Question for you about conclusions in WT2

Conclusions for writing task 2

Some students have written in and told me that they didn’t write a conclusion for their essay. They wanted to know if it is a serious problem to run out of time and miss the conclusion. The questions below are for both GT and Academic students.

Questions for you:

  1. Do you think the conclusion is important in writing task 2?
  2. Do you think having no conclusion is a serious problem for your band score?


I have written a full page answer for these questions.

Click here: Is a Conclusion Important? Tips and Advice


  1. hello liz !
    At first , I thank you for helping us do better in IELTS.
    my question relates about the introduction sentence in taks 2.
    can we write: “one of the most controversial issue today relates to…….” in our first sentence ?

  2. Geeth Shiny says

    Okie I agree with you.. But my question is for speaking .As for few of the questions I was stopped to speak in the middle of my speaking and so I was unable to complete or conclude my answers. How does this impact my speaking score?

  3. Jaspreet sidhu says

    Oh of course conclusion is mandatory to gain full band without it the examiner how will proper idea of your writing skill.

  4. In my opinion ,conclusion is the most important part of essy which represents speaker view on the given topic such as prediction,,recommendationn also include..It helps to secure band score…

  5. Joshua Q. Laryea says

    Hi Liz,
    I think conclusion is one of the relevant aspects of task 2 where students emphasize their opinion over an argument. To the best of my knowledge, I will highly recommend it.
    Thank you.

  6. Vinay Jain says

    yes, having conclusion is always value added to a essay as it reflects summary of complete essay. Therefore, it helps to improve the band score in the essay exam.
    Moreover, in the end conclusion conclude the essay beliefs based on supporting passage mention in the essay.

    In my opinion, conclusion considered as one of the important criteria to improve marking scale. Thus, not having conclusion could deteriorate your scoring band.

  7. Hi Liz
    Yes I think conclusion is very importent and effect our band score of writing.

  8. thamilmaran says

    Yes. conclusion is very important in writing task 2 without conclusion essay is incomplete.

  9. Dear Liz,
    I would like to answer your questions

    1. Yes, I do. It is crucial remembering conclusion is the main point of the answers or essays

    2. Yes, I do. Having no conlusion would confuse the reader / examiner, besides We would lose the marking criteria for Task Response.
    Even in your video, you adviced that we should jump to the conclusion if we run out the time. It represents how crucial the conclusion is

  10. kamal shrestha says

    Indeed. Conclusion is core part of writing part 2 and plays crucial role to summarize the essence of whole essay. Its pivotal to write proper conclusion to score high marks.

  11. Manveer Singh says

    Conclusion is an essential part of the essay, and If we do not mention it at the end of essay then the student will be penalized in the task achievement section, assuming every thing else is up to the mark.

  12. Katherine Lopez says

    I think the conclusion in task 2 is really important since is part of the structure expected on the essay.

    It may not be a serious problem, but it will affect the final score.

  13. SHARMISTHA says

    Yes conclusion is very important part for essay. We will not get band score for conclusion.

  14. Conclusion is mandatory to achieve high score in writing, its not more than 3 to 4 line to give a summary and your opinion about the task

  15. Abiodun-Ajayi Morenike says

    Yes,conclusion in IELTS writing 2 is important because it will add to your score.

    No,not having a conclusion in IELTS writing 2 is not a serious problem provided you write to cover the four aspects of the assessment area for scoring.

  16. Seen a candidate without conclusion and. Still had 7.0. So what are we saying when most of us write conclusion and still have a band score of 6.5. Washed!

  17. I believe that the conclusion is essential part in Task 2, I did an exam recently and it turns out that was useful for me to write my opinion and conclusion clearly.

  18. Ali Akbar Mustafa says

    1: I think conclusion is very important because without it essay would be meaningless.
    2: It would be serious problem in that case because if there will be no conclusion and band will be reduced no matter if it comprised other section very well.

