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Hi guys,

Please read this full page, particularly the thank you message for my supportive students at the bottom of the post.

As you know, I post regular lessons to help you prepare for your IELTS test. It is something I enjoy and I try to do this once or twice a week. My lessons are usually well designed and aimed to develop awareness of specific skills or to provide vital test information. These regular lessons are all free.Β I have also written over 300 pages of tips etc which are all free for you and are accessible through the red bar at the top of the website. You should all read those pages before asking questions.

Recently I have been receiving some angry responses from students who demand I answer their questions.

Let me make things clear:Β I do NOT offer a free answer/question service.Β Β 

  • So far, I have responded to over 20,000 comments. I cannot respond to ALL comments.
  • I currently have around 9,000 comments waiting in moderation (unpublished). I can’t answer them all – most will be deleted.
  • Ask a question, but realise you might not get a reply.
  • Do NOT demand free individual support.
  • I also do NOT offer a free marking service for writing.
  • Check the answers I have already given to other students – most questions have been answered before.

Holiday: For health reasons, I will be taking an extended break from this website in Feb, Mar and Apr. I will post a notice when I start my hols. It means I won’t be answering questions or posting lessons but I will keep certain pages open for up-dates.

I hope you all appreciate the work I do and the support I offer students. My website contains more replies to comments than any other IELTS website in existence. Let me give you four idioms relating to this issue:

  1. Give an inch and they take a mile.
    1. This means if you give one thing to someone, they demand more and more. Let’s avoid this.
  2. Respect is a two way street.
    1. This means you respect me and I will respect you.
  3. Pick someone’s brains.
    1. This means to get information or ideas from someone. I know you would all like to pick my brains, but I am only one person – take it easy on me πŸ™‚
  4. Great minds think alike.
    1. This is used when people have similar ideas to each other. I hope, from this point onwards, we will all have similar understanding πŸ™‚

The majority of students on my site are polite, kind and supportive – to you, I wish to say thank you. It is your support and encouragement that helps me continue πŸ™‚


Read this carefully:

  1. All main pages for IELTS (which contain 300 pages of free materials, tips etc) are accessed through the RED BAR at the top of the website. You MUST visit those main pages for the tips and lessons: Click on the Red Bar
  2. There are excellent, vital pages linked in the right hand side column of each page. Read them.
  3. Also read the comments boxes which contain thousands of extra tips and pieces of advice. Most questions have already be asked and answered before.
  4. For basic test information (using pens, pencils, handwriting, answer sheets etc), see the Test Information page.
  5. Again, let me repeat – there are over 300 pages of tips, model answers and lessons – all free. Use them to find your answers and use them to learn IELTS.

I wish you all good luck with your tests πŸ™‚

All the best




  1. This is great!

  2. As usual, always sharing useful & helpful content

  3. Hi Liz,

    I have subscribed to one of your advanced writing lessons ( opinion essay). Currently, I’m trying to practise to use the tips that were given by you in this video and I’m struggling with the balanced approach openings. If I include some reasons why I agree with something in the first paragraph and reasons why I disagree with it in the other body paragraph, can I start my second paragraph with an opener β€˜on the other hand’? I know I need to make sure I don’t analyse advantages and disadvantages in this tyle of essay but I feel like I am not certain which sentence openers I can use for a body paragraph that presents reasons for I disagree with the opinion stated in the question.You, in the video, used β€šanother point to consider’ but I feel like this one only makes sense if I support the opiniom.Thank

    • This is not about reasons why you agree and reasons why you disagree. It is about presenting a specific view point. Your own view. Do not confuse balanced approach with sitting on the fence and agree with both sides. It is about having your own view which is more moderate.
      For example:

      Question: Some people think city planners should build houses and not parks.

      Balanced View: This does not mean you think houses are good and also parks are good. It is about quantifying your view. “I believe cities where overcrowding is a problem housing should take priority, but in cities that are newly expanding, parks are more important.”

      Now we have quantified the view. It does not mean you agree with both sides. It means there are circumstances beyond the question that need to be taken into consideration. Do you want to try and post an essay question with a balanced view and I’ll comment back?

      • Hi Liz,

        Thanks for your reply. The essay question is: Due to the development and rapid expansions of supermarketu in some countries, many small, local business are unable to compete. Some people think that closure of business bring about to death of local community.

        Thank you

      • My balanced view is:

        In my opinion, local business are crucial part of local community culture; however they do not offer flexible services that chain shops do.

        • Your opinion hasn’t actually tackled the topic. Do you think the closure of local business causes the death of the local community? Yes or no? You need to answer this. You can’t just write about the pros and cons of local shops and large chains. Make your opinions be a direct answer. The essay question does not say “Which do you think are better?”. It is essential that you write more directly if you want a high score. Try the answer again.

