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Lets take a look at the questions below. The growth of e-books is a popular topic in both IELTS writing task 2 and speaking. You can find more questions about reading and books on this page: IELTS Essay Questions Reading and you can find over 100 essay questions to practise on this page: 100 IELTS Essay Questions


  1. What problems can e-books cause for libraries?
  2. Will libraries one day cease to exist?


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  1. Fatehali M balya says

    Writing task 2

    Some people believe that the physical fitness of strong individuals and teams is the reason for most sports achievements. Others, however, think that mental attitude is more important.
    Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


    There is no denying that sports achievements are the result of hard work, intelligence, and strong commitment. Some people think that the physical fitness of players play a key role to win the match, while others say that mental attitude is more significant. Let us examine both views by reaching a concrete decision.

    There are many points to support physical fitness is important for victory. Firstly, a player, who have physical fitness can maintain his/her stamina during playing. In addition, they can utilize their organs in order to win the game and can put enough efforts. Secondly, physical fitness is worthwhile for the team. If sportsperson’s health is physically fit, he/she can play forever and use to play in anytime, for instance, some players have the ability to play cricket on the rainy days.

    However, there are various reasons, why few people claim that the mental appearance is vital. Positive attitude focuses on to meet the possibilities of winning and capabilities to overcome pressures in critical moments. If players have the right mentality, they can frame the game plan and can compete with competitors. For an example, Mahendra Singh Dhoni always plays with planned strategies to win the match and allow his team to get a victory.

    In conclusion, both the statements have their own Impotence, but I believe that a positive attitude is a primary requirement to win, which were powerful in presence of the fit body.

    What band can we expect?

  2. It won’t be wrong to say that an E-book is juat a few clicks away from the reader. With the advent of internet and high speed connectivity, it’s esaier to access and read books anywhere and anytime, without the hustle of carrying an actual book. Readers can read E-books on computers,laptops, tablets and even on their smart phones. They can download and delete the books at their convenience without having to worry about the physical space that the books would otherwise occupy. Whereas, a large the libraries require a large amount of space to store books which might seem unnecessary. Also, not many people would prefer going to the libraries to borrow a book when they can read the same on their phones or laptops. With the majority of readers peferring e-books, can cause problems for libraries which might seem unnecessary.

    With the ease of availability and convenience, it won’t be wrong to say that libaries might seem to exist. As the entire world may someday go digital,renouncing the use og pen and paper altogether. It’s not uncommon these days to see students use laptops and their tablets to take notes over the tradition papaer and pen. It might soon be a reality where, the libaries will be deemed a thing of past and the use of books non-existant.

  3. Today, there is a growing concern about the role of libraries amidst of technological advancements. E-books which stands for electronic book can be purchased and read through computers, laptops and even in smart phones. These has become a popular alternative to printed books especially to young generation. It offers great convenience as it can be access anywhere with the use of the internet. In addition, the price of e-books are more inexpensive than printed ones. One good reason why young people are very attracted to this kind of reading material. In consequence, libraries receive less patronage particularly from young people. However, although affected by the existing trend, libraries will continue to operate as it will always be a hub for collective knowledge and information that are not easily find in the internet. Moreover, such places offer environment conducive for concentration ideally for learning. Therefore, with the advent of technological developments, libraries will continue to co-exist equipped with vast knowledge written on hard copies which still gain preference to certain group of population.

  4. Worlidwide, avilability of e-books are significantly increasing and this allows easy access to them so they prefered by the reader over the hard copies. This could minimises the usage of libriries. Morever, the cost of soft copy is cheaper than the hard copy which makes the e-book more attractive.

  5. E-books owing to their luxuries of instant access,low weight ,greater storage capacity,and mostly low cost coupled with easy mobility on ports on entry/exit, can lead to a fall in number of visitors to the libraries.
    Due to low library members , maintenance cost may go high and remaining members may feel insecure regarding the future of library and withdraw
    Traditional libraries may need to change their basic format and make new sections for E-libraries and buy e-books for their customers

    Problems caused by E-books may be considerably significant transiently during its flurry however libraries will never vanish due to their role as sources of old and big non-digital book collections as well as a source of peace and harmony where an in depth reader still loves to stay to enjoy and absorb the content of any book he/she may love.

