    Did you think people will lazy after use this all invention item?
    This of the invention think are useful at education?
    Did you thing invention can replace a teacher at the future

  6. thanks for this wonderful post

  7. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for sharing recent cue card topic on invention. Unfortunately, I’m reading it just now.
    I had my speaking test today and I feel unlucky not to read this post before, because, I had the same topic about invention in my test today.
    I spoke about Computer and I think I spoke for about two minutes but, in Part three the examiner asked me all the questions regarding “Wheel”. At that point of time, I did’t realize and it didn’t click to my mind that the examiner might be talking about the Wheel in terms of mechanical invention. I asked him to repeat two questions in this section and he did only one and for the second one he said we are running short of the time. My Speaking Part 3 went pathetic though I did well in Part 1 and 2.
    Is it still possible for me to achieve good score? And do you think that speaking about wheel comes under General context?

    • The examiner can ask any questions he or she wants in part 3. The “wheel” is a great example of one of the earliest inventions that has changed mankind and how we live. It’s a good question for the examiner to ask. Your speaking score is marked over your entire test. If you did well overall, you will get a good score.

  8. thamilmaran says

    I have took my exam
    someone written above that same question asked me also, still i have got 5 points only.

  9. Dear Liz,

    I would like to know how important it iss to use idioms in your speech, as I had not heard I had to use them. What score may I expect? Thank you for all your help.


  10. Hi Liz,
    I’m from New Zealand
    today evening I faced my speaking test
    examiner asked about….
    are you like to work long hours
    what are you doing in the evening…
    do you like indoor games or board games
    in childhood witch board do you play
    do you like to learn board gams
    do you listen to about others dreams
    do you believe dreams
    2nd part
    describe about historic event
    3rd part
    he asked me about museum

  11. Vashisht says

    thank you

  12. Hi,
    I am from India. I took my IELTS speaking today morning. I was asked following questions:
    Part 1
    1. Your Full name
    2. Do u study or work
    3. Tell me more about what kind of work u do
    4. Do u think sometimes u have too much work
    5. what do u after coming back from work
    6. people have to do their house cleaning jobs like cleaning,washing. Tell me how u manage
    7. Which one do u dislike the most
    Part 2
    Talk about a celebrity that u want to become. Include
    a. When did u hear about the person
    b. will he/she be popular in future too
    Part 3
    1. What kind of people become celebrities in your country.
    2. Why are people so desperate about becoming a celebrity
    3. What are the differences between past and present about what it takes to become a celebrity.
    4. What is the impact on society of fans desperately following their celebrity icons.

    My test went well. I have followed your site for my prep. Thanks a ton for your regular suggestions. If i have to pick the best, its ‘Be Chatty’ for speaking.
    Fingers crossed for L/W/R tomorrow.
    Thanks again Liz. You are AWESOME. 🙂

  13. Hi Liz,I am Lola from Nigeria.
    Had my exam on 26 July and below are the questions :

    Your name?
    Do you work/study?
    What are your job responsibilities?
    Do you love Robot?
    How would you feel if a Robot happens to your driver?
    Can you engage a Robot as a help in your house?

    Task 2

    What decision have you disagree with?
    Who made the decision?
    What was the outcome of the disagreement?

    Task 3

    Why are we having issues with decisions making on Medical, Agriculture and Communication in some
    countries today?
    – how much can you agree/dissgree with the adults taking decisions for the young adults.?

  14. I took my exam on July 8.
    The following are some of the few questions that I faced during my speaking part.
    Section 1:
    Are you working or studying?
    Do you want to continue doing this ?(based on my answer)
    Describe something about email?
    How often do you send email?
    In what way do you use email?
    Is email a good way of communication in the future?
    Section 2:
    Have you ever used any free service or free product or free tickets.
    What did u get as free?
    How did you get it?
    How did u use it?
    Section 3:
    Should medical & hospital service be given as a free service?
    Should education be free?
    Should transportation service be given free?
    Do you think that people value something which is given as free to them?
    Is there anything in life that is beyond financial value example love or something like that…

    And that is it…

    I managed to get only 7. Because I didnt get any points for section 2 as I didnt come across any such situation. I was like too imaginative to get the points and I missed the cohesion between sentences.

