Essay Questions for February

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I have added the list of essay questions for February to my list on this page, click here: Jan & Feb Topics for IELTS WT2.

Please remember that I am still on holiday until May and won’t be answering questions.




  1. Hi Liz

    Hope keeping all good.
    There is no need to say that how helpful your website is for all, but I want to know from you the superlative degree of “Thank You” that you deserve it. Anyways, I am here to share with all about the questions which were asked by the examiner yesterday, 28th Feb 2018, speaking test.
    Test center: Karachi – PK

    Part 1
    Whats your full name?
    Where you from?
    Which area you live in and how long the distance you travel from home to examination center ?
    Do you like to travel long distances?
    In your culture when people give or exchange gifts to each other?
    do u like gifts?
    when do you receive last gift and from whom?
    Did you receive a gift which you don’t like?

    Part 2: CUE CARD

    Which TV program you watch and you enjoyed
    – with whom you watch
    -when it comes
    why you enjoyed it
    and she asked a short question related to it.
    Part 3:
    what do you think which tv program youngsters now a days watched mostly?
    (I gave answer in general, that they dont watch Tv mostly instead they prefer to use gadgets, whatever they want to see play or browse they use their mobile phones however girls still prefer to watch soap serials and nowadays some entertainment channels introduce cooking shows which they are watching them enthusiastically and keep try to improve their cooking skills)
    Do you think if schools introduce TV in their eduction system is it helpful as learning media?
    Do you think instead to watch animals on discovery channel,parents take their child to the zoo is more better?

    I am a little bit confused after the test as this was like discussion more then exam. Even in last part when I gave answer of first question she talked in between that “So you are talking in general”. The conversation we had the combination of formal and informal style as the examiner was very friendly.whatever she asked, she asked with full of expressions. Is it ok or i need to worry?

    • Thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s good when the examiner makes the test feel natural like a chat. It is certainly not a problem in any way. Good luck with your results 😉

  2. Today my spiking test
    Venue :- Baroda; Gujarat
    My introduction of hometown and gift
    Cue card on technology (without computer)
    Follow up on technology and also dictionary

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    you ‘ve mentioned today that you are on the holidays because from many days I was thinking that I have done something wrong, so I didn’t receive any updation

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