May 2018 IELTS Writing Task 2 Model Essay

Below are two IELTS model essays for May 2018 in writing task 2. There is one essay for the Academic test and one for the General Training test. You can all benefit from both of them.

IELTS Essay Question May 2018

Caring for children is very important for our society. Therefore all mothers and fathers should take a childcare training course. To what you extent agree or disagree?

IELTS Model Essay 2018

It is thought that all parents should attend a childcare training course in order to properly understand how to bring up their children. In my opinion, while I agree that parents should learn about childcare, it is not realistic to have mandatory childcare training courses for all parents.

Firstly, it is certainly essential that parents learn the basics of childcare, particularly in the early months and years when they first have a child. Understanding a baby’s needs and the possible medical problems that can arise is essential for the baby’s safety. Without such knowledge they could easily put their baby at risk or not be ready to respond to critical situations in the right way.

However, although childcare is important, it would be practically impossible to have obligatory childcare training courses for all parents due to the large number of new parents each year. For example, there are over half a million children born annually in the UK at present which means that over 750,000 parents would have to attend a childcare training course each year. Both the large scale and cost of such a training course makes this option very difficult to implement.

Finally, a more practical solution to teaching parents, therefore, would be to provide easily accessible information on a website with a free online video training course. This would ensure all parents have access to the necessary information at a fraction of the cost. This would also allow parents to decide which information is useful and still bring up their children according to their own culture or religion.

In conclusion, it is best to provide a free video training course and website which is cheap to make and accessible to all parents rather than a training course which parents need to attend in person.

IELTS Essay Question May 2018 (GT)

Some people believe that travelling within a city is better by car while some other think bicycle is a better means. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

IELTS Model Answer May 2018 (GT)

People hold different opinions about whether a car or a bicycle is the best form of transport in a city. I believe within the city centre a bicycle is best, but a car is better if someone must travel further.

On the one hand, it is commonly thought that a car is the best option for transport in a city as it offers great comfort in terms of seating, air conditioning and other features. A further reason for people preferring cars is that they can easily transport a number of people at the same time and is especially safe for children. Cars are, moreover, time effective. being able to cover long distances in less time.

On the other hand, bicycles are healthier options for getting around a city centre according to some. The majority of people lead a sedentary life style with little or no exercise which can cause serious health problems. This is often due to the lack of time available in their daily routine for exercise. By using a bicycle to travel, people will get the necessary physical activities without any inconvenience.

Finally, in my opinion, bicycles are certainly an asset in a city centre where traffic jams are frequent. They can pass through congestion with minimal effort and offer health benefits. However, if a person lives in the suburbs, the most logical option would be a car for travelling longer distances into the city centre, particularly with more than one person to transport.

In conclusion, both bicycles and cars offer advantages depending on whether the travel is only with the city centre or outside the centre. However, for families travelling together, a car will always be the best option.


These essays are possibly longer than essays you might aim to write in your real test. There is no actual upper word limit for IELTS writing task 2. However, there is a time limit which will prevent you writing a long essay. Also errors will lower your score. This means you should aim for quality rather than quantity. Most people will aim for between 270 and 290 in writing task 2.

To learn more about the length of your essay, click here: Tips on IELTS Essay Length  If you would like to see more tips on writing task 2, click here: IELTS Writing Task 2 Tips, Info and Answers

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  1. Hello Liz, I tried to write my points but I found that I do not write like your ideas. I am afraid that I do not understand the first question?
    This is my points.
    Talking childcare training course will make having knowelge how to treat your child well and that can leads to have a well-mannered children.
    Children will not become dependent on thier society or thier family.
    Children will not have a diffcult childhood, so there will an evidence decrease of commiting crime.

    Not all people can have an appority to this course for thier poverty or thier work. Ex, people who do not have too much salery.
    Some people do not have time to attend.
    People can learn from their parents or the grandparents help the baby or child to learn new things.