    Your blog was so much useful for me. Thanks for your great work.

  15. Ann Mary says

    Hello Liz Mam ,
    27th July speaking test – India
    Part 1
    .Do you like jewellery .Why ?
    .How often do you wear?
    .When you wear ornaments?
    .How affect sunshine in your mood ?
    .What you want to do ?
    Part 2:
    .Describe a person who helped you in work or study .
    Part 3:
    .How helping mentality important in your life?
    .Who teach these all things to children?
    .Are people today greedy and selfish than past ?why ?

  16. Thank you mam.😊

  17. Rajni Vashisht says

    Hello friends
    My speaking exam was today, I m from Jalandhar
    My part 1 questions were
    May I know your full name?
    Are you working or a student?
    Do you think that u have studying too much?
    Then how offen do you watch mirrors?
    Do you ever bought mirrors
    How can you decorate your room with mirrors ?
    How offen do u watch tv?
    Do you think you watch too much tv?
    What kind of tv program u watch when you were a child?
    Part 2
    Describe a famous person you are interested in ?
    Part 3
    About celebreates and famous person,
    I don’t remember the exact questions about part three
    Liz I was nervous during speaking so does it more effects on my bands

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 You are only marked on your language in IELTS speaking. If your nerves affected your speaking, the examiner will take it into consideration.

  18. Hello, Liz I ‘m Agnes ,I from Malaysia,I take my IELTS exam at Australia, this speaking below I take lst month in 24/6/2017..they asking me
    how often you use the mirror?
    Why you use for?
    Did you think mirrors is important?
    Did you often buy a mirror?

    Part 2 :
    Decribe a cafe..
    What is the place?
    How often you go there ?
    What is the special place?
    What drink you order ?
    Describe why you like to go there?

    Part 3
    What do you think cafe or restaurant which one is important in your country?
    Why ?
    Got 2 more questions I forget it

    But I didn’t do well in my IELTS test,
    I get just 4.5 in overall

    But I feel happy I saw you website, I got buy 3 or you essay video.. I very helpful, I hope 29/7/2017 in my second test I hope can get band 6 , thanks..Liz

  19. Abraham Nkansah says

    Am so glad for giving us so many tips. I really appreciate that.
    My IELTS exams is scheduled on 19th August and I wont hesitate to post them here after that. Thanks a lot Liz

  20. Janam bansal says

    Plz send me new cue cards for Augest and september Test

  21. Hello,

    Had my exam on 8th July in U.A.E and I can remember the following questions:
    Part 1…
    1) Your Name
    2) What do you do?
    3) what are your job responsibilities?
    4) Do you like shoes?
    5) Why do you think people buy expensive shoes?
    6) Have you ever bought shoes online?

    Part 2…
    Topic: Do you like going to quite places? when was the last you went and why?

    Part 3…
    1) Do you like music?
    2) Do you think music can change your mode? (can’t remember the exact wordings)
    3) How noise is effecting the environment?
    few other “noise” related” questions but cannot recall them…
    4) What do you think what govt. should do to control it?

  22. mobile phone was invented in 1973 by Martin Cooper but it came in market in 1983. i think it was launched by motorola company.

  23. Hey Liz
    Thanks alot for the topic, my exam is scheduled on 3rd August .I would definitely make it a point to post the question paper on your website.

  24. Hello Liz, I am from India.😊

    Today,in the morning I was having speaking test, I got cue card on describe your favorite weather.
    Following questions:
    1)Types of clothes you wear in different seasons
    2)How can weather affect your mood?
    3) Is weather is having any drawbacks?
    4)How weather affect your Indian economy?
    5)Do rainy season makes you to change your plan ?
    6)Do people here use to check weather broadcast on television before they go to any place?

    Task 1 questions:
    Do you work/study?
    How was the education of your school?
    Does teaching influence you to teach others?
    Do you wear comfortable shoes or good looking shoes ? Why?
    Do you like to buy online shoes ?
    Why do people buy different types of things from online?

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