          • Is this any better? I feel like it’s a bit too simple, but I’m struggling to think of anything elseπŸ™

            In my opinion, closing down stores owned locally may seriously affect life of the local residents as not only the shops are the crucial part of their community culture but also history of the local area.

            Many thanks

            • Now you have changed your position completely rather than adapting the ideas you had to fit the question – that was the aim of asking you to tackle it again. It isn’t about just altering your ideas. It is about how you link them to the essay question. That often means being careful with your language. You need to include the keywords in your thesis and in each body paragraph.

              Your new thesis is weak due to the ideas – local history and the closure of shops is a very weak connection as it is based very far in the future, which is not really relevant. And you have not mentioned large chains at all. You can’t ignore part of the essay question. However, that wouldn’t be a bit problem as long as your body paragraphs connected the points. That is actually one reason why you always read the essay question before each paragraph to ensure you are phrasing your ideas correctly to fit the issues. Furthermore, you can see that taking a one sided view of this topic isn’t easy because of the limited ideas you can use. So, I would certainly stick with a balanced approach.

              BUT a balanced approach is all about how you present the ideas, as I explained in the Opinion Essay Video Lesson. It is not just the ideas, but how you write them and connect them. Also how you quantify them. X is good up to this point, then Y becomes a problem.

              Going back to your old ideas, you should have written them as: “In my opinion, although communities can benefit from large chains to some extent, the closure of many local shops will have a detrimental effect on the local economy and culture.” Note the word “many” – I an quantifying which is what I talked about in my Opinion Essay Lesson. I also clearly show my position – large chains are only beneficial up to a certain point, not beyond that point. As soon as MANY local shops close, they are detrimental. Also, in this thesis I present 3 main points. Always make sure how many main points you are actually presenting. The point about large chains “offering more products and choice” is detail to be presented in the body paragraphs. It is not wrong to put it in the thesis, but it is not necessary.

              Above I have used your ideas and related them to the health of the local economy which is what this topic is all about. I am not talking about pros and cons. From this lesson, I want you to learn that having the ideas is not enough – you need to think about how to present them so they connect to the issues in hand. Underline the keywords in the essay question and make sure your essay tackles them directly.

              Does this help or do you want to try one more? If so, please put the essay question and thesis in one post or I can’t find the threads easily. If I’ve repeated myself a bit, it’s because it’s 5am and I need to get back to bed πŸ™‚

              • Hi Liz,
                Thank you so much for all your support and explanation.

                The question I’m work on at the moment is:
                With an increasing number of people wasting fast food, which is eaten too regularly and can cause health issues, some people think that the only solution is to ban it completely.

                My view after paraphrasing the question:
                In my opiniin, although it has been believed that eating fast food has a negative effect on our health, people need to realise the importance of healthy and balanced diet themselves rather than fixing new food regulations.

                Thank you


                • Can you check the essay question. Are you sure it is about “people wasting fast food”? When you write your thesis, try writing the background as well so that you can see what language or points not to repeat. That means two sentences – paraphrase the background and the thesis. It’s better practice.
                  Again, be more direct. Do you agree that banning fast food will help solve this problem? Will banning fast food reduce the amount of fast food eaten? Is this a possible solution? What do you think? Is it the best solution? Again, this is about solutions and you need to express your opinion about that solution or other solutions. Watch your language and how you present your view. Try it one more time. Keep your view if you want, but make your opinion match the issue.

                • Hi Liz,
                  I’m really sorry about the mistake in the question- typing on the phone may not be the best ideaπŸ˜•

                  Anyway, the question is: with an increasing number of people eating fast food, which is eating too regularly and can cause health issues, some people think that the only solution is to ban it completely.
                  My background and thesis:
                  An increasing proportion of fast food consumers eat it too often, which can lead to serious health problems. It is considered that the only way to solve this issue is to totally forbid this type of food. In my opinion, while I agree that banning fast food from the market may be a feasible way to reduce the amount of fast food eaten by people, I truly believe that it is not the only and the most effective solution to this problem.

                  I feel like I know exactly what to do when I watch your lessons, but whenI get to write it myself I feel so confused. 😩

                  Thank you so much for your help!