  2. Elitebook8470p says

    Hi Liz, I wonder if it is OK to use ideas from model answers to write essays in the real exam. Does it count as memorizing?

  3. sendhuragan says

    Hi Liza,

    A quick doubt in the essay of undertaking a childcare training course. The question is to what extent you agree or disagree. But your 4th Para & the Conclusion has given a suggestion. But the question does not ask for a suggestion right?
    I am confused on this.

    Please clear by doubt.

  4. Kulbeer Sandhu says

    Thank you mam it was really a great help to me and my exam is on 19 July. Can you provide me some help in reading.
    Thank you

  5. Anmol sharma says

    Dear Liz, can you give me overview points if i post my topic in comment.?

  6. Just finished my speaking yesterday did well
    Part 1/ where do you live? House or flat
    Part2 /describe a quite place
    Part 3 /questions realted to quite places

  7. Thanku mam your tips are really useful

  8. Hello Liz,
    Thanks for your tips. I’ve improved greatly in my WT. Is it advisable to use statistical analysis in WT2?


    • You are not marked on your use of statistics and stats do not increase your score in task 2. You would get a higher score by using language to describe how many people, for example “the overwhelming majority of people” or “very few people”.

  9. Paramjeet sidhu says

    june 2 Academic
    Writing task 2 :- some people use internet to get advice about health issues instead of seeing doctors
    why it is
    is it good or bad development?
    Task 1 :- exports received by three Latin American Countries in 2004
    fav season
    weather related jobs
    mood affect on work

  10. Hey liz
    How important will it be, if we quote any examples in above essays.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Please respond I have booked a test.

  11. Диёра says

    Hi Liz!
    What are the most important techniques and things which evaluates at marking our task 2 essay

  12. Hello Liz ………You are doing a great work . I always appreciative your work . Thanks a lot for providing us such a helpful study material for ielets preparation.

  13. Chibuzor says

    Please Liz,
    I am still waiting for the answer for the question I asked.

  14. Harlinder maan says

    Dear Liz, can we write a single sided essay if our topic is To what extent do you agree or disagree. A

  15. Hello Liz, this is my first time here, and i would like to hear a feedback from you about my answer on one of your posted questions. Hoping that i could get a band 7 and up. Thank you!

    Caring for children is very important for our society. Therefore all mothers and fathers should take a childcare training course. To what you extent agree or disagree?

    Parenting is an important task to be done fro our society. Parents need to have skills and knowledge about childcare. However, I firmly believe that a childcare training course is not necessary to learn the parenting stuffs.

    The main responsibility of parents is to care for their children, this responsibility entails a lot of understanding and knowledge. For, instance, a growing child in every milestone have different needs, and his/her parent must be responsible to know these needs, otherwise a conflict in parenting will arise. However, this concept does not need to be learn form a childcare training course. Lessons about basic understanding of growth and development on children is available in many forms of media. Enrolling in a childcare training course will only add up to the family’s expenses.

    In our society, what children needs are nurturance and love from their parents. These things are important for a child to have a positive development and growth. For example, an infant in the family should be cuddled and provided with sense of security, in order for her to grow with trust on her surroundings. Nurturance and love will no be learned in a childcare training course, instead it stems from the heart of every responsible mother and father.

    In conclusion, child care is an important role to be played by parents. The basic foundation of childcare is nurturance and love from a parent. These acts will not be gained in a childcare training course, thus I believe that it is not necessary that parents should take part of this course.

  16. hi liz
    I find the academic task 1 hard. how can I improve it? can you give me some good advise and technique ? thank you for all your help

  17. Angelina says


  18. Liz. Can we discuss both views and gave our opinion for one side. Like I prefer to opt for cycles than cars?

    I was provided the same question in Exam. I discussed both sides and provided my opinion that cycles are better option than cars.

    Please advise.

  19. Good day Liz. Thank you for all the work you are doing. I believe your website is a gem!

    In your experience, have writing subjects been repeated so far? Do you often see the same subject for writing letter or essay? Does this apply to speaking?

