IELTS Speaking: Free Lessons & Essential Tips

IELTS speaking lessons, essential tips and exam information to help you prepare successfully for your IELTS speaking test. This page contains everything you need to know and the essential skills for a high score in IELTS speaking.

IELTS Speaking Essential Information

IELTS Speaking test information, answers to your questions and advice.

IELTS Speaking: Information (FAQ)

IELTS Band Scores Explained

IDP or BC: Which is better?

IELTS Speaking Topics and Questions

Below are lists of common and recent IELTS speaking topics with questions that frequently appear in the speaking test.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Topics

Jan – Apr 2018: Speaking Topics for Part 2

Sept – Dec 2017: Speaking Topics for Part 2

Practice IELTS Speaking Tests

Practice speaking exams to develop your skills and get used to the speaking test format. This is essential practice for all IELTS students.

IELTS Speaking Test (1) & Model Answers

IELTS Speaking Test (2)



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Video & Tips for IELTS Speaking

All useful free IELTS speaking video lessons and speaking tips. Learn more about how to get a high score in speaking and how to improve your answers.

  1. Tips: How I got Band Score 9 in IELTS Speaking
  2. Linking Words for IELTS Speaking
  3. Tips: Which part of the speaking test is most important?
  4. Tips: Asking the examiner questions
  5. Tips: How long should my answer be?
  6. Tips: Should I speak fast or slow?
  7. Tips: Using wonna and gonna
  8. Tips for Speaking Part 2 – Will I get a low score for speaking less than 2 mins?
  9. Tips for Speaking Part 2: Difficult Topics
  10. Tips: Going Off Topic
  11. Video: Speaking Part 1: Common Questions
  12. Video: Speaking Part 1: Common Topics
  13. Video: Speaking Part 1: What’s your favourite…?
  14. Video: Speaking Part 1: Dictionaries Topic
  15. Video: Speaking Part 2: How to start your talk
  16. Video: Speaking Part 3: Comparing Urban and Rural Life
  17. Video: Greeting the Examiner & ID Check
  18. Video: How to develop your IELTS speaking at home

IELTS Speaking Lessons & Sample Answers

These lessons are in order of date and new lessons will be added over time. All questions are reported exam topics at time of posting. Lessons usually contain questions, model answers, tips or vocabulary.

Notice: Do not memorise model answers. Model answers are to show you options, skills and techniques. Your answers in your IELTS test should come from you and show your own English language.

  1. Part 1 Topic 2017: Dreams
  2. Speaking Part 1 Topic 2017: Robots
  3. Speaking Part 2 2017: Good Service Topic
  4. Speaking Part 1 : Topic of Shoes
  5. Speaking Part 1: Snacks
  6. Speaking Part 1: Maths
  7. Speaking Part 2: Quiz of Understanding
  8. Speaking Part 2 & 3 Questions & Tips: Beauty
  9. Speaking Part 1: Camping
  10. Speaking Part 3: Environment
  11. Speaking Part 3: Common Mistake
  12. Speaking Part 1 & 3: Musical Instruments
  13. Speaking Part 1: Food – Vegetables
  14. Speaking Part 1: Clothes
  15. Speaking Part 1: Travel & Transport
  16. Speaking Part 1: Travel & Transport Sub Topics
  17. Speaking Part 3: Tourism and the Local Community
  18. Speaking Part 3: Technology
  19. Speaking Part 1: Sky
  20. Speaking Part 1: Happiness
  21. Speaking Part 3: Charities
  22. Speaking Part 1: Sleep
  23. Speaking Part 3: Health
  24. Speaking Part 2: Holidays
  25. Speaking Part 3: Sport
  26. Error Correction: Speaking Part 1
  27. Speaking Part 1: Walking
  28. Speaking Part 3: Art – Paintings
  29. Speaking Part 2: A Place to Learn
  30. Speaking Part 2: A Friend you are Proud of

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