IELTS Writing Task 2: How to write an introduction

Learn how to write an introduction for IELTS writing task 2 essay in this free video tutorial. The introduction in this lesson is for an opinion essay however the general content of the introduction is the same for all types of essays in IELTS.

This lesson will teach you:

  • The content of an IELTS introduction
  • How to write the background statement
  • How to write the thesis statement
  • How to paraphrase effectively
  • How long your introduction should be

The same technique is used for a band score 6 as for a band score 9. So, this lesson is for students of all band scores. The only difference will be that a band score 9 student will use richer and more complex English language.

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Introduction Lesson

Hello in this lesson I’m gonna show you how to write an introduction paragraph for your IELTS writing task to essay. Now this is the essay title we’re going to look at. “The best way to improve health is to do regular exercise. To what extent do you agree?” Well let’s first look at the statement. Now IELTS have given us this which is the best way, it’s a method, it’s a solution and it’s a solution to improving health. So our essay is all about improving health and their solution, their best solution, is to do regular exercise. That is what IELTS have said. That’s the statement and we have to give our opinion, to what extent do you agree. What does this mean “to what extent”? Well that means how much do you agree. You don’t need to agree or disagree. You need to think about it and think do you agree with all the sentence, is there something that you don’t agree with? Do you agree with most of it? So that’s how you analyze it.

1. Introduction Hooks

Right well, let’s have a look at what information we need to put in our introduction. Now for many academic essays there are three parts to the introduction. There’s the hook, there’s a background statement and there’s a thesis statement. So let’s look at each part of this. The first one the hook now a hook is sentence that has lots of interest in it so that immediately the reader wants to continue reading. We use that in many essays but …. Do we use it for IELTS essays? The answer is no. We don’t need it. Let me explain why. Firstly, the examiner is not looking for interesting ideas. Interest is not assessed in your IELTS essay so if your introduction is interesting or boring it makes no difference. Secondly, another reason that you don’t need the hook and that is you don’t have much time. You have a total of forty minutes and in those forty minutes you need to analyze the statement plan your essay and the at the end of your essay when you finish you need to check it. So really you only have about 35 minutes to write that essay there is not enough time to worry about having a hook that the examiner doesn’t want anyway so forget the hook.

2. Introduction Background Statements

The next thing is the background statement. What is the background statement? The background statement is…. read more.[/expand]

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  1. Thanks a lot, it is very clear

  2. hello maam

    thanks alot for the for our great efforts

    im in a dilemma
    i have gone through many ielts essays sample book one thing i have figured out from those is they start their introduction with a nice HOOK or BACKGROUND idea and then paraphrasing and thesis statement also my teacher suggested the
    though, i prefer your way of writing the introduction but now im worried whivh is the correct way maam
    please help me out

    thank you!!!!!

    • IELTS is a short essay which is all about focus and relevancy. A hook is used to capture the readers attention -this is 100% irrelevant for IELTS. You are being marked on 1) how relevant (not interesting) your ideas are 2) focus 3) expanding ideas (in the body). The introduction only contains the essay question paraphrased and your answer (the main points you will cover in brief). It has no other purpose in IELTS. You must then get to the body paragraphs where the real points are scored. Having a longer intro will not boost your score. You will not be marked down for a hook, but it is a waste of time and will not help you.
      I am stating this as someone who has completed the IELTS examiner training – not just as a teacher.

  3. Shailesh Johar says

    Hi Liz,

    One quick question.

    Is it grammatically correct to write “In my opinion, I agree (or I believe)”?
    I personally feel that it is a repetitive statement, as, we make an opinion because we agree with the statement, and vice versa.

    Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you.


  4. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for being humble and helping the test takers with your teaching.

    I have a question regarding the opinion essay. When the question is “To what extent do you agree?” we can either completely or partly agree/disagree. But when the question is “Do you agree/disagree?”, can we Partly agree/disagree?

    • There is no difference between the instructions. Your view can be any view you want. Your position is what you choose it to be.

  5. Hi
    First of all, thank you so much for such a platform, its really helful
    I would like to know that can we use carbon pencil to perform writing task 1,2 in ILETS test ?

  6. Hi
    I watch your video today and i think there is a mistake as my teacher told me that “To what extent”? the answer is I totally agree or disagree with the statement. Not just only that I agree or disagree with the statement. please inform me if there is a difference?

    • There is no such rule in IELTS writing task 2. Your teacher is offering you advice. It is not a rule.

      • Human activity has had a negative impact on plants and animals around the world. Some people think that this cannot be changed, while others believe actions can be taken to bring about a change.

        People’s deeds have had a deteriorating effect on the ecosystem of this planet, while a segment of the population thinks this damage is permanent the others trust that there are various ways to improve the situation. However, in my opinion, with a positive mind set towards sustainable development this damage caused can be reversed.

        Please let me know if this introduction para correct. Thank you

  7. Please l need your assistant on writing task 2.

  8. Hello Liz,
    I will like to purchase you advance writing task 2 but i dont have a paypal account. I will like to know if there is any other way that i can have it purchased. Thanks

  9. Hi Liz, please in this short video you only gave us an idea how to write the background and thesis statement.
    But that’s not all right? because that’s just 35 words and not 250 words

    • I showed you how to write an introduction, not a full essay. Go to the RED BAR at the top of the website and click “writing task 2” to access the main page for model essays and more lessons. Or click on “Advanced IELTS” to purchase my advanced writing task 2 lessons.

  10. Hi Liz,

    Your site is really helpful.

    I have a question.

    Instead of using ‘alot of people’ can we begin the introduction paragraph with ‘Plethora of people are of the opinion….’

    I use this alot of times in my practice essays, I’m not sure if it is correct.

    Thanks in advance.

    • No. It is clearly you are trying to impress the examiner. That is the way to make poor choices and lower your band score. It is fine to say “some people”.

      • Hi Liz,

        I have been reading your blog and watching your videos for a while. Firstly, I would like to say thank you for all your work and tell you that you are a magnificent teacher.

        Do you think that I should add in the intructory paragraph a phrase explaining what the essay is going to be about?? For example, In this essay, both points of view will be discussed….


        • You do not have to repeat the instructions. The examiner knows the instructions as well as you. Don’t waste your time with sentences that hold no value for your score. This is not a university essay, it is specifically for IELTS which does not require such a statement to get a high score.

  11. Hi
    Your site have prombelm i cant copy your text and translate some words i should use Google translate becuse my language is turkish and litile understand English can you fix this?

    • Copy and paste is not available on my site. You will need to type the words into your e-dictionary if you need to. Also please remember this is not an English language website, it is an IELTS website for people who target the higher band scores with strong English skills.

  12. Hello Liz.
    Thank you for your helpful advice. I’m preparing for IELTS. And i encountered this question:
    “Some people think that developing countries should invite large foreign companies to open offices and factories to foster their economies. Others think these countires should keep large foreign companies out. Discuss and give your opinion.”
    Can i paraphrase it into “people have different views regarding whether government should encourage multinational corporations’ investment.”
    Or should i paraphrase the whole question word by word. Also, i’m not sure if i can find any words equivolent to offices and factories. Maybe “representitive offices and factories”?
    Thanks again for your terrific video.

    • Did you watch this video? Because I explain about paraphrasing in the video. You do NOT need to change all the words. Paraphrasing does NOT meaning writing everything again word for word – it means putting down the meaning your way in your words.

    • Although, it is sometimes thought that big international companies ought to nuture the economy of these developing countries through the establishment of offices and factories, other people believe that countries should keep large forieign countries away.

  13. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for sharing the useful videos. I will be writing the IELTS for the General training module and not the Academic one. So, I wanted to know whether the Introduction part for General training is different from the Academic one? The way in which you described the Introduction part, will it differ ?

  14. can you guide me with my writing?

  15. Hello liz
    I would like to ask you about the idea of adding another idea in the thesis statement which was not given in the statement of the questions. In this lesson you have added applying a diet.
    Do not you think that we should stick on the essay’s question and we should explain all what is related to exercise and not a diet which is a system of choosing the right food on the right time

    • This is an Opinion Essay based on a solution to the problem. You can give your opinion of the solution they offer and then offer your preferred solution.