    Thank you

    • It is possible to get the same essay question, but it isn’t comment. However, it is common to get the topic. This means topics are repeated but questions are changed. For speaking, the topics and questions remain the same for a few months before they are changed – the examiner has a long list to choose from.

  20. Sukhpreet Singh says

    Hello mam,
    please help me because i don’t get 6 or 6:5 band in writing. I gave many time ielts exam and in my institute my teacher say me that i need vocabulary in my writing but i don’t know how i improve my vocabulary.
    Please tell me so that i get 6 or 6:5 band in writing
    I am waiting for your answer…

  21. Dear Liz, I´m not sure, but I think, there is a tiny error : ” To what you extend agree or disagree”. / To what extent you agree or disagree. A.

  22. Hello mam as you said Firstly, SEcondly… this vocabulary is for Band 6 Then plz suggest us other or alternate words to get maximum bands. i saw your vocabulary page and there same words are mentioned.
    Thank you Mam

  23. Hello mam! Although you have clarified it’s not a solution but just an alternative method i still doubt how is it justified to write another way as your opinion in introduction doses not say anything about it

    • I said that the training course was not realistic. This means the examiner will know that I will explain this fully. I will explain why it is not realistic and probably also offer something that is. I have shown the direction my opinion will take. That is enough for band score 9.

  24. matthew matibiri says

    thank you so much madame Liz,you are really helping

  25. SurindeSingh Badhan says

    Very nice liz .can we partially agree in our opinion .in conclusion,can we add that people who afford the traning should do that.

    • That would be a new point. I have not discussed in the essay about some people having the money and some people not. So, if you want to put that in the conclusion, you need to change the body paragraphs to include that content. When my body paragraph talks about the cost – this is the cost to the government to set up and run the training program for nearly 1 million people each year.

  26. Olubunmi says

    Hi Liz,

    Is it compulsory for one to write a background statement in the introduction before paraphrasing the thesis or one can just paraphrase the thesis statement and state one’s opinion?

    • There are no rules in IELTS about this. It is a usual recommendation. It is not logical to miss it. The examiner will be marking you on cohesion and this is part of that – it holds the essay together. It helps the reader understand the issues you are addressing. The thesis, then, provides your answer to the issues.

      • Hi
        I gave my exam on 12th May
        Task two question; some think prison is the most common punishment for criminals,others think education is an effective way so they do not become crininals in first place.To what extent you agree or disagree
        I just followed your advance lesson pattern and included topic sentences as:employment,social skills and train in money managment

        • It’s certainly fine. However, for this question I would have gone with a balanced view: major crimes must be punishable by prison sentences – minor crimes not. Both need re-educating and rehabilitating. I’m not sure how training in money management would help a murderer – it depends how you presented your ideas.

  27. hlo mam,
    if i write firstly, secondly,thirdly and finally in writing task 2, is it too common?

  28. Harpreet says

    Dear Liz,

    I have been following you since I came across this IELTS….Really appreciate and admire the way you help people like us and on the same time I adore you for giving the best IELTS training across the globe

  29. Thanks for the model answers but I am confused. Please between “On the one hand” and “on one hand” which is correct?

  30. Hi Liz
    I’ve test tomorrow. I’m very nervous about my speaking section 2 topic. If In case they ask me about sports and recent event related with sports, I’m sure I’m going to get nothing!!
    I don’t have any idea about sports and interesting part is that I ever watch sports. So please help me

    • Do you mean that there is no sport at all that you would like to do? For example, scuba diving and seeing all the fish under the sea? Would you not like to ride a horse through beautiful countryside? In part 2, you can expand in any way you want. If your topic is a sport, then talk about a number of sports you would like to try. Aslo talk about sports for your children or future children. Also add information about dangerous sports that you think should be banned. Your topic is sport – add anything you want to your talk. Does that help you?

