New IELTS Essay Topics for 2023

Below are new IELTS essay topics in 2023 for Writing Task 2. I’ve also included useful ideas for each topic so that you can prepare for your test more quickly.

The majority of essay questions you will get in IELTS writing task 2 will be recycled topics from previous years. This is because there are so many common topics to choose from. However, occasionally new topics are introduced which reflect our changing world and new current issues in society. I haven’t put the precise wording for the essay questions as IELTS often rephrase their essay questions using different wording.

To prepare fully for your test, you must also prepare ALL common essay questions. Please click here: 100 IELTS Essay Questions

In addition, please note that all the topics below can also appear in the speaking test as well (part 3).

2023 New IELTS Essay Topics with Useful Ideas 

These essay questions could appear in both the IELTS Academic and GT writing task 2 test. Please remember, these are topics with ideas so that you can use them and adapt them to the question in the test because questions will usually be paraphrased and tasks will vary from test to test.

  1. Essay Topic: Poor concentration due to social media
    • Short attention spans can affect us by not focusing on detail and poor performance at school or work
    • Pop up ads are intrusive and interrupt our focus
    • Temptation to chat on social media cuts into people’s concentration
    • Social media encourages a shorter attention spam with short punchy media, such as on TikTok and Instagram
    • Social media is all about excitement and pleasure viewing. Due to this we are training ourself to switch off from anything that isn’t offering pleasure and this impacts our ability to focus on work tasks.
      • Note: I’ll post a page with useful language for the topic of concentration in a few weeks as this topic is very common in the speaking test. 

2. Essay Topic: Children learn how to grow vegetables or farming

    • Growing vegetables and caring for livestock is part of essential life skills for a healthy future
    • As a species we should never forget our basic life skills for future survival
    • Homegrown vegetables have more nutrition which children should learn about
    • Vegetables can be grown on balconies as well as patios
    • It allows children to reconnect to nature which is important in a world where they are so focused on gadgets
    • This might encourage children to also take an interest in cooking, which is another essential life skill

3. Essay Topic: Taking risks in personal and professional life

    • + New challenges to keep people on their toes
      • “to keep people on their toes” – idiom – keep people alert and prepared for potential problems (an idiom suitable for WT2)
    • + Risks help us grow and learn new skills
    • + Life is always changing and full of risks so people should embrace this aspect of life rather than try to avoid it
    • – Risk can lead to negative consequences for individuals and families
    • – It is better to be safe than sorry
    • – Avoiding risk is the responsible thing to do
      • (note: this topic is very similar to the topic about “people who like change vs people who do not like change in their life” – that topic has been used for years by IELTS

4. Essay Topic: Streaming Films Online vs cinema

    • Streaming online is cheaper and more accessible
    • Streaming online is more enjoyable at home
    • Streaming online offers a wider choice of options
    • Cinema has better sound systems and bigger screens
    • Cinema allows you to share emotional responses with an audience
    • Cinema is a special experience for groups and couples

5. Essay Topic: Children & active or passive leisure activities

    • Active activities: sport, photography, hiking, camping
    • These activities help children get fresh air, build physical health, learn new skills and engage in socialising with others face to face.
    • Passive activities: reading, watching TV, social media
    • These activities help children gain insight, can be educational or inspirational, help children develop creativity and technological skills.

6. Essay Topic: Men’s and women’s sports shown on TV and social media

    • Traditionally most sports were male based so audiences are historically more attracted to male sports
    • Women’s sports are just as exciting as male sports
    • Women’s sports don’t often get the same amount of sponsoring from companies which impacts their sport
    • Women’s football already has large followings on social media

7. Essay Topic: Truth in people’s communication is most important

    • + Truth helps people develop honest, meaningful relationships
    • + Truth develops open communication instead of repressed relationships
    • + Without truth, there is only deceit which is toxic to relationships and erodes trust
    • + Truth leads to trust
    • – Social media encourages people to present a version of truth rather than the whole truth in order to impress others and create a particular impression – this can lead to misconception and lead others in the wrong direction
    • – Sometimes the truth can be hurtful and needs to be approached step by step rather than directly
    • – Some people are not ready to hear the whole truth
    • – Truth may be something that needs time to emerge in cases such as abuse or where someone may be at risk
    • – Truth sometimes has to be edited for children