  19. Yes conclusion is very important and it actually tells and summarises the whole write up. with conclusion the reader knows which side you support if it argument essay

  20. Alexander says

    Writing the conclusion is as important as the body paragraph. You must finish your essay by restating the whole idea of your essay. I’m not quit sure how you will be graded if you miss the conclusion, but once, I remember Elizabeth made a video on this. So you had better watch that .

  21. Karshigul says

    As one of your videos, if we have not conclusion , we can’t get above band score 5.
    With conclusion, it is band score 6.
    With clear conclusion, it is band score 7.

  22. yes conclusion is important because it links ideas and it also increase your band score because marks are awarded for that.

  23. In my opinion, the conclusion is an important part in your essay, however, if the idea is clearly implied in the previous paragraphs and you’re runing out of time, then it won’t make a huge difference not writing a conclusion; keeping in mind that in this case your essay has to be very strong regarding the vocabulary, grammar and structure in order to balance this conclusion absence deficit.

    Please advice
    Thank you Liz

  24. I think is more important since without conclusion our task will not complete

  25. well, I think the conclusion is really important. However sometimes to dram the conclusion, I just paraphase the beginning of my essay. Can you give me some useful tips to write an attractive conclusion. Thanks in advance

  26. In my opinion, having a conclusion is crucial to having a high band score as it give about 25% additional point when written in accordance. Never write task 2 without a conclusion!

  27. Hi mam.
    Yes conclusion is very important in writing task 2. Without conclusion task will not complete.

    • Christopher says

      Conclusion is very important in an essay, is to tell the reader that everything about the essay is ended and you would lose mark because the essay is inconclusive

  28. Bhupinder kaur says

    Yes ,conclusion is essential at the end of essay.but i think no conclusion will not effect the band score ,if the written essay is showing our ideas to the examiner.

  29. Youll be given a deduction in Task achievement.

  30. Yes conclusion is the most important part of writing task 2. In order to score higher band score one must write conclusion. In my opinion essay without conclusion is incomplete. Is you don’t have much time to write conclusion then just add 2-3 lines to sum up.

  31. Khanh Trinh says

    1. Having a conclusion is important which help us to show our opinions the judge one more time.
    2. So it will reduce the score for the essay.

  32. Yes. Of course,conclusion is essential in writing task 2.without conclusion it is impossible to get sufficient in writing my view conclusion is the most to get the high band score.

  33. Your conclusion is as important as your introduction. However, I don’t think not writing a conclusion will significantly reduce your band score .

  34. Deepa Narayanan says

    Yes. Conclusion is very essential for task 2. Without conclusion it will not be
    Complete .if it lacks, the score may be 5.5.

  35. Gabi Castr says

    I believe it is extremely important to write a conclusion. If you wont it is sure your score will be affected.

  36. Eman Elshekh says

    In my opinion, I think that the conclusion is the key to get high band score in particular in task 2. Moreover, I believe that it is very crucial to summarize my opinion again as I did in the introduction but in other words.

    Thanks for your precious time.

  37. In my view, although conclusion may seem to some as a secondary part of the essay structure, I believe it is an integral part of the essay in T2. It makes the reader feel sense of completeness and it is essential for coherence and cohesion assessment. I also think it also affects task response too.

  38. In my view, a conclusion is an essential matter however, liz will you help in how to write diffrent conclusion for each different types of essay thank you!!!

  39. Yes,conclusion is essential part of the essay because it required whole paragraph of your essay.

  40. Yes,conclusion is essential part of the essay because it required whole paragraph of you essay.

  41. I beleive that conclusion is one of the important component of an essay, therefore, missing it can cost you a band score. In case some is runnig short of time, he should directly jump to the conclusion part to complete the essay.

  42. Yes, conclusions are very important. Like every movie has to end. All essays need conclusion where we sum-up the context of our thoughts on the topic.

    Undoubtedly not writing will have a colossal impact on our band score.

