IELTS Spelling: US or UK?

Does IELTS accept UK or US spelling? Can you write “colour” or “color” in your IELTS test? Will you lose marks if you use US vocabulary?

What is IELTS?

IELTS means “International English Language Testing System”. This means that it is not a UK English test, it is an International English Language test.

US or UK Spelling in IELTS?

As IELTS is international, it means that you can choose either UK or US spelling. So, if you write “specialized” or “specialised”, both are accepted.

Can I use UK and US spelling in my writing?

No, you can’t mix your spell. You must choose all US spelling or all UK spelling. You can’t write some words with American spelling and other words with British spelling. Choose your language and stick to it.

US / UK Vocabulary List

See this list of vocabulary with both spelling: US UK Vocabulary Spelling List (this is from a different website).

More IELTS Test Information

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  1. Ahlam Taha says:

    Hi Liz April 22 ,2017

    Thank you so much Liz always follow you for your valuable IELTS lessons I stop IELTS helping my family now I am Ready to start with you thank you for your supporting and Help

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth ma’am. The site is very simple but laconic. So it is very useful and easy to follow.
    I have a question. Does mixing up the UK and US accent in speaking test affect marking?

  3. You mean we can’t use US and UK spelling in one essay? Or say for instance you can’t you spell color in a paragraph and then colour in another paragraph? Please explain, as i know am pretty sure i don’t even know which is UK or UK of most words i use.

    • That’s correct. You can’t use both, you use one or the other. There is a link in the page above to see common words with different UK and US spelling – take a look and start making sure you don’t mix them.

  4. Narayan Pandey says:

    Thanks for your valuable tips and lessons which helps me to borden my knowledge about IELTS.. I don’t have any words to thank you for ;your support and help.

  5. thank you so much Mam Liz , I always follow you and your advices I have exam on 13th may i whish be ready for that ^^

  6. Hi Liz,
    My name is Man I’m live in West Yorkshire. Have you got online student or have you got private training,

  7. Dear Liz,
    A happy and blessed Easter to you.
    Ruth Li

  8. Now I’m taking IELTS preparation class before attending the IELTS real test, finally I find this amazing website to enrich my English skills, thanks Liz.

  9. Hi Liz,
    I think sometimes mixed spellings are accepted in Australia, like “the program was cancelled.”

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