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Hi guys,

This is a reminder to post your recent exam questions on the following page: Recent Exam Questions.

We need up dates on topics for June 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th – and any date coming this month. Older dates are not needed.

Topics for all parts of the test: speaking, writing, listening and reading are welcome.

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  1. HARLEEN KAUR says

    Hello everyone,my exam was on 23 June 2018 and my ielts result was out on 6th July 2018.
    I scored 8 bands overall. I gave idp examination.
    Mam your strategies are very helpful especially your speaking and writing videos and strategies.
    Here is the list of questions asked in my exam.
    Speaking test Questions:-
    Part 1
    1.Tell a place were you feel most peaceful? you love plants?
    3. Did you like plants when you were a child?
    4.Will you like to move to new house in near future?
    5.what is significance of plants in your life?
    Part2 cue card
    Tell the outfit you wore on some occasion
    1.what was it?
    2. Where did you buy it from?
    3.did other people like your outfit?
    Describe the outfit and tell what was the best part you liked about your dress.
    Part 2
    1. Is uniform necessary?
    2. Should employees be asked while deciding uniform?
    3.Do people make unnecessary use of their uniform?
    4. Do dress trends change often?
    5.How does the dress trends effect people?
    Examiner was kind of discussing and all throughout the interview i felt as if it was two people meeting for the 1st time and discussing.
    Writing topics
    1. Was a bar graph
    2 .Was a opinion essay – I don’t remember the exact question
    General comment:- Have plenty of sleep just before exam and keep yourself calm and relaxed before exam. Don’t stress out.
    Try to follow writing patterns and use conjunctions.
    Try to indulge yourself with English as much as you can . Watch english movies with subtitles . Try to practise speaking by recording your voice and then analyse it from point to point.
    Stay calm and practise!!
    Go through all the ieltsLiz videos and sessions..they are really very helpful.
    All the best!

  2. Hello liz,

    I would firstly like to say that you are doing a great job and your website is very informative. I am having a doubt in writing the date format for: 23rd of March. Is it right to write 23 March or 23rd March. Please confirm

  3. Zwe Banyar Myat says

    Hello teacher Liz
    I’m one of your followers. I have a question about listening test.
    The speaker might speak quickly in task 4. I don’t get enough time for writing down the answer. For example, I’ve no time for filling a blank on question paper ( eg, I’m writing for No-31 ) while the speaker is speaking for another question ( for No-32 ) and there is no gap between questions. How can I solve this problem? I often abbreviate the answers on question paper but I sometimes can’t recall it while copying the answers from question to answer sheet.

    • 1. you don’t need to write down the full answer – you can write down a letter or 2 letters to remind you of the answer – this means you make your own code (a type of shorthand) that you will always understand – this is about strategy and practice
      2. you can make a brief note on the side of the question paper
      3. you can guess the answer when you transfer your answers to the answer sheet during the 10 extra mins – guess is done because you know the content of the listening recording, you’ve heard everything and you might have made one or two notes

  4. I just want to thank you for the good job that you are doing Liz. I am one of your follower and l thank God for people like you. Be blessed in every area of your life for helping people achieve what they want.

  5. Arshpreet says

    Dear mam
    My question is that if students write more than 290 words in their writing task 2 then will examiner deduce their bands or not?
    Thank you

    • There is no upper limit. But you will get a lower score if there is any unnecessary information or if there are more mistakes. When the essay is long, there is more chance of mistakes and unnecessary information. Using time to write over 300 words in task 2 is not a good use of time.

  6. Hi Liz,

    My exam is on 23rd I will post questions soon and my speaking is on 25th.

    Finger cross!!

    • Good luck!

      • Vinitha Vivek says

        Hi Liz. Thanks for the help on behalf of everyone who comes to your site. I have my test on the 23rd this month. I took a mock test at a trainer’s just to know where I stand and he said that I shouldn’t write all my listening and reading answers in capital letters. He said that the examiner might mark my answers wrong as my answers don’t tell whether I know where to use capital letters right. I’m very confused now. Should I be worried? I trained myself to use caps when writing down my answers in the answer sheet.

      • Hi Liz,

        Finally my exam is over. Just completed my speaking test.
        These are the few things I like to share.
        Listening was moderate (form completion, map, mcq’s) wrote in all CAPS as Liz suggested.
        Reading passage too I felt essay was bit esay but time management is essential.
        Out of 3 passesges i found one on web. This is the link: (not able to paste the link)

        Task 1 – bar graph which shows percentage of people from urban and rural who can drive less than 15 mind to various services like doctor, school,etc
        Task 2 – Increasing cruelty among animals some people demand zoos should be closed and others say we should protect rare species. Discuss both and give option.

        Part 1- Full name, what do you do, why you choose this field, how was ur 1st day at job. Topic on Boring, what things do you feel are boring, what you do when you are bored and why. Time , why it is important, what if someone makes you wait.
        Part 2 : Describe a competition you want to participate like cooking , music, sport.

        Part 3:
        Why reality shows now a days are popular, awards and prize money,
        Is competition important? Should competition be encouraged at workplace. What if there is no competition. Does any particular type of people only attract to such competition?.

        Thanks Liz I referred all your videos and practice samples. You are amazing, I shared your link with my friends who are giving in upcoming month.

        Guys just follow Liz blog and practise Cambridge books. Joining class is waste of money. I experienced it.

        Waiting for results 😌✌️

  7. sudhashree parvati says

    The exam is on 30th June. So, I will post exam questions on the link given a day after.

  8. hello liz, i have a question regarding “introduction” of opinion essays… kindly, throw some light on this…
    example: many people think that it is good to help their children in homework whereas others believe it is solely children’s own duty. agree/disagree
    It is argued that’—-‘it is the responsibility of parents to guide their adoloscents in their projects and assignments’——.This essay agrees with this statement and unfolds/discloses some fundamental reasons to support this opinion as will now be discussed in the upcoming paragraphs.

    • This essay agrees???? I didn’t know that essays had opinions. People have opinions, not letters or essays. If the instructions want YOUR opinion, YOU must give YOUR opinion. Do not learn sentences for your essay. Each sentence must be unique to you only!!

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