  16. Hello everybody.

    I am writing to ask if for introduction we should avoid phrases like: It is undeniable that ____________ is one of the most challenging issues these days. Or: This increasing _________has been a significant feature of modern life in developed countries. Or: One of the most significant advances in civilization is the development of….
    There are a number of reasons for believing that…
    Some people have predicted….

    Some of them sound to me useful for introducing some types of essays, but I am afraid that could be pre-prepared for the examiner in some way, especially if they include things like: “modern life, civilization…

    Thanks in advance!

    • IELTS is an English language test. It is a test to check your level of English – not your memory. Each sentence you use should be uniquely created by yourself in the test room. You can learn linking words, but not phrases or sentences. Memorising chunks of language is NOT accepted by IELTS.

  17. Hi Liz,
    Can I write (In my opinion,I partially agree and partially disagree with the statement….)

  18. Mueed Jamal says

    Hi Liz !

    Wonderful job done 🙂 for this blog and all videos. I have seen the one with explanation on how to write an introduction and i was shocked to learn new things 😛 I got 7 in academic writing module, back in Nov 2017. However, I need a lot of improvement cause i am scared about my general attempt that is going to happen very soon. I am so happy to have your support freely available, which is terrific !

    I need help specifically in longer complex sentence structures. Is there any way to have a piece of advice on just ONE essay, please ?

    Thank you !

    • Sorry, I don’t offer that service. I am working on an e-book which is a list of sentence structures and grammar tenses for writing task 2. Would you be interested in that when it’s ready?

      • Hi Liz,
        Hope you are doing well.
        I am a bit confused with the structure of introduction, I read on the internet, wherein it is that for a good introduction you “must” include the following:
        1 Paraphrase the question
        2 Thesis Statement
        3 Outline Statement (e.g. The essay will first look at how voluntary work can help students develop soft skills and then discuss how these extracurricular activities are valued by universities and employers)
        Whereas in your video you don’t talk about an outline statement.
        could you please clarify the importance of outline statement and really we need to add in the essay or not. I am stuck at 6.5 in writing, consecutively 2 times got 6.5. For the second time, I bought your advanced video also but unfortunately again got 6.5.
        Please let me know, is this because I have not included an outline statement in my introduction to the essay.
        Thanks in advance for your reply.

        • IELTS do not require an outline statement at all for an introduction. Your score is not based only on technique, it is also your English language. To hit band 7, you must produce complex English with few errors – it is probable that your English contains too many errors for band 7. Errors also include unsuitable word choice, paraphrasing at the wrong time, spelling, punctuation. You must also showcase a range of sentence structures which are accurate. Making sure all sentences are 100% relevant and fully connected is also essential. All issues in the essay question must also be fully addressed. Also review your task 1 techniques, this accounts for 33% of your marks in writing. So, there are a numerous reasons for not hitting band 7. You must review your writing and try your best to improve.

      • Hi Liz,

        I am interested in your e-book… when do you think it will be ready?

        • I really have no idea. I hoped to get it done this summer, but my health took a downward turn again. As soon as I have a reasonable prediction on the date, I will post a notice on this website 🙂

  19. Hello Liz,

    I am from India. I have tried purchasing your advanced writing lesson using both master card and visa,however, the site says not able to add the card. Something is not right.

    • This will be a local problem with Paypal. You can try again OR set up a paypal account OR ask a friend to buy the lessons for you.

  20. Hi Liz, may I allow to use question in my essay to make it more attractive? e.g. what is the best way to flee?

    • Why do you want to make it attractive? Do you think it will gain you higher marks? Whether your essay is interesting or not, has NO impact on your score – absolutely zero impact. It is not a marking criteria for IELTS.

  21. Hi Mrs.Liz .
    thank you for this wonderful lesson
    my British teacher have said that to me:
    I should write what i will write in the full essay in the introduction after background. For example, the most effective etc,,,, This essay will discuss this issue then will set out my personal conclusion.
    is that true and beneficial ??

    • This is not an academic essay – it an academic essay for IELTS which is a language test. IELTS do not accept memorised sentences or language. That sentence is a fixed sentences which is memorised and used by many many students – it does not contain examples of your own English and won’t help your score.

  22. Manbir Singh says

    Hlo ma’am , you are doing a great job and deserve to be applauded . My question is , how many typical Vocabulary words should I use in My Writing Task 2 . I have penchant for using vocab . But one thing I’m afraid of is tgat the examiner might not get the exact meaning of yhe message I want to convey or what is my frame of mind . In place of put forward my ideas I write Propound my viwpoint . Similarly , for motive I use Incentive . For harmless I use Innocuous . And so on , there is profusion of words I use to put a better impression on the examiner . And same is in the case of speaking as well . Should I continue doing so or decrease it to some extent .

    • Your aim should not be to impress. It should be accuracy and clear meaning at all times. Poorly chosen words or even little mistakes all count and will lower your score.

  23. Hi can u give ssuggestions for my introduction.
    Question is Children should not be educated at home by their u agree or not?
    My intro …
    Young generations must be restricted to home tuition given by their fathers and mothers.In my opinion ,mentors play vital role for students in gaining good academic scores in latter life however neglegence of parents is considered to be worse towards their kid’s future.
    Waiting for response

    • Sorry I don’t actually understand your opinion. What do you mean by “mentors”? Are you referring to teachers? Because a mentor and a teacher are not the same at all. Why are you talking about negligence? Your whole opinion is very confusing. This is about home-schooling or school education. This is a typical example of poor vocabulary choices. Just write your opinion so that it is 100% easy to understand. Your thesis is vital to be fully understood.

    • Yeah exactly thank you so much is it correct?
      Young learners should not be taught by their fathers and mothers . In my opinion , I believe that School educations or educational institutions are better for children and home schooling is not ideal for kids to develop abilitis in facing different chalenges.

      • Yeah exactly thank you so much is it correct?
        Young learners should not be taught by their fathers and mothers . In my opinion , I believe that School educations or educational institutions are better for children and home schooling is not ideal for kids in developing abilities to face
        different chalenges. ..
        I’m really appreciated for giving ur precious time .

        • Now your opinion is easy to understand, but your vocabulary is still a problem. “fathers and mothers” – do you think it is a great paraphrase – does it improve the sentence? No. Parents are parents – you do not paraphrase that word. Your choice shows a lack of awareness of paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is about which words to change and also which words to keep the same. Also “kids” is informal and unsuitable for essay writing. And “developing abilities to face” – what does this mean? It actually has no meaning and no relation to education and school subjects etc. So, your problems are:
          a) learning more about the right techniques
          b) making better choices with your vocabulary.
          I don’t usually comment so much for students, but this is a lesson that all students can benefit from when they read it.

          • Thank u so much for ur explanations. The reason for writing this sentence I thought when children get school education they interact with different students so that they face different challenges which make them easy to achieve goals.

            • Now I can understand you perfectly – you should write this way in your essay. Be clear, be direct, write normally. But this is only one main point, not all your main points. You should plan all your main points before you start writing your introduction. Plan the whole essay first. So, you believe home schooling is bad because:
              a) children lack interaction with others
              b) they lack the range of subjects offered by schools
              c) they lack equipment and facilities offered by schools
              Get all your main points planned, then write your introduction. So, your thesis statement will say that you think school education is better than home school due to student interaction, subject range and facilities. – now you have a clear introduction!!

      • Again school education is not about facing challenges. This is about the range of subjects offered, social interaction, extra curricular activities, professional teaching etc. Also, as I already said, “fathers and mothers” is not a good paraphrase. Parents are parents – don’t change the word. Sorry I won’t be able to offer you further help.

  24. Hi Liz,
    Your video is so helpful and I’m able for doing lots of practices after watching it. Thanks.

  25. Hii Liz.. Thanks for your valuable support to all..
    My exam is on 1st feb. Just want your quick opinion on following introduction.

    Topic: Children in some parts of the world have less responsibility compared to children in the past. Some people think this as a positive change, however others think of it as as negative change. What do you think?

    Introduction: Children in a few regions of the world don’t have much responsibilities in comparison to little ones in earlier times. It is argued by some to be a positive development while other consider it detrimental for society. In my opinion, it certainly has a negative impact on the world because children with decreased responsibility tend to become more reckless regarding their future.

  26. Nifty Sloth says

    Hello Liz! Could you answer my question, please?

    The essay question is “Universities should accept equal numbers male and female students in every subject. To what extent do you agree or disagree?”

