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IELTS Essay Introduction for an Opinion Essay

This lesson looks at how to write an IELTS essay introduction for an opinion essay. The introduction is the easiest part of any IELTS essay as it follows a similar content for all IELTS task 2 types.

This lesson is a follow-on lesson from last week. Learn how to find main points before continuing with this introduction lesson: Finding Main Points for an Opinion Essay:

Every one of us should become a vegetarian because eating meat can cause serious health problems.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

How to write an IELTS essay introduction
  1. Write one statement paraphrasing the information given. This will be your background statement. Make sure you paraphrase the information exactly and don’t include any irrelevant or extra information in it.
  2. When you paraphrase, make sure you are using words that you are confident with. It is good to paraphrase but you will reduce your band score if you have too many errors.
  3. Introduce your answer in the thesis statement. The thesis statement follows the background statement. It should contain your answer, your main points.
  4. Don’t write more than 50 words for your introduction.
Model Introduction

Eating meat is considered by some to damage our health and for that reason they believe all people should adopt a vegetarian diet. In my opinion, although a vegetarian diet is certainly a healthy option, having a balanced diet, which contains vegetables and some healthy meat, is the key.

Vocab Builder
  • cause serious health problems = damage our health
  • become a vegetarian = adopt a vegetarian diet


Next lesson, we will look at how to write the body paragraphs for this essay.

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  1. http://Shailesh%20Johar says

    Hi Liz,

    I understand you do not offer writing correction services. Just want to know if the structuring below is appropriate.

    Consuming meat can cause critical health issues, hence all of us should adopt a vegetarian diet. In my opinion, while fruits and vegetables bring vital nutrients & vitamins to the table, meat is a major source of proteins that completes out diet. Moreover, quality sourced meats are free from the risk of contamination and disease.

    Is it ok to use idiomatic expressions or phrases in writing, esp in introduction?

    Thank you.

    • http://Liz says

      It’s a good introduction. But make sure you differentiate between other people’s views and your views. You can do this by using “It is thought” in your first sentence – that indicates it is an opinion held by others. Don’t use “&” – use words. Be careful describing a vegetarian diet as fruit and vegetables – vegetarians also eat beans and pulses which contain high quantities of protein. Otherwise – all good 🙂

  2. http://Preeti%20Pandey says

    Some people say every individual should follow a vegetarian diet because consuming meat is considered as injurious to health. In my opinion, I completely agree with that vegetarian people have less health issues while meat eaters likely to have diseases like cancer, heart stroke etc.

  3. http://sarah says

    Hi Liz
    Is that right or no?
    We should be vegetarian which is eating meat can give us problems in our health. In my opinion, I disagree that eating meat is the key to have problems with heath. However, I also believe that have vegetarian life can destroy our health.

    • http://Liz says

      You have a problem with grammar and vocabulary – this means your English language contains too many errors. Your technique is fine.

  4. http://Bachtiar says

    Hi liz, i have a simple question.
    Is the command “give your own opinion” the same with “agree/disagree” question type?
    I’m a little bit lost here.
    Thanks liz.

    • Yes, it is 100% the same. Any instructions that ask directly for your opinion is an opinion essay. The instructions are often paraphrased, but you approach it all in the same way.

    • http://Deborah says

      Exactly this is what I thought as well. I thought the thesis would be for u to state whether you agree or disagree with the statement. And the introduction should give what will later be discussed in the passage. Pls address this thanks

  5. http://Sharmila says

    Hi Liz,
    This is Sharmila ….Thank u so much for addressing all our needs…..Hereby I have written an introduction part for the above statement .So please give me some suggestions……

    Some people claim that consuming meat will give adverse effects on health,so they stick to follow a vegan diet.But actually,that is not the key for that problem.
    In my opinion,I do not completely agree that everyome have to become a vegetarian.Howeover ,sometimes eating vegetables too affect our health.According to me it has it own pros and cons either being a vegetarian or a Non-vegrtarian.

  6. http://Mina%20Honen says

    Being a vegetarian should be the goal for everyone, as eating meat can lead to dangerous health issues. I believe that everyone should balance their diet between meat and vegetables to be able to get all body requirements.

  7. http://Ozoda says

    Majority believe that everybody ought to be vegans since consuming meat products is considered to have harm to human’s health. However, to say that some people can not imagine their menu without meat is a conservative statement.

