Questions for you about Overviews

Hi guys,

I want to check how much you understand about Overviews in IELTS writing task 1 for the academic paper. There are six kinds of writing task 1:

  • bar charts
  • pie charts
  • line graphs
  • tables
  • maps
  • diagrams (processes)

Questions to You

  1. Do you think all types of writing task 1 above require an Overview?
  2. Do you think the Overview is very important?


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Answers about Overview in IELTS Writing Task 1

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  1. Omolabake Adeoye says

    yes an overview is necessary for all types of writing task 1 format.

  2. Lizzy Wilson says

    Yes, I do believe all task 1 essay writing should have an overview

  3. Liz,
    Good afternoon,
    I have my ielts accademic exam on 12/05/18,please help me to achieve the target

    • There are over 300 pages of tips, lessons, model answer etc on this website for free – I’m sure that’s enough for you. Start learning. Go to the red bar at the top of the website and click.

  4. Ananthi says

    I understand the overview is very important for all type of graphs in writing task-1.However, I would like to know that where overview is going to fit for? {after introduction or at the end ,conclusion instead}
    (i.e: Introduction, overview ,detail-1 and detail-2 or Introduction ,detail-1,detail-2 and overview)
    please if anyone knows ,reply to this comment

  5. Yes, it is very important to have an overview in task 1. It summarises what your discussion will entail.

  6. kaur manpreet says

    yes….. overview is important for writing task 1

  7. well, its necessary in all d task…its seens lyk conclusion of task2…Liz plz uf it’s possible dan send me any template of it…coz in sum case dat format doesn’t work…

  8. Jay Patel says

    Well, i believe that overview its lyk conclusion of task2…so yes, it’s must require…but the problem wich i am facing is how to present best and unique overview as well as conclusion…Is there any template with you Liz wich can help me out form dis?

  9. Kanwalnain jot says

    Yes overview is required

  10. Yes .. I think overview is significant and is required for all types of writing task one questions.

  11. For me, yes! Its almost the same as paraphrasing in task 2. You have to restate the given situation as a brief summary.

  12. Belinda N.S.M says

    No. I do not think all types require an overview.
    However overview is significant as it readily gives the examiner the main reason/answer to the topic at hand. It also helps one as a writer to generate ideas and stay on track.
    Thank you.

  13. Yes, overview is required for all types of task 1.
    Overview is important to provide illustrations regarding each task, for instance the purpose, the conclusion and so on.

  14. Overview is necessary for all task 1

  15. Yes overview is important. But i think in maps and processes their is no overview

  16. Anunkor Chisom says

    1.Yes all the visuals requires an overview .
    2.overview is very important as it tells d examiner the overall trend in visual

  17. Saumen Barua says

    In my opinion all of you is needed for all types in writing Task 1. Because it will describe the reader ,what is coming in the following two paragraphs.

  18. Amar mahajan says

    No, all type of charts do not require overview. Only diagram, maps n process chart req. overview as they do not have any conclusions.

  19. alibuneri says

    Dear Liz
    As per your lectures Overiview must be there for any type of Writing Task 1.
    But in one of British council ( If i am not wrong bcs long before i read) sample answer i saw conclusion at the last.

  20. Sravya Nimmagadda says

    Yes, For all charts Overview is mandatory,it play important role.

  21. Yes,all the types of writing task requires an overview because it’s the general information about the task ahead.its like having a glimpse of what it’s going to be unfolded in paragraphs to come

  22. Grace Iheji says

    1. Yes, I think that all types of writing task 1 require an overview
    2. It’s s very important because it highlights the main features in the task 1.

  23. yes an overview required in all types of task 1 question.

  24. Amara Ibeawuchi says

    An overview is relevant in task 1, no matter the type graph or diagram.

  25. yes, all the six kinds of writing Task 1 for the academic paper need overviews

  26. Yes an overview is required

  27. Rawia Obida says

    1. Yes I do, except maps and diagrams
    2. Yes I do, because it gives us the general idea and summarize the topic.

  28. Yes it’s most important is feel

  29. Obimoro Olivia Chimuanya says

    Yes all of them need an overview.

  30. MD Hameed uddin says

    Yes of course, every question of IELTS writing task 1 require a overview because we have to address a general view of that particular question

  31. Yes all chart need overall except Diagram and flow chart.

  32. Yes, I think all kind of task 1 demands an overview and it is crucial to get a good score.

  33. Asma Abdulla says

    Yes for shore

  34. Yes, of course
    I think that all kind of graphs or charts in task 1 require an overview.even overview is very important in task1.

  35. Hi liz
    I think overview is essential part of academic writing task 1 because it covers overall trend or comparison or all features of graph. So its important in all task except diagram and map chart because there are no any overall trend or comparison.

    I wait for your ans

  36. Hanna Eliza says

    Without a doubt, a clear Overview is crucial in order to get a high band score, and it is also required in all 6 types of tasks in Task 1.

  37. Manveer Kaur says

    Hi Liz

    Writing an overall or overview is very important in writing task I. It must include all the main features, number of stages or any noticeable changes in a separate paragraph. IELTS marking criteria at band 7.0 says that a candidate must write a clear overview, therefore it is impossible to get a higher bandscore for task achievement without writing a clear overview.

    There is no question whether it is important for one type or the other in task I. Undoubtedly it is crucial for task I irrespective of the question type.

    Therefore a candidate must write a clear overview in all types of writing task I questions either after paraphrasing the statement or at the end of the task.

    Thank you

  38. Hi, I think it is important to all kinds of task one questiont types.

  39. Hi, I think it is important to all kinds of task one question types. Adding overview gives the reader a general idea about the trend and steps given in the question.