    Do I HAVE TO use the words Agree or Disagree in my thesis?

    For example, would the following thesis be wrong or confusing?
    “In my view, gender should play no role in the decision-making process when university places are allocated and entry to higher education ought to be granted purely on merit.”

    Is this thesis statement appropriate when the essay question is worded like that? I would greatly appreciate your response!

  27. Hi, Liz.
    First, thank you for your time to share how to write an introduction in T2.
    What I am concerned about is whether such a structure for introduction also works for an essay aiming at band score of 9? assuming other parts, like contents, lexical resource and grammar are on the right track.
    or band score of 9 indeed needs a hook or something really catch the eye of examiners.
    Thank you!

    • A band score 9 certainly does not need a hook. A hook makes your essay less focused and immediately introduces the examiner to an irrelevant statement – as I explained. “eye-catching” is not a requirement and actually lowers your score. IELTS examiners are marking your essay based on very specific requirements – if you don’t know what they are – you will struggle to do well. All my techniques are for band 6 to 9. The difference in your score will be language based. Band 9 will use complex structures and less common vocabulary – but the techniques are the same.

  28. Hi Liz ,
    Shouldn’t we write an additional statement mentioning what the rest of the essay will talk about .. i mean , a statement mentioning the answer of (Why do i agree with the statement ?) just to inform the IELTS reader what the rest of the essay will be about .. for example (This essay will explain how frequent exercising can enhance our health being) .. please advise

    Thank You

    • As shown in the video above, you only need two statements. The background, which provides the topic from the question. The thesis which introduces the examiner to your answer (your opinion). No other statement is required. All advice is based on my IELTS examiner training.

  29. Hi Liz thank Alot for the clarifications.
    Please the background statement is it applicable to Opinion discussion task and idea discussion task.

  30. Liz,
    Thank you very much for you. Your explanations are very clear and right for me. I never see a person who explain very good as you.

  31. Varinder pal singh says

    How can i extend intro upto 50 words if thw essay is in one line for instance Children should never be educated at home by their parents. Do you agree or disagree?
    Can i add something from my side ???

    • Your intro doesn’t need to be 50 words. You should aim between 40 and 50. But there is not lower limit. You write two statements and that’s enough.

      • Varinder pal singh says

        Ok ok means if i will write two sentance that will be ok … Thanks you alot liz

      • Hi Liz
        Please let me know that background and thesis is written right or not.
        Children should never be educated at home by their parents. Share your opinion.

        Education is most important part of everyone’s life. Therefore, adolescents may not be taught education at home by their guardians. In my opinion, I partially accord with the statement that educating the children at home. However, schools, outside activites need to be taught to them is indispensable.

        • Do not write a hook. This is explained in the video lesson. Two statements only! You have written four sentence.

          • Somebody said 50 words are essential for introduction and now u said only 2 statements .. I am confused because according to me format is 1)general line
            2)rephrasing the given statement
            3) thesis
            And plz tell me if this line is correct
            This essay attempts to elaborate both the views in subsequent fragments.

            • There is NO rule in IELTS about the length of the introduction. IELTS examiner certainly do NOT count the number of words for each paragraph and mark accordingly. They count the full essay word length and check that it is 250 plus words – that’s all. The higher band scores are mainly based on well developed main ideas which means your focus should be in the body paragraphs. It is your choice if you follow the advice I have given you in this video lessons or not.

  32. Adebayo o. tunde says

    Hi liz, thanks for the efforts you are making to teach us how to write in IELTS task 2, please kindly take a look at my introduction for the above topic you are working on.
    Certain individuals believe that the most effective means of enhancing a healthy lifestyle is to undergo constant exercise while on the otherhand taking part in perpetual body exercise is not the key to improving a healthy living. I stongly believe that undergoing constant exercise is not the only method of enhacing a healthy lifestyle .

  33. Hi Liz,

    Can we follow same approach in General writing? As most of the times you just told about academic writing. Please confirm.


  34. Dear Liz,

    Thank you very much for your videos, they are very useful!
    May I ask if I could start the introduction in this way:

    “It is often suggested that …. In this essay, I will argue that ….”?


  35. Hi Liz,
    For the thesis statement, does it sound more academic if you write ‘It is believed …’ or ‘It is agreed’ than ‘I believe’ or ‘I agree’. For example, ‘Although exercise is the key to health, it is agreed that diet also play an essential role in keeping one healthy.’ Please advice.


    • It has nothing to do with what is more academic. Using the passive voice “it is agreed”, is used when we do not know the person who is agreeing. You CANNOT use passive voice to express your own view.

      • Hi Liz,

        Most of the academy teachers emphasis to write “The hook” in an introduction. I have watched ur video on this session which was recorded in 2014. I just want to know, what is the latest trend. Should we start it with The hook or not? Today’s examiners want this sentence or not?

        • There is no latest trend. The band score requirements for IELTS writing task 2 have not changed. All my advice is based on this as well as on my IELTS examiner training.

  36. Hello Liz,
    I appreciate your priceless assistance, friendliness and patience in teaching English for IELTS.
    Could you please explain a small nuance in your video “How to write an introduction”. I mean the phrase “In my opinion, I agree that…” . In my opinion, it sounds a little bit strange and it would be better to omit “I agree that”.
    Thank you
    Your smile is marvellous.

    • It’s fine to omit “In my opinion”.

      • Thank you very much, Liz!
        I see what you mean… Appreciate your sense of humour but I expected to get some explanation. You always encourage people to improve their English.
        Thank you again.
        All the best

        • My focus is exam skills rather than language. To write “In my opinion I think” or just “I think”, does really have a big impact. The most important think is to express your opinion (your position), clearly and directly so that the examiner knows the direction you plan to take.

          • Thank you very much for the explanation as it helped me get rid of one of my numerous hesitations.
            Good luck to you in your challenging work.

  37. Hi ,liz …first of all I would like to thank you so much ,for the effort you are taking for students like me .who are really desperate to pass this exam .I have a doubt regarding introduction , my IELTS teacher adviced me ,to write introduction with any one opinion ( agree or disagree ) and state with one example . Contrary part should be avoided and she even mentioned that I should not start my sentence with ( in my opinion ) .she told me I would lose my score because of it . Please don’t misunderstand me , I saw your video and it’s really helpful but I was little bit concerned about should we consider both the points together in introduction. Please help me . I will be waiting for your reply .
    Thank you

    • You need to understand the difference between advice and rules. You do not need to write only agree or disagree. You can write using a partial agreement. However, many teachers recommend one side because it’s easier for students to write. It is not a rule that writing “In my opinion” will lose points. In fact, it is VITAL to express your OWN personal opinion clearly and directly.

  38. afolabi temitope says

    hi liz is physical education the same as sport activities thanks


  40. Padma singh says

    Hi Liz,
    Do we loose bands,if we write an overview?

  41. Hi Liz ,
    In one of other tutors videos he explained there are four types of essay questions, each with different structure . I tend to get confused about the type of Question,
    Is there any simple way to recognize each one?!

    Thanks in advance

    • IELTS do not list types of essay. IELTS teachers divide essays into different types in order to teach and help students. Some teachers divide the essay types into three, some into four and I divide them into five. As long as you cover all the essentials, you will be fine.

  42. Hi Liz,
    First of all, thanks a lot for all the help you are providing for many people like me. Its an absolute delight to learn from you.

    Secondly, This video talked about writing a introduction. I am just wondering if there are other videos which could be help full in writing the 2 body paragraphs and conclusion.

    Thanks a lot indeed and have a nice day.Cheers

  43. Hi Liz…
    I would like to improve my speaking skills to score 7.5. I would like to know,if you are having any online speaking classes … it will be grateful if you guide me in speaking…
    I am hoping your kind reply

  44. Dear Liz,

    Thanks for all your wonderful tips and lessons. I have one query regarding the below question which is from ielts cambridge 9

    Being a celebrity-such as famous film star or sports personality-brings problem as well as benefits.
    Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems?

    I believe this is a opinion essay . Please look at my introduction and tell me whether the paraphrasing and thesis statement is upto the mark or not

    Ans:- It is believed that being a famous person like a film star or a sports player has its positive as well as negative aspects. In my opinion, i think that the problems of being a celebrity outweigh all the advantages it brings with it.

  45. Camille Martinez says

    Hi! You know Ms. Liz, the i am having the hard time to make an introduction, maybe because of the paraphrasing. I found your video helpful.. thank you!

