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Answer to gap fill reading lesson

Below are the answers to the following questions.

If you have not finished this reading lesson, please do so before you look at the answers. Click here: Gap Fill Reading Mathematical Intelligence


  1. Finding links between items is possible for certain people by utilising their …………..
  2. They enjoy mental challenges and are skillful at ……….. which require planning and foresight.
  3. People with this type of intelligence are often good at going beyond the obvious by …………. and …………….


  1. logical skills
  2. games
    1. you can’t have the answer “chess” because the grammar would be wrong. “games which require” = plural noun.
    2. “planning and foresight” is a paraphrase for “strategy”.
  3. investigating  analysing (it is also possible to write “investigating, analysing”)
    1. “investigating and analysing” is WRONG. You are asked to provide the missing words. The word “and” is not missing. Be very careful not to lose marks in this way!

I hope this lesson was useful to you.

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Answers to which preposition

I asked you to choose the right preposition to the following sentences. Below you will find the answers.

  1. The number of sales rose …….. 5,000 from 20,000 to 25,000.
  2. The percentage of boys playing sport was 45% as opposed ……… girls at 30%.
  3. While, the sales fell ……… to 150 in 1990, they rose again to 300 by 2010.
  4. The sales in December accounted …… about 50% of the total annual sales.
  5. There was a downward trend in the number of people visiting online stores ….. a period of three months.


  1. by
    1. This shows the amount that it has changed by. From 20,000 to 25,000 is a 5,000 difference.
  2. to
    1. This is part of the linking words “as opposed to”.
  3. no word
    1. The verb “fall down” is used only for people – not numbers.
  4. for
    1. This is part of the phrasal verb “account for”.
  5. for / over
    1. There are a couple of possible options for this answer.

IELTS Writing Task 1 Tips

Find useful tips, model answers and free video lessons for IELTS writing task 1.

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Answers for Copyright Multiple Choice Listening

Below you can find the transcript with the audio as well as the answers.

Make sure you complete the lesson before you look at the answers. Here is a ink to the lesson: Copyright MC Listening

Transcript and Audio

Transcripts are useful to review your answers and improve pronunciation.

Copyright legally protects an author’s works and, therefore, is vitally important to book publishing livelihoods. Copyright protects against literary piracy, which is especially critical in this time of easy digital reproduction and distribution. It is extremely important to authors because it constitutes the ownership of one’s original work. Copyright, a form of intellectual property law, protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as architecture, graphic works, , motion pictures, songs, lyrics, computer software and written works like novels and poems.

Notice: This transcript is adapted from Why is copyright Important?



Remember, that your answer must be a letter. If you write the word or words, your answer will be marked wrong.

(1) C


  • The audio does not mention anything about an author’s future work. It is about their current work. The answer is not A.
  • The audio does not mention privacy – this topic is about piracy (notice the difference in spelling). The answer is not B.
  • The audio is not about adulthood. The answer is not D.
  • The word “subsistence” means livelihood. This relates to an author’s income. Their book publishing income. This is answer C.

(2) C  F

You can write this answer as “C,F” if you want. The comma is not important. Do not write “and” or “&”.


  • C = films = motion pictures. The words “motion pictures” is an old-fashioned synonyms for films or movies.
  • F = words accompanying music = lyrics. This is a paraphrase.
  • The audio mentions architecture. This means the design of a building – not an actual building. The option A is wrong.
  • The audio mentions novels and poems. It does not mention ALL books. Novels and poems are only two types of books – there are some that are not covered by copyright. The answer is not B.
  • Computer components means “parts of a computer”. The word “software” relates to programs. They are two different things. Computer components includes physical parts as well as other parts (all parts of a computer). the recording only refers to software, not physical parts. The answer D is wrong.
  • Nature’s song is from birds, trees etc. The answer E is wrong.
  • The recording mentions graphic works but this is not the same as “public source graphs and charts. The answer G is wrong.

How many did you get right?

When you get an answer wrong, you need to think “why did I get this wrong?”. If the reason is because you didn’t know the words, then you need to build your understanding of English. This can be done by reading different topics and making word lists. See this page for links: Useful resources

If you got the answers wrong because your technique is slow. Then practice will help you. See my main listening page: IELTS Listening Tips & Exercises

I hope this was useful for you 🙂

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Answer about wanna and gonna in speaking

Here is your answer about using “wanna” or “gonna” in IELTS speaking tests.

Click to see answer and to get useful tips: Using Wonna & Gonna

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Is it ok in IELTS Speaking…

Here is a question to check your understanding IELTS speaking:

Is it ok to use “gonna” or “wanna” in IELTS Speaking?


The answer can be found on this page:

Click here: Answer about using Wanna and Gonna

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Answers to Ant Reading

Below are the answers to the reading exercise: “About Ants“. If you haven’t done this reading lesson, please do it before looking at the answers. Click here: Reading Exercise About Ants

Click below to reveal the answers:

  1. abdomen
  2. thorax
  3. stinger / abdominal stinger
  4. compound eyes
  5. mandibles
  6. F
    1. The passage shows that the antennae are “elbowed” which means they contain a joint and can bend.
  7. NG
    1. The passage states that queen ants have wings. But it does not state if they are the only types of ant with wings. We don’t know if the other types of ants have wings or not. So, the key word was “only”.
  8. T
    1. The passage shows that metamorphosis happens during the pupal stages when the larva change into adult ants.

Comments: Questions 6 and 8 were quite hard so don’t worry if you got them wrong. Only band 8 or 9 students will have been successful with those questions.