Is this essay plan good?

Lets take a look at a plan for an IELTS opinion essay.

Below you will find an essay question, an essay plan and also questions for you.

IELTS Essay Question

Some people think that children should spend their free time doing homework, while others believe it would be better for children to participate in sports activities instead. What is your opinion?


IELTS Essay Plan

Below are notes for an essay plan. The notes show what the content of each paragraph will be.


People have different views as to whether children should spend their free time doing homework or playing sport. In my opinion, children should be encouraged to take part in sport and exercise.

BP 1:

Sport is good for children because it benefits their health. Add supporting details.

BP 2:

Children can also benefit in other ways from playing sport by learning to unwind and meeting new people. Add supporting details on each point.


Restate opinion.

Question for You

Think about the essay question and the essay plan, then answer the questions below.

  1. Is this a good plan?
  2. How do you think it can be improved?


Post your answers in the comments box below.

I will post my comments on Wednesday. That gives you all two days to post your comments ūüôā



  1. Hi Liz, thanks for the good work you are doing. Pls am confused alittle, do you mean we can’t totally Agree or totally disagree on all essays? Are there essays that must be partially agreed or disagreed on? Pls I need clarification as my exam is next week. Thanks

  2. Education is not fully comparable with any, if we discuss on a child’s development. Similarly, engaging in sports is also very much important. It is worth to manage free time of children in both above. However as a parent I like to give more focus on engagement in sports.

  3. Tshering Yangzom says

    Many people believe that children should spend their leisure time only in doing assignment given by teachers. where as some thinks, it would be good to involve in playing games and other out door activities.
    In my opinion children must be encouraged to play the games.
    Sport is most essential to keep them mentally, physical fit. When we do participate in sports, they get opportunity to enhance interpersonal relationship with team mate, taught them discipline.
    More over they can understand the value of unity.
    However parents should not ignore their home task and give equal importance to the study and extra co- curriculum activities.
    To sum up, sports play vital role to remain oneself fit.

  4. People have different views on how kids should spend their free time, while one school of thought are of the opinion that they spend such time on their assignment, other think it is better spent on sport. In my opinion, i believe that children should spend such time on sports.
    1. sport as a means of relaxing
    2. sport to discover those with talents.
    3. sport to meet new friends.

  5. The answer to the essay question is not good because it is two opinions questions. To answer the question fully it required each paragraph for each opinion unlike the answer that focus on one opinion for two paragraphs.

    My Introduction

    There is a hot debate whether children should employ their free time for homework or sporty activities. However, in my opinion, while I subscribe that using the free period for physical exercise has healthy benefits, I believe that it would be advantageous for children to do their assignment during this leisure. This essay will discuss both view points and support my reasons with examples.

    On the one hand. it is often thought that exercising has several healthy advantages.
    On the other side. it is widely believed that children doing their homework has a myriad of benefits.

  6. i am totally agree with your essay plan. sport and excercise are two things that can rehearse mind and body as well. However, the homework also should be mentioned as a priority before doing sport and excercise

  7. Hello all,
    I consider this is an opinion essay and we do not necessary require to write about both sides, just we need to give reasons for the chosen opinion. Probably, it would be advisable to include a 3rd BP or “however” paragraph saying that it is also important that children should reinforce what they learn at school.

    Nevertheless, I am not sure if this paragraph might confuse readers about my opinion.

    What do you think Liz??
    Thanks in advance.

    • Another improvement might be to change 2nd BP by a sentence that mentions exercise or workout instead of playing sports
      e.g. Frequent workouts are great for muscle and elasticity development in children.

  8. (Introduction) People’s opinions differ as to whether children should spent their free time doing home work or playing sports.In my opinion , although doing home work is a necessary aspect of education , i do believe that playing sports for children is equally important for building a healthy and active lifestyle.

    In each paragraph, mention the benefits of each . ..Please give me a feedback and correct if i am wrong

  9. (Introduction) People’s opinions differ as to whether children should spent their free time doing home work or playing sports.In my opinion , although doing home work is a necessary aspect of education , i do believe that playing sports for children is equally important for a healthy and active lifestyle.