    • I’m really pleased my video helped. I think people get too worried about paraphrasing. You don’t need to change all the words. Just choose a few words to change, then choose a few words to keep the same – then write a sentence with the same meaning. It’s actually simple and easy. If it gets difficult, it’s because you are pushing too hard for paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is not about changing all the words. See this lesson about paraphrasing:

  46. Hi miss liz
    I have 2 questions plz first is can i write i dont instead of i do not n writting essay and second is can i use pencil while writting essay?

  47. HI. thanks a bunch for this useful video
    the topic doesn’t mention “diet” at all. don’t you think that it’s kind of writing off topic talking about diet?

    • The topic is about health. They suggest exercise and I suggest exercise and diet combined. Try to identify the main topic and which part is the suggestion that you respond to.

  48. Hey liz. I want to ask u smthng
    Task 2.
    Nowadays, generation gap is increasing day by day. Why is this so ? How can we bring the two generations close to each other ?
    Now this is a statement.and i think there is only one line which can be paragraphed in introduction and not asking for not any opinion. So what exactly its introduction should be ?

  49. Hi Liz, Thanks for the enlightening video.

    However,, I would like to ask a thing: if I only focus in explaining the benefit of exercise, can I use this on my thesis statement:

    “In my opinion, I strongly agree that exercise is the key to make us health because two main factors: the first, it helps our body regulate better and the second, exercise improve our immunity system.”

    Or should I say:
    “In my opinion, I strongly agree that exercise is the key to health since makes our body absorb nutritions better and thus improve our immunity system.”

    • The second option is the right one. It’s 100% fine to choose one side and many teachers recommend it. However, it will depend if you have enough ideas to hit the word count of 250 words. If you start struggling to expand those ideas, you know you need to got for a partial agreement.

  50. hi Liz

    can i just stick to exercise and write three body paragraphs about it? thank you so much, your vids are so helpful

  51. Dear Liz,

    Hello, I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for all of your video and your tips. All is very helpful. I just have one question about introduction in writing task 2. After the thesis statement, can I clearly add a sentence outlining what my essay will say? Is it incorrect or too much if I say: “In my opinion, I agree that exercise is the key to health. Firstly, this essay will discuss how exercising routinely can boost health and secondly, it will discuss that diet is also important.” And may I do this for any IELTS essay question?

    Thank you in advance for your time and your answer Liz.

    All the best

    • You do not need an outline statement. The examiner knows what the outline will be because the examiner has the instructions.

  52. Hy Liz do you have any video with the body paragraphes I can’t fin any .

  53. Hello dear Liz,

    I have stopped searching on Google or Youtube for random lessons on IELTS since I came across a gorgeous lady Liz who have some awesome teaching skills, and a phenomenal voice, and jump directly to your lectures either here or on Youtube. I really like your lectures and the nerve hitting style of speaking.

    [what word should I use here?], I have a question regarding your sample introduction paragraph where you used “In my opinion, I agree … “. I feel like its not making good sense, as we cannot just combine these 2 clauses. For instance, we can instead write: In my opinion, regular physical activity is indeed the most effective routine one can adopt to enjoy a healthy lifestyle; or we can paraphrase it like: I agree and strongly believe that daily exercise is the key to a good health. Please correct me.

    • Yes, of course you can just write “In my opinion” or you could use to only write “I agree that” or “I strongly agree that”.

      • Looking at the present scenerio. It is indeed a fact that the importance of maintaing good health is mounting day by day . As a result many people believe in working on this importance by doing regular exercise is key to appropriate health . In my opinion , I strongly agree with the given statement .However I also believe that diet is important.

  54. we are lucky to hear your voice…………

  55. Hello Liz, I must commend you for your work here and moreso your swift responses, they are highly appreciated. Kindly take a look at my paraphrasing

    “The most effective way in which health can be improved upon is engaging in an everyday exercise. In my opinion, I agree that exercise is paramount to healthy living.”

    Not upto 30words though. Pls help me review

  56. Hi Liz

    Writing Task 2

    What do you do if you do not know anything about the statement given? I had read a previous question and thought, I do not know were to start.


  57. Hello,
    I have some questions about IELTS writing test:
    1. Is it okay to use interrogative sentences in writing task 2, like “Then, what is the solution to this problem?” or “Should we then [verb] this entirely?” ?
    2. Is it okay to write sentences with the word ‘you’ like, “[The motor car is a fascinating invention of 20th century.] You can travel large distances in short time with it.” ?

    • Don’t write questions in your essay. Avoid using “you” – this is about people in general. “People can travel a long distance …”

  58. Jefferson says

    Hi Liz,

    Just needed to confirm if adding another answer to the one already proposed by IELTS is okay. For instance, in your video you added that diet can be another way to improve health but the examiner only asked to know if exercise can improve one’s health. Will it not be a penalty to add another answer?

    Awaiting your,


    • You are responding to the question: “Do you think exercise is the best way to improve health?” It is perfectly normal to say it is one way but there are other ways as well. You are presenting an opinion about improving health – the topic is improving health.

  59. Plz tell me liz… how can i start my intrduction for task 2 for 6.5 bands …is it important general line in starting of topic ?

  60. Hi Liz!
    I wanted to ask if how much time do I need to spend for writing an introduction? Tyvm. 🙂

    • You should spend at least 5 mins planning your essay and all points. Then the introduction should take just a couple of minutes. Paraphrasing should be very quick for the background and the thesis should also be quick because you have planned your answer. The body paragraphs will take longer because you need to think a lot more about your grammar and use of English as well as linking.

  61. Hi Liz,
    Just wanna clarify on how to write a thesis statement,
    should we write all the main ideas of the body paragraph into the thesis statement to gain a better score?
    And should we summarise all the main points in the conclusion also?
    I need some clarification here. Thanks 🙂

  62. hello liz. Please can you tell me that what is an argument essay and how we can write its intro. thanks

    • An argument essay is the same as an opinion essay – it is just a different named used by some teachers. This video lesson explains how to write that intro.

  63. Liz, how would you rate this Introduction : “Engaging in routine workouts is considered to be an ideal solution for enhancing health. In my view, I think exercise is important to remain healthy, but diet is also critical. “

  64. manreetkaur says

    Dear mam

    How pharaphirase this statement,
    Should people prefer online study.

    • You can write “Studying online is considered a preferable method of learning by some people”.

      • Bob Nguyen says

        Dear Mam,
        I often write: something is considered to be…
        Is it different to your sentence?
        Thank you!

        • Yes, it’s fine to write “X is considered to be …”. For example, “Eating a vegetarian diet is considered to be ….”. This is a very nice sentence structure.

          • hiiii!!! liz… u r awsome in teaching really….. can u tell me that is the general line is important to use in starting of the introduction??

  65. Dear ma’am,

    I would like to ask that in each essay we have to paraphrase the statement?

    Asma khan

  66. pramila pandey says

    Hello Liz,
    I’m very happy to see you here thank you so much for your idea. Please can you provide me some template of discussion and opinions type questions I’m very glad to you hear

    Thank you
    Pramila Pandey

  67. Hello Liz,
    Is it ok to write, in my opinion and I agree in the same sentence, I feel it sounds very informal. Can u explain what purpose it serves, if someone don’t want to use both in same sentence then what should be written instead to catch examiners quick attention.

  68. Hello Liz, I am Duyen (a girl) and from Vietnam. I am studying IELTS by myself.
    I am really interested your video. It has been helping me so much to do writing task 2 easier.

    This morning, after watching the video, I practised with your “Over 100 Essay Question” and chose “Health topic” with the first question which is: “The prevention of health and illness is important than treatment and medicine. Government funding should reflect this. To what extent do you agree?”.

    It is so easy to watch how did you write task 2 in the video, but in fact, for me, it is much harder. 🙂
    So this is my introduction paragraph. Could you please kindly help me to check and give me some advice:

    “The prevention is more important than cure that why the government should reflect more money in the prevention. In my opinion, I do not agree with this.”

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to hearing your help. 🙂

    • You’ve got the right technique but just grammar issues:

      It is thought that the prevention of illness is more important than cure which is why the government should give it more funding. In my opinion, I do not agree with this as some diseases cannot be prevented and treatment is essential.