  6. One of the Slower burning argument in the digital realm concern the role of e-books with in public library system . Most of the arguments has centered around Digital Rights Management ( DRM) use. Librarians and Patrons hate DRM. Publisher and writers reluctantly need it.
    A physical book that is popular , perhaps a long – standing winner ward will have to replace time to time. The wear and tear of being a library book is massive. This means additional sales for writers and publishers. if it is a very popular book, whether in stacks or at the front of the library on display , the library might end up stocking multiple copies with that title to better serve the demand from reader. Again boon for writers and publishers.

    In the past , when libraries had better funding , this system was acceptable. Now though when it comes to ebook, they are finding difficult. Being multiple copies of an ebook or having to replace one that has been limited a numbers of users through DRM , is something that might not be in the budgets.

    A well know authors “Shiv Khera”will sell ebooks to library , but they set a limit that their titles can only circulate 30 times.

    There are still many individuals ,Perfer to visit library and read physical books over electronic ones. Additionally library has to offer mild atmosphere where patrons can socializing with like minded reader. By looking the need of library by these group of people attitude, it would be next to impossible to say that library will extinct in the near future

  7. e-books and the millions stolen copies of books which are spread widely online are reducing libraries impact and its prestigious influence that once was recognised in our world.
    Such a problem should not be put upon libraries to blame , it’s the life conditions and the routine restrictions that make the habit of spending a regular time at a library ,for gaining knowledge, almost impossible and can be hardly convenient.
    E-books coped with our fast-track lifestyles and provided us with a sense of accessibility that we don’t find in treating with libraries ; with e-books we can find any book we want at any time.
    I don’t think libraries will ever disappear . Although they are not adapting well with the world’s demands and they might not get as many customers as they used to have in the past , they will always remain the places where our information inheritage lays and where our ancestors’ handwritings takes place.
    In my opinion , libraries will serve a different ambition other than displaying thoughts , facts and data ; I think they will be transferred into museums in which people can see the background of their current information in its paper version , just as we currently look at our ancestors’ crafts in caves and stones.

  8. With regards to e-books issues one can say that, technology have changed a lot nowadays.people are no long wants to stand on the queue in the library waiting to borrow’s now very easy to access anykind of book you want through internet.and this method is easy and cheach. however, libralies according to my understanding are not going to despear.first some people has their own understanding about library.for instance some people believe that its a good way to have had copy of book, others has eyes issues in reading internet’s also a good ideas for children.


    E-books cause a great hit to the traditional libraries. The problems include decreasing members in the libraries due to the online books available so that it helps the readers to read books in the free time available in their daily chores of work.Other issue is the financial crisis in the libraries due to the decreased membership into the libraries.
    Libraries will nearly cease to exist because e-books will decrease the importance of the libraries. there are many library going lovers who are fond of the peaceful environment that it gives which enables them to go into the depth of knowledge and wisdom. It also has the widespread of ancient literature which are not even available online. Though e-books have merits it also has demerits that would harm the health of the individual.So the complete closing of the libraries may not happen in our future were the people are more intrested in the ecofriendly nature.

  10. It is true that libraries, nowadays are replaced by e-gadget laboratories. It is because e-books and many other electronic devices have facilitated the process of reading, being portable, compact and with many other benefits like dictionary look ups etc. On the other hand, it is undeniable fact that the traditional way of reading books and the libraries will continue to possess their own significance as the researches, references and criticism works are handicapped without them.

  11. E book is effective now a days as it is easy to use, whenever needed as well as where ever people want. So it affects definitely to library. As we know that every one wants further education , so they prefer e-book and able to study in working area as well when they get free time . On the other libraries is good for those people who have more time to spend in study . They can prefer so many books at a time and enjoy their study as there is a quite and peaceful environment which helps to concentrate in study .

  12. Ruksana Shaukat says

    In my opinion handling electronic items for reading materials will lose the beauty of books and due to this the libraries will not exists as people will not go there to read the books.

  13. 1.0 Electronic books definitely can create threat to the library. Firstly, it limit the number of visitors to the library as they have all kinds of books in their personal laptop or smartphone to read. Secondly, it would lead to loss of revenue for library especially private library due to decreasing number of subscriber to the library.
    2.0 I personally believe that it would be difficult to project that one day technology inform of online books would replaced the need of physical library. There are still many individuals, techno savvy, prefer to visit library and read physical books over electronic ones. They are aware of the health related disadvantages of electronic media, for example effect on eyesight over long term watching to the computer screen. Additionally, library has to offer tranquil atmosphere which is combustible to reading and socializing with like minded readers. By looking a the need of library by these group of people attitude, it would be next to impossible to say that library will extinct in the near future.

