WT1 Table 30th Sept: To be completed

You can find a student’s copy of the writing task 1 table from 30th September (2 days ago)  in the link below:

However, the table is not accurate and it has not been completed.

If you took the test on Sept 30th, please can you complete the table and email it to me? ieltsliz789@gmail.com. That way, I will be able to write a model answer for it.

Word Doc: WT1 Table 30 Sept Incomplete




  1. Dear Liz,
    I am very thankful to you for having this website and sharing your knowledge with us on IELTS. I have taken up the IELTS test for the second time on 30th Sept, 2017. Most of us felt that the Speaking test was a Stress Interview and Interviewer was not given us to complete our answers and the environment is such that as if we were standing before them for getting a job. Secondly, we were able to observe that in the listening test, the audio was too fast to deliver. Your views on the same.

    • I think a lot of students enter the speaking test not understanding what is going to happen. The examiner has no interest in your views or the information in your answers. This is not the same as writing. The examiner is not interested in your points. It’s normal for the examiner to feel that you have demonstrated the required language and they will then move on to test another aspect of language. All students need to be prepared for this to happen in their speaking test. For my students, I prepare them for this so that they don’t feel uncomfortable about it.
      About your other point of speaking – that it felt stressful like a formal interview – that’s a bit of bad luck. Some examiners are good at making students feel like the test is a chat but other examiners are not good at it. Again, it essential that all students are prepared for this.
      About listening, the audio should be similar to the audios in the IELTS Cambridge test books from 1 to 12 which are real IELTS tests. Did you reppare using them? All students should do this.
      I know you might feel that my comments aren’t what you were hoping for. But my aim is just to explain the test more fully so that if you take it again, you’ll feel ready and more comfortable.

  2. Sunnatillo says

    Hi Liz! Thank you for all of them! I’m going to get 8 band at least from IELTS. I belive that I’ll reach my goal with your help!

  3. Hi Liz
    I got a table in my academic exam here in London on 30th of Sep 2017.
    It was about five European countries’s (Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic,) government spending on education and training programmes and the number of 17-24 years old people who were participated in these programmes in 2000 year. The data was given in percentages.
    Task 2 was
    The increase demand of consumer goods result in the destruction of environment. What are the reasons of this case and how could be tackled this problem.

  4. Hi
    I recently gave my ielts test .. and i forgot to add example in task 2 how much bands will be reducted for it??

  5. Hi Liz,

    Thank you so much for this very helpful website. I wrote the General Training test in Lagos, Nigeria on the 30th of September, 2017. Please find below the much I can recall of the speaking and writing tests. I hope to get a good result.

    Speaking Test Part 1:
    *Do you work or study?
    *Tell me about your work.
    *How do you get to work daily?
    *How much time do you spend with your Family?
    *Do you often go out?

    Part 2-Cue card:
    Talk about an interesting person you know outside your Country.
    *You should say how you met/know this person.
    *What this person does.
    *Why this person is interesting to you.

    Part 3:
    *What do you think about knowing someone in a Country you intend to migrate to?
    *What are the advantages?
    *What are the disadvantages?
    *Why do people migrate to another Country?
    *What do you think about learning the language of the Country you intend to migrate to.
    *What are the advantages of learning?
    *What are the disadvantages of learning?

    Writing Test Task 1:
    You recently moved to a city to work. Write a letter to your friend in your hometown, telling her you intend to return to your hometown.
    *Why you intend to return to your hometown.
    *What work you will be doing.
    *The time and where to meet with her her.

    Task 2:
    Many Schools now replace academic subjects with sport and exercises.
    *What is your opinion on this?
    *What do you think will be the effect on the Children’s lives?

    I hope this is helpful.

  6. Idahosa Izedonmwen says

    My ielts September 30th writing task 1 was; A multiple bar chart that shows the percentages of people who play games with various electronic devices ( computer, game console and mobile phones) in different age groups.
    While task 2 was; In many many countries today, major cities are experiencing overcrowding. Write an essay on the reasons for this and the possible solution, and where necessary, state your own knowledge.

  7. Sudipta De says

    Hi Liz,

    Your tutorials and tips had been very helpful. I appeared for the GT on 30th.
    Writing topic was to share opinion on why exercises are replaced with academic classes nowadays, and what are the effects.

  8. Lovepreet Singh says

    It would be really helpful if you could write a model answer for those table charts with a survey. If you are unable to find someone who can fill in the details,make them up because details don’t matter.The ability to successfully deal with such a difficult task 1 question, however, matters greatly. If you provide a model answer for these types of questions, potential test takers will gain an understanding of how to tackle them.

  9. I got a bar chart about electronic devices for playing games

    • Idahosa Izedonmwen says

      Yea, that was mine too. More like a multiple or composite bar charts. The percentages of the various age groups who play games with the various electronic appliances ( computer, game console, mobile phones etc). That’s the much I can remember.

  10. Hi Liz! Isn’t writing task 1 usually a formal or informal letter? Or has it now a become a report or bad graph?

  11. Good afternoon Liz, I would have love to be o assistance but this was not my question. Mine was on the reason why am leaving my employment in the city to my home town( IELTS general) letter to a friend.

  12. It was exactly the Task 1 writing that I had on 30th Sep 2017, and the task 2 what about : do you agree or disagree training courses for parents reduce the number of cirmes among young people .
    Something like that.

    • If you can fill in the table for me, it would help. I need to check the aspects in the table and also the numbers.

  13. This was not the test as others mentioned, task1 was about unemployment rate in ireland
    compared to number of persons leaving the country

    • There are usually a couple of writing task 1 that students get on one day. However, this one was particularly difficult which is why I want to offer a model answer for it if students can complete it for me.

  14. The link table is not the question for 30th sept in my Country. It was a vertical bar chart in corresponding to age groups

  15. komal sandhu says

    I gave 30th september ielts exam.there was only vertical bar graph in writing task 1 nd writing task 2 on city growth..what are the reasons for this problem and solutions?

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