  8. http://Habib%20Siddique says

    Would you please review my answer and provide feedback.

    All individual must only consume vegetables, as non-veg edibles may have fatal health concerns. In my opinion, it is crucial to include vegetable as a part of our daily diet but I also believe that our food should be equally balanced by making meat a part of it.

  9. http://Yüce says

    People all around the world need to be a vegetarian since consuming meat can lead us to serious health diseases. In my opinion that people should consume vegetarian food instead of meat. However, our diet should be supported by supplements such as vitamins and pills.

  10. http://Gurwant says

    Majority of people give thoughts on diseases “they say the non-vegetarian meal may be effect on body problems such as heart attack”.This essay will discuss about how it worst our body and what thing will protect to us

  11. http://Noman%20Rahat says

    We all must become veggie because eating meat can lead us to fatal diseases. In my opinion,
    I believe that eating vegetables can make us more healthy rather eating meat.

  12. hi,
    Can i use ‘as far as iam concerned ‘instead of ‘ in my opinion’.
    Thank you

  13. Due to serious health issues caused by eating meat,some people think that everyone ought to be a vegetarian.In my opinion,l agree that a small portion of meat and vegetables is healthier.

  14. http://Benjamin says

    Hi Liz. I am new on you blog but i have enjoyed most of the things you have posted here.

    Can you please help me with this introduction. I have 14 days more for my IELTS exams

    Some people believe that several health risks could be prevented if we avoid consuming meat products and take in vegetables. I agree that eating meat have the potential to cause detriments to health , however I disagree that all person should become vegetarians by avoiding meat to leave healthy.

  15. http://najat says

    Thanks a lot liz,
    this my introduction . Hope you could revise it
    Some people believe consuming animal products damage the health and being a vegetarian away from harmful food will keep body away from illness as heart attack. In my opinion, I think consuming both kinds of diet in a balanced level with a healthy cooking style will provide us a required amount of supplements as our body needs to be healthier.

    • http://Arif says

      It is considered by some people that, people need to change their meat diet instead of becoming vegetarian as consuming meat can occur severe disorders in human health.In my opinion, i admit being vegetarian will definitely reduce several health problems. In addition, i also think eating meat is also necessary to keep our health fit.

  16. Hi Liz

    You said that it’s okay to keep some word as it is since it already a scientific word or either if you unsure about the perfect substitution of the word. My question is, do you have any maximum of the word that you keep for paraphrasing?

    For example like this:
    Artist need a certain amount of freedom to develop their creativity. Some people think that artist should have total freedom to express any thoughts and ideas. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

    I think I can keep the word “artist” and “creativity”. But I doubt about “freedom”, I might use its explanation but somehow freedom seems to be a perfect word to be keep as well. Also, how far I need to find synonym for “people”? Or just let it be..?

    • Tomorrow I will put up and exercise on this website about your question and the day after I will show you a model and explain.

  17. http://Gayatri says

    All the people in the world should be an omnivores as in taking non vegetarian fodd damages our health. I agree that, eating a vegetarian diet is healthy.However, having a balanced diet including vegetables, fruits and some healthy meat is the best.

  18. http://Huong says

    Regarding to the debate on dietary topic, there are more and more people opting for vegetarian diet because of health issues, spiritual belief or environmental awareness. While it is true that a meat-free diet can contribute to the betterment of a certain number of people, I do not think that everyone should follow this trend.

  19. http://Rabia says

    According to the perception of some people meat is harmful for human health thus vegetables should be the diet solely. However in my opinion I disagree that to have some meat in lunch can be considered dangerous. I also believe vegetables are essential for balanced diet.

    • hi liz could you please check my introduction and please tell me is it a good one or not

      Imposing a vegetarian diet on people cannot be tolerated, even though it can cause serious health problems.However, one could not say vegans are free from any life style diseases as most illnesses have historic routes. Moreover, there are shreds of examples that vegetarians are more prone to nutritional deficiency diseases, due to the lack of nutrients that they get from non-vegetarian foods. Therefore, I completely disagree to this view and opine that a combined diet is vital for the health of an individual.

  20. http://Eman says

    Hi Liz,
    Could you please review my introduction.

    Some people believe that eating meat could affect badly our health. Therefore, people should focus on eating vegetable solely. In my opinion, I disagree that having a reasonable amount of meat in daily food could harm the body. However, I also believe that eating vegetables is key to have a healthy life.