  14. MD Mahabub Alam says

    Answer of question 1:
    As world is developing day by day, people want to experience of new things, for this reason they prefer to use new technology.
    E- book is discovered as new . Since it has made easier for reader than library, its will decrease the reader of library because not only people can collect books what they want but also read anywhere even anytime that’s why people will lose interest to go library . Even the employees will lose their job, which will effect on economic .

    Answer of question 2:
    Library will never closed in future because there are many people who are fans of library. It’s a place only for reading Even it’s a institution where people can meet with educated person , some library are history of word for this reason it won’t lose popularity in future, Even old and child’s will make an important role in future

  15. In my opinion, e-books usage is taking over the libraries due to technologies but to some extent libraries cannot be replaced and will exist forever.

  16. Thanks mam a lot

  17. I think nowadays people are changed her lifestyle. And technologys are changed exactly sometimes I think books is helps to me lot during travelling and outside. I usually prefer ebooks

  18. Regarding the effect of e book on the libraries, it is clear that e book negatively affected the flow of people to the libraries ,because the e books are cheap and easily accessible and also because of widespread of internet and computerized PDF books
    However I think that e book will not totally replace the traditional book , there effect may lead to major decline in the libraries numbers , but in my point of view it will not replace it totally

  19. Narges dashti says

    With the advent of electronic books disperate aspects of teaching and learning have undergone several changes.The trace of electronic books also can be seen in libraries . But, akin many development they can render some demerits.Firstly, e-books may be deemed as a threat to physical books since they can include more information in less space .Secondly, the former generations do not possess enough literacy to use these types of books so they would be serve of smaller fraction of people.Finally, libraries May be exposed to danger of disappearing by virtue the fact that using books by comfort of homes is more pleasurable . But not withstanding above mentioned potential hazards digital books can be subjects to , they cannot take the traditional rule of libraries .the paramount rule of libraries as a socialisation places as well as being source of enriched books are subjects which will assure the libraries’ footing.

  20. Today’s generation is more inclined towards technology. Readers have option to study online or buying hard copies of books.As people are getting busy in there daily chores, they have started readings fiction or nonfiction books online from internet or online libraries.Not even professional, youngsters are also using Kindle or I pad. However, some students prefer to go in library and opt for studying from hard copies.

    In schools, pupil have library and they utilized library not only borrowing books, but also the place to sit in silence to study.Also CDs and DVDs are available with audio video option on limited computers.

    Whilst, on other side, most of professionals don’t access to public library due to stern timings office hours. Infact, in my office we have option to access hard copies, but we try to find reference books online.

    Libraries are now days updated so that we can borrow book online by taking the membership
    This saves time and also we can have access of webinars and books online and we need not to go to the library everytime to issue and return the books.As per membership plans, books are readily available to all of the readers. Moreover, the anxiety of non availability of book has reduced.Since, in the previous times availability of three or four copies in library were issued on first come serve basis and there was normally an huge waiting time.

    As far now, library records are maintained online and also copies of books are not torn easily and if there is priority , individuals find them available load of maintenance also have been reduced.

    To sum up, libraries got updated with new technology and made it easy option to access the books online.instead of saying technology will cease the services , I expect more authentic and amicably we can share the books in lieu of taking it has threat.

  21. It is a fact that nowadays Internet gradually became valuable and irreplaceable park of most people’s life. Thus,ability to obtain any sort of information instantly,brought about a habit to do the same when it comes to books. Albeit rising popularity of e-books and resulting ignorance towards the conventional libraries,in my opinion,the later will not extinct but will be modernised.

    • Medhat Moustafa says

      We are living in the era of Internet and digital information and people are increasingly using E- books rather than printed papers. This trend threatens libraries in a way that some believes that someday it would be vanished; nonetheless, I am convinced that libraries is still, and will remain, a valauble establishment for providing people with high quality, and more importantly, wide range of free information, provided that their staff embrace this trend to modernise their libraries and inject new roles into the library life.

