kids or children / teens or teenagers

A lot of students have a problem knowing what type of vocabulary to use in their IELTS test. Below are two examples:

Which words to use?

kids or children?

teens or teenagers?


You can find the answer to this here: Answer to Kids or Children



  1. Children and Teenagers

  2. Vishal Malhotra says

    Kids and children both are synonyms so we can use the both as per the situation but teens is the short form of teenagers so as per me short form cannot be used in IELTS exams.

  3. Maninder Pa says

    There has been incidents of IELTS assessments from AMritsar and Jalandhar, when the results were not correct. The student who were not even competent to introduce themselves in English, properly, were given 6 or more bands, please make sure that the students from AMritsar and jalandhar , Punjab, India, get assessed properly.

  4. Rocky Maharjan says

    I think children and teenagers are used in writing whereas kids and teen can be used in speaking.

  5. Kids and teens in speaking

  6. Childrens and teenagers are formal, we can use in the writing task. other two are informal form, so we can use in the speaking.

  7. I know “Kid” have a different meaning in dictionary, which is offspring of a goat. It’s an informal word. To be on the safe side, one should avoid “Kid” and “Teen” in all aspects of the test.

  8. simply brilliant

  9. It may b younger people

  10. I think we should use children ,teenagers…. These are academic words….

  11. I think we can use them for both writing and speaking

  12. Akerele Opeyemi says

    Its better to use children and teenager in writing. U can use teen and kids in speaking. Thanks.

  13. Children and teenagers

  14. As I know kids ( American English) children( British), teens is the shortened for teenagers ,so we can use both kids and children, teenagers also in writing as they are considered formal form. Teens in speaking we can but about writing not sure.

  15. Teenagers and children are the academic style of that’s always better.

  16. Vitaly Musatov says

    I believe, in formal writing better to use teenagers and children, but for informal writing better to use kids and teens. In speech same story. So, will see))

  17. I suppose both choices are correct…
    I cannot wait to find your answer tomorrow..

  18. Abul Hossain says

    Hi Liz thank you,I really appreciate your kind and professional effort to assist us. I wish all the best happen to you. i think it is better in formal situations teenager and children are used.

  19. shubhada pande says

    Kids refer to young age boys and girls
    Children refer to boys and girls irrespective of their age
    Teens/ teenagers refer to boys and girls between age group 13 to 19 years.

  20. Kids and teens in your speaking test

    Children and teenagers in your writing test.

    Dear Liz

    I score 6.5 in my writing test and re-sitting the exam on 11th Feb. How can I improve it to 7? Last time although I had written a conclusion at the end of the essay I had not mentioned to conclude and used for all the aforementioned reasons instead. Would this have been a reason for a lower score? Please advice areas for improvement.

    Many thanks

  21. fasiha khan says

    hi liz.. i want to know the linking devices to b used when to put supporting ideas in paragraph . plz

  22. Lalumaya thapa says

    Dear mam
    I really want to improve my writing skill. I always get low band in writing section so how can i improvè it. Plz help me 🙁

  23. Teenager and children should be used in formal writing. Teen and kids are both informal

  24. A U Basavaraja says

    As teens and kids are informal these can be used in speaking whereas it would be appropriate if we use adolescents and children in writing.

  25. Diba Varasteh says

    Hi dear Liz,
    I really appreciate your kind and professional
    effort to assist us. I wish all the best happen to
    I think,it’s better in formal situations teenager
    and children are used.

  26. I think we can use children and teenagers for formal writing.

  27. I think using kids and teens for speaking test, while children and teenagers use for both speaking and writing.

  28. Children and teenagers, esp. for the Academic module. Academic settings are more formal than those of general trainings, after all… :)))

  29. I think “kids” and “Teens” are more of informal in usage.
    The appropriate words should be “Children” and “Tenagers”.

  30. In speaking we can use them but in writing can not .

  31. prem gudapati says

    Yeah, I guess we can use kids and teens in speaking as informal words can be used in IELTS speaking

  32. we should use children n teenagers in writing but in speaking use any of them.

  33. I think Children and Teenagers are more appropriate words to use while writing and in speaking, we can use all of them.

  34. For speaking:

    Kids and teens

    For writing:

    Children and teengers

  35. Band9 seeker says

    In speaking test, all of them could be used while we should never use kids and teens in writing exam.

  36. For Writing you should use CHILDREN and TEENAGERS
    For Speaking all of the are ok to use

  37. M Aktaruzzaman Hasan says

    The words are use according to it’s necessity

  38. Mandira kc says

    Children and teenagers

  39. Yes, you can you kids instead of children, and vice versa, as well as teens instead of teenagers when speaking and writing in semi-formal or informal form. However , if you are writing or speaking in formal form, I believe you should use words like children and teenager. They sound more formal.

  40. Children

  41. Children/ teenager in writing.
    Kids /teen in speaking

  42. I think it is better to use children and teenagers in the writing test, however, we can use them together with kids and teens in the speaking test.

  43. I think we can use all of them in different situations.

  44. navpreet kaur says

    Its children and teenagers

  45. “Kids” and “teens” are informal and sometimes slang and might be useful only in speaking test.

    However, “children” and “teenagers” are formal use of language that fit both tasks, although should be considered for use in writing task 2 rather than the others.

  46. Amna mansoor says

    Children and teenagers

  47. I think that we can use children and teenagers in writing test and kids , teens for speaking test

  48. Children and teenagers to be more formal.

  49. Children

  50. Teenagers

  51. U can even use infant or toddler for Children
    N even juvenile 4 under 16 n adolescence for teenagers n adults 4 young/mature people.

  52. In speaking test can be used teens or kids but in writing we should use children or teenagers

  53. Hardik Patel says

    Children and Tennagers

  54. children

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