Types of Films: Vocabulary

It is common to be asked about films / movies in all parts of the IELTS speaking test and therefore it is necessary that you have plenty of examples of films ready to tell the examiner.

Listening Practice: Film Types

Below is a list of film types and a listening recording.

Film Genres

  • action films
  • comedies
  • romantic films
  • rom-coms
  • adventure films
  • musicals
  • dramas
  • period films or historical dramas (films set in another historical time)
  • real life films
  • war films
  • horror films
  • science fiction (Sci-Fi or SF)

Listen and decide which type of film is being described from the list above.

There are 12 descriptions. Get your paper and pencil ready!!


Click below to reveal the descriptions and the answers. The descriptions contains very useful vocabulary.

Written Descriptions
  1. These films are serious and plot driven (story line motivated) with realistic characters and lots of character development as well as character interaction.
  2. These films usually have high energy, stunts and quite a few fights.
  3. These films contain both romantic and very amusing elements.
  4. Often set in another world or on another planet, these films are full of imagination.
  5. These films are based on a life event that actually happened with characters that really existed. Portrayal is supposed to be accurate but that isn’t always the case.
  6. The plot of these films is mainly based around a conflict between two countries or two groups and is usually set on land, in the air or at sea.
  7. These films are exciting and often follow a search or an expedition to find something.
  8. Not all people like these films in which words are often sung rather than spoken.
  9. These films confront our hidden fears.
  10. These films have you in stitches with tears rolling down your cheeks.
  11. The story in these films is heartwarming and often preferred by women.
  12. Often set in the past in a well-known time and usually depicts a famous historical character or event.

Listen to the recording below to hear the answers. This will also help you with your pronunciation of the vocabulary.

  1. dramas
  2. action films
  3. romcom
  4. science fiction
  5. real life films
  6. war films
  7. adventure films
  8. musicals
  9. horror films
  10. comedy (have you in stitches = make you laugh very much)
  11. romantic films
  12. historical films


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    • A drama is usually story based – could be true or it could be fictional. However, real life films are films that are based on real events that happened in the past.

      • Highly appreciated. But another question if you please :Let’s say that I’m watching amovie about the so called Hitler.Ok ? Is it a historical or a real life movie?
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        • If it is based on real events, then it is a real life movie. It is about whether the actual events happened, not just the name of people.

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    • There are too many topics to write such a list. You won’t get a band 7 if you use 5 less common words but all your other words are inaccurate or lower level. If your level of English is band 6 and you write a few high score words, it won’t change your score. The examiner can see when students try to do that. Just use your own language and keep it accurate. If you want higher level English, you will need to study for a few months and review grammar and vocabulary.

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