Answers for Synonyms Practice: Birds & Dinosaurs

Hi guys,

Below are the answers for the synonyms practice based on the reading passage about Birds and Dinosaurs. If you haven’t completed the lesson, please do that before looking at the answers – click here: Synonyms Practice Lesson

I hope you found the practice lesson useful. Being able to spot paraphrases and synonyms is really important in IELTS reading.


  1. meat-eating = carnivorous
  2. a group / set = a suite
  3. stance / position = pose / posture
  4. resemblance = similarity
  5. persuasive = compelling
  6. feathers = plumage
  7. ancestor = predecessor
    1. Another answer in terms of meaning could be “forebears” – but note that it does come after the answer to number 8. 
  8. characteristic / quality = attribute
    1. “features” is another possible answer in terms of meaning, but please note it comes before the answer to number 7.

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Number 6 above was the most difficult. If you are aiming for band 7, you should have got the rest correct.

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  1. Thanks Liz, l got 7/8…..its helpful

  2. I got it all! I used to receive it in my mail.
    Good nite

  3. Glad I got it all. Thanks Liz for the exercise

  4. Amandeep Singh says

    I got 8/8.. yeahhh 🙂

  5. Surprisingly, The only one that i got wrong was 4 not 6!
    That was the unknown word for me.
    I got 7 out of 8.

    Thanks for the test, Liz.

  6. Thank you Liz I got 7/8

  7. Thanks Liz, it was really useful. I got it all.

  8. I

    Thanks Liz
    I got one answer wrong
    Very useful practice.
    More will be helpful
    God richly bless you.

  9. I got all.. Thanks liz.
    It’s really useful.
    God bless you more.

  10. EZENECHE Nkechi Dorathy says

    Thanks Liz. I got all the answers correctly.

  11. Thanks. Didn’t get all. Hope to do better next time.

  12. I got all the answers. Thanks

  13. Thanks liz🙏🏾

  14. I got all , thanks so much. I found 6. I realized that I should try even harder. It is really helpful.

  15. Yes I did……tnx so much

  16. 8 could be feature too, right?
    By the way Liz, thank you for your book. I have purchased it few days ago. Is it ok if I share with you some comments on it?

    • Yes, it certainly could be in terms of meaning. You are 100% correct. The only issue is that answer 8 should come after answer 7.

  17. I got all,thanks so much.

  18. Dr. Jannat Mahabuba says

    Thank you Liz. It is really helpful

  19. Thank you , Liz
    Kindly post more practice.

  20. I got 5 out of the 8 questions

  21. Wow! Glad I got all

  22. Kuti Rashedat says

    I got all…… Tnx Liz

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