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Here is a question to check your understanding IELTS speaking:

Is it ok to use “gonna” or “wanna” in IELTS Speaking?


The answer can be found on this page:

Click here: Answer about using Wanna and Gonna

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  1. i have used the word “guts” in my ielts speaking exam and also ” i will repeat my sentence” after saying an incorrect sentence.. wil it reduce my score?

    • Using “guts” is 1005 fine in the speaking test – it is an informal test. It is not so good to correct yourself in that way in the speaking test because it affects your fluency score. However, your score is based on your overall performance, not on each question, which means you need to wait and see your results. Good luck!

  2. I have used the word ‘yeah’ one time while speaking. Is it acceptable or wrong?

  3. When your addressing yourself in terms of any exam it’s not a good way of approaching we’re in when you text your friends it’s ok to proceed your conversation with gonna wanna.

  4. I think Yes, we can use “gonna” or “wanna”
    we can use words which are used for daily speaking…

  5. Mohammad Arif Rehman says

    I think IELTS is a formal assessment for one’s skills of English communication thus wanna, gonna is not appropriate in this particular test.

  6. ı think it is ok to use wanna or gonna in speaking test.

  7. I believe yes we can use these words because speaking test is un formal


    Me also this is a formal exam and i should use proper usage.

  9. Ielts is a test for speaking, and in speaking there should be some words included which we use in daily life. it is absolutely 100% ok to use some slangs and also daily life words only in speaking.

  10. No it’s not ok to speak

  11. I think its okay because its a formal speaking test and native speakers use it alot

  12. Hi Liz,

    As the speaking is to test the vocab and grammar it will be better to use going to and want to instead of gonna and wanna because they are slang words.

  13. I believe it’s ok to use those words as it makes your conversation sound more natural..

  14. no it is not ok .

  15. I think we should not use these slang words during the ielts exam.

  16. Not a good idea to me.

  17. Karthik Sankar says

    Of course we can use those kind of words in speaking as they judge how we handle the language very normally and it will definitely make them think we are more comfortable with the language. Thank you. Cheers guys.

  18. Karthik Sankar says

    Of course we can use those kind of words in speaking as they judge only the way we handle the language and it will absolutely make them feel we are more comfortable with the language. Thank you. Cheers.

  19. These both words are informal.
    speaking test is almost informal throughout the whole test u can speak whatever you want.

  20. Hanna Angela Thomas says


  21. Dianne Gansatao says

    Yes, it is fine for the Speaking part of exam. However, it is not advisable to use it on Writing Task 2.

  22. yes you can use .

  23. Abdulmajeed says

    Hello every one

    I think, yes it is.

  24. I think it’s slang, so inappropriate to be used

  25. Usha Pandey says

    No. It is not ok to use “gonna” or “wanna”.

  26. No. I think

  27. It’s a formal meeting . We should not use such lingo. The examiners are highly intellectual and such lingo is not appropriate.

  28. no. it is not ok.

  29. I think we can use them . I remember you said that we can use American language in our speaking test .

  30. Yes

  31. Yes we can speak .its speaking part not writing that have to be formal.

  32. Naveed Durrani says

    Should not be used however if said there should be no penalty

  33. Eman Elshekh says


  34. I think in part 1, we can use them but in another part and also in academic’s IELTS we can not use them.

  35. Vandhana Aneesh says

    No, I don’t think it’s appropriate.

  36. No, i don’t think so. It doesn’t add…fluency, just slang.

  37. I think, no

  38. No.. I don’t think we can use ‘wanna’ in ielts

  39. Yes.

  40. No

  41. hi Liz, I think it’s better not to use these. In part 1 speaking, examiner may excuse if used with the flow while answering personal questions. In formal speaking, it can be an unnecessary risk.

  42. I think yes they can be used in ielts speaking test because they are the short form of two words,benefit is that,by their uses we can save our time as well as their uses improve our pronounciations.

  43. Omar Carrasco says

    In my opinion, it is not a good idea. We might as well use formal English during the test.

  44. No, we have to use formal language.

  45. Samir Eldeep says

    It is not acceptable

  46. Mam plz help me in ielts

  47. No. It’s not allowed to use gonna or wanna. Theese are slang words.

  48. ShakeelaRiaz says

    Its ok to use these words as they show your language fluency.

  49. Beata Olejnik says

    I feel these contractions are much more common in American English than in British English. In my opinion for an American it is rather unusual to use ‘going to’ when speaking informally. I hope it is ok to use them at IELTS because the test is supposed to check the level of English, not the level of British English.

  50. Sunnatillo says

    I think Yes !

  51. I think it’s ok ….because it’s a speaking test not any profational test but …if it has been used in naturally

  52. In the speaking section, i think it is k

  53. I think yes we can, but it might affect our score in terms of Coherence and cohesion

  54. HINA AFROZ says

    No, it’s not gud to use slang language in such examinations.

  55. Mary Ailenotor says

    No, because, i think it’s not an appropriate word to use.

  56. No, it’s not ok

  57. I think generally contractions are OK in IELTS speaking, so perhaps these can work, as well. But I also feel it mostly relies on the whole way of speaking, doesn’t it? Personally, I contract simple verbs and negations. My contraction naturally comes at a basic level such as saying “I’m going to” rather than “I gonna”. I don’t feel easy speaking with heavy contractions, though it may naturally come in certain situations, depending on the person I’m talking to.

