Great IELTS Results 2017 with Four Band Score 9 !

Many students posted their results on my website in 2017. Fantastic Results !! 🙂 Very well done to you all 🙂 On this page, you will find

  1. How many students got band 9, 8.5 and 8 overall in IELTS 2017.
  2. Link to the Post Results Page.
  3. Tips from Band 8.5 and Band 9 IELTS students from 2017.


Overall Band Score 9

Four Students Posted Results of Overall IELTS Band Score 9  !!!

Gokul has shared his tips for getting overall  band score 9: see below.


Overall Band score 8.5

Over 30 Students Posted Results of Overall IELTS Band Score 8.5  !!!

Deeksha shares her tips for getting OVERALL band score 8.5: see below.


Overall Band Score 8

Over 50 Students Posted Results Overall IELTS Band Score 8  !!!


All results were posted on the “Post Your IELTS Results” page.


  1. The results page is not only one page – it contains many, many pages. Click on the “Older Comments” link at the bottom of the results page to see all results for 2017 !!
  2. I have deleted most results under band 8. This is because there have been over 1000 results posted since 2014.
  3. See the results page: IELTS Results Page


Band 8.5 and Band 9 Tips from Students

Below you will find some band 8.5 and band 9 students who have posted their tips in 2017.

How I Scored Overall IELTS Band Score 9 

How I Scored Overall Band Score 8.5 

How I Scored Band 9 in Reading

How I Scored Band 9 in IELTS Speaking

Sharing your IELTS Results and Tips

If you wish to create your own page of successful results and tips, please email me: Students will love to hear from you – even small pages are useful 🙂


Good luck in 2018 🙂




  1. Hi mam.plz Can u tell me that it is important to write whole answers in capital letters in listening test.

  2. Hi Liz,

    is there any lesson on how to complete writing task 1 if two graphs are provided, for instance a pie chart and a bar chart? thanks

  3. . U r doing a thankless job.. God bless uh mam

  4. Hi Liz,

    Can you tell me if I need an outline statement in all all types of essay (writing task 2)? I’m really confused as some sources suggest to explain what your essay is about and some contradict it.

  5. Thank u Liz for ur help nd support and congrats to the student for the good bands. I Algeria we have only one test center and the sound quality for listening is very poor. Is there centers with headphones?

    • Yes, there are test centers that use headphones but I do not know for each individual country. You will need to call all the test centers in your area to ask them about it.

  6. Hi liz,
    could yiu please let me know whether this sentence is grammatically correct ” people’s opinions differ as to whether or not the practise of assigning homework to students is a correct one”? If it’s not could you ease rephrase it.
    Thanks in advance

    • It’s fine. You can also write:
      The practise of assigning homework is thought by some to be beneficial, while others disagree.

  7. Bibi najira says

    Great and outstanding result!!!!!congrate to all the successful candidates!!!!!

  8. Naveed Saqib says

    Thanks Liz for a wonderful effort! When I become the next Prime Minister you will be Minister of Education (kidding)

  9. Congrate for all ihope to get my necessary score too.

  10. I too took my test in 2017 and got band score 8 by just going through your lessons Liz. Can’t thank you enough!!.

  11. Abdulmajeed says

    Thank you very much

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