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Please read this full page, particularly the thank you message for my supportive students at the bottom of the post.

As you know, I post regular lessons to help you prepare for your IELTS test. It is something I enjoy and I try to do this once or twice a week. My lessons are usually well designed and aimed to develop awareness of specific skills or to provide vital test information. These regular lessons are all free. I have also written over 300 pages of tips etc which are all free for you and are accessible through the red bar at the top of the website. You should all read those pages before asking questions.

Recently I have been receiving some angry responses from students who demand I answer their questions.

Let me make things clear: I do NOT offer a free answer/question service.  

  • So far, I have responded to over 20,000 comments. I cannot respond to ALL comments.
  • I currently have around 9,000 comments waiting in moderation (unpublished). I can’t answer them all – most will be deleted.
  • Ask a question, but realise you might not get a reply.
  • Do NOT demand free individual support.
  • I also do NOT offer a free marking service for writing.
  • Check the answers I have already given to other students – most questions have been answered before.

Holiday: For health reasons, I will be taking an extended break from this website in Feb, Mar and Apr. I will post a notice when I start my hols. It means I won’t be answering questions or posting lessons but I will keep certain pages open for up-dates.

I hope you all appreciate the work I do and the support I offer students. My website contains more replies to comments than any other IELTS website in existence. Let me give you four idioms relating to this issue:

  1. Give an inch and they take a mile.
    1. This means if you give one thing to someone, they demand more and more. Let’s avoid this.
  2. Respect is a two way street.
    1. This means you respect me and I will respect you.
  3. Pick someone’s brains.
    1. This means to get information or ideas from someone. I know you would all like to pick my brains, but I am only one person – take it easy on me 🙂
  4. Great minds think alike.
    1. This is used when people have similar ideas to each other. I hope, from this point onwards, we will all have similar understanding 🙂

The majority of students on my site are polite, kind and supportive – to you, I wish to say thank you. It is your support and encouragement that helps me continue 🙂


Read this carefully:

  1. All main pages for IELTS (which contain 300 pages of free materials, tips etc) are accessed through the RED BAR at the top of the website. You MUST visit those main pages for the tips and lessons: Click on the Red Bar
  2. There are excellent, vital pages linked in the right hand side column of each page. Read them.
  3. Also read the comments boxes which contain thousands of extra tips and pieces of advice. Most questions have already be asked and answered before.
  4. For basic test information (using pens, pencils, handwriting, answer sheets etc), see the Test Information page.
  5. Again, let me repeat – there are over 300 pages of tips, model answers and lessons – all free. Use them to find your answers and use them to learn IELTS.

I wish you all good luck with your tests 🙂

All the best



Answers to Villa Listening Lesson

Below you can find the transcript and answers to the villa listening lesson.  I have also posted the audio again so you can listen and read the transcript at the same time. This is a good way to improve your speaking skills and pronunciation.

If you haven’t done this listening lesson, please do it now before you look at the answers. Click here: Villa Listening Lesson


This spacious 3 bedroom villa in the south of France contains not only an infinity pool but also a sauna and gym. The gardens are quite extensive and are well managed by a gardener. It is situated on the outskirts of a small town but within easy walking distance of both shops and restaurants. On offer in the area is skiing in the winter, while in summer there are plenty of cycle paths, lake swimming and canoeing, as well as horse riding. And don’t forget that this area is also famous for its top quality golf courses. This would be a perfect villa for a family aiming to escape from the hustle and bustle but also have plenty of outdoor activities on offer. The only downside is that it can’t be rented by the week. It is on offer as a long term rental property with a minimum of a one month stay.




    1. You can’t have the answer “pool” only because the article in the sentence is “an” which means the next word starts with a vowel. Always check your grammar!
    2. You can’t have “garden” because this list is about facilities.
    3. Look at the picture on the listening page to see what an infinite pool looks like – there is no visible edge to it.
    1. What do brackets means? This means you can use the word or not. Both answers are fine: easy walking distance and walking distance.
    2. You can’t use brackets in your test. They are used in books only. One student used brackets – their answers would be marked wrong.
    3. You can’t have the word “outskirts”. The sentence does not allow for this word to be used. The sentence must be grammatically correct. So, you are choosing answers not only for meaning but also grammar.
    1. The spelling must be correct.
    2. Horse riding is wrong because this is about lake activities.
    1. You need all three words and they must be spelled correctly.
  5. 1 MONTH
    1. You can write the number 1 as a word if you want because it is possible to have up to three words in your answer.
    2. You can’t have the word “stay” in your answer because it would make the sentence wrong.

Answers have been written using all capital letters – it is not a requirement but I highly recommend it.

I hope this lesson was useful.

All the best


Answers to Magnet Therapy Reading Exercise

Below you will find both questions and answers to the reading about Magnet Therapy. Make sure you finish the reading exercise before you look at the answers. Click here to do the reading practice: Magnet Therapy Reading

Questions 1-6

Complete the sentences using no more than one word and/or a number from the passage above.