    In each paragraph, mention the benefits of each . ..Please give me a feedback and correct if i am wrong

  10. DEAR Liz,
    This plan is not complete, i guess. The introduction is good enough as you teach. BP 1 should explain reasons why people think it is good to participate in sports activities because you mentioned that you agree with that. BP2 should explain why other people believe that homework should ber done on leisure time .
    conclusion should be stating why others think that homework is important during free time and you must restate your opinion.
    thank you
    this is what I think

  11. In my opinion children are fun loving agile and creative.They learn while they play.participating in sports is a sure way to learn lessons in winning and losing gracefully.They will develop a never say die spirit.

  12. Hi Liz,
    The plan it’s a good one, However it’s one sided, I think the benefit of home work should be mentioned as well and both weighed to support the chosen opinion.

    • William Agbeko says

      It’s a good plan, however the opposing side could be look at briefly to make a good easy.
      Introduction is good.
      BP1 – idea
      BP2- Supporting idea 1
      Supporting idea 2
      Supporting idea 3

  13. kulwinder kaur says

    1. I think it is a good plan. I am agree with your essay plan because when we take participate in sports and do exercise, we can kept our mind and body healthy. due to this we can concentrate our mind on study.

  14. sharanpreet says

    hello mam,
    It is a good idea. I am absolutely agree with your statements.but if they have any profession for their future they should concentrate on their study. In my opinion also, they should be encouraged to take part in sports and exercise. We can improve it by mention a point, that do something which is interesting and necessary for them

  15. Bp2 should be for imp.of homework for children, and how it will encourage them to be responsible…..

  16. ALEX PINHERO says

    i would say sports is crucial part of their life as if the home work . is because they need a relief from attending class rooms, and practical lab or whatever. the more they active in physical activities the result will be great in both personal life as well as educational life .

  17. Hello Madam Liz.
    Is there any specific format (i.e. the number of paragraphs and what to write in each) for task 2?
    I would be grateful if you could slightly elaborate.

  18. I definitely think its a good plan but i also think giving more reasons would have been better.

  19. It is argued by many people that children have to spend their leisure time by doing homework, while some others recommend children to spend their free time on sports activities. In my opinion, it is better for them to engage themselves in various physical activities during their spare time.

    BP1: Physical exercise has health benefit for children.

    PB2: Playing sports even increase the academic performance children.

  20. It is a good plan, but could be better if include an opinion about homework activities

  21. santosh hirve says

    You’r right

  22. All people believe that children should fill their leisure time with useful things, but they’re slightly different in the way of how to spent. In my opinion, being involved in sports is something very important for children in their early age.

    Is it good introduction?

  23. Richard Orimolade says

    1. Its a good plan the structure is on point as this will allow the writer to write on topic

    2. It can be improve upon as follows;

    Introduction: Sentence 1: Rewrite general statement
    Sentence 2: Briefly mention opinion 1 and opinion 2
    Sentence 3: Give your overall opinion

    Pg 1: Sentence 1: Restate opinion 1
    Sentence 2: Give reason (s)
    Sentence 3: Give example (s)
    Sentence 4: Conclude opinion 1

    Pg2: Repeat paragraph 1 with opinion 2

    Conclusion: Sentence 1: Rewrite general statement
    Sentence 2: Briefly mention opinion 1 and 2
    Sentence 3: Giver overall opinion

  24. On the introductory part, the paraphrase is good and opinion clearly stated but the outline statement to justify opinion is missing.

  25. In my opinion,children should participate in sports in their free time because sports is important tool to have a healthy mind and a healthy body.If a child remain healthy then school attendence will be 100 % which will further enhance performance of a child. Secondly, through sports, child will get opportunity to meet with different people which will improve communication skills.In conclusion besides healthy food ,sports is also good for a healthy life.

  26. Avani Pansheria says

    Here, Only one side has explained, we should also explain other side [about homework] which is missing.
    For example:
    Paragraph 1[support your opinion]
    Paragraph 2[support your opinion]
    Paragraph 3[support your opinion]
    Paragraph 4[support other side]

  27. The question does not mention to discuss both view, will it be penalised if we write both views? because if you will write both views, then:
    Introduction will state both view and your side opinion
    ,BP1: your opinion on home work, with example and your own experience
    BP2 : Your opinion on sport activities.with example and your own experience
    Conclusion: Summerise main point both view in BP1 n BP2, state your own opinion and which side you are of and why you choose this side…

  28. I think it is a good plan , we generally know that ‘sound mind in sound body’ so in my opinion child can be better performer in academic field with great physical fitness. So it can be great idea to encaurage simultaneously both .