8. Essay Topic: Sense of Community

    • + People used to know their neighbours well and have a sense of community
    • + Community meant that people took care of each other and looked out for one another
    • +/- Doctors and teachers used to live in the community and become leaders of the community but now they often live in other areas and play little part in the community as a whole
    • – Social media does not encourage relationships with neighbours but rather between people at a distance
    • – Online shopping means fewer people socialise whilst shopping locally
      • Note: a similar essay topic is one such as “adults should be required to do obligatory community service for a period of time”. That essay leans towards the benefits of community service vs time and obligation.

9. Essay topic: Graffiti on city walls

    • + Freedom of expression
    • + Some graffiti can be a work of art
    • + It creates a colourful environment in a drab urban setting (drab = dreary, dull, lifeless)
    • + Graffiti can stimulate creativity in others
    • + Graffiti can be cultural which benefits society
    • – It is often unregulated art
    • – Graffiti could contain indecent or violent images or words
    • – It could incite racism, hatred or political unrest

10. Vaping and Children (Predicted Topic)

    • Vaping was originally introduced to help smokers quit, but now vaping is becoming popular amongst people who never previously smoked.
    • Vaping can be addictive and their use has grown dramatically in the last five years, particularly in high school children
    • E-cigarettes are less harmful than normal cigarettes, but they do still contain harmful ingredients such as nicotine, flavourings and other chemicals
    • Vaping could lead to increase in asthma
    • Could lead to people choosing to take up smoking normal cigarettes later on
      • While this is only a predicted topic, it is something you can easily introduce into essays or into your speaking test as it is a current world issue

11. Organised Tours to Remote Places (Tourism)

    • + Travellers get to see places that are largely untouched by the modern world
    • + Remote places are steeped in culture and interest
    • + Remote places can benefit from a boost in their economy
    • – The culture in such places will be altered by so many tourists
    • – Such tourism can have a negative impact on the local eco system
    • With tourism comes the threat of pollution

12. Museums should focus on local works of art

    • + Focusing on local art exhibits means local artists are supported and encouraged
    • + Part of the task of a museum is conserving local history and culture so this should be their primary goal
    • + This is a way of promoting local culture and history to tourists which could benefit the economy of the country
    • – Many museums have international collections of art that people travel from around the world to see
    • – The history of some countries is interconnected with other countries and other cultures – history is not always confined within a boarder
    • – We now live in a global world and museums should reflect that

13. Values from family and parents play a greater role in future success than skills and knowledge from schools

  • + from parents we can learn discipline and the meaning of hard work which are vital for future success
  • + from family we can learn the value of determination and never giving up
  • – schools provide the building blocks of knowledge upon which our future hangs, such as reading, writing, comprehension, maths etc
  • – without education, most people would be reduced to menial work and success would be much harder to attain
  • – some careers require specific education and training without which success would be impossible

Useful Links:

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Note: IELTS do not use topics based on religion or politics because IELTS is non-political and non-religious . IELTS tests tend to aim for topics that reflect the world we live in by focusing on social issues and everyday issues that are more familiar and less emotional for people to write or speak about. So, please pay attention to which resources you use online when you prepare for your test and make sure you aren’t wasting your time preparing for topics that definitely won’t appear.

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  1. Hi, Liz! Voraciously consuming your page in preparation for my 2nd attempt. Thank you for the easy-to-follow IELTS content. Indeed, very helpful! Would like to share the question I got last week on Task 2:

    Nowadays public transport prices are rapidly increasing.
    Why do you think it is happening?
    How can this problem be solved?

    For the first question, it does require an opinion, right? I mistook the question as only asking for causes and solutions and failed to express/give my opinion. In retrospect, I regretted not analyzing the question very carefully before answering. Hoping to get my desired band next time.

    • Your task asks you for causes and solutions. You could easily say “I think the main reason that X is happening is because …” or you could write “The main reason X is happening is because …”. Both are fine. In this case it doesn’t matter. You’ve chosen your ideas and presented them. The problem with IELTS essays only comes when you are asked to choose and to present a clear position, but you fail to give any position at all. Failure to choose when you are asked to choose is the problem. So, don’t worry with cause solution essays – present them as you wish.