                • So much better – well done πŸ™‚ At this point, you could choose to put your other solution or solutions into your introduction or not. It’s a choice of preference, nothing more. Don’t forget that the most body paragraphs you can have are three, so you could have one body paragraph for the banning fast food solution and then either one or two body paragraphs more for either one or two solutions. You see, you can do it. You just need to be careful and thoughtful before writing. Always spend time thinking of what the issues really are – make a note of them using the keywords. Do that before brainstorming. Too many people start brainstorming and fail to spend think analysing the question. Anyway, well done – that would be a great essay πŸ™‚

  4. I would like to thank you Liz for sharing your great experience
    you are the best teacher of IELTS in the world

  5. I would like to thank you Liz for sharing your great experience

  6. Liz, I managed to obtain a 7.5 in writing using your ideas and tips. Thank you!

  7. subash mehla says

    Hlo, liz, i see ur videos on YouTube first time
    I like ur ways to explain the details on ielts exam

  8. subash mehla says

    Hlo, liz, i see ur videos on YouTube first time
    I’d like to say first of aalll u r so cute and beautiful as u present videos for ielts
    I like ur ways to explain the details on ielts exam

  9. I have one request to you.
    Those who are suffering in writing especially doctors, you can give them limited paid assessment like 5essays for one person.
    You are doing an amazing work!!!

  10. Hargeet Bhasin says

    Dear Liz,
    I’m an IELTS trainer and use your advice like the Bible. I’ve a good deal of experience of teaching students but that experience pales to what I’ve learnt from you. And I feel no shame in admitting so.My student’s success rate has surged manifold. I can understand how you might be feeling due to some ignorant people. I’m sure they too will bow their heads in shame after reading your mail and of your ardent followers.
    My students express gratitude to me and I to you. May you have a speedy recovery. You are in the prayers of thousands.

    • Thanks so much for posting your comments. It’s a pleasure to hear that both you and your students are doing so well. While my materials may help, I’m sure your role as their teacher has had a great impact on their success – well done πŸ™‚

  11. Take care of your health and have a wonderful holidays Liz.

  12. You will be very well in time not long. I appreciate your good works. Remain blessed.

  13. Ari Qader says

    To lovely my teacher Liz
    I would like to thank you for your effort that you made for us in order to raise our skills and well prepare for IELTS test.
    To be honest i really got benefet from your webside which is full of tips and good lessones. For this reason i will pray for you to be always healthy and happy.
    Your works must really be appreciated by us
    To conclude, i will send you my love and respect for you.

  14. Ananthi says

    A gentle wish for my favourite teacher , Ms.Liz,
    Please know that we all are praying for you.Get well soon.The website appears incomplete without you,please take best care of you
    May God bless you always

  15. Thank you for all of your amazing work, you put so much effort into these pages, and it must take an awful lot of your time to keep us all learning, and motivated!

    I’m sorry to hear that a few individuals spoil it for the majority of us, who do appreciate what you do!
    Get well soon, and I wish you a speedy recovery!

  16. Prabhjot Ahuja says

    Hi Mam, Get well soon and God bless u always

  17. Ishmeet Kaur says

    Thank you for your kindness and love through your service. We all appreciate it… Get well soon and enjoy your break.

  18. Hello Liz,
    I hope and pray to god that you get well soon. ✌🏻Wishing you a speedy recovery and healthy life! Relax and enjoy your break!πŸ‘πŸ»
    Thanks a million for your splendid support to students across the world. This is one of the best managed website I have ever come across! Simply Great! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  19. wish you quick recovery. enjoy your holiday.

  20. Dear Liz get well soon. I enjoy your ielts website

  21. Rebecca says

    Hi Liz, you are a great teacher, very kind and loving.
    I wish you well please enjoy your holiday.

  22. Thanks for all your posts.
    Enjoy your break and take care of your health.

  23. Hello liz mam…..
    You are a good teacher….i really appreciate your service….thanku so much mam…😊

  24. gerger26 says

    Teacher Liz, somehow please find a way to keep us updated. I always check your website everyday to study IELTS. May you have a good health and God bless!

  25. Hi,Thanks a lot Liz. I appreciate your work and I wish you all the best

  26. General Training, From SRILANKA,
    hi Liz,
    I had my speaking test on 18th and Writing, Listening and Reading tests on 20th Jan 2018. I thought to share these questions as a gratitude to you and i think this would help someone like me.

    Full name
    Do you work or study?
    Are you always come on time?
    Have you ever been late for something?
    Do you have friends at the workplace?
    How often you meet your schoolmates?

    Part 2
    Talk about something that you recently bought yourself.

    Part 3
    Why people love shopping?
    Then the examiner asked about fashion, social media etc. Now I cant remember the extract questions now.

    Writing task 1
    Your are going to another country for a holiday. One of your friend is there. Wtire a letter to him/her including,
    1. The places you like to visit there
    2. Ask about accommodation.
    3. What you both can do there together.

    Writing task 2
    Some people become famous when they are teenagers.
    Do you think this is good or bad.?

    (Ps:-here the questions are not same as it was in the paper)

    I learned many tips from your blog. i don”t know how to thank you. And your support means a lot me and many students around the world.
    Thank you very much.

  27. Manpreet Kaur says

    Enjoy your break. Hope you get well soon. We will pray for you. You are the best teacher in this world. Tc and enjoy the time.