  69. Aminul Islam Sohag says

    Hi mam,
    Its very helpful to see your videos. Now i have a question regarding introduction.
    1. Do we have to write the only the paraphrase of the question whether the question is?
    2. What we have to do if the question say about an argument directly like
    “Governments should spend money on railways rather than roads. To what extent do you agree or disagree”
    I write like this “Many people believe that government should pay a lot of money to improve our railways more than roads. I believe that’s the good idea to expand money to the railways not in the roads…”
    is this type of introduction correct or not.
    Mam please give some suggestions because i feel worried about writing.

  70. hi Great LIZ 🙂
    I just want to ask if we can use the term practice instead of exercise in this context (the essay in the video about regular exercise) ?

    • Unfortunately, the word practice is not a direct paraphrase for exercise so it isn’t possible to use it in the context. We can talk about practising sport (the word practise as a verb) but again this topic is not about sport, it’s about exercise. If you are not sure about a paraphrase, don’t use it. Making mistakes in IELTS can seriously affect your score.

    • Daniel Machado says

      Let me just ask one question…
      As you have given us an example of paraphrasing one sentence title, I would like to know how we should write an introduction when a title has 2 sentences? Should we paraphrase both sentences or turn them into 1. I’m really concern to do it right! 😊

      • If possible turn them into one. But remember, one of the keys to IELTS is avoiding language errors. This means if you are not sure about the grammar when you combine the sentences, then don’t take a chance and write two sentences which are correct. Never attempt to go beyond your own level of English.

  71. Lubna vahora says

    Can I write in my essay proverb related to topic in my introduction at first line.

  72. hi liz,

    which tense is appropriate for task 2 writing task


  73. Hi Liz, I’m actually an English teacher. I just wondered here about the background statement given.

    “The most effective method in developing and improving health is considered to be frequent exercise.”

    Isn’t that a big strong? It sounds like a statement of belief or a hook rather than a background, my brain really wants to change it to “Some say that the most effective…..” Or, “It has been claimed the most effective…..”

    Wondered your thoughts.

    • “is considered to be” is passive voice which expresses other people’s views, not my own. It comes from the essay question given and is typical IELTS paraphrasing. Nice to meet an English teacher on my blog 🙂

  74. K P MURUGAA says

    Hi Liz,

    I have completed my speaking test yesterday(05/04/2016) in India (Coimbatore) and I would like to update my cue card question here:
    What is my future plan other than work and studies?
    and some general conversation on the salary and work satisfaction

  75. Lizboyfriend says

    I love you liz

  76. thank you so much mam for helping us . can i write in this essay : ” The most efficient way to improve health is by doing daily exercises ” is it grammatically correct ??

  77. Sonu shah says

    Should we write our opinion in the introduction part?
    or write in the conclusion paragraph?

  78. Dear Liz, thank you for your very helpful lessons!
    I am not sure if you’ve already answered this in another article (I couldn’t find it yet), but do you know if or how I can take notes during the IELTS writing exam? As far as I’m concerned, the answer sheet doesn’t provide space for taking notes. Do they hand out extra sheets for taking notes?
    Thank you so much!

    • There is no extra paper for making notes but you can use the question paper. You can write all over your question papers for listening, reading and writing – it’s all fine and the examiner won’t see your notes.

  79. Dr Dileep Kumar says

    hi, this is Dr.Dileep Kumar from Oman, I heard your lecture about introduction writing in academic task 2.
    as you mention to start with background then thesis.
    – for example, governments should spend money on railways rather than roads, To what extent you agree or disagree?
    in somewhere I read like this: fast and safe transportation system and improved communication are two important aspects of the development of a country, every government wants its citizen to commute safely and faster, I personally agree that a government should spend……
    – Which method is to be used?

    • The background statement paraphrases the essay question and your thesis statement provides your answer. Keep them separate and keep them clear.

  80. Hey liz
    Can i use the word concur instead of agree

  81. Hi , can I start introduction with this phrase “it is often argued that “

  82. Hi Liz, Thanks for the helpful content! I have been practicing some Task 2 essays (General Training) and I have sometimes seen three parts to the question (Statement/ Agree or disagree/ Why or which type is more suitable). How do you suggest we tackle such questions? Thanks in advance.

    • Can you write me a full example?

      • Sorry Liz, I think I put the question wrong. I feel the need to elaborate on the background statement which makes me wonder if it deserves a whole paragraph in the body. Can you advice how to break this question down?
        Question- Some people think that having a set retirement age ( e.g – 65 years) for everybody, regardless of occupation, is unfair. They believe that certain workers deserve to retire and receive a pension at an early age.

        Do you agree or disagree?

        Which types of workers do you think should benefit from early retirement?

        • With this, you paraphrase the information in your background statement. In the thesis state if you agree or disagree and mention the workers who should benefit. Just two statements. In the body, one paragraph for each question.

  83. hi, i just want to clarify if for example, there are three questions being asked in the ielts task2 statement, do I have to answer and include these in my introduction, then expound on these points in the body thereafter? thanks!

    • It would be difficult to put all three answers in the introduction. So, put two and refer to the other vaguely. Each body paragraph would explain the answer to one question. Always make sure your topic sentence is written clearly so that the examiner knows which questions is being answered.

  84. Hi Liz,
    I’m a big fan of your website. I usually tutor TOEFL but recently IELTS as well.
    Is it acceptable to summarize the main points of the essay in the thesis statement?
    Would you recommend writing such a thesis statement?

    Rhys in Bangkok

    • Sure, it’s perfectly normal. If this is difficult for students, you can instead write “I agree that ….”. This technique shoes your position and the main points are given in the body paragraph. Both options are fine.

  85. Hi Liz

    Thanks for your lessons Liz. I think you said it is not good to use ‘this essay will ~ ‘ in Ielts. However, my another teacher said we can use ‘this essay will ~ ‘ in introduction part of Ielts. Can you please give me your ideas about that?

    Kind regards,

    • There is no right and wrong. However, there are recommended techniques. The examiner know what “the essay will…”. The examiner has the instructions and doesn’t need they paraphrasing. What the examiner doesn’t know are your main points or your opinion. So get straight into the essay. Background introduces the topic and the thesis statement presents your opinion or main points.

  86. Mostafa samir says

    Hi liz,
    what’s your Favorite club in England? 😀

  87. Is okay to start an essay with a rhetorical question?

  88. Hey Liz! Thank you for your lessons, my exam is in a few days and they’re a great help!

    Just wanted to ask, since the question is asking for “to what extent do you agree”, should I answer with “to a large/small extent” instead of completely agreeing or disagreeing? And how do I present a balanced argument? Do I write 2 paragraphs on “agree” and then one on “disagree” to show both sides of the answer?

    Would really appreciate it if you could find the time to answer me soon!

  89. Madam, may I ask you a question?
    How can we answer the question ” discuss both views and give your own opinion?”
    Can I write ” This essay will discuss both sides of view before a reasoned conclusion is drawn?” can you give me an example of the introduction of this kind of essay??? thank you.

    • NEVER learn sentences to put in your essay. Just present the two sides and give your opinion in the introduction. The body paragraphs will contain the detail.

  90. Hello Liz,

    thanks for your contents, they are always clear and useful.

    I have couple of questions about the introduction, and I would be glad if you could reply me when you find time.

    First question: I’m using different online resourses to practice my writing, and in some there are some structures suggested for the introduction, as “This essay agrees…” and “This essay will show first…and then…”.
    Are these structures allowed or it is better to use “In my opinion”? Or it is the same, and I can use both?

    Second question: I found really difficult to paraphrase the questions; I’m reading lot of stuff and articles online, about science, society, sport etc., but I’m scared I’m not learning some “ielts key words” that I will need more often than others when I need to paraphrase.. How can I improve my paraphrasing, without study words that maybe I won’t use so much? Are some “words” more important than others in Ielts?

    Thanks and have a good evening.


    • Question 1: it is not wrong to use “this essay will discuss… / this essay will show…”. But it isn’t needed and will not help your score. We use these expressions to help the reader understand the aims of the essay. In the case of IELTS, the examiner knows the aims of your essay because both you and the examiner have the instructions. What the examiner doesn’t know is your main points – your position. So, write your thesis statement to show your position or main points. Don’t use learned phrases.
      Question 2: Don’t over complicate your paraphrasing. Judging from your message above, your range of language is fine for a high score. Paraphasing can be as simple as change word forms and changing the order of words in a sentence. Here is an example:

      Some people think that the government should spend more money on housing than on developing green areas in a city.
      Paraphrase: It is sometimes thought that more money ought to be spent on housing instead of funding parks and other green areas in urban canters.