  21. http://Sara says

    People must have balance diet,which include vegetable ,fruits ,meat ,dry fruits etc.it helps in maintaining health

  22. http://faisal says

    Hello,, can you please evaluate my introduction .
    a detailed comment could help me alot.

    Eating meat might be the main reason of a major health issues and disease, therefore, some people think that everyone have to become a vegetarian. In my opinion, i disagree that eating meat could be a reason for health damage.

    Thanks in advance

    • http://Liz says

      You didn’t give your opinion on whether you think everyone should become vegetarian. You must address the task – this means answer the whole question.

  23. http://Natt says

    Diet is essential part of our daily routines. Some people suggest that we all should avoid eating meat and perfer to become vegetarian because veg diet always keep us healthy and keep away from health diseases. I believe that vegetarian food have more nutrients, vitamins and diseases free such as heart attcaks, diabetes instead of non vegetarian.

    Check my intro. And give suggestions

  24. http://funke says

    Hi Liz,
    kindly help check my introduction. Thanks.

    Vegetarians are people which do not eat animal flesh and, or products. Some people believe that meat is related to serious health problems, thus, instigating their decision to become vegetarians. I strongly disagree that everybody should become vegetarians. Although red meat can be detrimental to health, it can be consumed moderately or substituted with white meat like chicken and mutton.

    • http://Liz says

      Did you watch my video on this page which explains that you don’t need a hook. Your first sentence is not needed. The examiner knows the meaning of the word “vegetarian”. Cut your first sentence and you have a good intro.

  25. Hi Liz,

    I only came across your site a couple of days ago, and I wish it was sooner. My exam will be this coming 4th March and I am extremely nervous. In spite of all the preparation I have done, I still do not feel confident enough to ace the test. I tried every way that I can think of to pass this exam, perhaps the effort was not good enough, perhaps my method is insufficient. I just want to make it, I seek online/personal tutor, never ending IELTS reference books was read, and practice test done. I am keeping myself on the positive side, but this exam truly challenge my sanity. So true is sad that it will come to that extent, that I doubt myself on failure to this. There has to be a way, formula to make it easy. Thereby coming across your site was a blessing, and you make every lessons comprehensible and interactive. With that, every credit should all be yours. Learning English has been tough journey for me, indeed and to be honest, together with other examinees who have tried this exam many times, it can be frustrating. Anyway, enough of the ranting and let us get back into real business. I wrote a sample introduction here, and please let me know what you think.

    It is believed that most people should adopt a vegetarian diet because meat consumption causes a detrimental effect on our health. In my opinion, not only eating vegetables is beneficial to our body, it also promotes less damage to other living organisms.

    * I am not sure if I used the correct conversion for this thesis statement.

    Kind regards,

    • Your background statement is fine. Your opinion presents a clear position but you don’t actually state if you agree that eating meat is damaging to our health. What is your opinion of that? Make sure your opinion covers all aspects of the question and issue. See my main page for writing task 2: http://ieltsliz.com/ielts-writing-task-2/. All main pages can be accessed through the red bar at the top of my website. If you need more help with writing task 2, think of purchasing one of my advanced lessons: http://subscriptions.viddler.com/IELTSLizStore. You’ve got almost a week before your test – you can learn a lot in that time.

  26. Hi, Liz. I’ve been following your site mainly because it is the best teaching site for IELTS I’ve came across, so far. I think you know that by now. 🙂

    Anyway, just want to ask you this: I understand that it is important for us to give our opinion in the introduction, but we would repeat the same message in the conclusion part. Wouldn’t that be redundant?

  27. http://Faraz says

    Hey Liz I’ve been following your website for quite a long it’s very helpful. My question is that can we write our opinion on the new line after paraphrasing the question…?

  28. http://Barbie says

    Hey Liz, i’ve been following your website for quite sometime now. Can you check the introduction I made about this topic? thanks

    All of us are required to be vegetarians due to the reason that consuming meat products might result to life-threatening health conflicts. in my opinion, I agree that vegetables should have more proportions in our meals but I believe that we also need meat for a balanced diet.

  29. http://Raafat says

    How can I know that this essay is a Balanced Opinion or One-sided Opinion …
    do i decide something like that or he will tell me to do it with a certain way?
    please clarify this point as on your 1 hour OPINION essay writing task 2 video I purchased you didn’t mention how can we figure out that?
    thank you!

