Answers to Background Statement Practice Lesson

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I have posted some model background statements on the original page. I also added a list of tips to help you learn the correct way to write for IELTS.

Click here: Background Statement Model Answers.

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  1. Erwin Baguio says

    Hi Liz
    GT- Kuwait
    Date:January 4 &5 2019
    SpeakingPart 1
    1.Can you tell me your full name?
    2.Do you work or study?
    3.What change you want to happen in your work place?
    4.What is your favorite color?
    5.What is the color of your room?
    6.Do you have plans to change the color of your room in the future?
    7.Do you wear sun glasses?
    8.Would you give sun glasses as a gift?
    9.Have you ever lost a sun glasses
    10.Does color of the car important?
    11.Did you wear bright color dress when you were a child?
    12.Are you wearing bright colors nowadays?

    Speaking task 2
    What funny movie or tv show do you used to watch?
    – when you watched it
    – who are the casts
    – why you still remember the movie or tv show?
    *Liz u fortunately gave him the wrong answer because i did not notice the word -used to- thats why what i shared was the the funny movie that we watch everyday.I am a little bit worried because i might get lower score because of that.

    Task 3.
    1.Is comedy different from every culture like in USA and Saudi Arabia?
    2.Is learning the culture important in understanding jokes?
    3.Who appreciate jokes better ?Children or Adult?
    4.Is joke important in work place?
    5.Why children laugh more than Adult?
    6.-i forgot this question-

    Writing task 1
    – Write a letter to the hotel manager and tell the manager that you left a clothing item in their hotel
    – describe the item
    -suggest the possible location of the item
    – ask manager a favor

    begin your letter with
    Dear Sir or Madam

    task 2
    Some think that young people should leave their home once they reach adulthood, others believe that it is better for them to stay with their family as long as they want.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Claiming and prayingfor an excellent result this January 18.
    Thank you Liz .You are the best!!!😊

  2. Thanks Liz,
    All your lessons and tips are amazing.
    Attended my LRW today.
    Writing task 1 was a table with usage of water resources in 3 different sectors(Agriculture,Industry and domestic use) by 4 nations,ie,Egypt,SouthAfrica,Canada,New Zealand.
    Writing task 2-Employers consider personal qualities than qualifications and experience while selecting employees. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this.

  3. Thanks Mrs. Liz

  4. Thnkuuu

  5. mustafa aydoğdu says

    thanks Liz happy new year thanks for everythings

  6. The model answers were very precise.
    Thanks Liz

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