  1. Magnetic therapy aims to ease ………
  2. It is possible to buy ………… to wear on the wrist that contain therapeutic magnets.
  3. Devices using magnetic therapy are considered to have only a …….. effect.
  4. The magnetic therapy market is said to be worth at least ……….. per annum.
  5. Magnets have been historically used to ………. disease from a sick person.
  6. The magnetic fields are unable to ……… human skin which is approximately …….. in thickness.


  1. PAIN
    1. You can not have two words.
    1. The word should be plural.
    2. The key word was “wrist” and this indicates the answer is “bracelets”.
  4. $1 BILLION
    1. You must have the “$”. Your task is to write what is missing and the “$” is missing.
    2. $1 = one number / $1 billion = one number and one word
  5. DRAW
    1. No other answer is possible.
    1. It is not necessary to use any punctuation. If you want to divide the answers using a “,” then it’s fine. You can’t write the word “and”.
    2. It is also find to write 3mm – using small letters.
    3. Both answers should be written in the answer box for question 6 – they are both required for one point.
    4. No other answer is possible.

I hope this lesson was useful. Find more reading exercises on my main reading page: Main IELTS Reading Page

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Great IELTS Results 2017 with Four Band Score 9 !

Many students posted their results on my website in 2017. Fantastic Results !! 🙂 Very well done to you all 🙂 On this page, you will find

  1. How many students got band 9, 8.5 and 8 overall in IELTS 2017.
  2. Link to the Post Results Page.
  3. Tips from Band 8.5 and Band 9 IELTS students from 2017.


Overall Band Score 9

Four Students Posted Results of Overall IELTS Band Score 9  !!!

Gokul has shared his tips for getting overall  band score 9: see below.


Overall Band score 8.5

Over 30 Students Posted Results of Overall IELTS Band Score 8.5  !!!

Deeksha shares her tips for getting OVERALL band score 8.5: see below.


Overall Band Score 8

Over 50 Students Posted Results Overall IELTS Band Score 8  !!!


All results were posted on the “Post Your IELTS Results” page.


  1. The results page is not only one page – it contains many, many pages. Click on the “Older Comments” link at the bottom of the results page to see all results for 2017 !!
  2. I have deleted most results under band 8. This is because there have been over 1000 results posted since 2014.
  3. See the results page: IELTS Results Page


Band 8.5 and Band 9 Tips from Students

Below you will find some band 8.5 and band 9 students who have posted their tips in 2017.

How I Scored Overall IELTS Band Score 9 

How I Scored Overall Band Score 8.5 

How I Scored Band 9 in Reading

How I Scored Band 9 in IELTS Speaking

Sharing your IELTS Results and Tips

If you wish to create your own page of successful results and tips, please email me: Students will love to hear from you – even small pages are useful 🙂


Good luck in 2018 🙂



Answers about deleting word in IELTS writing

Hi guys,

I have put an explanation about deleting words in IELTS writing on the original page. Click here to view the answer: Deleting word in IELTS writing

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Happy 2018 & Good luck in IELTS !

Happy New Year 2018  !!!!!

May your IELTS Score be Excellent & your Future Bright 🙂

All the very best to you,


Answer to gap fill reading lesson

Below are the answers to the following questions.

If you have not finished this reading lesson, please do so before you look at the answers. Click here: Gap Fill Reading Mathematical Intelligence


  1. Finding links between items is possible for certain people by utilising their …………..
  2. They enjoy mental challenges and are skillful at ……….. which require planning and foresight.
  3. People with this type of intelligence are often good at going beyond the obvious by …………. and …………….


  1. logical skills
  2. games
    1. you can’t have the answer “chess” because the grammar would be wrong. “games which require” = plural noun.
    2. “planning and foresight” is a paraphrase for “strategy”.
  3. investigating  analysing (it is also possible to write “investigating, analysing”)
    1. “investigating and analysing” is WRONG. You are asked to provide the missing words. The word “and” is not missing. Be very careful not to lose marks in this way!

I hope this lesson was useful to you.

All the best


Answers to which preposition

I asked you to choose the right preposition to the following sentences. Below you will find the answers.

  1. The number of sales rose …….. 5,000 from 20,000 to 25,000.
  2. The percentage of boys playing sport was 45% as opposed ……… girls at 30%.
  3. While, the sales fell ……… to 150 in 1990, they rose again to 300 by 2010.
  4. The sales in December accounted …… about 50% of the total annual sales.
  5. There was a downward trend in the number of people visiting online stores ….. a period of three months.


  1. by
    1. This shows the amount that it has changed by. From 20,000 to 25,000 is a 5,000 difference.
  2. to
    1. This is part of the linking words “as opposed to”.
  3. no word
    1. The verb “fall down” is used only for people – not numbers.
  4. for
    1. This is part of the phrasal verb “account for”.
  5. for / over
    1. There are a couple of possible options for this answer.

IELTS Writing Task 1 Tips

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