      • Thank you, Liz! I reviewed your tips carefully and focused on writing task 2 essays for a week before trying out again. From 6.5 on my 1st attempt to 7.5 on my next. The next topic I got was about children’s freedom nowadays, whether it is a positive or negative development. Thank you very much! I will keep recommending your page to my friends who will take IELTS.

        I pray that just as we’ve claimed victory over IELTS, you will emerge victorious in your fight against your disease. May God heal you and bless you!

        • Great to hear your news!! It’s wonderful to see someone push their writing score up like that. Very well done 🙂 And thanks for your support in my fight to win my health back – much appreciated.

  2. Hello Liz ,
    Thank you so much for sharing the new topic for IELTS. Hope , it Will help us.
    Get well Soon.

    • Glad it’s useful. Thanks 🙂

    • Hey liz,
      my task 2 qn was: constructing bigger roads may help to prevent traffic problems.
      what is your opinion?

      May i know what type of qn is this..i approached this as agree/ disagree type. In my answer i made it clear that even though i consider constructing bigger roads help to tackle the issue , people should be encouraged to use public transport. Is this the correct strategy.

      unfortunately, my writing score decreased from 7 to 6.5 this time. I don’t know the reason but i was sure that i wrote it better than my 1st attempt by following most of your suggestions.

      • It is an Opinion Essay. An opinion essay is the same as an agree disagree essay. Don’t get confused by the way teachers name essays. An opinion essay is one where IELTS present you with an opinion such as “some people think that constructing bigger roads may help to prevent traffic problems”. Your task is to decide if you agree, disagree or partially agree with the opinion given. You might have your own specific opinion.
        If you partially agree as you did, you would have one paragraph explaining the benefits of constructing bigger roads. Then you would have another paragraph explaining that bigger roads is only one solution and more public transport is needed as well. Both ideas would need a separate paragraph and full explanation. IELTS essays are not just about what ideas you have, they are also about how you present them, how you connect them and how you explain them.
        Another possible issue with your essay is your choice of ideas. If bigger roads will reduce traffic congestion, encouraging people to use public transport probably isn’t of vital importance because you no longer have congestion. This doesn’t mean you can’t use this idea, but it does mean you need to address this. Having ideas isn’t enough for a high score. You need to think your ideas through and address them in a way that makes sense. So, you might want to address the point that even widening roads won’t be effective enough and needs to be in conjunction with improving public transport, and encouraging people to use it. The higher the band score, the more you have properly thought through your ideas.
        I’ll post a model answer for this essay shortly so you can compare it to your own.
        And don’t forget that your overall writing score also includes task 1 which is one of the main reasons people struggle to push their score above band 7. Many people think that because task 1 is only 33% of their marks, they won’t focus on it. But 33% can actually have a huge effect on your overall score.

        • Huge thanks Liz for your reply and effort to put a model answer for the qn.

          I got a letter qn asking to address the manager of the company to tell him about the how the employees felt about the foreign language course given by the company to them. Also asked to request for more such classes and suggest the available time to join them.
          In a rush i concluded it with the designation yours sincerely (bcz my salutation was Dear Mr, Robert Peterson). I thought that i addressed the manager by name then it could be considered as an informal letter. Should i have written yours faithfully instead? I worry it might affected my band score bcz i have framed my essay structure as that you have stated above.

          • You used the correct sign off. We use “Yours sincerely” when we know the name of the person we are writing to, for example “Dear Mr Smith”. We use “Yours faithfully” when we don’t know they name and in which case we might start “Dear Sir”. An informal letter is usually to a friend. We might start “Dear John” or “Hi John” and sign off “All the best” or “Take care” – something friendly and informal.
            Just because you knew the manager’s name “Mr Robert” does not mean it is informal. He is your manager, not your friend. It is a work related letter, not a letter related to a social party. So, relax, you did it right. Here’s a link for others to my essential tips for letter writing for IELTS General Training Writing Task 1:
            Good luck with your results!

  3. Chioma Stella okechukwu says

    Thank you so much

  4. Aanal Modi says

    Madam,You are the best mentor i have ever seen Despite being ill ,you are keen on helping students .I appreciate your dedication and mentor .Get well soon.Love from India 🇮🇳.