  40. I think except tables and maps all require overview. Yes, overview gives an overall idea about the task.

  41. Sumbul Kashif says

    Yes they all require an overview about major changes

  42. Hi Liz. In my opinion the overview is very important in all kinds of writing task 1 and it must be written always. One reason is because the examiner will looks for the overview due to it shows the key points about the chart, diagram or map.

  43. An overview is required in all types and very important.

  44. Sanwar Hussain says

    Hello Liz
    I think that overview is an important part of writing task 1.sometime we fail to cover task 1 words. Task 1 words can be covered by an overview.

  45. soad almusrati says


  46. Thank you very much Liz. You have been of great help to many
    Regarding the questions I will say Yes.
    I think all types of writing task 1 require an overview
    I think the overview is very important as it gives the general features and trends of the task

  47. I think an overview is crucial as it sums up of the following points given on the bar chart,diagram,pie chart,table and graphs.We are referring to the highlighted key features(for instance,the highest points and lowest points in a bar chart).But I don’t know if it’s going to be the same in the case of a map?!

  48. Rajeshwari H R says

    1. We need to write overview only for bar chart, pie chart, line diagram.
    2. Yes overview in writing task 1 is very important as it carries 25% of the overall score.

  49. I think an Overview is very important for all types of Writing Task 1 you mentioned.

    Thank you for enlightenining us, Liz !

    Have a nice time !

  50. 1. I think all graphs require overview.
    2. I think it is important

  51. Precious Kema says

    Yes all task one needs overview

  52. Yes, definetly.

  53. Shamma Arora says

    Diagram (processes don’t require overview

  54. Ameet Lohano says

    1.Yes, I think giving an overview is essential part of task because it summarise the key information. But sometimes diagram (process don’t need an overview).

    2. Giving an overview tells the reader the most important information features of tasks. Due to this, it is important to write an overview.

  55. fabrizio ottaviani says

    I think that all types of writing task 1 require an overview, while they do not require a conclusion.
    Overview is very important

  56. Vikram Singh says

    I think overview is required.
    It’s important as per my point of view.

  57. Juan Alcantara says

    Yes I think an overview is mandatory in all type of wt1 and it is important for highlighting the main info from the graph.

  58. Sammie Ajiye says

    I believe that all the categories of Task1 needs an overview compared to Task2 which needs conclusion.

  59. Answers are :

    1. Yes.

    2. Yes.

  60. Yes

  61. 1. Yes
    2. It is very necessary

  62. Esther Samunetsi says

    1.Yes they all require an overview
    2.Yes its essential in getting a high score

  63. Blessing Chinenye Uche-Ekwe says

    Yes. I think all the 6 of them require an overview to look really meaningful and academic

  64. Yes
    Clear overview is required for band score 7 and above in task achievement.

  65. how do you write an overview for the diagrams

  66. I think all types of writing task above require overview

  67. Hello Liz

    All types of writing task 1 should have an overview.Thus,we will have many chances for a high band score in this section of ielts.The overview is crucial for task 1.

    Thank you very much for your help!It is so important to us.
    I wish you all the best!

  68. No, not all task one questions need an overview. Maps and diagrams do not need an overview.

    • Sorry, yes, the overview, if needed, is very important. It binds your report/summary together and acts like an intro and conclusion in task 2.

      • You have taught me well,. Liz. Although, I have to work on my punctuation use, as you can see in my previous comment. 😉
        I’m writing my IELTS this Saturday!
        Good luck to all IELTS students out there!
        Thanks to Liz for the discount on the three Task 2 videos, every dollar counts.😁

  69. All task 1 writing requires an overview
    Overview is very important.

  70. Yes, all writing task 1 require an overview.
    Yes, an overview is important in writing task 1.


    Yes I think all the forms of writing task 1 require an overview. It gives the examiner an insight of what the pie chart or bar chart or line graph is all about.

  72. Prudence ushele says

    Yes i think they all require an overview statement

  73. Ranjeet Minhas says

    Hi Liz,
    In my opinion , overview is mandatory for all task1 questions.As the overview states the striking features of charts and the body paragraphs are framed according to this overview.So it is important to vividly state the overview.

  74. Okutoro Olabisi Priscilla says

    I think all except maps need an overview.

    Overview is essential because it gives the reader insight onto what’s about to be read

  75. I think all of them are the same and all of them need overview.

  76. Kawther Tolba says

    Yes,all types need an overview

  77. Giving an overview in writing task could easily expose your capacity to understand the question, and I feel it give, a completeness to the given topic.Hence I would reccommend its better to make an overvies specially in the cases of charts ,tables ,maps and diagrams.

  78. Hi Liz, I think graphs including bar graph, pie graph and line graph needs overview , others no need of have overview …

  79. yes, all of them require an overview.
    It is very important to use it.

  80. Hello Liz in my opinion overview very nesscery above you mentioned all kinds of topics. That replicate overall opinion about the subject in a few sentences.

  81. 1. Yes
    2. Definitely yes

  82. Chinelo Evelyn says

    Yes, I think including an overview is very crucial to ones success in the examination.

  83. Hi Liz
    Overview is in fact really important part of Writing 1 in IELTS. If we cannot write, we do not get above 6 band score even if we wrote a really good report. All writing 1 must include overview paragraphs.
    Thanks for your website which informs us about IELTS.

  84. 1.yes all types of task 1 required an overview.
    2.overview is important for all task 1.

  85. All the graphs and tables requires an overview but for maps and diagrams, no overview is required.

  86. Paritosh Gupta says

    Yes, Yes.

  87. dhvani soni says

    yes overview is necessary in all types of graph

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