    We can improve this by made sports activities the essential part of school curriculum.
    Secondly make park for children in every town , organise different type of sports activities for children where they must be prized.
    Children are future of nation, it is a responsibility of parents, teacher and government to provide great atmosphere for children to academic and sports activities.

  29. Obviously, the above essay plan is one sided view and of course the other argument has to depended to make it a balanced essay . I feel we should insert third BP to talk about the benefits of homework during spare time by opening the paragraph with “However “.

  30. Plans lack examples to support the topic sentence for each paragraph.

  31. The introduction is OK, the Bp1 and 2 are OK but I will need to add another point by saying however children using their free time to do homework is advantageous especially when they are preparing for exams. Then comes the conclusion

  32. Yes, I think the plan is very okay. In one of the body paragraphs, it could be stated that doing their assignments is of importance though time needs to be created for sports and exercise

  33. to keep the children busy in their leisure times is something inevitable, although some people have another point of view. in my opinion I completely disagree with the statement. I guess keeping the children doing only home work after school will probably result in boredom.
    children like to play more than to do their school duties,but the wise parents can balance the choice of their children by dividing the games and the home work in equal, I mean to give them a chance to practice sports which will help them to study and review their home work in a comfortable way, since researches and studies proved that “sound mind in sound body”. On the other hand children shouldn’t focus on one activity to the detriment of the other. Both sports and home work give the children the opportunity to achieve their academic goals.

  34. Plan is perfect point for BP1 and Bp2 are also fine . We can also add BP3 in support of other opinion by saying however, some of the people also argues that , it is good to do home work in leisure time because if they want to compete for any tough profession in their future like medicine they have to keep a habit of seeking knowledge in their spate time.

  35. Chuks Justus says

    Chuks Justus:
    The introduction is spot on. However, the definition which is the functionality of the sport as against the kids doing their work is not strongly defended. So it can be improved by listing out the benefits of sports in the growth of the kids, how sports helps to balance their learning process. I will end it with this phrase ” all work no play makes Jack a doll child” therefore, no parent will want their child to be doll.

  36. Introduction should carry some main factorS, y the writter think that it is good for children? Like the things mentioned in Body paras

  37. The introduction neededn’t focus on encouraging children. For a single sided opinion essay, i think it is fair, though supporting arguments should also be listed out. I would write a balanced essay, with BP 3 supporting homework.

  38. Divyasree Binu says

    However if liz its your opinion to support sports to do at freehours then i think it would be better to add a third paragraph refuting the opposite view.
    Perhaps i strongly support that both are essential and i would plan to write supporting views for homework in first paragraph and in second supporting sports. Reply plzz

  39. Yes, its a good plan….but adding relevant supporting idea is also important.
    It is also good if we add one more main point.
    We can also write the importance of home work but we need to say again how sports and excercise have more benefits.

  40. Eryne Hatabu says

    I think it is a good essay plan. Though I think after discussing the benefits of sports activities, benefits of doing home work in their free time should also be discuss. It is a good practice to do variety of activities during free time so that children will be used to them and will help them to manage their time.

  41. Hi Liz ,
    I don”t know why it always says wrong with the zipcode that makes me can not buy your lesson. I”m in ho chi minh city Vietnam, and the zip code as I know is 700000.

    • Hi Liz,
      Is it necessary to enter postal code when buying your lesson . I”ve got trouble with it. Don”t know why .

    • This is a problem with Paypal. Again I have explained – I do not own Paypal, I can’t help. You need to get help from someone in your country who has used Paypal before.

  42. Nahida Akther says

    1. This plan is good but it is not suffficient good band score.

    2.Introduction is well organized. There should be added some detail about doing homework in leisure.

  43. It is agood plan, but i would suggest adding 1p
    Discussing that ofcurse it is good to do homework in free time but also having sport activities could enhance the functional abilites of the children which enable them to have better performance in their learning process.

  44. For a total support of sport and exercise the outline is good but for partial support of both then benefits of home work shud b included in a paragraph. In these ur two paragrapghs, i was thinking both advantages could hv made up a paragraph supporting a strong opinion while homework be addressed in a second para wit biase… it seems a discussion then. Whew!!!

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