    • This is a balanced view. If it was one sides, we would agree that being vegetarian is the ONLY way. A one sided essays agrees 100% and does not add any other information or specific view point.

      • http://Mohamed%20ahmed says

        Hi liz,
        Thanks for your great help,
        What if i agree to the statement, and consider vegetarian diet the healthiest. Furthermore,
        If i wont to add another opinion like talking about another unhealthy food that should be avoided

  30. topic :- Prevention is better then cure…..

    first of all , Prevantion is that for example,
    the Prevention means ” Stop The Process or Work
    the Cure means ” Solving The Problem”.

    Prevention when occur then, we create the problem and hoe to stop that problem is called Prevention.
    i think prevention is necessary at this time, Because we think about prevention that means because the time for process and decrease the money cost behind expenses behind work. Preventioon before the problem occur that means we always aggresive in work, in future any type of work we always have solution behind the process.
    Cure Means according to my thought “Medicine”.
    If we have a medicine then we can easily frfee from problem. it happens in future then also.
    Prevention & Cure both are little bit same but if we think Prevention before any kind of work that means we were always in safe side, but when we dnt think about prevention but not only dependent on cure that means we have no option because of we applied about cure only.

    Cure is also good but lots of type of cure like ‘medicine’,’physical’,’financial’,’friendly’. in that condition we always cover for us with cure.
    One more important used cure at this time is “Life Insurance” Policy.
    it’s always cure about your futurre as well as your family.
    if we take an insurance that means we protect the own & family.
    Insurance is fully protect the family from any human being problems like
    accident, death causes, etc.

    Prevention is i think always beteter then cure.

    In my point of view , i conclude that Prevention is always save the time & money in future.

  31. http://Marvin says

    Liz, would you mind taking a look at this conclusion:

    All people must practise being a vegan because detrimental health conditions related to health result to eating meat products. In my opinion, I agree that eating vegetables may significantly improve health. However, I also believe that intake of meat is also essential to our overall nutritional condition.

    • http://Liz says

      You don’t need a long conclusion – it won’t help your score at all. Just one sentence is enough (two at most).

      • http://Marvin says

        Hi Liz – my bad. The paragraph I wrote above is for my introduction and not conclusion. Thoughts please? 🙂 Thank you.


  32. http://attahmad says

    How about the following introduction paragraph for above task.

    “We should start eating only vegetables due to the fact that taking meat in our food may result into major diseases. In my opinion, I do not agree with the concept of avoiding meat. However, there should be a balanced food consists of meat as well as vegetables.”

  33. http://Sumayyah says

    ht is considered by many that it would be beneficial for all of us if we opted completely for vegetables as meat intake can result in major health issues. In my view, even though eating vegetables is considered healthy, a well balanced diet is more crucial for the well being of anyone.
    thank u so much for your extremely thorough explanations. I have given a go at the introduction for above mentioned topic. I would be grateful if u could comment on my effort.
    Looking forward to your reply..!!
    Take care

  34. Hlo Liz , will you plz tell me we can mention words like in my opinion or I am agree or disagree in task 2 essays???

  35. Goodevening Mrs Liz,

    Thanks for your wonderful website. I really appreciate what you have done for us.

    While studying writing Task2 introduction with the model introduction you wrote page-up I found missing commas -but I am not sure in the first setence of it ” Eating meat is considered by some to damage out health (,)and for that reason(,) they believe …”

    Honestly, I am still not sure where commas are used in sentences. However, can you answer my question I asked earlier?



  36. http://Gloria says

    hmmm…..I find it very difficult in writing essays ……plz Auntie Liz …help me ..how do I write …I have a paper on january

  37. http://Mohamed%20Abdalla says

    Hi liz…
    If I didn’t use this layout in my exam introduction will it affect my score?and if yes for which criterion?

  38. http://Mohamed%20Ali says

    dear Liz
    any positive criticism please, apart from typos ?
    some people believe that every person in the commumity ought to eat vegetables to avoid devastating health issues,which could be caused by eating meat.In my opinion, i don’t agree to this idea, for meat has vital role to play in developing people’s body and helps make a balanced diet.

  39. http://Gayan says

    can you give your idea for this introduction

    Food is fundamental need for every living being.If the people can feed on only vegetables, they may obtain healthy life.It is generally accepted that consuming meat is one of the fact that cause dangerous diseases. In my opinion, I agree that vegetarian diet is the key to health. However, meat is required to develop the body cells in growth of human.

