Paraphrasing Exercise 2 Answers

Find answers to paraphrasing exercise number 2 about coal miners. Make sure you finish the lesson before looking at the answers: paraphrasing exercise 2

I hope you found the lesson useful for spotting synonyms.


Click below to reveal the answers.

  1. preferred = favoured
  2. gradually stop using = phase out
  3. substitute = replace
  4. employed since way back = long-serving
  5. existence = presence
  6. portable = hand-held
  7. bird (canary) = yellow feathered friend
  8. ultimately = in the long run


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  1. Hi Liz,
    For the second answer of this passage I wrote “phased out” but the answer you have given is “phase out”. My doubt is, “Will I loose the mark if I wrote “phased out” instead of “phase out” in the exam?”


    • As explained on the page, these is a practice lessons for skills – these questions do not appear in the test. This lesson is to help you with paraphrasing and synonyms.

  2. Thanks for this blog. It’s making IELTS simple to me now. I hope the exams would be similar to all these lessons? Thank you once more.

  3. Josue Devalcin says

    Got 7/8 Thanks for an effective help to the IELTS test

  4. You made it so simple and easy to understand liz thank you!!! When i answer your questions i can get almost perfect score but when i use my review materials i can hardly find the answers 🙁 but il keep trying thanks again Liz!!

    • My lessons are designed to be used to develop skills. You still need to practise with authentic test materials.

  5. 7/8

  6. Thanks your lessons.

  7. Hai Liz ,

    Reading,paraphrasing tips exercises provided are very useful ,earlier i felt tough much worried ,hard to understand,since you presented it simple helps me ,easy to understand, really i feel very happy of knowing about your blog ,its very helpful to regain my confidence,staying far away doing great job ,your help to students like me is matchless ,god bless you Liz,

  8. Usefull Blog..Very Helpful. Keep it up Liz 🙂
    Make this website Secure

    • What do you mean? Isn’t it secure now?

      • Liz, Thank you !! for each and every lesson in all aspects.

        Liz, when you open URL in browser ex: google chrome or any – check on left side URL ( View site information) stating not secure.Please use HTTPS url instead HTTP.

        According to google

        Not Secure : Proceed with caution. Something is severely wrong with the privacy of this site’s connection.
        You might see a “Login not secure” or “Payment not secure” message.


        • Don’t worry. I’m trying to get that sorted at the moment. Hopefully it’ll be sorted in the next couple of weeks.

  9. Inderjeet S Sublok says

    Hi Liz,
    Can we just write “feathered friend”, instead of “yellow feathered friend”
    Also if i write “phased out”, instead of “phase out”, will it make my answer incorrect?


  10. Thanks Liz for creating such a knowledgeable blog. But sadly I got only a week to prepare for my ielts but, definitely your I am gonna make much of your tips n ur practice lesson boost my confidant.
    Thank u.

  11. all are right, except the one Ultimate, need to be more focussed as the exam is due in 3 weeks frow now.

    Thanks liz for such a nice blog, will review all the tips and topics.

  12. Thank you lizz,for urs special tips in ielts prparations.

  13. Amel GHANEM says

    Hello Madame, would you like to send me the answers please i can’t see them.thanks a lot.

  14. In which way I can improve speaking, could have any suggestion to speak live .

  15. than you madam.. its of immense help to learn new words and their synonyms

  16. Thanks Mam.

  17. Jasvinder Kaur says

    3 wrong .needs to be more focussed

  18. ebincharles says

    All my answers are correct, unfortunately it took extra 5 minutes to finish.

  19. Favoured
    Phased out
    Long Serving
    Yellow Feathered Friend

  20. Thank you Liz

  21. Thanks

  22. Thanks so much

  23. All my answers were correct. Thanks!

  24. Dear Liz,
    Thank you for your continuous coaching.
    My reading section is poor I am not getting desire score.
    Can you help me?

  25. mine are all right 😍

  26. Thanks mam

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