  5. Asagbra says

    Thanks !

    • You’re welcome 🙂

      • Siraj says

        Dear Liz
        Today I had IELTS general training test, so I would like to share topic of writing task 2 for your useful website, if possible please post a sample answer for the below topic

        Fast food is a part of life in many place. Some people think this has bad effects in lifestyle and diet. Do you agree or disagree?

  6. Elizabeth says

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you for the topics and the outline. You really make writing task 2 seem easy.

    • You’re welcome 🙂

      • Siraj says

        Dear Liz
        Today I had IELTS general training test, so I would like to share topic of writing task 2 for your useful website, if possible please post a sample answer for the below topic

        Fast food is a part of life in many place. Some people think this has bad effects in lifestyle and diet. Do you agree or disagree?

        • Thanks for sharing 🙂 Hope your test went well 🙂

          • Just now wrote this; please liz guide me on this. As I am going have my GT Ielts on coming weekend, InshAllah.
            Many modern societies have normalized the concept of fast food. Mostly, people eat fast food as their routine diet. In this essay I will write my view point regarding negative impact of fast food in lifestyle and diet.

            I strongly believe that fast food is a reason of bad eating habit. As it is instantly ordered or cooked food with unmeasurable quantity of unhealthy ingredients, people usually don’t need to hustle or think before eating. This results in nonserious behavior towards the healthy eating style.

            Secondly, fast food also influences the unwell way of living. For instant, if an irregular food is being eaten on a frequent basis will consequently result in illness and suffering. Therefore, people tend to end up in hospitals and so their lifestyle gets disturbed and miserable.

            On the contrast, many people argue that fast food is good and easy to eat. They think like eating fast food is a part of modern era and brings them a social status. As far as I am concerned, I think they are unaware that this easiness and modernization will ultimately cause them illness and laziness. Because, they have become so much habitual of eating such type of edibles that they cannot think or realize further.

            In conclusion, fast food makes a person unhealthy and ruins their lifestyle. In a way that people start to possess wrong eating choices and start to have health conditions after eating swiftly made food. In my opinion awareness of balanced diet should be encouraged across the globe.

  7. Nkiru says

    Are these the ways that Essays are sent in IELTS exams ,the bullet points under the main topic are we to use them to develop points that is paraphrasing them?

    • These are essay topics, not questions. If you go to the links I provided to the 100 essay questions, you’ll see examples of questions for most topics. Essay questions are great to practice with at home: But you can’t possibly practice so many essay questions in full. Instead, you practice with as many questions as you can and the rest you tackle as just topics by preparing useful ideas you can use.
      Above, I have provided some of the new topics that have appeared in the test this year and provided you with ideas you can use in your essays. You will adapt those ideas depending on how the essay question is rephrased and depending on the task given. As I explained on the page, IELTS like to change the task and change the wording which is why your preparation needs to be flexible.
      If you wish to see model essays for different types of tasks for writing task 2, see this page for model essays and more tips:

  8. Hi liz , can we write “a survey conducted by the department the UK depicted that 45 % of people fo not respect their elders ” in task 2 of writing module

    • The examiner has no interest in data or numbers in writing task 2 essays and no interest in studies or research. None of that will boost your score. Instead, explain your points and illustrate them using a range of good language:
      “the majority of younger people nowadays seem to lack respect for their elders compared to previous generations”.
      “the majority” is better English than “75%”. Alternatively, “almost half of all young people” is better English than “45%”. Writing task 1 is about data in the academic test, but task 2 is not.
      Also expand your sentence by adding comparatives to previous generations to show the examiner more language skills.

  9. Andreia says

    Thank you for your lesson.
    I would like to learn the vocabulary that you published (very useful material, for me) concerning crimes, punishments, etc .. but the page is protected.
    If it’s possible, please, to give me the permission to copy that page?
    For free or with a paiement?
    Thank you very much for your answer!
    Best regards,
    Andreia ,

    • Sorry, my website doesn’t allow coping. The act of making notes is part of language learning. The more you use the language both in writing and speaking, the quicker you will learn it.