  22. The increasing trend of online book reading is gaining popularity in our modern world. Even though, people have a dissenting opinion that libraries will one day stop functioning. I am with great concern that both are good and should be embraced.

    On one hand, e-book reading comes with a lot of benefits.To begin with, it makes life easier. For example, there is no need to travel or walk a distance to get a book from the library. In addition, online book platform reduces the cost of purchasing books. Subsequently, the money can be channeled for other expenses. Notwithstanding the fact that one can download any material from online without paying anything.

    On the other hand, library serves as a multipurpose plan.Besides, the books we read and borrowed from the library, we can assess information online.To add up, there are some books you will never get at e-book especially with copyright. Moreover, opponent reckons that some books are reference books and can only be read at the reference libraries.

    In conclusion, even though, there is a fear that e-book will take our library. I strongly believe that the demerits of using e-book are over exaggerated and we should embrace both.

  23. E-book become popular since its appearance and allow people to access it easily. It becomes popular trend for the reader today due to its easy access. Sadly, the popularity of library in the public is degraded by eBooks. As the E- book revolutions still in illustrate rate and once all publisher start to relay on E- books and no any more written books sure there is no place for libraries to exist .

  24. The increase in demand of an enhanced technology and dependable resource has brought about an undeniable desire to read online instead of heading out to a library. Having to access Ebooks at every point in time, location and its portability has made library existence and efforts obsolete.

    Even when considered as a traditional vault of knowledge acquired and kept for research and future referencing; the rate of library visitors has reduced tremendously, leading to low income generation, retrenchment of library workers and other numerous disadvantages. Ongoing research in the field suggest that a balance can be achieve if libraries are previewed as a real life experience similar to visiting a museum to feel, absorb and grab with no augmented reality. Such may help to maintain our usual reading culture and create a proper balance between Ebook and library lifestyle.

  25. Hi liz so thankful for your help.this site helped a lot to solve most of my questions.I have a small dout regarding paraphrasing the words like graduates and non graduates what can I exactly use for these words last time my topic was regarding this and I couldn’t paraphrase it.please help me.thank you in advance

  26. What problems can e-books cause for libraries?

    It is true that more people are reading e-books, nowadays, compared to going to libraries to find their books of interest. This advancement in technology has created few problems for existing libraries. One of the pressing problems is that the traditional trend of going to libraries is dying that might lead to the extinction of libraries in near future
    . Another problem that e-books are causing is less social interactions of local people. Libraries can be the best place for elderly people from the community to sit together, read a daily newspaper and be social. Since the trend of e-books is increasing.

  27. Electronic books are gaining popularity now a days as it is a convenient way if reading .you need not commute to library for reading books. You have the long range of books in your device. Just a click and you can read what you want. This form of digital library has facilitated the life of readers, arising the fear of extinction of libraries.

  28. With the present speed in technology advancement, am afraid to say that the advantage of ebooks over library is alarming. A lot of people subscribe to the use of ebooks because of its portability, easy access and comfortability at anytime of the day Prior to library where we have visiting hours and days.
    Fewer people visit the library these days of course not everyone will love the idea of ebooks as human being differs.
    Take me for instance,the last time I visited the library was years back during when I was preparing for my waec exams I totally have no access to ebooks I do not have knowledge that such thing like eBook exist.
    2. In my own opinion and judging from my own view, library is gradually becoming a thing of the past and will soon extinct.

  29. Libraries would not cease its activities completely , but I think , some changes may happen in the future in all aspects of the libraries.

  30. 1. ebooks have manny adverse effects on labraries which are social and finnancial. People rarely visit libraries after introduction of online books. This, on one hand, limits their interaction with colleagues in libraries but on the other hand, also reducea the usage of libraries. Subsequently, employements in libraries are reduced.

    2. I dont think as. laibraries good places to preserve historic books. one cannot find the ancient books online. In libraries, we could find a book qhich is 1000 years old but we may not find it online. Moreover, a page memory cannot be replaced by a computer screen. Manny people still visit libraries to have a look to a book page.

  31. Puja Basnet says

    1.Ebooks are gaining popularity because of its utilities such as accessibility, portability , transferable etc. The digital form of learning has decresed the habits of people to use the resources of libraries. With inclination to these, funding of library is deteriorating as there are fewer visitors, members or sponsors. It leads to the situation difficult to retain the employees in the library and scholistic persons.
    2.Despite the libraries has possibilities to tear down, the factors like unavailability of cutting edge technology or inaccessibllity to internet might be the saviour to remain library not to extinct completely in the long run.