  43. Yes, conclusion is very important in writing task 2 . And it also effect the band score.

  44. In my point of view, the conclusion is very important in writing an essay . That is fundamental of the IELTS structure. If there is no conclusion it similar with one part of the body have been missing. I think it will effect to the score.

  45. Yes, it is essential to write conclusion because it is the overall of your essay. Every good writer includes everything in his/her essay such as starting point(introduction),about topic related discussion(body paragraphs),for good ending of essay(conclusion).

  46. Md. Shariful Islam says

    In my view, conclusion is one of the most important part in an essay. For instance, sometimes its even not clear from the narrative about the writers personal opinion and it needs a more clarification in the end. A conclusion can clearly do the task and make the essay more feasible for the examiner to understand about the writers attitude about the topics. So I think it is necessary to write a summary at the end.

  47. Yes , conclusion is important in writing task 2 .

  48. MC Pachoco says

    Based on the lectures I’ve been reading about WT2, essays should have a conclusion because its part of the essay structure and the examiners are looking for that in the essays. In turn, this would really affect your band score. I believe I’ve come across one of Liz’s lecture about what to do if we’re running of time writing the essay, i think that would answer that question.

  49. Kamalpreet kaur says

    Yes according to me conclusion is important in band score

  50. Yes ,it is must to write conclusion because IELTS essay has a format and to meet the demands of that format it is mandatory to end our essay with appropriate conclusion and if we don’t do so we put our bands at stake .

  51. Yes it is important.
    25% of the mark is for Coherence and Cohesion.
    The ideal structure for task 2 is:
    1- Introduction
    2- Body (2-4 paragraphs)
    3- conclusion
    Then, the conclusion is an important part for the essay (TASK 2).
    However, if the essay is clear, related to the task, and includes supporting idea. The examiner may not lower the grade for CC too much.

  52. Kamalpreet kaur says

    Yes conclusion is important in the task 2 because we give our opinion in it

  53. I think that the conclusion is important because when the examiner is reading your essay it is to sum up what you have written in the essay, and if not having a conclusion the reader will get lost because you havent summed up your essay in the can lose marks and your band score will decrease.

  54. 1.conclusion is must.
    2.yes it will cut down our score.
    But Liz i have a doubt in discussion with opinion essay. Whether conclusion is necessary or not ?I went through the structure from your website…but while writing i felt giving my opinion instead of conclusion is enough.Because after discussing both side of the topic and opinion its like repeating the same in the conclusion.what do u suggest?

  55. Hi Liz,
    Yes, I believe that conclusion is must in anyone’s essay, as it shows your opinion or point of view. without the conclusion in the end, the reader is unable to judge the writer’s view. And also, if you miss the conclusion, surely this will effect your score.

  56. Yes, conclusion is very important for writing task2. Without conclusion an essay looks like a lame man because it is an ending part of an essay which , should be written to sum up what has been written.

  57. 1) exactly! for writing Task 2 it’s very important to conclude because the introduction and conclusion are in general a summary of the whole essay.

    2) Yes of course! I think it’s so important to have a conclusion for writing task 2 if someone want to get a high band score. The conclusion indicates what part someone support clearly and will most of times be a summary of all said in previous paragraphs. So, missing such a part in your writing may lead to having lower band score.

  58. Yes.. It’s definitely a must and can’t be missed as if you don’t write conclusion you may fall in less than 5 category..
    Yes, it’s a major concern and will effect one score….

  59. Suhee Baek says

    Yes, it is very imprtant because all essay neet to conclude for my decision.

    If i didn’t write about conclude, examiner will feel no habve idaea this essay.

  60. Conclusion is very important in task 2.if one missed it there will definitely
    be marks deducted

  61. I don’t think it is incumbent. Writing conclusion or not writing conclusion doesn’t involve a serious problem. When your content is good, it will fetch your scores.