  28. Thank you very much for the efforts and wish you having good health!

  29. jaimin patel says

    Goodmornig Liz,
    I watched your Essay writing video its really very helpful to me
    I wish
    may go pour on you his choicest blessing

  30. Susiana says

    Hi Liz,
    I hope you will get well soon.All the best for you and God bless you .I will miss email from you for 3 months..that email I always waiting for but I know you need to take rest.
    Thank you so much for giving IELTS tips
    that really help people who want to take the test and make good score.Miss you and hope recovery soon.Bye

  31. Sandeep says

    Thank you Liz for sharing your thought. I feel bad why people don’t respect other, especially when someone is sharing knowledge to help them. I had this experience earlier and can understand your feelings. Take care of yourself and best of luck.

  32. AYYAPPAN says

    Hi Mam,
    I hope you are well by mind and health. I don’t know how much i learned about IELTS. But definitely I have learned something and learning more each and everyday about IELTS using your tips and tutor. God bless you and your family a healthy wealthy life.

  33. Hi Liz my great teacher,I want to say thanks for all your lesson,they are very helpful, we’ll miss you a lot pls do take care of yourself and I wish you quick recovery and plesanr holiday,thanks.

  34. Morteza says

    I hope that you will take a break and return to your normal state of health and strength . I was wondering if it would be possible for you to publish comments in one section of your website called RECENT EXAM QUESTIONS due to the fact that this section is quite helpful. If you let them publish on a daily basis, it would give us a lending hand to prepare for the test better. Thank you for making a special effort for to teach IELTS candidates how to handle this wild exam.

    • Sure. I will keep that page open and also the “Post Results” page as well. My website will still be running but I won’t post lessons and I won’t answer questions.

  35. hi liz,
    I just finished my IELTS exam yesterday and I believe i did good and that is all because of u, I seriously dont know how to thank you, you save many peoples lives and will always pray for ur health

  36. Harmander singh says

    Please last time post feb 2018 model essay questions.

  37. Hi Liz,

    You are a good teacher and your comments are always helpful for me. I hope that they are helpful for other students as well.

    I wish that you recover from your health conditions and get well soon.

    Many Thanks,

  38. Czarina says

    Hi Liz! I hope you’ll recover from whatever health concerns you’re having. Our writing task 2 question last Jan 20 in the Philippines was about online business transactions. “Research shows that business meetings and training are increasingly taking place online. Do the advantages of these outweigh the disadvantages?” I’m not so sure about the exact verbatim.

  39. Sharanpreet says

    Hello mam
    You are great and your lessons too.
    May god bless you with good health🌺🌺🌺😊

  40. Asmaa Esly says

    oh dear I really appreciate your effort and since I have known about your health problem , always I keep pray for you to enjoy healthy life with your family and friends
    and please do not give up because Allah with you , never forget you and will recover your health and enjoyable life as a result of your goodness and your help for all people

  41. Thanks Liz! Thanks for all your posted lectures. They’re actually usefull for me. I hope i will receive your sending again :). I wish you good health and always smile in any situation. I love you.

  42. mam please send me speaking tpoics for general training

    • Speaking topics for GT? Do you think there is a difference speaking test for GT? There is only one speaking test for all students. ALL topics for speaking in this website are for both GT and academic students because there is only ONE speaking test and also ONE listening test. Only reading and writing are different.

  43. Abdulmajeed says

    Dear liz,
    I would like to render my thanks to you.
    I really appreciate your work.
    My best regards

  44. Thank you so much Liz for everything. Your website is a true measure of your generosity. May you find peace and joy with your upcoming holidays and i am wishing you good health..

  45. Dear Liz
    I’m a teacher who has recently come to IELTS because of a specific request from a new student (I generally just do Literature πŸ˜‰ ). I cannot express adequately how much your site has informed and helped me get to grips with what IELTS is, and the best ways to approach it. I have endless gratitude for your hard work, for your clear website, and for your regular updates and ideas. You also amaze and humble me with your patience in answering queries. Sorry to hear that you’ve received less-than-polite messages: so unfair and unwarranted. While I’ll miss the daily emails, I fully empathise with, and support, you in your extended break. All teachers suffer burn-out. Go and restore, reinvigorate and reassess. You deserve it. Much luck x

  46. Nisha Therasa says

    Hi Liz.. we’ll miss you ..take care!

  47. Suleiman says

    Hi Liz,

    Thank you very much for everything you did and you continue doing for us Please enjoy your holiday we will happy if you are happy.


  48. Dear Liz, Since you’re taking a break for health reasons, I think you should shut down the sight completely for the period you’re away. Health is wealth and there’s no need for anyone disturbing your rest period. We will make do with the red bar where the lessons are contained. Thank you. Remain blessed.

