IELTS Speaking Part 3 Health & Coronavirus Answers & Questions

To prepare for the predicted topic of Health & Coronavirus in IELTS Speaking Part 3, you will find below questions, model answers and useful vocabulary with an audio for pronunciation. This is a current world issue and as you know IELTS are guided by world issues for their choice of topics in IELTS Speaking and IELTS Writing.

Questions & Model Answers: IELTS Speaking Health & Coronavirus Part 3

See the questions and model answers below. Remember, the examiner is not testing your knowledge. Each question is an opportunity for you to showcase your English language. The examiner might ask you to explain more, or interrupt you or challenge you. Be prepared in part 3 for a discussion rather than question/answer.

Do you think health is important? Why?

Health is extremely important. Without it we are unable to work, unable to earn a living, unable to socialise and we become completely dependant on others. Health is one of the few things that we can’t buy, but we can take steps to improve and protect our health. By protecting our health, we are protecting our future.

What types of activities do you think help people stay healthy?

There are many kinds of activities that can help us maintain good health. Cardiovascular exercise such as jogging, tennis and football are really beneficial. But many people prefer doing more gentle exercise like yoga or taichi that help us with our physical and mental health. Personally, I think a balanced approach of different types of exercises is best combined with a healthy life style and diet.

What is the difference between physical health and mental health?

Physical health is about our physical bodies: our muscles, our blood circulation, our internal organs and about keeping our immune systems and other bodily systems working well. Mental health, on the other hand, is concerned with how healthy our thoughts are and our perspectives. It affects our ability to cope with situations in life.

What difficulties did some people face with social distancing and lockdown at the time of the Coronavirus outbreak?

I think some people had a lot to cope with during lockdown. Some people struggled with the isolation, some people worried about their income and others struggled with being trapped in a building unable to go out. Most of the problems were psychological, but some also had practical problems. Some people were unable to get to supermarkets due to vulnerability and struggled to get food. It was a really challenging time.

What did some people do to stay positive at that time?

People used different methods to keep their chins up when they were in lockdown. I think some of them went online to either work or socialise. Others turned to indoor exercise and art projects. Nature projects like planting indoor plants and watching live videos of wildlife were also really popular. It was surprising how enterprising and creative people were ideas.

What useful technology helped us combat the Coronavirus?

That’s a really interesting question. Let me see … I guess some of the most important pieces of technology were things like ventilators which kept people breathing when they had severe Coronavirus and the technology behind the contact tracing and testing which was used quite effectively in many countries to suppress the spread of the virus. Looking ahead at new technology coming out, new apps are being designed to allow people to trace where they have been and if they have come into contact with the virus at any time. I think this will really help us control the virus better.

During the Coronavirus crisis, some people did courageous deeds. Can you give an example of one from your country?

There was more than one example of courage in the face of possible illness or death in my country during the Coronavirus pandemic. All doctors, nurses, hospital staff, care home workers, social workers and other frontline workers all selflessly went to work knowing the risks they were facing. Some of them lost their lives as a result. Each day, they showed courage and determination to save lives. They were indeed brave and without them many more people would have died.

What do you think could have been done better to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak?

It’s hard to say. Each country had their own approach based on what was happening in their own country and decisions were led by the science. With hindsight some countries should have done more rigorous contact tracing and testing at the start of the pandemic to prevent the disease spreading so widely. Also some of them ought to have gone into lockdown sooner before the virus had spread so far. We will see how things progress from this point onward.

Note: “It’s hard to say” is an expression which means “This isn’t a simple thing to discuss – it’s complicated.”

Useful Language & Pronunciation

To learn the pronunciation of the following vocabulary, click the audio below this word list.

  • cardiovascular
  • muscles
  • aerobic
  • brisk walking
  • vigorous exercise
  • blood circulation
  • internal organs
  • immune system
  • taichi / yoga
  • mental health
  • psychological well-being
  • perspectives
  • struggle with isolation
  • feeling trapped in a building
  • socialise
  • nature or art projects
  • a creative outlet
  • to be enterprising and creative
  • ventilators
  • rigorous contact tracing and testing
  • pandemic
  • frontline workers
  • to be led by the science
  • hindsight



I hope you found this useful πŸ™‚

All the best and stay safe!