      The paraphrase is band 9. It is flexible without any mistakes. That’s all you need to do. I’m sure you know all the words I used in the paraphrase. So, you should be practising the skill of paraphrasing rather than trying to fill your essay with vocabulary that you are not so familiar with. The aim is to avoid mistakes. In my paraphrase I used a passive voice, a changed the word form of “spend” to “spent”, I paraphrased spend money by saying “funding”, I paraphrased used “parks” and I paraphrased using “urban centers”.

      I hope that helps.

  91. Nikesh Rathod says

    Hi Liz,

    I have written one essay. Is that okay if i can post it here and get it reviewed by you to get some feedback. My exam is on January 7th.


  92. Hi Liz,
    First of all, thanks for the wonderful site; it is one of the main sources I am using to prepare for IELTS.
    I have a question regarding the background statement. Do I have to open with it or I can keep it to the second sentence and open with a general sentence leading to the background statement.
    For example. in the topic of the public transportation and the metro. I thought that I may open in the following way:
    Modern cities are becoming more and more crowded nowadays with the rapid increase in its population. One of the solutions to face this crowdedness is to use public transportation instead of relying heavily on private cars. In Shanghai for example, the Shanghai metro is the most convenient and the fastest way to get around the city.

    Thanks again for your help.

  93. Hi Liz,
    Thank you very much for your helpful website.
    I follow your tips and they are very easy to understand.
    Wish You Health and Happiness.

    • Pradeep Patil says

      Hi mam,

      Your lessons are very helpful to me, i always visits your website and follows your tips.
      Thank you very much for guiding me in my ielts study.

  94. Varun Thoonoli says

    Good Morning Liz,

    Could you please let me know which type of essay does the following question fall under?

    There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of a country more important than the international music that is heard everywhere nowadays?

    I’m confused if I need to give my opinion or just write it generally with respect to public opinion. Could you please advice?

    • This is a direct questions essay. Some teachers call it a two part questions essay. Your task is just to answer the questions.

  95. safa akın says

    hi liz. thanks for your all are great. i have a question for you
    if task 2 question is too long what should we do then ? i m asking because when the question is too long introduction part’s word number transcends the 50 even 60 words and it waste too much time.should we summarise the question and paraphrase that ? thanks for your answer for now 🙂

    • If the essay question is too long, paraphrase the key topic and issue only. Then write your thesis statement as usual. Having an introduction of 50 or 60 words is possible but certainly any longer is a waste of time.

  96. Hi Liz,

    I have been watching your videos and following your instructions and that really helps a lot, thanks!!!

    However, While watching your advanced writing opinion essay balance approach video, I realize a problem and I am not sure if the grammar of the sentence is correct.
    ‘Offering everyone free university education is problematic and, therefore, should be offered to certain individuals’.
    Isn’t the second part of this sentence becoming offering everyone free university education should be offered to certain individual?

    • I’m glad you are thinking about grammar, However, my sentence is grammatically correct. Changing it would change the meaning.

  97. hi liz,
    In task 2 shall i give my introduction with my opinion in the first paragraph , or shall i give it neutral condition .

    • If you are asked for your opinion, you must give it in the introduction. See my advanced lessons if you wish for in depth training:

      • Sanam Shrestha says

        Hlo Ma’m
        I follow your all instruction and it helps me a lot. I want to thank you.
        I have a small confusion, hope you will response.
        In your above comment you said that if question asked then we can write our opinion in introduction part. But can we give our opinion in body part even if question doesn’t asked for our opinion?

  98. Hello Liz,

    Thank you for your fascinating efforts. I have paraphrased the given topic of your video in this way: To live a healthy and sound life many people belief regular exercise is the most appropriate technique.”

    Is it ok or not?

    • Good technique. “belief” should be a verb = “believe”. Also “technique” is not suitable to use. Stick with “way”.

  99. Hi Liz,
    Thank you very much for your video! Because this topic refers to exercise and health, if you illustrate your idea that diet control is another way to improve health. Is this idea irrelevant or out of topic?

    • IELTS are asking you if you agree that exercise is the main way to improve health. You could agree with exercise is the way or believe that there are other ways. The topic is health.

  100. HI MA’AM,

  101. We don’t need to outline the sentence after thesis statement???
    I meant to say we need to mention about what we are going to discuss in main paragraph…

    One more…you have used ” I also believe that” I think its not formal? I might be wrong

    Can we use “This essay believes that…….

    Please clarify, I have exam in a couple of days

  102. VEERPAL KAUR says

    Hi Liz,
    Please help me regarding “a map of building” in listening exam. i faced so much difficulty in this type of question.
    Looking for your help..
    Veerpal Kaur

  103. Hi Liz,

    I have a question. If I don’t agree, what could I write?
    I think it isn’t correct to write: “The most effective method […] daily exercise. In my opinion, I disagree that exercise is…”
    Perhaps, I could write: “It is often said + paraphrase. In my opinion, I disagree that exercise is…”. Or “Some people argue that + paraphrase…”
    I hope I’ve explained myself properly, but I’m not sure…
    What do you think? Thank you for your help!


  104. Hi Liz

    Firstly I should appreciate you , because of your efforts and courses in this blog , secondly I have a question ; this sentence : “… not only they could not achieve it more than past but also they are facing with some dire consequences of technology like stress. ” has any grammatical problem?


  105. Ahsanul Hoque says

    Hello Liz,

    I’m thankful to you for all your IELTS lesson. It’ very helpful for all the students going to sit for the exam or developing English skills.

    I need your comment on the introduction for the topic “Parents are the best teacher. Do you agree or disagree?”

    Here is my introduction:
    Background statement- The excellent mentor for educating and upbringing children are the parents.
    Thesis statement-In my opinion, I agree parent have the most effective technique in order to teach their kids. However, academic teachers are also important to develop the children.

    I will be highly grateful if you identify my mistakes in this introduction. Thank you very much for your valuable time.

    Ahsan, from Bangladesh.

    • It’s fine but you need to distinguish that the first sentence is not your opinion, it is what others think. So, start “It is often thought excellent mentors for education …”

  106. Haydar Al-Khayat says

    I like your smile , thanks for your help.

  107. Hi Liz,

    Is this strategy applicable for General Training?


  108. Hi, Liz,
    Thank you for providing this lesson.
    In the first part, you use ” the most effective method in developing and improving”.
    However, at the end, you use “the most effective method to developing and improving”.
    Will both “in” and “to” be correct?
    I think “in” should be the correct word to use.

  109. Uttam Shrestha says

    Dear Mam,

    On 4th section of ‘Video transcript for how to write an essay introduction’ under Introduction Practice, it has been written ‘Health we cannot change but we couldn’t we could paraphrase the word improve.’ Is this sentence grammatically correct?

    Furthermore, exactly at 6:16 of your video, you have said, “We cannot improve health but…” The question itself is about improving health so how can it be said that the health cannot be improved? Quite confusing. Please do explain.

  110. jasmine aidhen says

    hi liz..!
    I’am having my ielts exam tomorrow..
    And i want to clarify my doubt about using a corrector pen in the exam ?
    If we did a mistake in the writing part.. should we use the corrector pen or just simply cut it out ?
    Please reply …

    • Sorry I’ve seen this a bit late. You can’t use a corrector pen. You can use a pencil with eraser. Or just use a pen and put a thick line through mistakes. As long as your writing is clear, it’s fine.

  111. Hi Liz ,

    Thanks for giving us that`s good inrtroduction which would be much beneficial for me..

  112. oybek saidov says

    Hi Liz. I think this movie will help me a lot. I like this website

  113. Barkat Khan says

    Hi Liz,

    I recently watched your video about essay (academic), in the video you discussed that the hook in not important to write it (As IELTS examiners never looking for interesting or idea to catch attention of readers), but I am bit confused as some IELTS experts recommend that writing the hook is very important. What to do if either write or not?

    Thank You for your response


    • I think this video explains that clearly. Don’t waste your time on a hook. You need to concentrate on the body paragraphs.