    • Thanks but I will keep the Recent Questions Page open – it’s really useful for students to share the topics and it doesn’t exhaust me to run that page. Even three months will not be enough for me to regain my health – it will take at least one year or more. But three months rest will help πŸ™‚

  49. Hang Nguyen says

    Liz, thank you so much for free useful lessons, tips and your kindness. Hope you’ll have a great holiday.

  50. Hi Liz
    Firstly,I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your job is really excellent and shed light on my road to IELTS. Your advice,guidance and your valuable lessons helped me get the score I need.They are exceptional and incredible.I couldn’t thank you more.I wish you are in good health and happiness.

  51. Dear Elizabeth,

    I once heard: for every negative remark, six compliments are necessary to embellish the emotional effects. I always thought that this is a real shame and lived my life trying to gain the most from the positve for my own sake. I wish you health, prosperity and success and moreover, hope you will continue your work for those who appreciate it.

    Thank you, Yoram

  52. Moyosore Idowu says

    Thank you for the great heart of giving… You are highly appreciated. May the Lord bless and keep you throughout your holiday. Cheers

  53. Chau Luong says

    Your website gave me the first step to IELTS.
    Appreciate your effort. Wish all the best for you.

  54. Omotunde Adebisi says

    Hi Liz, thanks for a job well done. I had my listening,reading and writing today in abuja lagos. The questions asked for writing Task 1 was,
    we should write to a friend abroad and inform him/her that we coming for vacation and that he should advice regarding accommodation,
    discuss bout places we will both visit

    Task 2 we should discuss if its good or bad for a child to be popular at a young age.




  56. Aaaaaaw I would like to appreciate your help. You have really given a lot and over extended your help in every way……oh and with a smile on you lovely face too. Thank you sooo much. You are a rare gem. God bless you.

    • Amani Mohamed says

      Thanks a lot MS Liz ,you have been of a great help to us , may our god reward you to all what you are giving to us, we really appreciate your efforts, have fun and good time.

  57. Bunlizlaw says

    You are such a rare gem;indeed you are leaving a legacy by touching lives through your invaluable resources.I pray for a quick recovery for u and I hope to share my excellent scores by the time you return from your holiday. All the best ma’am!

  58. Eman Elshekh says

    Hi Liz,
    Really, thank you for your dedicated time and effort, and I hope you get well soon. I would be more than happy if your holiday do not mean that you will not make the 50% offer on your advanced ielts writing task 2 lessons within the next 3 months.
    God bless you, and again, thank you very much.

  59. Gagandeep Singh says

    Thank you Liz.. You are so kind.. I love you my favourite teacher.. Get well soon. Ma’m.

  60. Prabhdeep kaur says

    Today writing task 2 – some people Believe that government shouldn’t spend money on international aid ,they have disadvantages people,such as unemployed and homeless,in their own country.To what extent do you agree or disagree?

  61. Youngshin says

    Dear Liz,

    I feel sad and sorry that you are taking holidays for health reasons.
    All your lectures and tips are so helpful to not only IELTS test but also improve my English. I hope everyone appreciates your efforts and generosity.
    Thank you always and I hope you get well soon!!

  62. “Health is wealth” they say, get well rested dear Liz. Even dow I just got to learn about u and ur website, it’s been a gr8 experience with u and ur website within d short time. Will be writing my tests in April, am sure I can still make do with d thousands of resources on ur website.

    And d guy dat referred to sm people as”stupid”! Learn how to talk in public plz! It is true dat pple can get annoying smtimes, but neva a good enough reason to refer to them as “stupid”. And u said ” you are a teacher?!” Really sorry for ur students.

  63. Dear liz, u v been an amazing teacher.gonna miss u.but, then, u got to rest.I wish u d best of holiday filled with Gods guidance. Ur teaching has been so nice as I v learnt alot from u all for free.I appreciate ur kind gesture.
    Thanks a million times and do rest pls.

  64. Madam,
    Please impart some tips related to task 1 andtask 2 writings
    This will be quite handy for me

    • Did you click on the RED BAR at the top of the website? Did you follow the instructions on this page? I said, there are over 300 pages of tips and lessons – did you find them? GO TO THE RED BAR AND CLICK!!

  65. Hi Liz
    we love you very much and you’re the best .Your website is fantastic never missing any thing related ielts preparation just need to cover it all and you will never have a question to ask .In my last exam i did big jump from5.5 TO6.5 because of you regardless this wasn’tnot score i wanted but it was very close to my target score .Finally big thanks for you darling and i hope every little help you introduce to us reflect to your life . God bless you

  66. lalnghakzeli pautu says

    Thank you Liz, I’m planning to have IELTS exam on April or March…just found out your website and youtube channel like yesterday.. it has been very helpful already…wish you wonderful holidays.. and hope you get back soon..