  58. IELTS Speaking is an informal test so using informal contractions such as wanna, gonna, and gotta should be okay as long as it is used in the sentence correctly.

  59. No. It shouldn’t be used in the speaking test because, “wonno and Gonno” are not conventional english rather, slangs used within friends.

  60. I think these words can be used sometimes, but it’s better to no use……slang words.

  61. Sithembiso fuyana says

    I do not think it is right to use “wanna ” in speaking test

  62. Salim Sadikali Narshindhani says

    No,it is not because in ielts speaking test we use more formal language and above two woeds are informal.

  63. Shabnam sayyed says

    No, it’s not okay.

  64. No it is not OK

  65. Yes, I think we have to , but not in the writing essay

  66. Yes, we can use contractions in speaking. So gonna and wanna are allowed in speaking.

  67. taqdees iftikhar says

    yes definitely,

  68. Ndula Frankline says

    I don’t think it’s proper to use such words in an official exams like the IELTS.

  69. Mangal Kabadi says

    In my perspective those words can not be used in speaking , as in speaking fluency and clear words matters .

  70. i think we can use contraction form for noun+axuliary verb like he’s, i’m. however, i think we need to avoid the forms of informal english like wanna for want to or gonna for going to.

  71. Simran Jeet Singh Kalsi says

    Can be used in speaking test but not in writing .

  72. Sunny Pathak says

    Yes, definitely we can use these words while speaking. We can use wanna and gonna while speaking in an informal manner. These are called contractions. Just like we say it’s OK in place of it is OK.

  73. No I don’t think so

  74. As in the speaking part is allowed to use an informal vocabulary, because it’s supposed to be a dialogue between two friends I think we can use the reduction of ‘want to/ want a ‘and ‘going to’ as we can use the contractions you’re, we’re etc….in this way we will sound more natural. I will avoid using wanna for the third person because I don’t know how I can contract ‘he wants to’.

  75. Yes, we can.

  76. I think yes, for part 1.

  77. It’s speaking test these words, though informal, can be used. In fact it would give impression to the examiner as if the candidate have slang as well.

  78. No, I don’t think so .

  79. Contractions such as won’t, can’t can be used..
    But Gonna and wanna cannot be used

  80. No , of course not .

  81. yes . as long as ielts speaking is not formal you can say those words!

  82. M.HAROON KHAN says

    Yes it will be used according to my knowledge.but m not sure

  83. M.HAROON KHAN says

    Yes it will be used according to knowledge.but m not sure

  84. As it is an English test so it is Okay to use that words as well as these are also the informal forms of words, so yes…… we can.

  85. No it is not ok to use such words …as we have to elabarote our speaking skills by using full fledged vocabulary

  86. I think it’s ok, no problem at all.
    As far as I know, IELTS test in speaking is to check applicants how to daily informal conversation. That’s why it may be ok.

  87. In my point of view wanna and gonna are part of slang language and they cannot be used in any part of ILETS test

  88. No

  89. Trương Minh Ngọc says

    I think we can use ‘wanna’ or ‘ gonna’ in Ielts speaking. But it will be better if we choose carefully in suitable situation before talking anything

  90. Aarzoo Sadiora says

    Yes..sometimes, bcz its also treated as a new vocab. But not uses frequently.

  91. Yes i think we can because speaking test is informal and test of natural ability to speak English,but its better to use full forms like going to be,because they are more clear in pronunciation.

  92. Simran johal says


  93. Mohammad A Taha says

    No, it is not OK. We should you formal language only

  94. I don’t think it’s ok to use it in speaking test

  95. Gokul shukla says

    According to me,yes we can use these words as it’s speaking test, these are common in daily conversation. though they are informal , i think they can be used.

  96. Subrei Hassan says

    No it is not

  97. Jarnail Singh says

    As I think that it is speaking test so words does matter instead of these counterpart.

  98. NO it is not ok to use such, because it’s a test of English exam testing your vocabulary and efficiency. Wanna or gonna is a slang.

  99. Hevar Jamal says

    Yes for sure

  100. onur tarazan says

    of course its ok as those words are informal forms of going to and want to and they exist in most of the dictionaries as well as the oxford dictionary. But i wonder if its ok if i use cockney rhyming slang .i dont adam and eve it Liz that’s a pork pie.))))

  101. No .I do not think so.because it is constructions.

  102. Yasha Sharma says


  103. Gurpreet singh says

    I think these are informal word, thus we should not use them.

  104. Neeru sharma says




  106. No

  107. Yes, u can use “wanna” or “gonna” when necessary

  108. As it is a speaking test so it is okay to use words like “gonna” or “wanna”.

  109. Yes, as well as mmm.

  110. Yes it’s ok

  111. Vishal christian says

    I would not prefer to use this slang language as it is not at all indigenous,instead going to and want to have more impact on scoring than there counterparts…
    However,if it is coming naturally to you than you should carry on with that…

  112. no

  113. No, it is not ok.

  114. Chintan Patel says

    No I don’t think it will be used in speaking.

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