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    Prof: Elysee from Peru.

    • I wish I could, but unfortunately I have a long term illness which really limits how much work I do. See this page: Best wishes to your class πŸ™‚

      • Hi, Elizabeth, I hope you are doing well. I have been following your blogs and your YouTube videos to crack IELTS. I must say you are an inspiration and one of the best tutors available online. You make things easier to understand and maintain clear and crisp content because of which students like me get to learn things better and quicker. Out of personal experience, I must say that I have learnt a lot from your lessons which were really helpful. Finally, with utmost respect and love, I really wish you and your family to prosper and live a healthy and sound life. Thanks for everything. God bless!

  4. Radhi says

    Hi Liz,
    I have a habit of saying “you ” when answering questions , is this acceptable in IELTS in speaking tests? Or do you suggest we use, words like “people”, someone , he or she .?
    Will it reduce my band score .

    • It’s completely fine. The speaking test is informal and it is normal for native speakers to do the same.

  5. saad nasir says

    Can we give opinion and suggestion in part-3 say for example.
    Can i start the sentence like I mentioned below:
    1. According to me
    2. I will not recommend.
    3. For me
    Secondly I heard it’s not a good practice to use ” You ” in your sentences in speaking Test.

    • The speaking test is informal. There is no special way to start a part 3 answer. Just be natural. It is fine to use “you” the speaking test.

  6. Narmin Beydizada says

    Dear Liz,
    I would like to ask you a question. My examiner did not allow me to complete my sentence to his questions, each time he quickly jumped to the next question without listening to me. This happened in part 3! In what extend it is acceptable? as I have seen many IELTS videos/tests where different students performed their speech. None of these I saw such a situation like mine. I remember very well, I was responding quickly as I realized his reputation/”method”. It was clearly seen that he just did his “work” to finish the procedure and meet the next student.
    I received my score 6.0 from speaking which is simply impossible, it is blindly and super subjective evaluation! (which actually happens many times to students in IELTS).
    Well, I am a Ph.D. student, my study and communication language is English for a long time. There is no question about my English ability. My supervisor in the US doesn’t need any meaningless certificate from me, but the university department forced me to take this exam.
    Now, after my appeal, they require additional payment to remark my results. I think it is purely legal type of corruption.

    • It is important that your preparation for IELTS speaking includes what is likely to happen in the test. This page: explains all about the examiner interrupting your answer. It explains that this is a normal part of the test and you should be prepared for it. It is not because the examiner is rushing, it is because a) the test is time controlled b) the examiner is moving from one language focus to another. Completing an full answer is not actually required to assess a particular language function. So, this is really something you should have known before you enter the test room.
      About your score, if you feel you did much better than band 6, you should apply for a remark. This decision should be based on the language you showcased during the test rather than just the level you think your English is normally. The price of the remark is refunded if your score is improved. It is fair way for IELTS to offer remarking.
      There are some things about the IELTS test that I struggle to accept, such as them withholding result for an indefinite period of time or without on-going communication. However, the situation you are facing is not something I see as a problem. a) you should have known how the examiner is likely to conduct the test b) remarking payment is refunded if your score increases which is fair.
      I hope this reply will help you make decisions about which step to take next without feeling too negative.

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    • Go to the HOME page of this website and start reading how to use this site for your free preparation. Also download the free IELTS test on the BC IELTS website. Then start practising and preparing.

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    And do you have any tips to help me with this?

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    • It depends which country you think and feel of as your own. Which one do you know well enough?

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    • Sure you can. There are a lot of people out there who don’t have a teacher and don’t have anyone to practice with. When you are in that position, you need to practice speaking the answers out loud, record them to play them back, listen, analyse and develop. You need to prepare at home for the real test and simulate the test environment to practice full tests. See all lessons and model answers on this page:
      You might find it a shock to find yourself face to face with an examiner. But lucky, at the moment, speaking tests are doing using zoom with the examiner in another room – that might help. But even so, be ready to do your best for 14 mins of your life regardless of the examiner’s response and body language. Some examiners are encouraging and other, unfortunately, are not.
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