  67. Hi liz …i want to improve my level of english . In my 1st attempt i got 6.5 and i need 8 . So could you plz give me some tips and suggestions..plz plz rply

    • There are 300 pages of tips on this website. Have you read them all? Did you read this page fully? Read it again and follow the instructions to the main pages!

      • claudia says

        Hi LIZ,you will remain an awesome person, keep your good work, dont be discouraged by some who are not polite and appreciative, its difficult i know, remain in good health, enjoy your hols and remain blessed,I love you!

      • shazia Niaz says

        Get well soon! You are very kind and thoughtful and I love you sooooooo much! Take care and May you have a quick recovery!

      • Akhil Mr says


  68. Hi Madam,

    I had one doubt. If I missed (s) in plural word, I miss full 1 mark.
    Example: chocolate instead of chocolates
    Artist instead of artist

    • Click on the word “Listening” on the red bar at the top of the website and find your answer.

  69. Thank you, so much , for your job.

  70. Dear Liz,Thank you very much.your lessons are excellent and ease to understand.Wish you u happy holidays .Miss you and your lessons .

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    Hi Liz I hope that you will be safe and fit during your Holidays…thank you so much for your devotion and huge time for us….My best wishes for your health are always with you as you are doing a great job by helping lots of ILETS students throughout the world…..

  72. Dear Liz,
    You have really changed the lives of many, of different countries, of different pursuits. The first thing I do every evening after my working hours is checking mails to find a new update by “IELTS Liz” and to find out what’s new to learn for today. Liz, thanks for your genuine effort. You are marvellous. As I got the habit of reading your posts, I will really miss them. But, we all will be waiting for your arrival. Till then have a great time. HAPPY HOLIDAYS πŸ™‚ !!

    • FlΓ‘via Araujo says

      Hi, Liz! I want to thank you for putting so much effort into posting your videos and tips. You have certainly helped a lot of learners all over the world. Don’t let a few rude people upset you. I wish you all the best and a prompt recovery.

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    Thanks for everything you did for those intending to pass IELTS including myself. I highly appreciate your endeavors.

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    First of all, I would like to thank you for great effort to transfer your experiences to the non-speaker English people. I am a teacher, although not an English one, and learned from you a lot. You are a wonderful teacher, your patient, your clear and prompt response to many questions are characteristics which no one can have them except who is in love with his/her job. When I read or listen to your materials I feel you are a great person, who the human kind needs. So, please please do not bother with stupid people. Unfortunately, in this world, there are many stupid people who you can not find any word to describe them. As a teacher who believes transferring our knowledge to others request you remain steadfast in your job and keep continuing. Great people should not bother by stupid people. We all need you and your valuable job.

    All the best

  75. Diana Georgieva says

    Dear Liz, I wish you all the best during your holiday.
    I like your lessons very much and I am so happy to use your website!Thank you so much for your time and devotion to give us the best advise and lessons!You are the best teacher!
    Many thanks and have a very nice time during your holiday!

  76. Hassanah says

    Dear Liz
    Thank you so much for the support. I can not imagine how some people’s brain function. If any of us need extra help, then we should be willing to purchase one. Please, let the good work continues for givers never lack.Most importantly, enjoy a restful holiday.
    You are amazing!

  77. Vera Boally says

    You are the best IELTS English teacher ever!
    I really appreciate your lessons and tips, their are so clear and helpful.
    I wish you a good recovery. Take care of you!
    We will do our bestes, longing to hear from you soon.
    Best wishes,

  78. Josephine Zimbudzi says

    May The Lord perfect all that concerneth you Liz. You are blessed as you go for this break and come back. I am so grateful to you.

  79. Hi Liz,
    Thank you so much for all your lessons and tips. You are one of the best teacher I have ever seen. Enjoy your holidays..

  80. Hi Liz, a lot of thanks for your support and useful tips and lessons. I know you need to take a break. Wish you all the best and expect your come back in good health. Really will miss you in the coming months.

  81. ClΓ©cia says

    Thank you very much Liz for all your help.
    I wish you a wonderfull holiday and good healthy as well.
    I appreciate all tips and lesson from this website.
    May God bless you!

  82. Abdul Diaf says

    Darling Liz,

    I can not find a word to say my thanks to you Liz ,you are really a nice helpful person.
    I have never ever found a person how create a free web site lessons just to help others to learn .
    Liz ,Your way of teaching is amazing and interesting I enjoy learning from your lessons ,I try many web sites and you tube videos but your work is the best of the best .

    Please keep on , and have enjoyable break
    wish you all the best

  83. Cam Nhung says

    Dear Liz,
    I’m really grateful to you for your site. I read many IELTS sites, but yours has attracted me so much. It’s very helpful for anyone who want to prepare for sitting IELTS. Your explainations are easy to understand. Wish you good health and great holidays.