      • Barkat Khan says

        Thank you very much, Liz. I appreciate your response and valuable time.
        I am inspired from you, you are great. I quickly learning Writing tasks because of your blog.

  114. Hello Liz
    My name is Davron.I’m from Uzbekistan.I took IELTS two time and my results were 5.5.I’ve problem with my writing everyday I write essays but I have plenty of mistakes And also I confuse essays structure.

  115. MERVE KARAGOZ says


    I am really thank you 🙂

    I will follow you who start to watch you now.

    and I shared

  116. Hi

    Thank you for your information on Ielts as always.
    I have been looking at your websites for more than 2 years. I have also followed all of your instructions but my score does not improve. How can I improve on my writing score?

  117. lisa philip says

    plz suggest me that can i use capital letter in reading test

  118. Hi Liz,

    Your all essay are good and easy to understand.
    I just request you to write more essay on new topics which was asked in recent IELTS exam.

    Thank you.

  119. Richa Verma says

    Hi Liz,

    Your lessons are really helpfull. i will be giving IELTS GT in a weaks time. I have a doubt about the background statement in the introduction paragraph. you have clearly mentioned in your video that we need to paraphrase the essay topic and not copy it. but still will that not show as if we are lack of ideas and hence we r doing so to add lines. kindly help.

    • Paraphrasing means using your own language rather than copying language. This is a language test so use your own English at all times.

  120. Hi Liz,

    First of all, thanks for your lessons.

    In my essay I am going to write, such sentence:
    For instance, “The following essay aims to introduce the advantages and disadvantages about study abroad and give eventually some writer`s opinion.”

    Could you please tell me, how will be assess “writer`s opinion” by examiner? Is it good idea to write that?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards from Germany

  121. Dear Liz
    This video is truly helpful.

    In the video at about 6:30, you said “The most effective method (in) developing…”, but late on (13.30), you wrote ” The most effective method (to) developing…”. I am wondering which one is correct.

  122. Hi Liz,
    I have gone out to some training schools.
    In the first part they asked me about my general informations,but when i answered them in the present perfect they said that I’m using the wrong tense.They asked me about my secondary school,well I’m a secondary student.They told me to use the past simple.I don’t really understand,can you please explain me?

  123. Hi liz,
    first of all, thank you for such an informative blog about IELTS. it’s simply amazing and effective.
    i have a question about the part 2 introduction, can i write as”i agree that exercise is the key to improve health but i think diet is also playing an important role in it for reasons this essay shall discuss.” ?

  124. Nouman Mushtaq says

    That video help me. Too much.

  125. Uttam Shrestha says

    Dear Mam,

    On 4th section of ‘Video transcript for how to write an essay introduction’ under Introduction Practice, it has been written ‘Health we cannot change but we couldn’t we could paraphrase the word improve.’ Is this sentence grammatically correct?

  126. hi,

    i had given an ielts exam on 12.12.2015 and got 6 bands (L. 6.5, R 6, S 6, W 5.5).
    now m gonna to give second exam in the second of week of January, mam pls suggest me some tips and tricks to improve my score.

  127. Respected MA’AM ,
    If time isnt an issue can we use hooks like a short story?will that help in getting a higher band??

  128. Which type of Academic writing is the most common in IELTS? Is that Opinion essay?

  129. Hey Liz
    I have one week for my IELTS Exam
    But I’m confused lack of confidence about all modules even I’m pretty confident I’m so week in reading and writing task 1 which tense I can use in task 1

    • Look at the dates given and use the appropriate tense. If there is not date, use the present tense. See my models to learn more.

  130. Dr. Syed Iqtidar Ali Raza says

    Also dear madam
    If in the question examples aren’t demanded, even then wee need to give examples?????

  131. Dr. Syed Iqtidar Ali Raza says

    Dear Liz
    In your video lesson regarding introduction
    Your introduction is
    The most effective method to developing and improving health is considered to be daily exercise. In my opinion I agree that exercise is the key to health however I also believe that diet is important
    I have some queries
    I want to put some commas in this intro
    Kindly guide me if I’m wrong
    My intro will be
    The most effective method to developing and improving health is considered to be daily exercise. In my opinion, I agree that exercise is the key to health, however, I also believe that diet is important.
    What is your advice dear teacher?

    • Sorry I don’t comment on writing.

    • liji sajeev says

      Hello Ms Lis,
      I have attempted ielts 6 months before and got 7.5 scores for speaking and listening.But my writing and reading scores were very low.This time I am preparing with your materials.Can you suggest more tips to get band 7 for writing and reading?

      • See my advanced lessons for writing task 2: and for reading review my tips and strategies on the reading page. Also, when you do IELTS reading practice, make a list of all paraphrases used and a list of traps and mistakes you have made. Without that list, you will struggle to improve.
        All the best

  132. hi liz
    Could you pls tel me in breifly how many paragraphs in task 2 and what are there ?

  133. Sulagna Monga says

    Hi Liz

    is it appropriate to use “The pay is chicken feed” for speaking test….or is it considered to be informal

    plz guide

  134. Hi Lize
    when I want to show the opinion of people of the importance of something (like recycling process ) to be prevalence around the world can I use this clause :
    believing on it’s importance, many people perceive it is crucial to depend this process all around the world .

    • No, it contains grammar errors. Don’t try to learn sentences. Just aim for accuracy in meaning and language.
      All the best

  135. Hi Liz,
    In this example, is it not necessary to use ‘for’ before the VERB+ing instead of ‘to’ that has been used ? – ‘for developing’ instead of ‘to developing’

  136. Hi Liz do you provide any IELTS essay correction service because i have done some sample by watching you videos those are great i want you to look at it because without knowing my mistakes i cant update my self …

  137. mani bhinder says

    liz mam please give me link of
    task two conclusion
    from your websitte

  138. mani bhinder says

    just awsm lessons by liz madam
    i am very very thankfull to this website

  139. hi Liz,
    I have something to ask. In my introduction, can i only give my opinon but not outlining what i will say in the rest of the essay?

  140. Dear Liz,
    U have given an intro example for do u agree or disagree. How to start an intro para for cause and effect and cause and solution if asked. Is it the same for all ielts essays.

  141. Hi Liz,
    This is just to say that I have learned a lot from your teaching. Watching your videos is just like opening a door to a house where I can find everything I have dreamed of. I just found your website some days ago but my knowledge have been improved so much. Your lessons from now on will be my breakfast, lunch and dinner. 🙂
    I admire your appearance, too.
    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
    Tran Tien

  142. Nguyen Dang says

    Hi Liz,

    At the beginning of the lecture, you wrote “The most effective way IN developing and improving health” but at the end, you changed it to “The most effective way TO developing…”. Can I use IN for this case as it sounds more natural than TO + V_ing?

    Thank you,

    Best regards,
    (Btw, your website is very useful. I wish I knew it sooner!)

  143. Hello Ms. Liz!

    Is writing in General and Academic the same? Are there any tables/charts in writing task 2 as well?

    Thank you!

  144. hi liz,
    i have no any idea of the body paragraph for writing task 2,can you explain it?

  145. Please, what of if the essay question ask, ” give reasons and include any relevant examples”
    Is this an opinion essay or not?

    • All essays give those instructions. It means to explain your ideas and give examples if you want.

      • Hi liz can you check this introduction please.
        “prevention is better than cure” researching and treating diseases is too costly so it would be better to invest in preventative measure. Medical care and research has become unafforrable so it would be better to invest in of the most famous idoms is that “prevention is better then cure”.Hovever i belive that there are so many prevation whoes taken by people before facing some serious disease such as cardiac heart diseases, obesity and diabetes.

  146. Hello Liz,

    Thanks for your videos and the excellent explanations. I watched this video twice and i have a question with the backround statement part, which said “…method in developing and improving health” at the 1st time of the writing, then when you wrote the entire introduction part it says “…method to developing…”. Firstly, what is the rule for using to + verb. ing tense? Im really not familliar with that use, and do the two versions have the same meaning?

    Thx a lot!

  147. Fadi Helou says

    Dear Liz
    I appreciate a lot the training videos which will help big time when applying the test..
    But please let me give my opinion on one of your comment answers where you said that we can’t use workout instead of exercise..
    And thats correct but the kind of people that applying this test are not doctors in english language to be this much accurate… otherwise we will have to spend years in learning english to reach the doctors level… I think giving a good understanding answer is the most important but not to be this much accurate…
    Thank you, and again its my own opinion where i think its a bit logic.