      • Thank you Liz
        Your ideas are really appreciable.
        But my concern is about the recently watched sports in tv or live!! I don’t not watch any sports. If questions are asked about in part 2 what should I’ve to do? Any clue?

        • I have told you. You need to stick with the main topic of sport – that’s all. Just say “I don’t watch or like live sports” Explain why and then expand with the ideas I have told you. Again – your ideas are not marked in IELTS speaking.

  31. May I write in conclusionn of second essay to exchange the sentence ” However, for unhealthy persons, cycle will always be the best option for the mode of transportation “

    • You can’t write that because it is a different opinion to the whole essay. The information in the conclusion must be the SAME as the view in the essay. If you change the view in the conclusion, you must change the whole essay.

  32. What is the passing grade?some say it 6 is that true

    • There is no such thing as a passing grade in IELTS. Each person is taking IELTS for a different purpose and requires a different band score.

  33. In the first essay you have presented a solution regards online training course. I think the question is not asking about any solution for. Could you please clarify that way you have elaborated the practical solution?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • It asks if you agree with a training course for all adults. I have said I do not fully agree and explain what my opinion is for training parents. This is a normal way of expanding and fully developing the issue. It is 100% good for IELTS opinion essays. This is not a solution. It is an alternative form of teaching parents.

      • Ameet Kumar says

        Thank you madam for your crystal clarification. Mostly, I also go with partial agreement when it is the matter of what extend. This is really a good way to expand the answer and getting more ideological arguments.

  34. Faizi Ali says

    Thank you so much for an essay . I had the same essay topic in my 12th May paper …

  35. is it ON ONE HAND or ON THE ONE HAND?

  36. Great model answers! Please keep up the good work! Best regards.

  37. Anasthasia says

    Hello Liz,
    Thank you for sharing these sample answers.
    I sat for test in April 26th. Task 1 was easy and clear and got this question for task 2: the key solution to environmental problems is for the current generation to live a less comfortable life to benefit the future generation. To what extent do you agree?
    The question looks super easy and i was aware it included effects but I have gotten 6.5 which is a real deception to me since I got 9 in listening 8.5 in speaking 8 in reading. I know I have written vocab related to the environment I’ve Tried to vary my sentence structure -wrote different types of sentence structures )conditional, relative clauses, etc. and used cohesive devices wherever needed.
    I would love it if you can post a sample answer for this task. I really want to know what I did wrong.
    Ps: all my friends’ score also ranged between 5 and 6.5 for the same exam question.

    • This question isn’t so easy to answer because of the way it is written. Some students just write about solving environmental problems. But this is about the current generation of convenience. Instead this is about out current generation doing without certain things in order to benefit a future generation. Each body paragraph must relate to this issue. What points did you write and how did you expand them?

  38. Hi Liz,
    I often read that every paragraph in writing task 2 should have one central idea. But, you have mentioned more than one. Can we do like this?

    • I have one central idea in each paragraph with supporting points and additional information. All information expands and develops the main point.

      • Hi Liz,
        In second paragraph of second model answer, I think you have mentioned 4 ideas about benefits of cars.
        First, It offers great comfort……..
        Second, Afurther reason…….easily transport a number of people
        Third, safe for children…….
        Fourth, Time effective……..
        Pls make my doubts clear. Are they different ideas or expansion of one idea?

  39. RUPAK GUPTA says

    In academic essay you have written the same idea in conclusion and body paragraph 2 . So exam er will consider it repetition of idea and won’t give more than 6.5 band.

  40. Thanku so much Liz you are so great 🙂

  41. Thank you Mam

  42. Hi, Liz,About childcare essay, it’s an opinion essay. The third body para is given as a solution. Is it a correct format?

    • It is about an alternative to the training course for parents. This is called a partial view. I do not fully agree with their idea. I explain why I don’t agree and I explain an alternative course – which is online. No student should do a partial agreement (balanced view) for an opinion essay unless they have been trained.

  43. Nice detail Liz

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