  84. Sudipta De says

    Hi Liz,
    We are really thankful to you for all the wonderful and useful lessons you provide us.
    It has helped me a lot to improve my English language skills as I keep following them. I truly appreciate your dedication and effort in keeping the website updated. It makes difference to a lot of our lives.
    Wish you a good health forever! Come back soon. πŸ™‚

  85. Today was my R/W/l exam
    Writing task 1 was tables quality information for public and facilities rated as excellent,satisfied ,poor satisfied regarding giving feedback for a new theatre by 2 groups of people on one town in 2012
    It was little complicated πŸ˜‘
    Writing task 2 was some people say that government should spend money in their own nation for unemployed and homeless people instead of on international aid . To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Reading was fine
    Passage 1- about plastic clay aerosol
    Passage 2- donot remembr
    3rd- related to future i guess

    Listening section 1- birthday celbration and hotels
    Section 2- donot remember
    Section 3- πŸ˜‘
    Section 4 – chemicals

  86. THank you Liz for helping us a lot , this is highly appropriated and we know that all of this is free and from your generosity, we are taking lot of your own time and you didn’t ever complain against that . By the name of my colleagues you have my apologies . Really I feel a shame after all you have done for us .

  87. Pooja goel says

    Hi Liz,
    I gave my ielts test today and in writing task 2 , there were 2 statements in the question . I was disagree with the 1 st nd agree with 2 nd one but I wrote disagree in my introduction paragraph.
    Is it wrong ?? and if yes how much it will affect my score ??
    Essay topic – some people think that it is wrong to make school students do homework daily and others claim that children of all ages needs to do extra study to succeed in school.

  88. I agree with Masood
    In my culture we have a similar saying …. the more the ripe and delicious fruit is, the more the hitting is….

  89. Thank you Liz for everything
    BTW your voice was guiding me through the exam

  90. Yasodha says

    I wish to sit for the IELTS Examination. But while I’m doing past papers I feel very poor in English. How to improve my knowledge.I want to improve listening, speaking more. What shall I do for that. Please help me to score 7.5

  91. You are doing brilliant Job Liz. Don’t bother about stupid angry comments and demands from idiots. Good Luck


    Each finger is different. That’s the way not all readers are same. I personally follow this (my) idiom and keep myself going. Your efforts are truly fantastic and no one is available with same sort of knowledge and courage here. I wish good luck. Health is wealth and I am sure you gonna follow it for other upcoming aspirants in future. Best luck! Words are not enough to say thank you, specifically teacher like you!

  93. Hi liz,
    I had given IELTS exam recently on 6th jan. This was my 2nd attempt .
    In my 1st attempt I got 6 band and now again I got 6.5 band overall.
    please help me to get 8 7 7 7 in my 3rd attempt.


    Hey Liz, thankfully I’ve been learning a lot by your page.
    Have great holiday!

  95. Rawia Obida says

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you so much for your continues support , much appreciate that, and i hope your health recover soon
    Thank you so much, you are Great teacher really .

  96. Younes C says

    Thanks liz for everything you have done for us. We highly appreciate your time. There is no doubt that we all here learnt lots from you. I personally fixed many errors while I watched couple of your videos especially in the writing one . Again many thanks for all your help, support and the valuable tips. We wish you too all the best and excellent health. Come back strong for us !

  97. Prasadini says

    Thank you very much Miss Liz. I really appreciate your service, also I’ve learnt a lot through this site. I’m really grateful to you, but surely gonna miss you for a couple of months. However, it’s very important to take good care of yourself and free from your hectic schedules. I’m taking the exam in March for the second time. My target is band 8 or more. I’ve got 7 for each module in my first sitting. Your guidance meant a lot to me for achieving academic band 7, and hopefully it’ll be to get band 8. Many thanks again!! Happy hols!! Enjoy!! God bless!! TC.. <3

  98. Masood Zamani says

    Dear Liz,
    This is to thank you very much on all your sincere efforts on variety tips for the students taking IELTS tests.
    You are well assured that all your supports have not only assisted many students from all around the world in doing best in their tests but also contributed to the upgrading of the English language as the latest communication technics have been well elaborated by you which in return have boosted the students’ style of interacting with their environment quite outstandingly.
    You are absolutely right about the idiom “give an inch and they take a mile..
    In Persian culture there’s a more or less similar saying ” the tree with a lot of fruits will suffer a lot as the people beat it with wooden stick to pick the fruit more and more ” which is painful for the tree but the tree will keep bearing fruit as it is destined to feed the mobs.
    Scholars suffer a lot to enlighten and enrich us resembling a burning candle to get us out of darkness.
    Liz you are a great person, though I have been an IELTS teacher in Iran since 15years ago , but believe me your highly technical and useful teachings have been considerably helpful to me and my students.
    I sometimes think, how Liz can answer so many students’ questions so patiently and regulary.
    Once again appreciate you a million and wish to be your student forever.
    Masood Zamani,

