June 2017 IELTS Model Essay Answer

IELTS Model Essay Answer for June 2017. The IELTS essay question was reported in the academic test on 17th June, 2017 – just two days ago. It’s a difficult topic for students who have not prepared ideas for court trials. Use my model essay below to develop ideas.

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June 2017 IELTS Essay Question

In some countries,some criminal trials in law courts are shown on television so that the general public can watch.
Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

June 2017 IELTS Model Essay

Below is a model essay answer for the IELTS essay question above. Remember there are a number of different ways of writing this essay question and this model answer offers one way.


Model Essay Answer

In recent years, criminal trials have been televised in some countries to allow the public an opportunity to watch them. I believe, although there are advantages, making trials public can lead to too much injustice and other problems.

One of the main advantages of allowing court trials to be broadcast on TV is that the entire judicial system is open to the public to watch and supervise. In some countries where the judicial system is corrupt, it would be a step forward towards more justice by televising the trials as it is overseen by the public. Another benefit is that opening the doors of the court room allows the public rights to information. The public have a right to know the details of trials so that they can form their own opinions. This is important in countries where the government has restricted public access to information.

On the other hand, allowing trials to be shown on TV has serious consequences. Firstly, the public might form opinions which are based on mass media bias and a lack of understanding of the legal system. This public and media pressure might affect the outcome of the trial and justice will not be served. Secondly, the legal team might see this as an opportunity to promote themselves which means they may be distracted and not put all their attention into defending or prosecuting. Lastly, the jury is supposed to decide the verdict but by televising the trial, the entire public removes the effectiveness of a jury system.

In conclusion, regardless of the benefits, the disadvantages of an open televised trial can be devastating due to public and media pressure which might result in a lack of justice.

Words = 284 (please note I put the word count for your benefit, you don’t need to do this in your test)

Useful Language

shown on TV = televised = broadcast on TV

court trials = legal proceedings in court

justice / injustice

judicial system = legal system

outcome of the trial = results of the trial = verdict

defending / prosecuting

jury / judge

More Useful Language: Crime & Punishment Vocabulary for IELTS

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  1. Lovepreet singh says

    hello mam
    Sorry for asking question again
    Q Fewer schools are requiring children to learn and improve their hand writing skills.

    Do adv outweigh disad

    What could be the advantages of this
    Can i write it like advantages of typing as it is replacing writing ( presenting like – writing by hand is not essential because technology has been incorporated to schools or typing is being preferred in schools which has benefits)
    —no issue of illegible writing and wrong spelling
    Leads to higher writing speed
    –exclusive access to technology
    Pepare students for future , can learn making presentations, projects…..
    Example universities and college do work on laptops or companies require employees to have
    Profeciency in performing basic computertasks

    Drawbacks – sudents will suffer .writing by hands is connected with brain, develop different sections of brain , mortor skills person can retain information for longer period if he writes anything
    Also instill creativity

    Less important
    BASIC requirement of life , person do not carry gadget always
    Some exams are still handwriting based


    Hopefully u will reply..

    • All your ideas are fine. Just make a choice – which side would you support? Just make it and present both sides to show which one you support more and which one you support least.

      • Lovepreet singh says

        Thanks word is not enough for you mam
        A big thanks for being here for helping students like me☺☺☺☺

  2. Amberpreet kaur says

    hey liz ? this is the advantages and disadvantages essay but why you use ” i belive” in intoduction?? i got confused about it . Can we write thesis line like” The following essay will discuss the pros and cons of matter in below paragraphs before pin down a conclusion.. so is this right thesis line?

  3. Hi Liz, shouldn’t it be “the public has a right to know”? instead of have? 🙂 Thank you.

  4. Hi Liz,
    Thank you very much for your great help!!! I used your website as my guidance and it helped me a lot.
    My test was on 17th June in Scotland, and I had this essay regarding criminal trials. I used for preparation your Advanced Lessons (WHICH ARE REALLY USEFUL!!!) and I’ve got band score 7 in writing (overall 7.5) which is exactly what I needed for my purposes.
    Thank you a lot!!!

    • That’s really good news. It isn’t easy to hit band 7 in writing. Well done to you 🙂 I’m so glad my advanced lessons helped 🙂

  5. Dear liz,I have a queation .Do we need to use personal pronoun ‘I’ in the introduction.?since the question does not ask for our opinion?please correct me If I am wrong

  6. Hi Liz,
    What the meaning of ‘to information’ which is in the second paragraph?

    • The sentence is “….allows the public rights to something”. The “to” is attached to “rights to something”

  7. Can i use all 1st letters in capital in my answer sheet (ex: Water Bottle Is In My Bag ) as i don’t want to miss marks for the words which should have 1st letter capital ! Please suggeste
    Thank you

  8. hi Liz
    is it possible i send you an essay to please mark for me please and correct me where i am wrong?

  9. Am i supposed to write both advantages and disadvantages if the question is ‘does the advantage outweigh the disadvantage” and give my opinion.

    thanks liz

  10. I had my IELTS test last June 17 here in KSA and the question is about the situation of teacher and students will no longer exist in 2050.To what extent do you agree or disagree.

  11. Hi, Liz.
    Some of the part 2 essay questions ask you to support your opinions by your own experience or examples. Does it means you need to give examples in you wrtting?

  12. Biby Michael says

    Hi Liz,
    I’m going for the IELTS General exam tomorrow. I’m little scared about writing Task 2.
    Could you please give some tips to prepare for the essays?

  13. Hello Liz
    Thanks for guiding me this has really been of help. Is it ok to go through the GT while I will be writing academic or its a waste of time?

    • I don’t actually understand your comment. What do you mean – go through the GT?

      • sukhjinder soni says

        June wants to say that she is going to give ielts academic but can she include general test material also in it or it is waste of time

        • If you are doing the academic test, then you don’t need to learn to write letters for writing task 1. Just use academic practice test materials.

  14. Babatunde says

    I can see you use TV instead of television,are these sorts of abbreviation accepted in the writing test

  15. Danniella Cajares says

    Hi. I presented the ielts 3 days ago and the question of the essay was more or less like this:

    Companies should provide sports and social facilities to the local community.

    To what extend do you agree?

    Liz thank you so much for your videos and practices! They were really useful for me. I hope i get a good score 🙂

  16. Deepak Joshi says

    Thanks Liz. You have always been a great help to many IELTS candidates like me. Much appreciated.

  17. Thank you so much Liz, for your precious outweigh essay where ample crucial ideas have been given.

  18. This was unexpected subject. What do you think The next month subjects will be?
    Any suggestions will be helpful

  19. Liz, as AN opportunity!?

  20. Awsome, well informed and understandable. I cant wait to have a 7 and above in my IELTS writing. Thank you liz. Unfortunately some of us are unable to purchase the 50% writing Video offer you posted due to our location and system. Please for future sake make the purchasing platform flexible.

  21. It’s very helpful for me.

  22. Thanks so much Liz, it was very helpful.

  23. thanks Liz! it indeed was a bit tough.

    • Yes, it isn’t a very easy topic to write about. But now you have plenty of ideas and vocabulary for it 🙂

  24. I have learnt a lot from your site. Thank You for your effort. 🙂

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