  32. Reading books online is quite common now a days.Instead of keeping heavy books with them people prefer to keep electronic book with them,which is easy to carry as compare to paper book.Although it is convenient for the people,it is causing many issues for the libraries such as ,short visitors and wastage
    of library resources.

    Ceasing to exist libraries chances are quite higher as technology is getting more popular and being access able for everyone.People lesser interest in reading paper books can creat potentialy dangerous results on the cloure of the libraries.There might be the time come in future that libraries get extinct and books can be read only on gadgets.

  33. Mathew Antony says

    Further , I believe that many of the old classics or historical books are not available in the electronic format

  34. Mathew Antony says

    Then reading an ebook has health implications. It’s a strain on your eyes. Reading a paperback is easier on theeyes

  35. Mathew Antony says

    For one , accessing an ebook is far more expensive than lending. You can’t lend a book from a publisher. You have to buy it, download it and then you need gadgets which not everyone can afford

  36. Mathew Antony says

    E- books will certainly have an impact on libraries , but I don’t think libraries will be a thing of the past

  37. Atiq Ur Rehman says

    1. To me, no problem is going to be caused by e-books to library, rather a library will be innovated. E-books will transform the name of ‘library’ to ‘digital library’.

    2. In the coming 100 years, my answer is no because e-books won’t take the place of hard books. After 100 years, my answer is no again because library will exist but may change its name to ‘digital library’ or ‘electronic library’. Library won’t cease to exist at any stage of time.

  38. Parama Banerjee says

    In this era of digital enhancements, e-books to a certain extent has definitely gained an edge over the traditional libraries.The major issue faced by libraries today are basically the accessibility of reading materials at any time of the day. Whereas, just by swiping a technical device can instantly give you an access to a book at par your convenience.An individual might have constraints commuting to a nearby library everyday, however e-books are available anywhere and anytime to readers even when they are travelling or ending up with a hard day.
    With the gaining popularity of available digital resources ,libraries seem to become non existent. But libraries are not just a physical platform for imparting knowledge only through books. Nowadays libraries conduct several career development programmes both for adults and children.These initiative help learners to grow and develop themselves in a team oriented learning environment, that can never be compensated only by reading e-books. So, I do not think that one day libraries will cease to exist due to the commencement of e-books.

  39. Problems arising from e-books and their impacts on libraries are time-dependent. At around 2005, a slight reduction in the number of library visitors was noticed. Currently, the number of library visitors is decreased dramatically. Considering the same trend, I think the upcoming generations will substitute the “physical” books fully by e-books and libraries will no longer available.

  40. 1. The digital books can be a cause for the library because many people are reading books on their phones and also on Kindle. The library books are being untouched for long period of time and also reduced after electronic books entered the modern era.

    2. Libraries will exist because students bring their own books to read for their exam and they need a silent study environment and most of them do not read any books from the library and they make the library as their study zone for their benefit, not to read library books.

  41. Rawia Obida says

    Many Thanks Liz .

  42. it can diminish the paper books from library if the same copy is available online.
    People would stop coming to libraries which could be a loss for library employees. They might be terminated from their job if number of people who use to visit library for books found it online.

    I do not completely agree that the e-books will take over libraries, because not all e-books are free to read, therefore if you want to borrow the book for few days you can rent it from library and return it back. Also, e-books are not always an easy option for everyone as not all have the electronic gadget to read that e-book, however paper books from library are easy to carry and you can access it anytime as long as it is with you.

  43. Amardeep kaur says

    E-books whereas helpful they may have creating alot of troubles for libraries.For example, it might be made libraries without learners as well as face with a heavy loss of finance among such organisers. Moreover, jobs opportunities can decrease for scholars of librarian courses.

  44. Problems: Less quantity of book would be taken because Ebook is more convenient than using library in both sense of searching and visiting

    Some people like to read from book directly rather than from electronic methods, even library would be famous with older people and small kids for spending time with reading, it won’t be cease but will be lessen on future

  45. Libraries will ultimately loose their importance to some extent because some people don’t know how to use e books and prefer going to library itself

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