  10. Motsebo Barnabas Nono says

    Thank you very much mam . Your lessons have inspired and encouraged me to take the IELTS test . But I have a problem, I can’t really figure out how to create a link in task 2 general writing.

  11. Parisa says

    Such a wonderful topics, thank you so much dear Liz

  12. Akash says

    Hi Liz,

    I got my IELTS GT score today, and I wanted to thank you. I am so grateful for your website. While I had practiced Listening and Reading tests before, I ended up havinvg barely 1 day to prepare for the Writing (including familiarising myself with the format for GT) and Speaking owing to my sudden work demands. Your platform was instrumental in supporting me, especially with the Writing. During Speaking, I became a tad nervous, and I thought that had messed up, but that was just the post-exam fear.

    My IELTS GT result: Overall 8.5 (L8.5, R8.5, W8.0 and S8.5). I had taken IELTS Academic back in 2019 but my Writing and Speaking bands back then were lower (Overall 8 with L9, D9, W7 and S7.5).

    I currently reside in Australia, and I wanted to add the topics I had in my writing in case they may help someone else.
    – Task 1 was a formal letter to a teacher asking for reference. Prompts included why I’m writing to this particular teacher, the details of the job and why I think I’m fit for the role.
    -Task 2 was a two-question essay. It suggested that nowadays different generations in a family spend less time doing activities together. What is/are the reason(s)? Is this a positive or negative development?

    Your tips on introduction paragraph writing and paragraph structuring helped me immensely. I established technology as the reason and took my stance on this gap causing a negative impact. In paragraph 1, I talked about how technology causes this from the older generations perspective. In paragraph 2, I used smart phones and social media as the technology advancements to suggest how gaps arise from the younger generations’ side. In paragraph 3, I establish how it negatively affects the development families and the community as a whole. Finished it up with the conclusion starting with “to conclude” just like you’ve recommended. If I hadn’t watched your content, I would’ve tried to be unnecessarily fancy, and lost points.

    Again, I am truly grateful for your website, and all the work you’ve put into it.

    • Great results!! And I’m so pleased to see how you’ve improved. I’m glad you kept your essay focused – this is what IELTS writing task 2 is all about – focused and relevant sentences, each one serving a purpose. Thanks for sharing your writing tasks, it’s always useful to keep up-to-date. Wishing you all the best in your future 🙂

    • Hi Akash , I’m about to take my IELTS GT test please it would be of great help to me if you could help me with some questions and guidance

  13. Grace Koobokile says

    Thank you Liz,ur teachings are more easier and understandable 🙏

  14. SOMESY says

    it seems that these topics do not have the task

    • Tasks can be altered in the same way that essay questions can be recorded. Don’t expect questions and task to appear the same in the test. This is the reason you need to prepare ideas for topics which you then adapt to the question and task.

  15. Jidhu mohan says

    Thank you mam for helping us ,from my bottom of heart your lessons give me more confidence to prepare my ielts exam…

    • You’re welcome 🙂

      • welcome back Liz. Hope you are feeling much better now. Happy to see you back again. waiting for more videos . ❤️❤️😍

        • Thanks. I’m still struggling but I’m going to try and post up posts more regularly if possible. Fingers crossed 🙂 It’ll take me longer to make videos though.

  16. Sujitha says

    helpful website

  17. Fidelia says

    Thank you very much Liz. for those topics. I hope you are fine and strong again.

  18. Julita Mwai Bota says

    Thank you Liz,this email is so helpful.

  19. pradeepa ruwanthi jayawickrama says

    Thank you very much.

  20. Shazia says

    Hi Liz , could you make video on music , history and comedy movie topics for IELTS speaking test ( part 2) ? How to tackle these topics ?

    • Sure, I’ll add them to my list of videos to make but as I’m still sick, it’ll be a while before I can make videos again. I do intend to get back to video making whenever I can.

  21. Hi liz,
    Am very happy to be one of your student.May God bless you and your family for the good heart.Thanks Thanks


  22. Priscilla says

    Much appreciated Liz. Your ideas are really helpful in opening up one’s mind

  23. Rukum Tamata says

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  24. Somia khaliq says

    you are hope and inspiration of many of us.

  25. Thank you so much

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