    • The difference between workout and exercise is not relating to being a doctor at all. In fact, this difference is taught at intermediate level of English. IELTS is an English language test which includes testing your vocabulary. Band score 7 students should know the difference between those words. Students below that level might not.
      All the best

  148. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for the tutorial.

    In the writing task 2 introduction paragraph, after paraphrasing and the thesis statement, should I state what I am going to write about in the body paragraphs. For example, “This essay will discuss xxx and xxx”.

    Also, will the score be marked down if a person uses a mixture of UK and US spellings in the essay?

    Thank you.

    • You don’t need to write “this essay is discuss…”. You don’t have to repeat the instructions – the examiner has the instructions.

      • Thank you Liz for your answer. What about the usage of UK and US spellings in one same essay? Would this affect the score?

        • Yes, it would be a problem. If you choose US spelling then your whole essay will be marked on US spelling. Choose one and stick to it.
          All the best

  149. mohammed rehan ali says

    god bless you lizz, your viedos benifited me a lot,and your smiling face,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  150. the percentage of overweight children in western society has increased by almost 20% in the last ten years. Discuss the possible causes and effects of this disturbing trend and offer a solution

    the rate of corpulent children in the west side countries has been elevated by 20% over the last decade. (WHAT would be thesis statement)?????????

    i am looking for your kind help

    • Always aim for accuracy in your writing “corpulent” is not an appropriate word to use. The thesis statement should introduction the causes and just mention that there are solutions but not state them.

      • THANKS LIZ

        You have good in teaching.

        I am upset with not having synonyms. If i look on net, i get too many, not get sure which one would be appropriate to use.

        Do you have any suggestion for me.

        If have, i will glad to know and will be thankful to you

      • Hi teacher Liz, regarding to the essay type of question which is similar to the sample given “to what extent do you agree?”After I paraphrase for the background statement, can I have a disagree thesis statement directly and site different examples that support my disagree statement? I have read this sample question that I think is hard for me to agree, and it’s like I can only come up with a balanced opinion for it in my conclusion part and not to agree.

        It says, “Government investment in the arts, such as music and theatre, is a waste of money. Governments must invest this money in public service instead. To what extent do you agree?”

        Then, I came up with this introduction, “People perceived that the government is allocating financial support in the field of arts which is not worthy. Furthermore, the society feels that the government is nonchalant in terms of public service. Nevertheless, I would say that the government gives me an optimistic point of view for demonstrating their tenacity for nourishing arts, as similar to music, theatre and paintings”.

        Then, in each body of my succeeding paragraph, my main topic is about music, theatre and paintings. Will this idea would fit this kind of essay question teacher?

        • I don’t actually understand your introduction. The question is “Should the government stop investing in arts and invest in public service instead?” Your thesis statement should provide a clear answer to that question.

  151. hi Liz
    help me out with this thesis statement in introduction

    can i write this

    ” After much consideration, my insight serve me that” instead of “In my opinion”

  152. Ashish Patel says

    First of all, thanks Liz, i understood your pretty interesting lesson easily. I think, it can help me in my IELTS EXAM. I can do it!

    • Yes, you can do it! Just keep practicing and try to learn more about the test and the requirements of the band scores.
      All the best

  153. Can i say “as far as i’m concerned, this is becoming a fact” instead of saying “i agree”?

    • No, it is not correct. Aim to make your language accurate and avoid errors. “I agree” can be written as “I agree” or “I concur” – they will both get you a good score because they are the right and appropriate words to use.

  154. Dear Liz,
    I wonder what features should I include in the conclusion paragraph.

    • You just restate the main points of your essay. Take a look at my model essays to see which main points you can find in the conclusion.

  155. Hello Liz,
    I would like to ask you two questions. the first one, should i do the paraphrase exactly as the same order as is written on the question?
    The second , i can i use (workout ) as a paraphrase to ( exercise) ?

    • Please see my model essays to see more about paraphrasing. You only need to give the same information without changing the meaning but it is your choice about the order. “workout” is not the same as “exercise”. Workout is just one form of exercise.

  156. Hy Liz,

    Thanks for the wonderful blog.

    This type of introduction is well suited for Agree/ Disagree essay.

    How can we prepare thesis for the essays ( discussion/ direct question) that does not ask for opinion ?

    • Please see my model essays on the writing task 2 page. You’ll see the introduction for each type.
      All the best

  157. Hossein Ghanbari says

    Dear Liz,

    I have heard from some tutors (both in person and from blogs) that it is required to write an “outline sentence” at the end of the introduction paragraph, blueprinting the main ideas the candidate intends to explain.

    To what extent do you agree with their opinions?

    • There are two statements needed only. The background which introduces the issues in the essay question and the thesis which contains the main poitns (your answer). Anything more is a waste of words and a waste of time because it won’t help your score.
      All the best

  158. Hello Liz,

    I have a question about the bar and line graphs in writing task 1. Previously, I was given such exercise with these two combined and to be honest I had no idea how to write them down remembering that most of writing task 1s I’ve ever seen contains either bar or line graphs instead of both. Fortunately, I managed to finish it with , literally, combining the whole thing which resulted many percentages and numbers even repeated words that were even not necessary. Could you give me some tips to write this type of task, please?

    • When you have two charts, you introduction both in the introduction. You put the key features of both charts in your overview. Then you usually have one body paragraph for one chart and one body paragraph for the other chart. Because, there is a lot of information, you must plan and select which information to include in your body paragraphs. The examiner is marking you on your ability to select key features without getting lost in detail.
      All the best

  159. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for your informative video!
    However, I still wonder of your last sentence which belongs to the thesis statements. Could you please show the planning for the body paragraphs? If I write a body paragraph about dieting to gain health, isn’t it make my essay off-topic ?

    • To be more clear, when I plan to say it’s the key to health which also mean that it’s the most important factor, why we need to consider other options ? Or I need to understand that I partially agree in some extent ?

      • You don’t need to consider other options is you wish to write 2 or 3 body paragraphs only about that. However, it is much easier to offer other options so that you have very difference body paragraphs. It is just a technique to make the essay easier to write.
        All the best

    • This essay is about improving health. IELTS offer one option which is exercise. That is an opinion offered by them. We agree with this opinion but also think there are other ways to gain health such as a good diet. It is still on the topic of how to improve health. You must learn to identify the main issue in the essay question in order to present relevant main points.
      All the best

  160. Thank you madam for your tremendous beneficial video..

  161. Dear teacher, I find that some books suggest that it’s good using trigger words for writing task 2. However, I do not understand what is the trigger words.
    Teacher, could you explain in terms of trigger words, please?

    Thank you very much.

    • I have never heard of trigger words for IELTS. It might just be a technique used by an individual teacher to help students. I can’t tell you whether I recommend them or not unless I see the actual words. Generally I would say to avoid too much memeorised language because the examiner will not count any sentence or long phrase that is clearly memorised. Also use your common sense when judging other teachers’ advice for writing.
      All the best

  162. Hi Liz! First of all thank you for your great website 🙂 It is really very useful) I have a question,if there is an essay which requires both discussing and giving my own opinion should I give my initial opinion in introduction again? or should I gave it as a special paragraph? Thanks in advance for your answer 🙂

    • You must give it in the introduction, in the thesis statement. For the body, you can mention it together with the side you agree with. Or if you have a balanced view which is a specific opinion not agreeing with either side, you will need a separate body paragraph.
      All the best

  163. as you said that essay introduction has two points which are backgroung and thesis, are all essay type , such as advantage disadvantage, opinion, problem solution etc. , have same same structure of introduction?

    • All have the same contents in the introduction. It’s a short essay and the introduction only serves to introduce the essay question and give the main points or main answer.

  164. Thanks for the great lesson , considered to be this lesson is first way to help students to developing and improving their skills in IELTS Task2

  165. Hi Liz ,
    Thank you for the lessons. I am preparing General module. Can I write relavent proverbs in the essays and can I use the proverbs in speaking section too.

    • Most proverbs are informal and not for essay writing. It is possible to use them in speaking. But remember, if you fill your answers with memorised language, it will not be accepted in IELTS. IELTS tests your ability to use English naturally not to learn phrases to use. That means, on the whole, using many idioms and proverbs will not necessarily improve your score.
      All the best

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