  62. YES! conclusion is ver important.

  63. Yes,because the conclusion will tell the examiner if your argument is For or Against

  64. It’s not big problem

  65. In my view ,conclusion is important because it is the leg part of the essay writing which includes the final decision and judgment of the entire essay.This part of essay plays a vital role in making the essay look perfect containing conclusion of the whole essay.

  66. I just heard about that it will be a serious problem in IELTS Task 1 and 2.

  67. Yes,conclusion is an important part of wrtting task 2 and it will affect our score drastically if we do not write the conclusion in our witting task 2.

  68. Hello
    First of all I prepared for toefl exam but suddenly I have to take ielts and I’m stil trying to understand and getting use to exam system.
    Thank you for effort and awesome work in this website.
    1)As long as I understand/see from examples writing task 2 is the task which usually asks a question to discuss the subjects in body and mostly ; asks our opinion at the end of the question.
    2)from my point of view, as a word meaning Essay; strongly requires an introduction, body and conclusion ; especially in ielts academic.(Maybe that’s because of my education system 🙂 )
    However ,Having an essay without conclusion also can work if you trust enough your gramerly skills and vocabulary treasure :))

    These are my thoughts …
    Have an awesome day

  69. Yes, conclusion is very essential part of task 2 . It has separate marks for it and if you are not going to write that, no matter what how well u write you will definitely lose marks. This will effect band score directly.

  70. I think the conclusion is an important part of an essay. You have to write your essay conclusion, otherwise, It will adversely affect your essay.

    In addition, no adding of conclusion lower your mark as well.

  71. Abdulmajeed says

    1) Yes, I think it is important.
    2) Yes, I think it is a serious problem for band scores.

  72. Agu Ebere says

    The conclusion is very important

  73. Gurbhinder says

    Yes conclusion is must for evry writing task.

  74. Conclusion is necessary in writing task 2 and not writing conclusion in your writing task 2 makes it inconclusive and there is a penalty for not concluding your writing task 2

  75. Alpesh Jani says

    Obviously, It is most important to write a conclusion at the end of an essay.
    That is proved that one perfectly understand topic & secondly, he can explain the whole topic in short lines.

    For 2nd question, That I can not reply better
    than you ma’m, But, My point of view
    If we will not write conclusion that can dierectly affect our band score.

  76. ichi Frank says

    Thank you for discussing this topic, yes I strongly believe that writing an Essay without a conclusion is as setting up a GPS without the final destination.

  77. I guess a conclusion is part of an essay. If we miss that it will be a big mistake and impact the band.

  78. 1- Yes I think it is important.
    2- I believe it should not be rated as a serious problem

  79. In the matter of fact, conclusion is essential in writing ,if in case you miss it you loose mark. It is obvious an essay with conclusion will get higher band score than with out. For sure it will be advisable at last to write summary.

  80. Sunnatillo says

    I definitely think that conclusion is important for writing task2.
    To my mind having conclusion will help you for higher result.

  81. Of couse , I think it important. On the one hand ,it can make writer’s view clearly . On the other hand ,we can get a more serious structure by a wonderful conclusion . This is what I want to say .please give me some advice .

  82. Conclusion is very important in writing task 2 and missing the conclusion is obviously a serious problem that affects the score negatively

  83. Mohammed Essam says

    Having a conclusion is vital for writing task 2, as it is one of the main points that the examiner will check. For sure if one doesn’t include a conclusion in his/her essay that will hurt the overall band score.

  84. SHANU MEERAN says

    Hi Liz
    Of course conclusions are vital in deciding the band score.I think essays are not complete without conclusion, where we should restate the question and provide direct answer or opinions about the topic. I carries separate marks, I believe

    Shanu meeran

  85. Well i think conclusion is one of the important part because we write the main material or suggestions in conclusion. Moreover, It will increase our ideas as well. And i don’t think that it take much time to write a conclusion.
    Furthermore, if we do not write conclusion it will effect our band score because All parts in writing task 2 have its own importance. So we should not miss it.