  40. http://Priyanka says

    Hi Liz! I recently found out about your blog and It’s a great help for many students who are preparing for their IELTS exams. I watched your video about writing introduction for task 2 and tried myself writing an Introduction. So, here it is.

    Nowadays, many people believe that we should adopt a vegetarian diet and give up theconsumption of meat – as eating too much of meat can lead to some severe health issues. In my opinion, I think, following a vegetarian diet is good for health. However, I also believe that one should focus on having a balanced diet which include moderate amount of meat.

  41. http://Faisal%20Haleem says

    Hi Liz,
    I have written this Intro is it okay.
    “Some people believe that meat as diet can cause major health issues, so best way to health would be to become vegitarian. In my openion, vegitarian food is definetely a healthy option. However, having balanced diet which includes both vegitables and some healthy meat, is the key. “

  42. http://Adeabah says

    Dear Liz,

    I have booked and exam appointment for September 26, 2015 and would like to know what to do from now till the exam date.

    • http://Liz says

      Please watch the “How to Prepare for IELTS” video on my home page. Then start working through information and tips pages. The review model answers. After that do practice lessons.
      All the best

      • http://Yan%20Liu says

        Hi Liz,

        I’ve purchased all your three video lessons for writing task 2. They are quite useful. Thank you! And I’m just wondering when the video clips for another two types of writing will be online? Thanks.

        • Unfortunately, not until next Spring. If I have time, I will try and finish speaking part 2 video lesson for next month.
          All the best

    • http://Zakiyya says

      Hey my also 26 of september.wherevare you from

  43. http://Hana says

    How can i get the body paragraph of this essay??

  44. http://Francesco says

    Hi Liz! I am posting this comment just to thank you , you’re a very good teacher! I am gonna be examinated tomorrow, I admit I haven’t studied that much during the last days, so your website has been very helpful . I hope you’ll keep on doing this for the students’ sake 🙂
    All the best from Italy,

    • http://Liz says

      Good luck tomorrow!!! Keep your mind focused on the questions and remember this is about technique and English language. Let me know how your exam goes 🙂
      All the best

  45. http://Hendrick says

    Hi liz, I have 2 questions to ask. the first one is
    `can I use I deem or it is demeed to be in order to paraphrase I think or it is considered?`
    The second one is in part 0 of speaking task, when I’ll be asked `how are you?` Can I use a slang to respond, for instance by saying I got a hitch in my giddy up.
    Looking forward to your answer.

    Thanks for all the lessons.

    • http://Liz says

      I wouldn’t use the paraphrase “I deem”, it rarely used these days. For your question about speaking, it is unlikely the examiner will ask this question because it is not part of any topic and it is not part of the ID check. But if the examiner does ask it, you must answer naturally “I’m fine” or “I’m feeling ok today, thanks”. Avoid putting unnatural idioms into your answers – it won’t increase your score and the example you gave above is not only inappropriate but also incorrect.
      All the best

  46. http://Ola says

    Dear Liz,
    How can I paraphrase the word “information” in this question?
    “Internet contains a lot of information,however,sometimes these information is inaccurate or wrong. Do you agree or disagree?
    Kindly comment on my introduction paragraph:
    It is commonly believed that internet is a major source of information,however, some of these information is considered to be incorrect. In my opinion, I strongly agree that some of the news on the internet are wrong because there are no proper verification process, coupled with the fact that information can be easily manipulated.

    • http://Liz says

      Not all words can be paraphrased. Please watch my video about paraphrasing: http://ieltsliz.com/vocabulary/. Remember that “information” is uncountable. So you need to write “this information” not “these information”. Your introduction is paraphrased enough. Also “news” is also uncountable.
      All the best

  47. Hi Liz,

    should it be necessary to paraphrase your topics that are written in your thesis statement to the body paragraph as your topic sentence?

    e.g model thesis statement:
    In my opinion, although a vegetarian diet is certainly a healthy option, having a balanced diet, which contains vegetables and some healthy meat, is the key.
    1st Topic sentence:
    — To begin with, being vegetarian is healthy. Then reasons and examples
    2nd Topic sentence:
    — Secondly, having balanced diet is a key. Then reasons and examples
    are these alright?

    Thanks a lot. I’ve learnt a lot of things from this website

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