Model Answer for Spendings Table

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I have posted the model answer with a list of tips for you on the original page. Click here:

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  1. Hi Liz good day. I did the IELTS Academic test today and surprising one of your model Answers on table and pie charts came word for word in the writing task that is the ones representing information on the importation of fish from Canada, china and others. Though I’m a little bit demoralized that I didn’t revise it however your efforts are not in vain at least may be it hlped others somewhere thanks.

  2. Hi!!!thank you for giving a model answer.i was unable to do this are the best teacher with lots of patience…

  3. Fatemeh Kamyab says

    I will be greatly appreciated if someone could throw the line into if there is any difference between “provided that and providing” . It would be necessary that I mention the fact that I know we could omit “that”. just my specific question is about the difference between the application of them .
    provided that

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