  86. An essay has three main parts, introduction with thesis statement, body paragraphs with supporting details, and conclusion. Since conclusion is an inalienable part of an essay, it is obviously important. I think if you miss to write it, therefore, it will cut your band score.

  87. Hi Liz,
    I think a conclusion may make one’s writing better, since it draw a summary and examiner could have an overview of your writing. But no conclusion might have a little influence on the final score, as long as the writing is good enough and achieve all the goals.

  88. Yes conclusion is important to give our opinion. After discuss body para, you need to provide your view by answering the question.

  89. I think a conclusion in writing task 2 is the essential part that we should never forget to write because it summarizes all main points. Without a conclusion, I think it’s likely to affect a band score especially for those who aim to get a band score 8-9.

  90. I think without conclusion it may be serious problem for our band score

  91. yes, we must not leave to conclude our answer otherwise it seems as incomplete writing. Having no conclusion can be surely a serious problem for those who needs relatively higher band.

  92. Kunal Khurana says

    I am aware that conclusion is crucial in writing task two. But, I have no idea as to extent band scores are going to suffer paragraphs without conclusion.

    It would be great if you provide some insight into this.

    Also, I’m interested to know the gist to powerful conclusion. Is it a summary and/or restatement of premise based on reasons?

    Best regards,

  93. 1. In my opinion, it is crucial to have a conclusion in writing task 2 because it is impossible to get above 7 without the conclusion.
    2. I would say that without having conclusion is definitely a major problem in order to get a high band score due to the fact that the way of paragraphing your essay is one of the criteria in writing task 2.

    Please let me know whether my opinion is right or wrong. I would be grateful if you could give a comment on my opinion.
    Best regards,

  94. Farjana Alam says

    Yes I think it is important to draw a conclusion

  95. I think its important to write conclusion in writing task.

  96. Ya conclusion is essential to sum up an essay successfully. With the help of it we generally end our essay .

  97. I think it plays a vital role because if someone is willing to givemore of their opinion, i think it is must to highlight your task 2 by summing up all

  98. Joseph Ogbekhiulu says

    Yes. This will affect your score because you could not conclude your essay logically to end your points or argument. Your essay will lack completeness. This is my opinion.

  99. 1. Yes
    2. Yes

  100. The Conclusion is an extremely important part of the essay since it summarizes all your ideas in the body paragraphs. Missing it would greatly affect an examinee’s score.

    I think it is a huge deduction on an examinees band score if he/she did not write a conclusion. Firstly, task response is not met, this includes the students view/conclusion regarding the essay. Secondly, in my opinion, the cohesiveness will be affected as well because the thought of the essay is not complete. It only showed the introduction and body paragraphs. Grammar and lexical resource may not be as affected as the forst two but it is not enough to achieve atleast an acceptable band score.

  101. It’s important to end the essay writing a meaningful conclusion. It’s a part of the format to be followed. Moreover, there are marks for task accomplishment, writing a good conclusion of 3_4 lines is enough to get all for task accomplishment

  102. Janam bansal says

    Yes it is complusary write to conclusion in task 2
    And mam plz send me cue cards for september and sample answer

  103. Umang Pincha says

    Yes , it is a serious issue because without conclusion a student can’t score 6 or more than that .

  104. Hi
    Yes , conclusion is very imprortant because every story has an ending. So ending for essay is conclusion. Also it do effect band score.

  105. Hetshri shah says

    Writing conclusion is very important as its closing of your essay and that gives overall idea about your thoughts..

  106. Sumandeep kaur says

    Yes, conclusion is very important in ielts eassy writing. Of course, it effect bandscore. If you don’t write conclusion in eassy writing ..then it will reduce your band score.

  107. Absolutely, it is essential to write a concluding sentence in writing task 2 , and a candidate will definitely lose marks if he/she does not write it. Also, a conclusion in task 2 should not be long, may be three sentences are enough

  108. 1. yes, having a conclusion as a summary of the whole essay is important.
    2. It will effect the band score and it will deduct marks from the coherence and cohesive part.

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