    • A great idiom! I always feel that English is not a very expressive language – it’s a bit “flat” (without poetic expression). Your idiom of the fruit tree will stay with me forever – marvellous πŸ™‚

      • Masood Zamani says

        Liz ,
        You are great,
        In Persian poetry,
        It is believed , the abundance of fruit in a highly rich fruit bearing tree makes the tree humbler and more patient.
        Your patience and humbleness impresses us quite a lot.
        Keep well

  99. Thank you so much Liz for your efforts . To me, its the best IELTS teaching website. I wish you ll get back soon. You ll be very much missed.

    Kind regards

  100. Thank you very much for sharing this brilliant page!
    Hope you have a goos rest!
    All my best wishes for you Liz!

  101. Fortunate Ncube says

    Thank you very much Liz

  102. Hi Liz ,
    Your website is so great. I am following it and the comments from 2 months which help me in my today’s exam and it went great

    In writing
    Task 1 i don’t remember exact words but some thing like this
    Write a letter to friend that you are coming for holiday ( foreign country )
    Tell him some places and the reason
    Take some advice for accommodation
    And some activity you will do with him

    Task 2
    Some People become famous at young age
    Is it good thing or bad thing ?

    Task 2 fustrated me i think we use ‘thing’ word for an object anyways and question is so small I give introduction then I give 2 paragraph in one I describe the benefit to become famous and in other I wrote negative
    And I give my personal view point in summary
    I just want to ask if my format is correct or not ?
    Thanks alots

  103. Really I appreciate all the hard work that you are doing.
    Your website is an amazing, excellent and full of useful information whether practice or tips.
    Many thanks for your efforts.
    We are waiting for you back again.
    Good luck
    Enjoy your holiday.

  104. Petra Greene says

    Thanks a lot Liz, you have been super helpful and you have helped hundreds and thousands to achieve success in Ielts. Keep up the good work ma’am. And sure you do need to rest once a while, your body and brain needs You are fabulous.

  105. Taisiia says

    Thank you for help! I hope everyone realizes how much you do. All users have to be very grateful. It is the most useful website.

  106. Lani Celle says

    Don’t mind that rude person, Liz. You’re such a kind and helpful to be treated like that.
    He/should be thankful to you for sharing your knowledge with all of us. If she/he would like a special and urgent response from you then he must pay your services.

    We understand your side!

    Stay blessed.

  107. Dear Liz,

    Thank you so much for the extra efforts u take for IELTS students ..I pray for your fast recovery and loads of health and happiness..BTW I am taking my test on 10 Feb and a bit nervous..
    Thanks again

  108. Grace Iheji says

    I feel sad to hear that there are people who are unduely demanding and still making hurtful remarks despite all the good work you are doing to help IELTS students.
    That goes to prove that it’s not possible to please everyone.
    Please ma, keep up the good work. Go at ur pace and do only the much you can do at a time.
    I sincerely appreciate all your free lessons. Your blog is fully loaded with wonderful materials.
    I love you ma. God bless you real good πŸ˜‡πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’“πŸ’“

  109. Grace Iheji says

    I feel sad to hear that there are people who are unduely demanding and still making hurtful remarks despite all the good work you are doing to help IELTS students.
    That goes to prove that it’s not possible to please everyone.
    Please ma, keep up the good work. Go at ur place and do only the much you can do at a time.
    I sincerely appreciate all your free lessons. Ur blog is fully loaded with wonderful materials.
    I love you ma. God bless you real good πŸ˜‡πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’“πŸ’“

  110. Its very helpful website.thank u litz.

  111. Dear Liz,
    Your help has always been precious and unique.
    Thank you so much for what you have done so far for us. I felt very sorry reading your post. Please do not forget the most of us do love you for the incredible help you offer in this very difficult task.
    People who do not appreciate just deserve nothing of it.
    Very kind regards

  112. Perpetual says

    Thanks so much.Please don’t be offended by some of us, we all have our personal differences.Thanks once again.Have a wonderful break.

  113. Tanimowo Sunkanmi says

    No amount of appreciation can equal your help, Liz. God bless you.

  114. Dear Liz, you are a great teacher, and I’m grateful for precious times and continuous help you are giving to help us. May God bless you always.

  115. I hope you recover well from your health concerns. Amen

  116. Fatemeh says

    I love you Liz. You are so generous.

  117. Dharmesh says

    Wish u a good heath, see you soon.

  118. What happened dear Liz.

  119. Thank you very much

  120. Tien Hung Pham says

    Good morning Liz, enjoy your break.

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