IELTS Complex Table 2017

Below is a model answer for an IELTS complex table for writing task 1. It is not common to be given a table with so many categories and numbers. But this model essay will help you understand how to organise the information.

IELTS Complex Table

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Band 9 Model Answer

This model answer was provided by Tony Grace, experienced IELTS tutor. See below for his website link.

The tables illustrate the proportion of people assessing six aspects of one city’s life as good, average, or bad, in 1980 and 2010.

Overall, healthcare, education, and the environment were given the highest scores in both years, and transport facilities received the lowest.  Meanwhile, education’s rating rose over the period, while that of transportation fell.

In 1980, people rated healthcare, education, and the environment the highest, with over 80% approving of healthcare, while the other two had figures of 72%.  Under 10% of respondents thought these three services were bad.  As for shopping and unemployment, both had similar figures, as 62-64% expressed approval, and 22-24% said they were average.   Only a half of those surveyed gave a high score to transportation, with roughly a third stating it was bad.

Turning to 2010, the most significant changes were seen in education, as over 80% were happy with it, and in healthcare whose good rating fell to 74%.  The employment situation improved, as in 2010, almost three-quarters of those asked expressed satisfaction.  In contrast, approval of the transport facilities fell to 39%, and a similar proportion stated it was bad.  Finally, with regard to the environment and shopping, their approval levels both remained relatively unchanged.

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  1. Prathamesh Kesarkar says

    Are you sure about being vague about Numbers . Cause they have clearly specified the number of people who voted for facilities.

  2. Hello Mam.Is it correct if I write my thesis statement like.. This essay agree that… And this essay will discuss about.. Etc

    • If the instructions ask for your opinion, “this essay agrees” does not represent YOUR own opinion. If the instructions ask for YOUR opinion, you must give it – I THINK / I AGREE / I BELIEVE. You are either direct or you are failing the task.

  3. Hello Liz, here I am asking your help for writing task 2.If I want to disagree a statement, whether I should give the reasons for disagree or whether I can suggest another option.For instance development of business results in a loss of cultural ties between countries. I want to disagree with this statement.My opinion is tourism may more effective than business… How can I answer for that question? please give me an idea. thanks in advance

  4. Mam,if for task2 ,it is to discuss both views and give your opinion, can my opinion be stated in the conclusion or should it be in the body paragraphs?

  5. Thanks again Liz…….Your lessons are very much useful for me. I get 6 band overall but lowest in speaking(5 band).Could you plz tell me how to improve speaking skills.Now I again give test on 2 Dec. Plz help me Liz😔😦

  6. I want ask you about this task dear Liz. If I don’t have time to mention all aspects, can I write about the highest percentage and lowest percentage? Please, I need to know the answer.

    • You need to mention all categories but not all numbers. You select the numbers and trends that are most relevant to each category. In some cases, the highest, in some cases no change, in some cases significant drop. You choose the relevant feature. You can’t learn a rule for this. Each table is different and you need to be able to identify key features and decide how to present details.

  7. Bikram Shrestha says

    Hello Liz,
    Can an alternative overview be written as, “Overall, rating of education and employment sectors rose over time. However, in the same record of time, score of other areas depleted” ?
    I have a problem in writing overview of the task which contains comparison of data from different years, i get confused what to take as a base of my overview. Can you help me out here Liz?
    Thank you.

    • Highlight which had the highest rating and which had the lowest. Also highlight main changes. The overview in this model is 100% complete.

  8. In reading 3 paragraph .
    First. On person missing in land or island until now .
    And his adventure .

    Second. On memories .
    Contain researsher resultes about smell and experimental for study the brain.

    Final. Game theory .

    The queation for 4 section exam as you mention in all videos and pages

  9. But in this task, percentage unit was not mentioned….. can we assume that?

    • In the description given by IELTS, it mentions that the units are percentage. In the introduction of the model answer, it states: “The tables illustrate the proportion..” this means percentage.

  10. MD Mahabub Alam says

    Would you please share with me how to write task 2 of advantage or disadvantage, .

  11. “Meanwhile, healthcare’s rating rose over the period, while that of transportation fell.”
    Healthcare’s rating decline not rise

  12. pardeep sandhu says

    Thnku vry much 😊

  13. Please my tell me about task 2 I fill my 25 November

  14. On 4th.Nov .2017
    Writting task 1 : map and graph shows physical size and population gtowth in Egyption city of Alexandaria
    Task 2 : in education and employment , some people work harder than other .
    What are the reasons ?
    Is it good to work harder ?

    • Speaking test in 3th.Nov. 2017
      Are you work or study and some question about that .
      Are you prefer ring or any jularies ?
      Why ?ifyou give any one gift of jularies?

      Card: about any website help you ?
      How know about it ?
      What content ?
      Advantage of website ?
      Advice for other people to used?

      Using internet for learning children ?
      Do you agree with can replacement the face to face learning ?

      Do you prefer bus ?
      In future will you try to use buses?

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